One Luna, three mates./C3 Mystery man.
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One Luna, three mates./C3 Mystery man.
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C3 Mystery man.

Xena's heart froze as she saw her father's body lay lifelessly on the floor.

"We've sent for the healers." The chief maid announced, taking a step backwards.

Xena could only nod as her eyes remained fixated on the sore sight before her.

She had totally forgotten the reason she agreed to be the alpha's mate and it all dawned on her now.

Quietly,she retreated to the closest chair she could find with her eyes not leaving her father. Fear had taken a whole grip on her.

The sole reason she had adhered to her father's demands was due to his blood pressure. Her sole goal in life had been her father's health. She had fought to protect her father's health and now she had destroyed it with her own hands.


He was gone, permanently. He wouldn't return again and her last memory of him would be him wishing her dead. Now she had no living,breathing parent. Practically,she would be considered an orphan.

What had she done?

"You killed your father." Margaret's high pitched voice flowed through her ears.

"I am not in the mood!" She quickly retorted,waving a hand in her direction.

She truly had no intentions of dishonoring her father again. Not like she could but she would try her best to amend the amendable.

"You are not in the mood? You just ruined my life and now you're not in the mood! How expected of you,Xena. Always self-centered."

"Self-centered?"she asked,rising from her seat.

Her mood was sour and Margaret sure knew all the right buttons for making it worse.

"You dare call me self-centered?"

Margaret nodded,setting Xena's head on fire.

"I am not self-centered!"

"You're not? Really?" Margaret asked,taking a step forward.

"If you truly weren't self-centered,you would have considered your father's health by choosing a mate or at least not leaving your groom at the altar but you didn't. You did what every self-centered person would do. You disgraced your family and everyone you could while you went off doing heaven knows what. Xena,you were supposed to set your family first. Your dad's life was on the line."

" Look at him,look at that pale body on the floor.

You are the reason he is no more,never forget it." She emphasized.

Xena's fingers jittered as she watched Margaret dish out the worst words she could while she stood helplessly. All her excuses and reasons for running off seemed useless at that moment. Truly,she didn't think things through.

"You know he wouldn't have had this heart issue if it weren't for you, right? " She asked as she crossed one arm over the other.

Margaret's piercing gaze landed on her immediately.

"Do I need to remind you that my own father's disease only came up after he caught you in bed with a foot man. A footman!" Xena stressed.

" Screaming at my face will not change the consequences of your actions.We leave for home tomorrow. I cannot risk anyone realizing the truth of your situation"Margaret announced ignoring Xena's allegations as she slumped on the plump sofa.

The door's creak filled the room as it was pushed open. The healer and his helpers stood in shock as their eyes met with Xena's. They couldn't believe their eyes. For a second,the healer thought he was hallucinating,maybe seeing spirits but she seemed to be real in flesh and blood.

"Will you stare at me all day or get down to business?" She asked with squinted eyes.

Quickly,they scuttled over to the body on the floor.

Xena and Margaret watched each other intensely as they perceived what the future would hold. They were the least compatible pair to ever exist and now they were left alone.

"He is dead. We need to take him to the morgue." The healer announced rising to his feet.

"Good."Xena muttered as she watched her father's body exit the house.

She had pronounced this day as a day of freedom but that wasn't the freedom she expected.

"Everyone will know you're alive,great!" Margaret remarked, rising to her feet.

" We are leaving this town now. Pack your things" Magaret ordered,walking up the stairs.

Her feet stopped and her senses heightened,causing her to turn.

"Danger's coming." She warned everyone walking towards the door.

Xena watched as the calm looking helpers morphed into their beasts.

A loud thud at the door caused her heart to jerk.


"I can fight." She refuted, causing Margaret to return a deadly glare her way. Calmly,she turned around in an attempt to take shelter at a safe place.

As expected, Margaret took the first lead walking to the door.

Carefully,she pulled the door knob,setting it open.

Her eyes widened as she watched the sight before her. He laid on the floor with bruises to almost every part of his body. The blood dripped from his skin ,spreading through the floor. Her stomach churned slightly as she noticed the slice between two of his fingers.

"Help me!" He pleaded with his last breath.

"Auriel,get me a large bedclothe!" Magaret ordered.

His brow raised in confusion.

"Who's at the door?" Xena's voice called out,causing her heart to drop. That child!

"Get to your room Xena." A reply came through the door but she stood still. She would not leave without seeing the face of the man by the door. She had heard that baritone voice before and would unmask him.

" No one can see you like this. We will have to cover you up first before you're taken in. No one can see or know you're here."

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