One Luna, three mates./C4 His assistant.
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One Luna, three mates./C4 His assistant.
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C4 His assistant.

Xena's eyes lingered on the figure draped in bedclothe as he walked in. She was certain of his gender as she had heard his voice while they spoke. His movements were slow and jittery. Drops of blood left traces whether he moved and the bedspread was fully moist. Margaret's eyes met with hers and soon they left the living room as they walked up the stairs. Done with the sight,she fell to the chair. Quietly, she entertained her eyes as the helpers took out everything they felt was needed for the journey.

She had felt a strong conviction at making an attempt on changing Margaret's mind but she knew she had little to no say.

It was dangerous to leave at night and her little secret would already be out by now but if they left this night, they would not have to deal with the disgrace from people who weren't hers. She could at least face her people, they couldn't hate her anymore than they did earlier.

"Get dressed, it's time we leave." Margaret said as she hurried down the stairs.

"Take some aspirin upstairs. It is needed. "She referred to the helper who frantically searched the cupboard for medicine.

Her heart churned with pity as she acknowledged they would have to treat him by themselves as they could not call for a healer.

"Who is he?" Xena asked, adjusting her posture. She watched as Margaret walked to her side,taking a seat next to her.

"Want a smoke?"

Xena's eyes popped for a few seconds at the possibility of Margaret offering anything to her. They barely even spoke for a minute without insults.

"No need. Who is he?" She pressed on,moving closer.

A sigh escaped from Margaret's white,dried lips. She smacked them against each other and then another sigh came through.

"He is no person of importance."

"If he wasn't,you wouldn't have covered his face up." She pressed on,drawing even closer.

Margaret's eyes took in the close proximity they had before she looked away. Finally bonding with her stepdaughter seemed greatly awkward.

" Xena,"she called out,pushing the cigarette in her direction. "He is not an important person and that's final."

Xena's head fell to the couch as her eyes shut immediately,slowly she moved away. Her heart was still on the run as she recalled the last sight of her father. Maybe she did kill him. Maybe,he wouldn't have died if she obeyed his orders. Just maybe.

"He is my brother." Margaret spoke up as her eye lids slowly pushed themselves open.

"Your brother?"

Xena drew closer again.

Margaret nodded.

"He works for Arthur,the Lycan king."

Xena's eyes widened.

For someone who she thought was useless,the woman knew people.

Magaret's eyes squeezed as many lines of worry formed on her forehead. Her fingers moved up to her face,massaging her temples.

" Or at least he used to work for him. "

"Used to?"

"Yes. He is not returning back there.

He was his direct hand man and sometimes things got out of hand,causing him to be that way. He never explains why King Arthur hurts him. "

Xena's heart felt like it had added a thousand pounds as soon as she heard that sentence.

As someone who had strongly believed in fair treatment,that was a far cry from what she stood for.

She felt prompted to ask why he never left if he was treated wrongly but the question answered itself.

"It's my duty to protect my siblings and same goes for you."

"We're all packed and ready to leave ma'am." A helper announced three feet away from them.

"Get changed so we can leave this damn place."

Xena watched as Margaret exited the living room. They had been in that town for only a week but it had definitely given them more memories than an entire lifetime would.

"I'm ready.." Xena announced hopping down the stairs. Magaret's eyes scanned through her leather trousers,black boots,black hair ribbon and blue shirt.

"Seems good enough to me." She replied,turning towards the door.

They were out.

Xena's cheeks reddened as soon as she got a feel of the cold breeze. Her body had accustomed itself to the warmth inside. Her heart finally felt at ease as she watched the star shining brightly. Weirdly,there was only one available. She couldn't discern why but she definitely knew it was a sign.

The horses arrived carrying their respective loads on them.

"Hop into the carriage. You should be safe there." Margaret ordered her and the other children. She watched as they all walked in,six of them,except her first son.

"I'll take the first watch.Get some rest." He offered with a warm smile.

With a tap to his arm,Margaret took a deep gate at the best thing and person that had ever happened to her. He had handled losing his father perfectly even though she could see his glistening eyes under the night sky. He didn't even beat his elder sister up for ruining her big day.

The horses neighed and trotted as they took their last view of the town.

Xena looked out the window as they left the town. It was time to head home,the original abode of their problems. A great deal of drama definitely awaited them, more than she could fathom.

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