One night stand-Lena/C2 Am really not feeling well
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One night stand-Lena/C2 Am really not feeling well
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C2 Am really not feeling well

I ordered for a cab so that i can get out of this place immediately but unfortunately it took a while for it to reach the hotel where I was and when it arrived i got in and i wanted to scold him for taking so long cause i had started getting cold due to my outfit i was wearing which was exposing my legs and half wayvof my thighs.I reached my apartment and it was clocking two in the morning...its now i realized that the hotel was really far from where i stay cause we really drove for some good time and almost dosed off during the drive.

I found my roomie in deep sleep and i tried pulling the covers up to her shoulders so that she doesn't get cold...I checked the fridge and got some milk cause i was seriously after taking some milk,i hit the bathroom and took a quick shower before entering my bed.

Me and my roomie Momo we ain't so close like really friends but the good thing is that we know each other's boundaries and we stay in our lanes regardless of what happens and i think that's one of the major reasons we managed to stay as roomies for long and its so rare to find us having these chit chats like other girls have.

I first kept my night job as a secret from her and whenever am leaving at night to meet my customers, i had to leave home in descent clothes so that i don't raise any suspicions and i used to carry my skimpy clothes in the bag and get changed at the hotel before meeting my customers in their room...but i reached some point when its becoming a burden for me and i found myself disclosing it with her....I was happy and surprised that she didn't judge me at any point and i was like why the hell was i keeping it a secret all along!!!

She is one person who minds her business to the fullest and i love her for that particular reason cause she accepted me for exactly who iam without faking anything.

In the morning i was woken up by momo's voice.

"hey wake up..its getting late unless you want to start from scratch and search for a new job." She screamed at me and there's no way i could stay sleeping after hearing her voice.

I quickly kicked off my blanket and i freaked out after seeing that the sun was already out....i asked her what time is it and she said its coming to 8:00am...fuck!!!!!! i cursed while i ran to the bathroom...I heard her closing the door and now am left alone.

I always want to go with her in the morning cause she normally pays for the cab when we go together but now i over slept and she has left me behind..she works as a secretary at some law firm.

I got done with dressing up and had some few sips on milk so that i don't move on an empty stomach this early i rushed outside and since am alone it would be wise to use the subway cause its cheaper but am already late so i have to bare with the consequences so i called a cab.

I reached the restaurant where i work from and thank God my boss wasn't there yet otherwise i would be in big trouble right now cause that lady can scold you infront of anyone without minding who is watching you...So i quickly ran inside through the back door and changed into my uniform and then i started working cause we were kinda busy...people came in for breakfast and so i started taking their orders and clearing the tables as usual.

There's this one workmate who is so annoying in such a way that he always wants to help me,offer things to me and so on and so forth...he one day confessed his feelings to me but i just feel pity for him cause i don't want to break his heart and at the same time amnot into this lovey dovey kind of thing...he is so sweet but he deserves better and hope he sees it one day and he leaves me alone.

We went ahead and worked then our lunch break reached and i was seriously starving cause i didn't have a proper break fast in the morning and just like always,this sweet workmate bought me lunch and I couldn't say no to it cause i really needed it.

"hope you like it my dear?" he said in a really polite way and he had this cute grinning on his face.

I looked at him and gave him a warm smile....and in my heart i was like,some people are really so nice but at the same time am truly grateful cause i really didn't know what i was going to have for lunch so he really saved the day big time.

I was still eating when boss called me to go and serve some few people who had just walked in and they were going to have some lunch meeting here.

I stood up and went to their table to go and take their orders but i was approaching their table when my eyes nearly came out of my sockets when they landed on some familiar face....I quickly ran back and this sweet boy asked me if am okay?

"am really not feeling feeling some dizziness...can you please help me with their orders??" I asked him while putting my hand on the head and acted like am about to fall down.

and of course he accepted and he even offered me some water before leaving and made sure that am in good condition....pheeewwww that was close and its at this point that i realized everybody you meet is important in one way or the other cause i mean look who just saved my ass right now!!!!

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