One night stand-Lena/C3 Please get in
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One night stand-Lena/C3 Please get in
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C3 Please get in

When my workmate left to help me with taking their orders, i quickly got my phone out and dialed marble's number,

"bitch guess what!!?" I said in one go the moment she picked up the phone.

"kid i got no time for shit....just spill it if you wanna." she said in a very serious tone.

"okay...uhm can you believe my last night's customer is in my restaurant?? like right now!!" I said in a very low tone so that no one hears me.

"wait did he notice you?? Please tell me that he didn't!???" she asked in a concerned tone.

"no he didn't cause i saw him first and i ran away but it was too close." I replied while cleaning off the sweat from my forehead.

"don't tell me yesterday night you went with your stupid curly hair??" She asked me.

I nearly laughed when she asked me this question.

"of course not...i would be too dumb to go out with my 'stupid curly hair'...haha" I replied her in the same manner.

she also laughed at me after saying that statement.

" just relax cause i don't think he can recognize you....anyways bye i don't want to get fired when i get caught talking on phone." she even hanged up before i replied haha...this girl is something else.

I put back my phone and i peeped to see if they're still there and yes they were.

"hey why are you peeping??" this sweet boy's voice made me stand straight and pretend like i was doing nothing.

"sorry what did you say??"I asked him while pretending to put some hair strands behind my ear and i avoided making eye contact with him.

"Come on I just found you peeping when i walked back in and now you are pretending like you weren't!!...anyways how are you feeling now??" He asked me as he changed the topic.

"what??...ohhh ohh am feeling better now..thanks for caring." i replied while putting my hand on the forehead.

i had even forgotten that i lied to him that i was feeling dizzy a while ago...haha i almost blew it.

" you know i care about you so much...oh and by the way when they're done you go and collect the money plus clearing their table." He said to he was turning to leave when i grabbed his hand.

"please am still feeling dizzy am not perfectly fine yet...i don't think i will manage,can you please help me out...(pouting) this is my last favor am asking from you today." I told him and after saying this i saw him smiling at me and i knew he had fallen for my acting...damn am good!!!

"okay anything for you.(smiles)" He replied to me.

After he had left i sighed and sat down on the floor cause I was completely relieved.

I checked my phone and I was in total shoke to see that forty minutes have passed ever since i was sitting down there on the floor and i guess it was just my lucky day cause if my boss found me by any chance,then i wouldn't like it for sure.

So i got up and peeped again,this boy was coming my way with a tray which means those guys have finished eating.

"hey have they left??" I asked with my eyes looking straight in his.

"what do you mean by they??" while placing the tray on the counter.

" uhm i mean those guys who had a meeting here...are they done??" I asked him again.

"ohh them!! yah they're done and they have just left." He replied.

I smiled and i wanted to take a twirl just to rejoice but i kept it on the low and i tapped on his shoulder while saying, "thank you so much for covering in for me am now feeling better." I told him with a big smile on my face.

I went back in the restaurant and continued to work on other customers and when evening reached and it was time to get off work, i changed back in my clothes and left the restaurant..I was on the road waiting for a cab and i was just praying it gets here on time cause according to the clouds up in the sky,it seems like its going to rain anytime from now and it had even started releasing some eyes were On the road waiting for this cab when this boy I work with pulled over infront of me and offered me a ride...He started hooting at me and even lowered the mirror to talk to its at this point that i started wishing that i had taken the subway in the first place cause i wouldn't want to go back home in his car...dang it!!!

"no am cab will be here in the next five minutes." I told him and i managed to fake a smile while rubbing my shoulders cause it was getting chilly...and any minute from now,its going to pour.

"okay but i can see you are freezing out here so let me save the day(smiles)...please get in." He told me.

I hate it when someone insists on doing me a favor and am too weak to say no....of course i walked to the other side of the car and sat in.

I really dont like people to get attached to me in any way cause I definitely know how it will end when they learn about my other night job besides being a waitress at the even though he saved me today,i wouldn't want to be friends with him cause if we become friends,we have to tell each other our secrets and am not ready for any of that.

I gave him my address but of course I gave him the wrong one of just two blocks away from where i stay so that incase he decides to come back to pay me a visit one day,he won't be able to find me.

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