One night stand-Lena/C4 I let him do whatever he wants
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One night stand-Lena/C4 I let him do whatever he wants
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C4 I let him do whatever he wants

When we reached the address i gave him,he pulled over and he looked at me and in my head i was like hope he is not up to that shit i usually see in movies where by after dropping the girl at her apartment,the boy gets out and walks the girl to the door and then they hug and as they are pulling away from the hug,the boy aims for the girl's lips and then the girl blushes and rushed inside the house and she spends the entire time holding her lips and reminiscing the kissing scene....jesus christ!!!! How do people keep up with all that shit!!!? Anyways am not judging don't quote me wrong.

So i didn't give him a chance cause i think he was waiting for me to give him a go ahead but i just didn't.

"Thanks for dropping really saved the grateful." I thanked him

"Come on Marlena you don't have to thank me...its nothing." He said.

"Okay then have a good night." I told him while opening the door then he asked me.

"Ain't you going to invite me inside (smiles) maybe for a cup of coffee?" He asked me.

"Ohhh about that...i would really Love to invite you inside but i don't stay alone." I told him but he kinda looked sad and i knew what he was thinking.

"What i was trying to say is that,i have a roomie and yes she is a girl." I explained to him.

"Ohh okay then...i understand...have yourself a goodnight." He said with a smile and I was relieved that he understood it the way i wanted him to.

I got out of the car and pretended to be heading to some door step and when he drove away i turned and started heading to my apartment....I was still walking when my phone started buzzing in my bag,i searched for it and marble was on the caller I'd.

"bitch where are you at??!" she asked me in one go.

"okay i know am a bitch but it really sounds awkward when you call me that cause its hard to differentiate whether you are kidding or not haha." I told her in a joking way.

"but that's what you are...whether am kidding or not...Right." she asked me and waited for me to reply.

"Yah Right." I replied in a low tone almost a whisper.

"so that aside...i got you a client and am sure he is about to call you up and give you the address where to meet up from....that's why i was asking where you are." She told me.

"well i just arrived home...I was on my way back when you called let me get freshen up as i wait for his call." I said while throwing my bag on the bed.

"okay cool...take care." she hanged up.

I put my phone on the table and went straight to the bathtub to relax before going roomie wasn't yet back so it was all silent and its all i needed.

I think after laying there for some minutes,sleep took over me and i was woken up by the buzzing from my phone and i quickly grabbed my bathrobe.

It was an unknown caller and i knew it was definitely my customer.

"yes this miss Maria??" he said in a sexy husky voice and i got chills jeezzzz.

"yes that's me." I replied in a kinda shaky tone.

"okay am going to send you the address right waiting for you." He said to me

"okay then." I replied and I tried to sound normal but it failed....still my voice was shaky.

After hanging up,i did my simple makeup just to hide some black spots on my face and i got dressed.

I wore some lingerie and just threw a jacket on which covered to my simple as that.

I think my roomie worked over time today cause she is usually back by this i got my clutch and moved out.

My cab was already waiting for me Outside in the driveway and after getting in i headed to the hotel.

I reached the hotel and i went straight to the room number he texted me.

I knocked on the door since i didn't have the room keys but i nearly fell to the ground when the door was opened and i saw the person behind door.

This man was maybe in his late fifties...he had grey hair in his channel O beard and his head.

He told me to come in and goodness his voice is more sexier in person than on phone...i don't know why such voices turn me on...fuckk!!!!!

He was sipping some champagne and he offered me some but i refused and told him if he doesn't mind we should go straight to the business that am here for.

He was about to bring up another excuse and i threw away my jacket and after seeing me in my lingerie,he lost it.....he couldn't hold back.

He came and started kissing me but i don't usually enjoy the kissing so i gently pulled away and pushed him on the bed.

I let him do whatever he wants cause i knew he wasn't going to last long and that's it....he cummed in the next five minutes and by the look on his face,he enjoyed it and that's all that matters....i had never slept with anyone in his age bracket cause if am not lying all my previous customers were in their late twenties if am not mistaken but it was such an experience to be chopped by my granny and Overall he wasn't that bad in fact he was better than some of the young fellas i slept with in the past ...haha.

He paid me my cash and i went back thing i love this job is that there's no attachments whatsoever cause we both are here for the same business and the moment its done,we go back to our lives without looking back.

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