One night stand-Lena/C5 Brother and dad!??
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One night stand-Lena/C5 Brother and dad!??
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C5 Brother and dad!??

I got back home but it looks like my roomie wasn't home yet and i kinda got worried about her even though we rarely check on each other but today i think something was i got my phone from the clutch and dialed her number that very minute.

She picked up but from the sound of her voice on the other side of the call, you could easily tell that something is wrong.

"hey babe what's up...are you okay??" I asked in avery concerned tone cause i seriously worried about her.

"uhm actually am not fine and i wont be coming back home tonight."( I think i heard her sniffing after saying that and i was forced to ask what's going on) She told me.

"uhmm is there something wrong??" I asked her

"I just lost my mom."(soabs) she replied

ohh shit!!!! that's so horrible but I didn't know how to comfort her at this point cause i dont think that even saying sorry will soothe her pain right now.

"uhhmmm momo please send me your home address i will come tomorrow very early in the morning." I told her.

"okay thank you." she texted me the address and after receiving it, i threw my tired body on the bed and slept.

I woke up in the middle of the night cause my stomach was growling and its at this point that i remembered that I didn't eat anything when i came back roomie always reminded me to take dinner before i sleep so that i don't sleep on an empty i think we shouldn't take people for granted no matter the bond and relationships you have with them.

Even though we are not that close,she always cared for me and its now that am wishing she was here with me at this moment.

I got up and looked through the fridge to get something simple to eat cause i can't go through the hustle of cooking and stuff right now.

I got milk and added it in the bowl of cereals.

I got my phone and scrolled through my social media platforms as am enjoying my cereals and when i was done with eating,i hit the shower to take a shower cause i just slept when i came back from meeting my customer....after showering that's when i went under my covers in bed and slept peacefully.

Early in the morning my alarm woke me up and it was 6:15am...i texted my workmate and told him to cover up for me for some two hours so that i don't get fired cause i still love the job but still i had to go and be there for momo and so he definitely agreed.

I did my morning routine and took some milk before stepping out of the apartment and then i went to momo's home following the address she had sent me at the next forty five minutes i was in their compound and it had some people sitted outside on the porch and in the garden.

I texted her that i have arrived and am outside the house...i saw her coming out of the house and i started walking towards her.

When i reached her,i gave her a tight hug and she broke down in tears so i squeezed her more to show that am here for her in this trying moment....she then broke the hug and said,

"am sorry for being a cry baby but atleast I have someone who is here for me besides my family." She uttered while rubbing her tears off her face.

"yah am here for you babe...let's go inside then." I told her.

she led the way and we entered the was filled with a lot of people but i kept following Momo at the back as she led the way.

we were still walking when i saw a familiar face coming towards us and calling Momo.

I quickly hid behind someone,thank God this place had people otherwise i would get exposed....jeez why do I keep bumping into him?? and why did he call Momo by her name?? holy shit!!!! don't tell me they're related!???? or is he her father???!!! fuck me!!?? so much was going through my mind at this point so i slowly made my way back outside the house and sat somewhere behind in the gardens.

I first pulled out my phone and texted marble that I l have bumped into Marvin again and as i expected she first made fun of me that maybe he is my soul mate that fate is trying to join us together.

It was funny cause i don't believe in soulmates and stuff.

She advised me to stay cool cause he can't recognize me with my curly hair and i decided to do so....later on i saw momo coming out of the house like she is looking for someone and i went to her.

"I was looking for you..I thought you were right behind me?"She asked me.

"sorry i got a phone call and i came out to receive it." I replied while playing with my phone .

" okay so let's go you meet my brother and dad cause i told them my roomie is here." she offered me a hand to hold onto.

what!!?? brother and dad!!??? now where does this Marvin guy fall under?? Jesus Christ please save your daughter cause she's about to lose it right this very minute...if wishes were horses i would order for one right now cause my heart wasn't at peace right now.

I started shaking but i tried to control myself so that momo doesn't notice it cause I don't know how i would explain it,that guess what your brother or dad was once my night customer!?? It would be so dumb of me to say such things to her more so during such a i held her hand then we went back inside the house and I was busy calming myself down.

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