One night stand-Lena/C6 When is the burial?
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One night stand-Lena/C6 When is the burial?
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C6 When is the burial?

She held my hand as we went passed the people in the living room i think their mom was a sweet and loving woman cause according to the number of people both outside and inside the house,it clearly shows that she was really loved by she took me to some bedroom and after opening the door i saw a man who was around our age sitting on the bed and when we entered inside he stood up and smiled at us.

"ohh hey there this your roomie you have been talking about all this while that was coming over??" this man said while extending his hand to me for a hand shake and looking at me from head to toe and i started getting uncomfortable

"yah she is the one...Marlena this is my kid brother Morgan...Morgan this is my roomie Marlena." Momo introduced us

After Momo introducing us i was left surprised like how in the world is this possible?? this guy is Momo's kid bro and he looks like he is abit older than us cause me and Momo we are of the same age....okay maybe its because he works out so much cause he had these biceps which were visible since he was putting on a fitting suit.

"nice to meet you...Morgan." I remembered that he had offered me a hand so i shoke it.

"nice to meet you too miss Marlena...ohh and this girl is just older than me by one year so don't think am still in high school.(winks)" he jokingly said.

we all laughed at his last statement and i was still laughing when i remembered something,so if Momo brought me here to meet her dad and brother....and i have met the brother,so that means!!???? no no no!!!! it can't be that the other Marvin guy is their dad.

"Hey Morgan stop looking at my friend like that." Momo told him and I think she also saw how he was staring at me from the time we walked in the room.

"What do you mean sis!?" He asked her while acting all innocent like HW didn't know what she was talking about.

"You know what am talking about don't play dumb with me Morgan." She told him

"No sorry to say sis but am not getting your point." He said while pretending again.

"Stop giving her those stupid looks." She warned him

"Okay sis now you are overreacting!!! What looks are you talking about??" He asked her

"Those looks like you want to eat her up this very minute...stop it." She explained to him.

"Haha ohhh but that's how i look." He defended himself.

"How come you don't look at me like that huh!??" She asked him.

"Haha okay okay drop that issue already...I lost,you win...happy??" He asked her.

"Yes and if i get you looking at her like that again,am going to call your girlfriend here and you know what she can do when she gets here!??" She said wit a smile.

"Ohh nooo don't do know she's crazy and i definitely don't want her to create a scene here please." He begged and i tried not to laugh at him cause he was now begging like a toddler.

"Haha look who is begging now....No let me call her up so that she puts up a show...after all we are all bored right Marlena!??" She asked me with a smirk and i just smiled at her.

"No don't haha she is so crazy." He said

"But how come she is not here for you in this period?" She asked

"She will be here at the burial tomorrow." He replied

"Hey by the way kiddo where's dad?? I want Marlena to meet him before she leaves." Momo asked her brother.

"he's coming back in the next few minutes...he had escorted some people outside." he said all this but his eyes were stuck on me.

I decided to use this chance and leave before he finds me here.

"uhm Momo i think i should get going...will meet him maybe some other know they might be looking for me at work so I better get going." i told her while playing with my phone.

"ohh yah i understand sweetie but i really wanted you to meet our dad...anyways next time better...let me push you outside." She said.

After she said that i was like pheewwwww thank you God! then i turned to leave but i bumped into someone and the glass fell to the ground...the water spilled on my dress and i looked up to see whom i had knocked and it was none other than Marvin....i wanted the earth to swallow me at this very moment....I froze and stayed in one position till Momo's voice brought me back to reality.

"hey dad careful... you knocked my friend....this is my roomie I was telling you about but let me first take her and she gets changed in a dry dress then we shall be back and do a proper introduction." Momo told him and she held my hand and took me out of that room.

Momo saved the day and took me out of there but i was nearly suffocating...I think Marble was right,i don't think he recognized me back there.

Momo got me one of her dresses and after i got changed i told her that i really needed to get back to work and she totally understands my situation at work.

"when is the burial?? maybe then we will have a proper introduction with your dad." i asked her so that i give her assurance that am coming back.

"uhm i think tomorrow in the afternoon...but we shall be in touch incase of any changes...hey Marlena you being here for me means alot...thank you so much I really appreciate it." She genuinely meant every word she said.

I gave her one tight hug and then i rushed outside to wait for my cab so that i can go back to work and save my job.

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