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C2 The fiancé?

The next morning, the first rays of the new day passed through the pale blue curtains, shining into Primrose's eyes, making her dizzy. The sharp pain in her waist made her unconsciously recall a hot night yesterday. Her face also flushed red. She hesitantly stretched out and sat up, looking at the person still sleeping soundly beside her. The corner of her lips couldn't help but curl up in an amused smile.

Well, it's not like she's the one she chose, but she's really good-looking. Straight nose bridge, sexy thin lips, and bottomless pit eyes lose the opposite person. The more Primrose looked, the more refreshed she felt. She leaned out of bed to leave, and finally quietly left Joel a note.

"You did very well yesterday. I am very satisfied. If I have the opportunity to meet again, I will definitely stay with you one more night."

When she was done, she left the paper on the table, picked up her bag, and left. At this time, Primrose noticed that her phone had two missed calls from Nancy, and she conveniently pressed redial.

"Primrose, you are finally awake. I told your parents yesterday that you came to my house to sleep one night, solving their doubts "

Nancy, on the other end of the line, saw Primrose calling her, and without hesitation, pressed the button, exclaiming softly. After yesterday's mythical ordeal, Primrose didn't mind at all, but confidently clung to the blond guy's shoulder and left, making her eyes widen in surprise as she hurriedly helped him ask his father's permission. mom. She knew that Primrose had a free-spirited disposition, but having a one-night stand with a guy she had just met for the first time was the first time.

"Yes, I'm back. Our date for a walk is this morning. Does it still count?"

Primrose looked at her watch. It was still early to go out. Nancy also knew that she didn't bring up yesterday's story again, and after confirming that Primrose had nothing to worry about, she excitedly continued.

"Of course, I'm afraid you'll fall in love with that guy and forget that you still have a friend like me."

Nancy's teasing sound made Primrose laugh.

"It's not that pompous. You know, a one-night stand will only end with a wild night yesterday."

Primrose was rational enough to know who to fall in love with and who to make fun of, and from the moment she left the hotel, she was determined to put images of the other man in the back of her head. Nancy saw that her friend was still full of life, so she was very reassured and quietly arranged the appointment time.

"Now that you go back to the house to shower and change clothes, I will drive to your house to pick you up in an hour."

Primrose nodded in response, not forgetting to remind Nancy to ask for the day off. Confirming everything was stable, she casually took a taxi home. Now that her father has gone to work, her mother is busy going to the supermarket to buy lunch preparations so she can calmly enter the house. The housemaid's aunt soon got used to Primrose's usual rebellious appearance, not saying much but only advising her that she had prepared warm water for bathing.

"Okay, thank you, Iris."

Primrose walked upstairs, dropped her bag on the bed, and made her way to the bathroom, plunging into the warm water inside the tub. The steam hovering over her made her vaguely see the kiss marks on her body, making her unable to help but scold Joel for being a scoundrel. When he had kissed her all over her body yesterday, leaving crimson marks and smiling unwelcomely at her, the mere thought of it was enough to make Primrose helpless.

She quickly showered, changed clothes, and left the house again. Nancy is a very punctual person. Primrose just got to the gate to see her waiting for her car. She walked quickly towards the familiar black car, greeting warmly before sitting down.

"Nancy, one day without seeing you, you seem to be even more beautiful."

Nancy pouted, handed Primrose the breakfast she had prepared, and snorted.

Don't flatter anymore, and next time you deal with the consequences yourself, I won't help you anymore.

Heaven knows, although Primrose's temperament is arbitrary, her parents are strict. They always wanted their daughter home at night, so every time Primrose spent the night outside, Nancy was busy helping her get her parents' permission.

Fortunately, Primrose's parents believed in Nancy's dignity; otherwise, we don't know how long this could be hidden.

I already know that. But besides, I don't know how many opportunities there will be to go out in the future. I'm going to have to marry that damn fiancé anyway. "

The more Primrose thought, the more disturbed she was. She was celibate, suddenly having to marry a stranger, and more or less had a feeling of resistance and resistance. If it weren't for regretting the image of a docile and docile girl built over the years, Primrose would have soon rebelled to claim her rights.

“Is there no other way? In what era is there still this kind of forced marriage?"

Nancy also expressed displeasure on behalf of her friend, Primrose, who could only shake her head in dismay. The only way that could be is for her to make the other fiance hate her so much that she has to cancel the marriage. Then maybe the remaining half of her life can be saved.


Primrose thought of her parents' description of the other, her eyes sparkling involuntarily.

"Nancy, let's go, let's dye our hair."

Faced with Primrose's quick decision, Nancy's eyes widened for the second time that day.

"Primrose, have you forgotten? In front of your parents, you're a good girl."

Primrose had gone to the end, of course, and could not handle so many things, only constantly urging Nancy to quickly take her to a famous store.

As for my parents, I have my own way of dealing with it. Besides, compared to marrying some stupid person, it's still much better to be scolded by your parents."

Nancy knew she couldn't advise Primrose, so she did as she was told and drove to a major hair salon in town. Primrose had finished her breakfast early, excitedly got out of the car, and pushed open the door to enter, to the surprise of everyone who sat down in the chair opposite the large mirror.

"Hi, I want to dye my hair platinum. Thanks."

Hearing that striking color from Primrose's mouth, Nancy, walking behind, was indeed going from surprise to surprise. She sat down next to Primrose, before the hesitant gaze of the salon staff nodded, signaling her to do as Primrose wanted.

Anyway, having arrived at the salon, Nancy did not hesitate to dye her hair a bright red, as striking as Primrose's platinum hair color. If you're close friends, you'll have to bear it together. Not to mention, Nancy has wanted to have a special hair color like this for a long time.

Finally, after a few hours of sitting in the hairdresser's shop, both of them had a satisfactory hair color. Primrose looked at the cool girl in the mirror, almost did not recognize herself, and quickly turned her head to Nancy and stroked her hair.

"How is it, Nancy, don't I look ten times more beautiful? If I walked into the bar yesterday, I'm sure I'd be the standout girl."

Nancy nodded approvingly, also enjoying her new hair. Needless to say, changing the hair color made the two of them feel much better. After leaving the shop, they went to a luxurious restaurant to have lunch.

"Have you thought it through? Do you really want to meet your fiancé with such a rebellious expression?"

Nancy picked up a piece of potato chip and put it in her mouth, still not reassured to ask again. Although she knew Primrose's personality well, this expression of hers was completely out of Nancy's expectations, making her somewhat nervous.

“You don't have to worry about me. I'm an adult. I can take responsibility for all my rash actions."

Primrose took a sip of the juice, shrugging in response. Either way, sooner or later her parents would know her true personality, so she just took this opportunity to speed things up a bit.

After lunch, Nancy took Primrose home again. At this time, perhaps the other family had just arrived at Primrose's house. Looking at the strange silver car parked in front of her friend's house, Nancy still couldn't help but feel uneasy.

"Primrose, do you need me to go in there and explain it to you? Or do you just say that it was my instigation and that the fault is all on my side?"

Primrose laughed at Nancy's carefree thought, calmly patting her shoulder to reassure her.

"I will be fine. This is it. You just go back first. If something happens, I'll call you for help, okay?”

Nancy nodded firmly and said that she would do her best to protect Primrose, which made her laugh even more. Primrose turned to get out of the car, waved at Nancy, and then slowly walked into the house. As expected, the fiancé's family arrived on time.

With an unwavering mood, Primrose took off her shoes and entered the house. She also approached her parents' side with confidence and greeted them quietly.

"Parents, I'm back."

Primrose's mother heard her daughter's familiar voice and was pleased to drag her in and introduce her to everyone. But when she saw the color of Primrose's hair, her eyes widened.

"Primrose, what did you do with your hair?"

Primrose also soon guessed this flamboyant reaction of her mother, just casually stroking her hair, tilting her head with a harmless smile.

"What's wrong with this hair? I just felt that the first day I met my fiancé, I showed up with the most outstanding appearance."

When mentioning these words, "fiancé," Primrose especially emphasized that her mother did not know what to say. Just as Primrose was about to pout a few more words, suddenly from the opposite side came a low, male voice.

"It's okay auntie, I'm really impressed with her look; very stylish."

In addition to receiving compliments, Primrose very excitedly turned her head, wanting to appreciate the aesthetic gout of the person who just spoke up. It was just that, until she could clearly see the other person's face, her face suddenly stiffened. Well, how can this be? How small is this earth?

She rubbed her eyes repeatedly to verify she wasn't mistaken, finally having to painfully admit a dreary truth.

The person who had just gone through a crazy one-night stand with her yesterday was the damn fiancé she had been talking about so often lately.

This alone was enough to make Primrose's mood drop to the bottom of the cliff. The excitement of being able to be in front of rebellious parents for once also disappeared without a trace.

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