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C3 Pretending not to know

The first time encountered a funny situation, Primrose was confused, while the oligarch, Joel, was extremely pleased. He took a sip of tea on the table and raised an eyebrow at her provocatively. If it weren't for her parents still around, she would definitely step in to expose his indifference.

“Okay, it's happened anyway. You better sit down. Joel's family is here today, so we can meet and discuss your marriage."

Primrose's father was still a gentleman after all. He helped Primrose sit down on the sofa across from Joel's house. Before many eyes were focused on her, she did not dare to say many words, only dared to quietly observe the situation on this side.

The atmosphere quickly calmed down, and the adults in the house began to talk about something together, but Primrose couldn't listen because, at this time, her mind was full of images that weren't meant for children at night. yesterday. She bitterly bit her lip, knowing that this shame would soon arise. If she died yesterday, she would not go back with Joel.

"Primrose, are you not feeling well? My face looks very bad."

Joel very skillfully plays the role of a caring man, stepping to the side and placing a hand on Primrose's shoulder and gently rubbing it, his face full of worry. Primrose silently glared at him, the two of them glaring at each other with big eyes.

The families on both sides are very satisfied with Joel's caring attitude, thinking that the two young people also need space to deepen their feelings, Primrose's mother added.

"Joel, yesterday Primrose went to a classmate's house to play, so she's probably tired by now. Can you help me take her to her room to rest?"

What Primrose's mother's words meant as an adult was clear. Primrose saw her mother mercilessly push herself into another man's arms, her eyes turning even more pitiful. Okay, this world will soon no longer have love.

"How about staying at your house?"

Joel asked again. The hands resting on Primrose's shoulders also deliberately used a little more force as emphasis. Primrose also quickly grabbed his hand as if afraid he would slip his words.

"Of course, I'm very close to Nancy, so I still sleep over at her house from time to time."

Primrose, afraid that Joel would reveal something secret, quickly interrupted. Fortunately, Joel did not continue to make it difficult for her, just smiled a meaningful smile, and followed Primrose's mother's words to lead her back to her room. The little feral cat suddenly turned into a docile domestic cat, retracting his claws. He felt very refreshed.

"Sweetie, you're so cold. How long are you going to pretend you don't know me?"

When he returned to Primrose's room, Joel skillfully pushed her against the wall, pressing her against her, shady reproach. Primrose frowned and pushed him away, pretending not to understand.

"What are you talking about? We don't even know each other."

Now that it's just the two of them, Primrose doesn't need to worry anymore, directly sitting on the bed playing with the phone. The hated Joel did not lose interest and sat down again next to Primrose, burying his head in her neck to feel her faint scent.

"So do you need me to remind you of some old stories?"

Without waiting for Primrose to respond, Joel rubbed his head against her neck and kissed the nape of her neck, his hand unintentionally brushing over her sensitive waist. He looked at Primrose's white skin with many new and old crimson kiss marks, both of which were his "finished products," and his mood also turned into joy.

"Stay away, you scoundrel."

Primrose didn't think that Joel would be such an arbitrary person, hating sitting a distance from him, pouting.

"You already know that I am my future fiance. Why did you deliberately follow me to that hotel yesterday?"

Primrose began to interrogate, thinking that Joel was plotting against her and that she herself was a lamb deceived by the gray wolf. Joel still gently hugged Primrose and explained.

"Don't get me wrong. Sweetie, I just found out about it this morning. As for yesterday's incident, it was entirely my fault that I followed my heart."

"Follow my heart," it was easy to say. Primrose pursed her lips, but her demeanor softened. Maybe Joel wasn't cheating on her; until this morning's meeting, he didn't know who the damn guy he was going to marry was.

But again and again, Joel still lied to her about his identity yesterday.

"Just an owner of a small car company? Our concept of large and small companies is really different.”

Primrose repeated Joel's words yesterday in a sarcastic tone. One of the youngest billionaires mentioned me as an ordinary person. Should I say he's humble or should I say he's dishonest?

Joel looked at Primrose's slightly pouted pink lips because of anger, but laughed, hurriedly hugging her in his arms to comfort her.

"Because I don't want you to think too much. Anyway, I didn't know you were my fiancée at the time.”

What Joel said reliably was Primrose snorting. If she hadn't heard about his identity from his parents' introduction a few days ago, she wouldn't have guessed that the libertine next to her last night and the billionaire with a huge fortune today were the same. people.

"Your hair color is really pretty. It suits you very well."

Joel quietly chatted to make the atmosphere of rivalry between the two disappear. Primrose could also relax. Primrose looked at him, about to say thank you when he heard Joel continue.

"The platinum color is just right on her fair skin, making me want to leave marks on it."

When Joel finished speaking, his hand slowly moved down to Primrose's bare shoulder. Although he was pleased with his performance the night before, Primrose, who understood the meaning of the words "one-night stand" better than anyone else, quickly put out his hand to stop it.

"Stop saying such indecent words. I have no interest in joking with you. It's just a one-night stand between us, and it ended yesterday."

Joel also understood this logic; it was just that his heart was involuntarily a little uncomfortable at Primrose's strange attitude. He kept the same sarcastic expression as before, and he and Primrose exchanged loving glances.

"Aren't we going to get married? "Sweetie, we have a lifetime, not just one night.

She was enraged and clenched her fists, unable to take the initiative in the face of this person's hesitation.She frowned seriously and began to soften her voice to negotiate.

"Stop saying superfluous words." You don't want to marry me either. We just have to tell our parents that we don't like each other, and then this damn marriage will automatically be annulled. "

Primrose's voice carried some uncertainty. It's not that she hasn't tried it, it's just that her parents are adamant that she and Joel are an absolute match, insisting again and again that they can live together in harmony.

But if this time Joel also responds like she did, maybe there is still hope to change the outcome.

“You think I've never tried it? It's all useless, sweetie."

Primrose's hopes were completely dashed. Suddenly, she had a strange feeling of sympathy for Joel, because both of them were pitiful people who had to obey their parents' arrangement, not do what they wanted.

"Why don't you think we can come together and turn fakes into reality?"

Joel saw the person next to her with drooping eyes, making jokes to comfort her. Well, Primrose rolled her eyes at him again as if condemning, "Well said, didn't that work for their parents' other plan?"

"If you really want to do it, do it alone. I don't have time."

Primrose refused to show any respect and purposely sat a little further away from Joel. Joel quietly observed Primrose at this time. The girl's face was light and fresh with make-up, in stark contrast to yesterday's sexy rebellious look, which unexpectedly matched his aesthetic taste better. Joel smacked his lips in exclamation. This unruffled tranquility of Primrose is much easier to see.

“Okay, stop teasing me. I can't change my upcoming marriage, but I promise I won't interfere in your private life and won't forbid you from going to the bar to joke around, okay?”

For the first time that day, Joel seriously proposed. From the moment he heard the unexpected news, he already had this plan and only had the opportunity to tell Primrose until they met. Anyway, he doesn't have too much interest in and believes in marriage. If he is forced to marry someone he has no feelings for, he will just live with nature.

"That's fine. I don't meddle in your private life, and neither do you. We just need to act together in front of our families."

Primrose nodded with satisfaction. She wasn't ready to start a serious relationship with someone right now, no matter how handsome and handsome he was.

"Okay, then cooperate happily."

Joel casually extended his hand in front of him, and Primrose freely shook his hand.

He and she chatted for a few more words before turning to stand up, preparing to face the enthusiasm of the adults downstairs.

"We have to get down. Let me lead you down."

Joel politely took Primrose's hand and led her down the stairs, a gentle smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Primrose also imitated him, putting on a sweet, docile expression and following him down the stairs step by step.

It seems that she and Joel's parents have finished talking and are now showing each other their childhood photos. Joel conveniently led Primrose to greet him and then sat down naturally, without disrupting the peace.

"Since you've held hands, you two are really close."

Joel's mother quickly discovered this change and was pleased to praise him. At first, she was worried that the two children would hate each other, but now that they had gotten to know each other so quickly, she also considered it at ease. Perhaps this upcoming marriage portends a good outcome.

"Don't make fun of Primrose; she's thin-skinned and gets shy easily."

Joel put his hand on Primrose's shoulder and pulled her into his lap, explaining to her how to make everyone laugh. Primrose could only obey and sit quietly in Joel's chest, feeling every steady beat of his heart, silently scolding Joel for being an opportunist. But it can't be helped; the pleasant scent around him made her very fond of it.

The two families talked for a while, and then Joel's family also had to leave. Before leaving, when the two families were still happily chatting together, Joel gently stroked Primrose's soft hair and spoke.

"Goodbye, sweetie. I'll be back tomorrow."

Primrose was temporarily perplexed. She cleared her throat once to regain her composure, pretended to nod calmly, and waved goodbye to him. It wasn't until his whole family got into the car to leave that she slowly raised her hand to her heart.

Beating really fast too.

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