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C4 Sunflowers

After Joel's return, as expected, Primrose was "taught" by her parents. That's right, even though they usually love her very much, getting married is very important, and she's rebellious to this extent, for people with traditional views like theirs, it's also a big deal.

Primrose quietly sat on the sofa for two hours listening to her parents constantly explaining that girls should pay attention to their appearance, and act tenderly and modestly instead of being so rebellious that they dye their hair before the wedding day.

"Primrose, please keep in mind that you are an adult and take responsibility for your own actions. Be careful with every single thing you do."

Primrose's father harshly reminded him that he had no choice but to nod repeatedly to show that he understood. Her mother, sitting next to her, was also quick to help.

"Right. Fortunately, Joel is a delicate and kind guy. He doesn't complain or complain about my hair. Next time, pay more attention."

Primrose heard the sentence understood, casually nodded, and went up to the room, feeling her back was about to break in two from fatigue. Her parents seemed to be very pleased with Joel, constantly complimenting him with good words, which made Primrose feel a headache just thinking about it.

How did they know that the Joel they always praised was the same smug man who had kissed her on the lips last night? Primrose pouted.

Experiencing a night of being "tortured" by Joel until midnight, and still having to be obedient and peaceful to sit upright since morning, she felt that all of the strength in her body had been drained in an instant.

Primrose returned to her room when the unexpected ringing of a text message alarm startled her. Once she calmed down and glanced at the screen, she was taken aback by the content of the message.

"Sweetie, what are you doing? I'm eating candy, but it's not as sweet as your lips."

Without standing in front of Joel, Primrose could vaguely imagine his triumphant face now. She tried to take a deep breath to suppress the feeling of wanting to punch this person, then angrily threw the phone on the bed. She decided not to notice, much less communicate with this strange man, or else she would soon go mad.

Primrose finally had a peaceful day. The next day, as usual, she got up early to go to work. When she arrived, she unexpectedly saw someone she shouldn't have seen.

Joel leaned against the bright red car behind him, raised his eyebrows, and straightened his back, trying to show his most charming and amiable appearance. He was holding a large bouquet of sunflowers in his hand when Primrose appeared, and he smiled and walked towards her.

"This is for you."

Primrose just glared at Joel with no intention of taking it.

"What do you want to do? Making trouble in front of my company?"

Faced with Primrose's interrogation, Joel, on the other hand, calmly stroked his hair, then smiled gently.

"Of course not. I'm chasing my fiancée. Don't you think it's sincere enough?"

Primrose's gaze grew sharper, and Joel, unafraid, placed the bouquet of sunflowers in her hand, adding softly.

"This morning I was going to buy roses, but I feel they are somewhat ordinary and superficial. I think only the sunflower's boldness and confidence facing the sun is worthy of you."

Primrose shivered at his words. She curled her lips mockingly.

Didn't you think a billionaire like you was good at flattery and pleasant to talk to?"

Joel deliberately took a step closer, bringing the distance between him and Primrose even closer, the tip of her nose also vaguely smelling the pleasant perfume on him.

"How can it be as sweet as your lips? I said my lips are the sweetest."

Primrose knew he was teasing her on purpose, her face quickly turning red as she glared at him. Joel also did not want to continue to anger her, so he just added a little smile.

"Okay, from now on, I will give flowers to my fiance every day. Please help me text her to be touched quickly and love me a lot."

Primrose just wanted to refute it, seeing Joel add.

"Also, remember about the family dinner, I will come to the company to pick you up after work."

Having said that, as expected, Primrose would be angry, so Joel quickly turned around and waved at her. The frustrated Primrose had no choice but to stomp her feet hard. Obviously, he was here to remind her, to warn her not to be absent from dinner tonight.

Primrose helplessly hugged a bouquet of flowers and entered the company, colleagues just saw her and happily started a conversation.

"Primrose, what kind of handsome and pompous guy gave you flowers this morning? So happy."

Primrose just pouted slightly, her tone not very cheerful in reply.

"Don't mention that name again. He's my fiancé, a soft-spoken guy who can only say a few sentences that give people goosebumps."

Colleagues who saw Primrose's expression also covered their mouths with laughter.

"Primrose, don't speak so harshly. Maybe you two will fall in love with each other. After all, he seemed very sincere, giving me such a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers."

Primrose just thought of her and Joel becoming a couple and shook her head. If that were really true, perhaps every day she would quarrel with him to the point that the house could not have a single moment of peace.

So, let's quickly end this stupid thing, the better to get rid of that damned engagement. What era has it been? Why are her parents and Joel's parents so old-fashioned to be engaged?

The more Primrose thought, the more assertive she became with her thoughts. She has to act so badly tonight so that Joel's whole family will hate her!

So in the end, when it was time for Joel to see Primrose again, she soon changed into a tight crop top and a pair of ripped jeans. Joel obviously guessed Primrose's intentions by looking at her, looking straight into her smug eyes, and acting as usual.

"Let me take you to the restaurant."

Primrose had taken advantage of her lunch break to buy a somewhat rude outfit and deliberately put on heavier makeup, thinking that her appearance at the moment was very disgusting. She comfortably rested her back on the car, clamoring and singing. At a glance, she could only see the side of his face, but not his expression.

Primrose thought to himself that Joel was trying to calm down after the shock, pursing his lips to suppress a smile.

The two walked into the reserved restaurant together, and Joel also casually held Primrose's hand. She narrowed her eyes in displeasure, but thinking that the engagement might be annulled later, she silently kept her composure.

"Mom and Dad, I'm back with Primrose."

Primrose and Joel's parents, who had both been sitting in the dining room since early, were surprised to see Primrose's strange appearance. With her revealing clothes and shiny platinum hair, her face was still a bit brazen. She looked like a rebellious teenage girl now.

Primrose's mother frowned, just about to open her mouth to remind, when Joel spoke, before patting Primrose's head.

"Yesterday I jokingly told Primrose that she liked cool girls, so she purposely dressed like that. It's my fault. Don't look at Primrose like that. She's shy."

Joel spoke very calmly, every word expressing the desire to protect and protect Primrose, making her suddenly feel guilty for doing that thoughtless act. But after a few seconds of contrition, Primrose quickly shook her head. No matter how good Joel is, she and Joel can't get married!

This thought suddenly made Primrose's expression become mistier. She sat down in her chair, pursed her lips slightly, and looked around. Her parents were obviously glaring at her, as if warning, expressing their displeasure with her rudeness at the moment. At first glance, Joel's parents seem to be more gentle, just looking at her with loving eyes.

Primrose rolled her eyes, thinking about what to do next, but Joel assumed she was nervous. His arm under the table slowly took Primrose's slender hands to give her warmth, leaning slightly to encourage her.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I'll protect you."

Joel's low, serious voice made Primrose stiffen, and the gentle voice made her numb little by little. Primrose quickly shook her head so as not to bask in his kindness, then nodded silently to show her understanding.

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