C3 Her Wish

After half a minute of hesitation, she finally gave in and knocked on the bathroom door. "Is there anyone outside? Help?"

Outside the door, Lu Gechen looked at her graceful figure sticking to the frosted bathroom door and felt his mouth go dry. He suppressed his discomfort and approached the door. In a hoarse voice, he asked, "What?"

Jiang Yusheng, who was in the bathroom, trembled and hurriedly took two steps back.

No matter how strong he was, speaking to a man without any clothes on would still be embarrassing.

"I didn't change my clothes!" Jiang Yusheng tremblingly opened her mouth and her body gradually cooled down.

The air in the room was still for three seconds.

Lu Gechen snuffed out the ashtray in his hand and said in an ambiguous tone, "I don't have any women's clothes here!"

"A dignified CEO of the Jiang family actually didn't bring a woman home?" Jiang Yusheng was stunned. Was he trying to clean himself or was it because of that aspect?

As she thought about it, the corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.

Lu Gechen resisted the urge to break the door and strangle this woman. He was like a beast suppressing his anger: "I'll get my assistant to buy it for you."

Jiang Yusheng, who was behind the door, was instantly dumbfounded. Asking the assistant to buy it in the middle of the night meant that she would have to soak in the pond for an hour?

"Then I'm going to have to soak it up in the pool!" Jiang Yusheng could not help but sneeze.

After a long time, there was no sound coming from outside the door.

Jiang Yusheng panicked. She knocked on the glass door and called out, "Lu Gechen, where are you!"

Just as she was ready to rush out the door, the man's figure appeared once more.

His sexy voice rang out, "Open the door."

Helpless, she could only accept and open the door to retrieve her clothes.

Upon closer inspection, Jiang Yusheng realized that it was Lu Gechen's men's shirt and sweater.

"Sigh …" She sighed as she pulled the shirt over her body. Then she slipped it directly through the collar of her sweater and tied her sleeve around her waist, using it as a skirt.

When the bathroom door opened, Jiang Yusheng saw Lu Gechen sitting on the sofa beside the bed, smoking. The smoke rose in spirals, adding a touch of sadness to the man's already deep face.

Jiang Yusheng was about to sit across the bed on the sofa when she suddenly heard Lu Gechen say, "Come here."

She was stunned and raised her head.

Unbeknownst to him, this simple action had aroused the deepest desire within the body of a man.

On the woman's pretty face, a pair of large eyes glimmered with light as her cherry lips slightly opened, looking like a flower waiting to be plucked by a monarch.

Her wet hair was loose and loose behind her back, and occasionally a stream of water ran down her sexy collarbone and up the hump of her chest.

Lu Gechen's gaze turned darker and darker. He got up and walked in front of Jiang Yusheng. He then bent down abruptly. Jiang Yusheng immediately hugged him tightly, acting like she was on guard.

After a long moment, she opened her eyes and saw that he was holding a hair dryer.

"What is your filthy head thinking?" Lu Gechen teased intentionally. He was a young lad that had yet to enter the world, but his eyes were filled with craftiness.

Jiang Yusheng was annoyed and wanted to leave, but she was pulled back by him.

Then the man blew her hair with his big warm hands. His slightly rough hands felt his scalp. It was very comfortable.

Gradually, Jiang Yusheng felt a strong sense of sleepiness.

"They said that you relied on your bed martial arts to conquer the river and mountains, why didn't you refute them?" Lu Gechen turned off the hair dryer.

Jiang Yusheng snapped out of her daze as her red lips curled up into a smile. She gave off a charming vibe. "I've been destined to stand at a height that is difficult for them to reach since I was born. Those who are jealous won't be able to get what I have."

The woman's calmness and calmness actually made Lu Gechen's heart ache.

"So, you think so too?"

Her question sent a shiver down Lu Gechen's spine. The man suddenly stood up and quickly approached Jiang Yusheng. He then kissed her lips like a dragonfly touching the water. With a slight smile on his face, he said, "Be good, it's time to eat."

Jiang Yusheng was stunned. This was the second time he had kissed her today!

"Lu Gechen, you're going too far …" She got up and followed Lu Gechen, but he pressed her down on the dining room's soft sofa.

After a round of quarreling, the two of them went to the restaurant. After they had eaten their fill, Jiang Yusheng became curious.

"Lu Gechen, the rumors about Jiang Xinyue being your lover are they true?"

Lu Gechen put down the knife and fork in his hand. He had a noble and elegant temperament as he said, "Are you very free?"

Jiang Yusheng blinked her eyes and smiled.

It was rumored that Lu Gechen was a big shot who never showed up in public. As for how big he was, Jiang Yusheng did not know.

Women never appeared around Lu Gechen, but Jiang Xinyue was the only one he didn't get close to.

The truth was unclear.

He didn't want to answer, so Jiang Yusheng didn't pursue the matter any further.

He looked at Lu Gechen's villa out of boredom. The simple black and white decorative wind made the house seem less lively, but because it was built halfway up the mountain, it could overlook the entire city through the huge windows.

Thus, Jiang Yusheng sat down by the window.

Then, an overcoat was draped over her shoulders. She turned around and saw Lu Gechen.

The man's handsome face didn't change at all. His lips were slightly parted as he replied, "There's no cold medicine in the house."

Although she was somewhat conflicted, Jiang Yusheng didn't refute her and only quietly admired the charm of the city.

Suddenly, the house was dark.

Jiang Yusheng, who had been afraid of the dark since childhood, subconsciously moved closer to Lu Gechen. She grabbed onto his clothes tightly and her body started to tremble.

Feeling a woman's dependence, the man smiled in the dark.

"Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday …"

Jiang Yusheng only slightly raised her head when the birthday song sounded. When she saw the servant coming over with a huge birthday cake, she suddenly raised her head and saw Lu Gechen's face full of affection, causing her heart to tremble.

"Good girl, happy birthday." The man's gentle voice sounded.

Amidst the silence, Jiang Yusheng's long eyelashes fluttered like two small fans. She asked seriously, "Do you like me?"

"Make a wish." The man reached out and lifted her from the ground without answering her question.

This man really knew how to change the topic!

Standing in front of the cake, the candle flame jumped up and down, flickering to show Lu Gechen's expression.

Jiang Yusheng clasped her hands together, making her wish for this moment. She wanted him!

After making a wish, Jiang Yusheng opened her eyes and blew out the candle. She looked at Lu Gechen slyly, "I think my wish will come true very soon, provided that you are willing to help me."

"Oh? Good girl, what is your wish? "

The corner of Lu Gechen's mouth slightly curled, "Is it a lesson that Rao Jingming will never forget for the rest of his life? Or do you want what happened at the birthday party to not appear on the headlines tomorrow? "

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