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"Rao Jingming, what are you not good at? Go and learn how to cheat. As for you, Jiang Xinyue, as expected of the woman that was born in the third year, you are born to be a junior!"

Only three people could hear her words. After all, she had to consider Jiang Yusheng and the face of her company. She didn't want to cause too much trouble, so she didn't want to find any material for tomorrow's headlines.

However, Bai Xiao didn't know at this time that the moment Lu Gechen took Jiang Yusheng away, the headlines on the second day attracted attention.

After beating up Jiang Yusheng, Bai Xiao let out a dignified smile and left with a calm expression. She had always been a calm and composed person. Only when she met Jiang Yusheng did she become irritable.

Lifting up the fake victims, the two people were confused, especially Rao Jingming. Today, he had been slapped a few times, but he still couldn't fight back.

Jiang Xinyue, on the other hand, had been stabbed in the face by Bai Xiao. No matter how much she gnashed her teeth and wished that she could kill Bai Xiao, she could only bear with it.

"Jing Ming and I knew each other first, but as sisters, there are a lot of things that I know and I can only step back. But about Jing Ming, I... I can't do it! I love him! " Jiang Xinyue wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and looked at Rao Jingming with a pained expression, "It's all my fault, which is why your sister and her friends …"

Rao Jingming's heart softened. He hugged Jiang Xinyue and kissed the corner of her eye to wipe away her tears. His eyes were filled with tenderness.

"Don't be afraid, nothing can stop us unless we die. No, even if we die, we can't be separated from each other!"

The guests looked at each other. They were mostly business partners of Jiang Yusheng, and of course, many of them were friends invited by Rao Jingming. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to propose to Jiang Xinyue in front of everyone.

Some of the people who had a good personal relationship with Jiang Yusheng sneered and followed closely behind Bai Xiao, leaving the scene. As for the others, they were not human and neither Jiang Yusheng nor Rao Jingming could offend them.

The next morning, after Jiang Yusheng woke up, she rubbed her eyes and casually took a few glances at the phone on the bedside. On the phone, there were more than 20 missed calls and more than 10 text messages, all of which came from the same person, except for her father Jiang Haohan, one from her mother Lee Kebing and the other one from her father Jiang Haohan.

Bai Xiao.

Jiang Yusheng felt guilty for a moment. It was only then did she remember that her good friend had been arranged by her to travel. She had said last night that she would fly back to celebrate her birthday, but Jiang Xinyue and Rao Jingming, this useless couple, had made a ruckus yesterday and she had forgotten about it.

"Yusheng, Mom is busy with a case and can't come back to see you. But no matter what decision you make, Mom will always support you."

Jiang Yusheng clicked on the only text message her mother had sent. It was sent at eight in the morning, which meant that it had just arrived.

His mother, Lee Kebing, was a strong woman, independent in economy and thought. She was Jiang Yusheng's most adored woman, one of the few. She was now a lawyer in A Country.

Jiang Yusheng was confused at first as to why her mother would suddenly send such a text message. But very soon, she understood. It was probably because the incident yesterday had been recorded by those puppies and was the headline on the news.

She probably knew what Bai Xiao's phone call had been about.

He didn't look at the messages from Bai Xiao anymore, he was just trying to hurry her to return his call. Just as she was about to call Bai Xiao, her phone call came in.

Jiang Yusheng hurriedly opened the call button.

"Xiaoxiao ~"

"Jiang Yusheng, explain to me what's on the headlines today!" I know that they are fake, so it doesn't matter to me! But it's not the same today. How can you be related to that man, Lu Gechen? "Where are you right now? Hurry back to the company!" Bai Xiao started babbling nonstop. Jiang Yusheng hung up the phone before she could even open her mouth.

Jiang Yusheng's face turned black as she looked at the phone that had been hung up. So what if she was angry? Could she really grab Bai Xiao and teach her a lesson? If Bai Xiao could not retort, she would be thankful!

Thinking that she didn't have any clothes to wear, Jiang Yusheng clenched her teeth and called back. A few seconds later, the call connected. "What's the matter, my CEO Jiang!?" I'm very busy right now, dealing with your matters! "

"I'm at Lu Gechen's mansion right now, and I don't have any clothes to change. Do you want me to wear the clothes I changed yesterday and go back to the company to see you?" Jiang Yusheng smiled.

Bai Xiao was silent for a few seconds. "I'll send it over to you. Send it over to me."

Jiang Yusheng smiled and hung up the phone again, getting up and leaving the room.

There were only busy servants. Seeing that she had come down, they hurriedly walked in front of her and said, "Miss Jiang, sir, he left early and told us to prepare breakfast for you. Also, the clothes that he prepared for you are already in the locker room.

"Did he get me a change of clothes?" Jiang Yusheng was shocked. She almost forgot that Lu Gechen said to get an assistant to buy clothes for her yesterday.

"Yes, Miss Jiang. Assistant Shen arrived early in the morning and left with mister. Maybe there's something urgent that prevented us from sharing breakfast with you. " The servant answered every question respectfully, treating Jiang Yusheng as his future mistress.

Jiang Yusheng nodded and returned to her usual decisive actions of killing in front of outsiders. "Alright, I'll go change my clothes first. I'll be troubling you."

Jiang Yusheng wanted to tell Bai Xiao not to bring her clothes, but when she thought about it, she didn't drive over, so she let Bai Xiao come to pick her up.

When Bai Xiao arrived at her destination, Jiang Yusheng had just finished her breakfast. She didn't have Lu Gechen's number, so she couldn't contact him. Thus, she could only ask the servant to inform Lu Gechen that she left first.

Sitting in the car, Jiang Yusheng's sharp aura was reduced by half. Before Bai Xiao opened her mouth, she explained, "Lu Gechen and I definitely didn't know each other before this. I only got to know him after he missed my birthday last night."

When she was at the villa, she had scrolled through the headlines for this morning's news. It was all about the birthday party yesterday.

"The second son of the Rao Family, the half-sister of his girlfriend, and the leader of the four families — This is true love! Which is the right and wrong grudge or grudge between the Wealthy Class? "

"The female CEO of an international business suffered a double betrayal at her birthday, and the mysterious heir to Lu's descended from the sky and successfully carried the beauty away?"

Jiang Yusheng could only smile in response. After laughing, she didn't seem to care at all. She had done this kind of headlines thousands of times in the morning, so why did she have to make such a big fuss about it?

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