One Piece: Supreme King/C13 White Water Is a Great Hero!
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One Piece: Supreme King/C13 White Water Is a Great Hero!
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C13 White Water Is a Great Hero!


Seeing that Bai Shui took the initiative to extend his hands, the two people on the left and right side of the T Bones revealed expressions of joy and then cuffed him with the stone handcuffs of the Tower of the Seas.


Bai Shui couldn't help but grunt in pain the moment her handcuffs were buckled on.

He felt as if all the strength in his body was being absorbed by the handcuffs.

A wave of terrifying pressure struck him, making it difficult for him to breathe. His face became incomparably pale.

"You are an esper!"

Seeing this, T Bones could not help but be shocked!

"Of course. Otherwise, why would I let you use the Ocean Floor Stone handcuffs?"

"I've already said that I have no ill intentions!"

"Since you do not believe me, I can only show you some sincerity. How about this? My sincerity should be enough!"

Hearing this, Bai Shui raised her head and grinned, and said weakly.

"Your excellency, you're too serious. Once I've pacified them, I'll definitely drink to your credit!"

T Gu looked at Bai Shui with a face full of admiration and gave him a heavy punch.

"Both of you, guard my little brother properly. If anything happens, I'll ask you both. Do you understand?"

He had a serious expression on his face.

"Yes sir!"

The hearts of the two people on the left and right shook as they calmly responded.


More than an hour had passed since the T-bone had pacified the residents of Ku Luo Island. Bai Shui had long since fallen asleep due to her exhaustion.

However, the two of them were like two statues, not moving an inch, even though the sun was so bright that it made their bodies wet with sweat.

Bai Shui was a person worthy of their admiration. Thus, even though they were a bit tired, they did not complain at all.

"White water!"

"White water!"

"White water!"

In the midst of the fog, Bai Shui seemed to hear someone calling her name.

He opened his eyes slowly and looked around sleepily. He saw the girl, Qi Qi, squatting in front of him and pushing his arm with her hand.

"Ah, it's Qi. What's the matter?"

Bai Shui sat up from the ground and yawned.

"You, the admiral called you!"

Seeing that Bai Shui had finally woken up, Qi Qi couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. Then, she pointed to the direction behind her.

"Oh, got it!"

When he looked in the direction Agie was pointing, he saw Skeleton grinning at him and raising his glass to signal for him to gather.

"Let's go, brothers of the navy, let's have a drink together!" Bai Shui stood up and said to the two naval commanders beside her who were already dehydrated from the sun.

"Hu, we can finally leave, haha!"

Hearing this, the two people could not help but feel happy. They happily followed Bai Shui and walked toward Ta Gu.

"Consider this cup of wine as my apology for the earlier offense. I'll do it first!"

When Bai Shui came to sit at the foot of the T-bone, the T-bone picked up a bowl of wine and drank it all in one gulp.

"Haha, as the saying goes, friendship goes without a fight." Even though we had never fought before, we had gotten to know each other. "Haha, there's nothing between men at sea that we shouldn't offend!"

"Come, Big Brother Navy, let me toast you. We'll be friends in the future!" Hearing this, Bai Shui raised her glass and indicated towards Ta Gu with her hand. Her outspoken and outspoken feelings were clear to see.

"Haha, good, you really do have the heroic spirit of a sea man. I will drink this cup of wine!"

Seeing this, T Bones laughed out loud and clinked a cup with Night, before raising his head and gulping it down.

The surrounding commoners were all immersed in dancing and singing. It was a joyous scene, and one could not tell that a bloody battle had just occurred on this island.

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