One Piece: Supreme King/C15 The Long-awaited Smile of the Warring States!
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One Piece: Supreme King/C15 The Long-awaited Smile of the Warring States!
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C15 The Long-awaited Smile of the Warring States!

At most, he would only have the strength of a Seventh Martial Sea's team leader.

It was almost the same as Monge D. Luftwaffe in the original book, after developing the third tier on the island of justice.

Was this kind of strength strong?

Not strong!

There were two men in the first half of the Great Road he could not defeat.

Seven Wu Sea, Sand Crocodile, Krokdahl, Air Island God, Eni Road!

However, it could not be said that he was not strong. After all, this kind of strength was enough to become a super rookie if he were to become a sea bandit.

However, Bai Shui's eyes were set on the entire Thief King world. His ability of one or two hundred million bounty was just at the entrance level.

Of the warriors under the four emperors, there were a few who didn't have a bounty of over a hundred million.

Not to mention the main force, which one of them was not a terrifying existence with a bounty of more than five hundred million yuan?

One must know that the original book in the bounty of 94 million in the Sailor's Star in front of the Four Emperors can only be used to send letters.

In the eyes of the four emperors, a bounty of nearly a hundred million was just like a child.

Naval headquarters, Marlene Van Doe!

"Marshal, this is an urgent document that has just been sent over from the T-bone school!"

In the marshal's office, the current marshal of the navy, the Great Buddha Warring States, was in the midst of reviewing business when a Chinese colonel suddenly pushed open the door and saluted to the Warring States.

"Bring it here!"

Zhan Guo said without even raising his head as he stuffed a document he had just read into the mouth of the alpaca beside him.

"Oh, that's good news. I never thought that there would be such a hero in the East Sea!"

When the Warring States Team opened the document, they revealed a rare smile on their faces. Their previous frown also loosened up a lot.

"Bai Shui, he was seventeen years old then. His background is unknown and his strength is great."

"He single-handedly took out the Eastsea Mountain's Yuris Sea Bandit Group and saved the lives of the residents of Ku Luo Island!"

"Not for the time being, but not as a sea bandit!"

"Hur hur, what an interesting young man!" Warring States leaned back and could not help but smile.

"All the youngsters nowadays are so powerful. Ah, I'm getting old and can't keep up with the times anymore, haha!"

The two guards outside the office naturally heard the Warring States laughter and could not help but look at each other in dismay. They thought to themselves that the marshal had met with some good fortune, to think that he would laugh out loud.

One had to know that the Warring States had a stern expression on their face. It was rare for them to laugh like this.

"Haha, Warring States, what are you laughing about? If you encounter any happy events, just say it out for me to hear!"

At this moment, a burst of hearty laughter came from the corridor as a robust middle-aged man walked over with a bag of scallops.

He then pushed the door open and approached, casually sitting across the Warring States. He didn't seem to have seen the Warring States' expression turn black in an instant.

The middle-aged man had a beard and a rank of lieutenant general on his body, but his gaze was as sharp as an eagle, shocking everyone.

A terrifying aura was emitted from his body, and his blood was extremely powerful. It was as if he could hear the sound of his blood rumbling, and even the air in front of him was slowing down.

"Karp, how many times have I told you not to eat scallops while I'm in charge of government affairs? Do you think my words are out of your mind?"

He roared angrily at the middle-aged man with an extremely unfriendly expression.

"An Lai! War Country, it doesn't matter!"

However, Karp appeared abnormally calm in the face of the Warring States roar. He scratched his nose and waved his hand as he spoke.

Obviously, this wasn't the first time he had done this.

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