One Piece: Supreme King/C16 Karp Couldn't Wait Any Longer!
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One Piece: Supreme King/C16 Karp Couldn't Wait Any Longer!
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C16 Karp Couldn't Wait Any Longer!

"Eh, it's the East Sea again!"

"I'd like to see what kind of powerful sea bandits appear in the East China Sea!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Karp happened to glance at the Warring States document. His eyes lit up as he took it and read through it.

"Phew, this time it's not a sea bandit, but a very powerful young man!" For your East Sea, it can be said that a piece of news that makes me happy has come out! "

Seeing this, the Battle King sat back down and looked at Karp.

"Haha, I would like to see this youth called Bai Shui. I must get him to join the navy."

"If he becomes a sea bandit, he will become a sea bandit in a few years!"

After reading the document, Karp placed it down and could not help but say that his evaluation of White Water was very high.

"Hmm, to be able to easily kill a level ten thousand sea bandit at the age of seventeen, this person is not simple!" Hearing this, War Country nodded in agreement.

"If that's the case, then I'm leaving. I'm really interested in this youth called Bai Shui!"

Karp did things without the slightest hesitation. He left just like that!

"Karp, take your scallops away, or I'll give them all to you!"

However, the Warring States Roar came from behind Karp. It turned out that he had left the scallop behind.

"Haha, you can do whatever you want. I'm leaving, Warring States!"

However, Karp didn't care about it at all and waved his hand. He knew very well what temper the Warring States had.

"Phew, this old man really has no other way!"

When Karp was gone, the Warring States shook its head and sat down again. For Karp, he had no choice but to leave just like that.

The port of Marlene Van Doe!

"I'll be borrowing this ship!"

Karp hurried into a ship that was about to set off, leaving behind a group of admirals and soldiers, leaving only the sailors behind.

Then, under their stunned gazes, they drove away the ship that had originally belonged to them.

However, they had no way to reprimand Karp. Who would dare? Who had the qualifications to do so?

Only the admiral and the admiral.

Even the great general Qing Zhi was his student, how could the rest dare to act rashly?

Other than sighing, they could only sigh.

They had no choice but to blame their bad luck.

Ku Luo Island.

When Qi woke up, she found that Bai Shui was no longer there. She panicked and rushed out, only to see Bai Shui cultivating in an open space.

However, the training content of White Water was quite terrifying.

A rock that seemed to weigh thousands of jins was pressing down on Bai Shui's body, fluctuating as he moved up and down.


Yes, this is how water is used for fitness.

It seemed to be a very ordinary move, but it was actually able to move all the strength in the body and train the whole body.

As for the ground under the white water, it had long since been drenched by the sweat from the white water, forming a small puddle.

Nightfall seemed to have been fished out of the water, he was extremely exhausted.

"So powerful!"

Previously when they saw Bai Shui kill someone, they couldn't tell how strong he was, but now, Qi finally knew how terrifying Night was.

This was completely beyond her understanding of humans.




The ground under the white water trembled every time it sank, and then sank a little.

Bai Shui's hands had already sunk into the ground.

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