One Piece: Supreme King/C3 The Young Man Should Go out and See!
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One Piece: Supreme King/C3 The Young Man Should Go out and See!
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C3 The Young Man Should Go out and See!

The only thing he could do was to keep on killing, get stronger, kill, and get stronger.

The only thing he knew was that this was the bandit king's world.

But now, with his strength, he should do some other things.

At the very least, as a human, he couldn't live like a wild beast.

For the past five years, every day he had been roasting fruits and fruits. His stomach had long since grown tired of them. He really wanted to go out and take a look.

It was not as if he had never thought of going out before, but the facts proved that without strength, he could not go out at all.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was lucky enough to get out of the city on the previous few trips, he would have died.

Don't forget, he's just a landlubber, he'll die if he comes into contact with the sea.

Those few life and death experiences had made him completely give up the idea of going out to sea without any strength, which was why he was able to stay here for a whole five years.

In the past five years, he hadn't made much progress, but his appetite was constantly rising.

The current him was a mountain high food, and he could even eat it.

"Dong, dong, dong!"

After confronting Ye Chen for a full minute, the giant ape finally roared in indignation. It spread out like a thunderbolt and heavily pounded its chest a few times before turning around and leaving.

This was to acknowledge the fact that White Water had defeated him, giving him the title of the King of the Forest.




"We've won! The five-year period is over! Haha!"

After the giant ape left, Bai Shui lay back on the ground and laughed out loud with a happy expression on her face.

"The world of the Thieves of the Seas, how can I not be ashamed of myself if I don't go out and adventure?"

"Lu Fei, Red Haired, Karp, and White Beard. There are so many interesting people here, of course I want to get to know them all!"

"After going to sea, should we join the pirates or the navy? "Un, I haven't decided on it yet. Forget it, I will make a decision in the future!"

"The priority now is to get to sea!"

"Beautiful sea, I, Zhang Quan Ling (Chi Cun Ye), have come!"

One hour later!

At the largest port on the central island of the Kuroluo Islands, Whitewater sat on a boat that was about fifteen meters long and seven meters wide, preparing to set out on a voyage.

There were a total of ten buckets of fresh water on the boat, which was the only way to survive.

He could stay away from food for a long time, but he had to drink water.

At sea, there is no shortage of food, but there is a shortage of fresh water.

His boat was not made of ordinary wood.

It was made from a special kind of hollow iron wood from the Kuoluo Islands. It was light in quality, but incomparably sturdy. It was an essential material for sailing.

Although White Water had never seen Baomu Adam in the world of the Thieves King, he felt that the hollow iron logs of the Kuroluo Islands were not much inferior to Baomu Adam.

"After so many days and nights of anticipation, this day has finally arrived!"

Bai Shui stood at the bow of the ship and opened her arms as if to embrace the entire world.

Then, he shouted, "Let's go!"

After saying that, the back of the boat suddenly shot out a string of dazzling white light. With a strong propelling force, the boat started to rapidly sail across the sea.


The instant Ye Whitesnow left, the entire Kuroluo Islands suddenly let out a cheerful roar, as if the Infernal King, White Water, had finally left.

Even the Kuroluo Islands seemed to be relieved. The moment the white water left, the sun once again shone brightly in the sky above the Kuroluo Islands.

"This is the feeling of sailing. This is the feeling of freedom. Haha, how comfortable!"

Bai Shui happily lied on the bow of the ship, allowing the salty sea breeze to blow against his face.

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