One Piece: Supreme King/C8 To Provoke Someone You Should Not Have Provoked!
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One Piece: Supreme King/C8 To Provoke Someone You Should Not Have Provoked!
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C8 To Provoke Someone You Should Not Have Provoked!

"Master, you have a lot of resources, please let her go. She is just a child, why should I be angry at her?"

The old man protected the little girl behind him like a hen protecting her, begging with a pleading expression on his face.

"Boss, what should we do?"

Seeing this, the two lackeys' hands stopped grabbing the little girl and they turned around to look at Julius.

"Hmph, an unintentional word, what an unintentional word!"

Yuris knocked his head and laughed. His eyes had become two slits, but there was a faint green light flashing in them.


No one had expected that Julius would choose to kill!


The old man didn't think that Julius would be so cold-blooded as to lower his head like a machine.

Looking at the saber that had pierced through his chest, his mouth moved as if he wanted to say something but no sound came out. His eyes slowly dimmed down.

"What are you waiting for? Arrest him!"

Julius glanced at the two of them and snapped at them.


The crowd immediately became flustered, shrieking incessantly and clamoring without end.



However, the result of the ruckus was the price of blood. With a wave of his broadsword, he charged into the crowd like he was cutting vegetables.

In just a few seconds, more than ten people's heads flew off and their corpses fell into a pool of blood.

"Why are you making such a ruckus? Be quiet!"

Julius impatiently shouted as his killing intent surged.

The crowd that had been shouting in panic a second ago instantly quietened down. It was as if someone had strangled them by the throat, making them unable to utter a single word.


The surroundings were eerily quiet. Even the sobbing of the woman was so noisy that even the sound of her breathing was unnecessary.


However, the little girl was an exception!

Seeing her grandfather suddenly fall into a pool of blood, she couldn't help but cry out in grief.

The quiet atmosphere was instantly broken.

"You're courting death!"

Ulysses frowned as he charged toward the little girl with killing intent in his eyes, his broadsword cutting down mercilessly.

It was as if in his eyes, as long as one could move, there was nothing that couldn't be killed.


However, the threat of death did not silence the girl. Instead, it made her cry even louder. No one dared to step forward to stop Julius because no one had the ability to do so.

Without a doubt, the little girl would be chopped into pieces if he were to strike her.

The sharp blade edge had already caused a trace of blood to appear on the little girl's face.


Just when everyone closed their eyes in despair, unable to bear to look at the spot where the little girl's head had been.

Suddenly, an extremely fast sound of something tearing through the air was heard. It emitted a sharp aura, causing everyone to be unable to help but shiver.


A burst of clear sounds of collision sounded out, and it was incomparably ear-piercing, causing everyone to turn around to look.

However, a white barrier blocked his attack, saving the little girl.

"Who is it!"

Yuris hurriedly retreated to a distant place, his eyes unfriendly as he stared at the white barrier and asked.

His right hand was already on the blade. As long as he noticed something was wrong, he could attack and retreat.

"Hehe, you want to kill such a young girl? Can you be any more virtuous?"

After hearing this, the barrier slowly dispersed, revealing Bai Shui's face, as well as the young girl standing behind Bai Shui and the little girl she was carrying.

"Who are you? You look so unfamiliar!"

After seeing the night sky, Julius was taken aback. He signaled to the two of them with his eyes, and the two of them immediately landed on his left and right.

With a single command from Ulysses, they would be able to attack the White Water together with Ulysses.

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