One Piece: Supreme King/C9 Just Who Are You!
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One Piece: Supreme King/C9 Just Who Are You!
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C9 Just Who Are You!

"Hehe, your reputation is not worth mentioning, so let's go with the plan!"

Bai Shui signaled the girl not to leave his protection zone as he revealed his white teeth and said.

"I say, Fatty, why don't you give me some face and let this matter drop? Let's not hurt each other!"

"Hmph hmph, forget it? Who do you think you are! "

"However, that's not impossible. If you want that woman behind you to accompany us for the night, we can discuss about it!"

However, when he saw the stunning beauty behind Bai Shui, he immediately revealed a lewd smile and changed his words.

"Qi, who is he? Can he do it?"

While Bai Shui and Julius were fighting, a middle-aged man suddenly walked out from the crowd and asked the girl.

"I don't know, but I feel like he should be able to do it. He was the one who saved me just now, and that sea bandit chasing me was not even able to withstand a single blow from him!"

Hearing this, the young girl had a look of uncertainty, but she still chose to believe in Night.

"Possibly... Do you know that this will harm us?! It would be fine if he wins, but what if he loses!? "

However, the words of the young girl, Aches, made the man furious. He pointed at Aqi's nose and demanded.

It was as if Bai Shui only blamed this young girl, Qi, for not winning.

"That's enough, Uncle. Don't worry, I will win. Moreover, whether I will win or not should have nothing to do with her!"

Bai Shui suddenly turned around, squinted her eyes and smiled.

There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, but the middle-aged man could see a cold glint in Bai Shui's narrowed eyes. He could not help but tremble and step back involuntarily.

"Go to hell!"

"Be careful!"

At this moment, a voice of excitement came from behind Bai Shui. The girl also instantly screamed to remind Bai Shui as her face turned pale.

In front of him, the muscular man on the right of Ulysses was holding onto a ghost-headed greatsword and hacking downwards with force. The distance between him and Bai Shui was only two fingers apart.

The muscular man's face was filled with excitement. He was determined to win with this strike. There was no way he would fail.

"It's over!"

Everyone couldn't help but think of this word, completely drowned in despair. All their hopes of saving the little girl due to Bai Shui instantly disappeared.

"Finished? What kind of international joke is this? "

However, just when everyone thought that Bai Shui would die, a white light suddenly shot through the muscular man's body, sending him flying along the way.

"How is this possible!"

The excitement on the muscular man's face was instantly replaced by pain and terror. In the process of retreating, he howled loudly in disbelief in his heart.


He landed heavily on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.


The muffled sound of something hitting the ground woke everyone up. When they opened their eyes, they found that Bai Shui was still standing there, unharmed.

And the incomparably powerful muscular man in their eyes fell into a pool of blood, slowly dying with his eyes wide open.

"Who the hell is this guy? When did he become such a powerful expert in the East China Sea?"

Julius had a grave look on his face as he looked at Nightfall, his heart filled with uncertainty.

The muscular man who had just been killed by Nightfall was a vicious sea bandit with a bounty of 8 million.

In the entire East China Sea, there could not be a single sea bandit who could instantly kill him.

"Could it be …" "Where did he come from? How is that possible? How could the pirates come here?!"

Suddenly, a possibility occurred to him, but he immediately rejected it.

The pirates who entered it would not come back so easily.

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