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C2 Web Myths

He logged onto his own forums as the moderator and did some daily management. His forum was still filled with topics related to the online game 'Myth'. He discussed the game's inside story, asked for a party, asked for a gateway to buy a game lander, and looked forward to October 10th's opening.

"Myth" is a completely realistic online game launched by Longteng Group and four commercial banks.

Quasi-veracity 98

The ratio of virtual to real time is 2: 1

Iris Scanning Identity Binding System, Guaranteed Number One

Reality Currency and Virtual Currency Exchange

Virtual Logging Equipment Induction Satellite Network (VLSN) enters the game, while maintaining a shallow sleep during the game.

Ancient mythology background, experience aesthetically pleasing natural scenery

It was completely controlled by the myth of the same name, away from the previous GM system. The game company was only responsible for running the system and ensuring the fairness of the game.

All the players play the same server game, regardless of the area, the server can hold 2 billion people online at the same time and ensure the flow of the game. There were all sorts of signs that this was an epoch-making online game masterpiece. It could even be said that 'Myth' was indeed a legend in the history of the game!

In 2030, human technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Before "Myth", there was also a game with a camouflage of 60 or so. However, none of the games achieved a near degree of parody of 98. Furthermore, in the past, there had been some bugs in the game, and some people at GM were trying to break the game's fairness. It didn't have a 2: 1 ratio between gaming time and real time like Myth . It was two times longer than a normal person's lifespan. And keeping a light sleep while playing is the gospel of the office worker. Furthermore, with the guarantee from the four commercial banks that the virtual and real money could be exchanged, this point was extremely important for professional gamers who relied on online games to survive …



Get rid of the money. It was also very pleasant for those friends who didn't like to fight and kill to come in and see the beautiful natural scenery of ancient times. It is said that sex can also take place in the game, no wonder people are going crazy.

The first set of game landing equipment nationwide limited sales of 5 million sets, subnet purchase and direct sales of capital agents. There was a limit to how much you could order online. The big guilds and online gaming organizations all had the right to order first. Chen Lang, as the gold medal moderator of the 131 game community and the editor of the game area, had bought the equipment early on through online shopping. The second batch of 3 million game boarding equipment would wait for the game to run for two weeks before it would be released in all the capital cities of the country as well as in the local cities.

The virtual helmet and virtual gaming cabin needed a total of 250,000 RMB. The difference between virtual gaming helmets and virtual gaming pods was, when using virtual gaming helmets, one had to fall into a shallow sleep state, if one wanted to sleep deeply, then one had to log out of the game, and the virtual gaming cabin had to stay in a deeper sleep state while playing the game. Even if you played the game all night, you could still be full of energy on the second day. It was definitely good news for the busy city's Golden collar workers, but that was limited to the Golden collar workers. After all, the price of 250,000 RMB wasn't something that anyone could afford.

Although there were 5 million items on sale in the first issue, there were still a lot of people who wanted to buy gaming equipment. In the dozens of direct selling points in each provincial capital, there were already people standing in line with a box of instant noodles and mineral water two days before the release of October 1st. The game forum managed by Chen Lang also had zealous children's shoes using a camera to record the sales situation of a direct selling point at that time. It was truly a sea of people, bustling with noise and excitement.

He had thought that such expensive game equipment wouldn't be that easy to buy. He didn't expect that in just two days, 5 million of the game's lander were sold out, shocking everyone.

Luckily, I have the right to buy online, so I don't have to suffer this punishment. Chen Lang stroked his metal-like game helmet and snickered.

Although he successfully bought the equipment for logging off, there was something that made Chen Lang depressed. It was that he knew nothing about the game that he had been looking forward to for a long time.

The official website of 'Myth' only had the most basic introduction of the game, without any map, monsters, or equipment. The game company's explanation was: Everything will be discovered by the player himself.

F * ck, this Soaring Dragon company does all these mysterious things. There was no internal test, no public test. Direct Open Run. Although he couldn't get inside information, it still guaranteed the fairness of the game. After all, he didn't lose to others at the starting point. However, once the game starts, with the large number of people in the guild, their understanding of the game's information will definitely reach the very top, and I, as a single player, will be at a disadvantage. Fortunately, he was only playing the game as an entertainment. If he could earn money, he would earn two small coins. It was fine if he didn't have the luck to play happily on his own.

Thinking like this, Chen Lang's mentality was balanced, and he had a fervent expectation for Myth , which would officially open at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Thinking of this, Chen Lang also braced himself and joined in the heated discussion on the game board regarding the opening of "Myth".

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