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Online Game: Myth World/C3 Game Settings
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C3 Game Settings

In the forum, I discussed the "Myth" with 131 citizens of the water, and also reviewed some of the game settings that I know of.

The characters in "Myth" were all capped at level 100.

They were divided into five basic combat occupations. Below the five basic professions, there were ten different combat occupations, and they were respectively:

Vertical to same career progression


Kuangzhan Shi Guardian Star

Magic Warrior Paladin

Dragon Knight


Elementalist Necromancer

Light Mage Dark Mage

Light Mentor Dark Mentor


Assassin Thief

bloodthirsty robber

Shadow Killer Thief God



Sacrificial Ranger

Deity Attendant, Dao Immortal.


Sagittarius Pet Archer

Soul Archer Phantom Archer


In addition to the combat profession, "Myth" also opened up nine other professions. respectively

Miners: After learning mining techniques, you can obtain various types of ores through mining.

Forge Master: Can use various materials to forge weapons and jewelry.

Sewing Master: Different materials can be used to make all kinds of combat equipment and simple and beautiful clothing.

Pharmacist: You can use a variety of materials to refine medicines and toxic powders.

Alchemist: Can use ancient secret techniques to fuse special materials to add stats to the equipment.

Mechanical master: Proficient in creating all kinds of eight trigram array's methods and mechanisms.

Appraiser: Can appraise equipment and rare materials.

Architect: Cooperate with the mechanic. It is an essential job for players to build villages and towns.

Chef: You can use all kinds of ingredients to cook delicious food.

Each player can choose two sub-classes in addition to the combat profession.

The basic class is warrior. Magician. Walker. Daoist and Archer could complete the first transition at Level 30. They could choose their own specific classes for the first transition, such as the warrior who reached Level 30 and chose to upgrade to the powerful Kuangzhan Si or the defensive Guardian Star.

However, Kuangzhan Si could become a Demon Warrior at level 60. As for what the Demon Warrior had increased compared to Kuangzhan Si, the officials did not give him an answer.

The result of everyone's discussion was something similar to dual cultivation of magic and martial arts, which could fuse magic into warrior skills. As for the level 90 Dragon Warrior that could change classes, there was no explanation at all. The only explanation was that once one reached level 90, they would have the chance to become a Dragon Warrior.

According to the game settings released by the government, the higher the level, the harder it was to level up. After level 80, every level would require 1 experience for every level up. Five times. To level up to Level 90, it had to be close to two gaming years.

The reputation of a Dragon Warrior was truly pleasing to the ears. Thinking about it, it definitely wasn't that easy.

Guardian Star could also become a Holy Knight at level 60 and a Dragon Knight at level 90. As for the other professions, they also had their own class change system according to their level.

Death Punishment: To make players treasure their life even more, to make the game more realistic. In The Myth, the cost of a character's death is considerable.

If he died, he would lose 10% of his EXP. The higher level a player was, the more they had to treasure their character's health. After all, in the later stages of the game, if a player died once, the months of hard work in leveling would be wasted. Although it was a bit harsh, this option received the approval of a large number of players. Since it was a realistic game, then the closer they were to reality, the better.

Property Settings

The main attributes of The Myth are as follows:

Strength. Intelligence. Spirit. Institutional and agile. As for each of the attributes, in addition to their basic effects, there were also other effects that would have to wait until the game was open for testing.

Friend System

Caller can be used between friends, summon out, can send text messages and messages. A stranger's call requires a name and can only send text messages.

In "Myth", teaming up can give you friendliness, and teaming up for an hour can give you 2 points of friendliness. With the increase of friendly reading, friends are divided into: nodding friends. A friend of a prince. The friendship of life and death. The more friendly they were, the more damage and health they would gain.

You can have sex in the game if you have more than 10000 points of friendship.

However, completing 1 million points of friendliness was rather difficult. According to the official calculation method, the two of them played the game together everyday, and it would take them half a year to reach 10000 points of friendliness. Who would be willing to give up the game and spend half a year to pester a female player every day? If you dare to use force, then wait for the Level 120 System to hunt you down.

Game background

The background of the era in "Myth" is a pilgrimage designed by ancient Chinese people. It was set after the Sui Dynasty, as the clan with the surname 'Long'. The capital city's Shengjing, the capital city's home, had eight large prefectures. The prefecture city was immediately turned into a county city and village.

After a newbie was born, he or she would be assigned to a small village under the jurisdiction of each county. Aside from the towns that were connected by the government, there was no other information available in any of the unknown areas.

sensory setting

The pain was 550 adjustable, olfactory. Taste. Tactile sense. The hearing is 5100 adjustable. Appearance can choose the top 10 aesthetic adjustment, or you can choose to directly enter the game with the reality image.

Transaction system

A third of Myth's screens are free to trade. Equipment could be entrusted to auction houses, or they could set up their own stalls or open shops. However, the details of the procedures were not announced yet.

Legend says that characters can fight for 12 hours a day, which is 24 hours a day. This includes leveling up and killing BOSSes, with the exception of special cases. The rest of the time can be done in the city commercial activities or secondary occupation training, but can not participate in the battle to maintain fair game.

After carefully sorting out the game settings, Chen Lang turned off the computer.

Actor Chen Lang, male, 24 years old. Graduated from the College of History, Hubei University. Love classical literature. History. Classical music. He was ordinary in appearance, neither ugly nor handsome. A sunny man in a half-room. Job 131 game net popular online game area moderator and game area editor, monthly salary 3000 yuan. In addition to the salary usually code words on the network, promote the software and game, take some extra money, life leisure. There are no girlfriends.

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