Online Game: Myth World/C4 Final Preparation
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Online Game: Myth World/C4 Final Preparation
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C4 Final Preparation

It was already 1: 30 in the afternoon by the time he got up from his computer. It was almost time for him to go eat. After that, he had to go to the supermarket to buy more food to store. In order to madly rush to level. No one had the time to cook while they were up.

Thinking about that, Chen Lang went downstairs in his clothes. He went downstairs to the usual restaurant.

Chen Lang was a regular customer here, and the restaurant was owned by a middle-aged couple. The owner's surname was Zhang. Normally, he would just call her big brother and big sister. Eldest young mistress was at the tent counter, while Eldest young brother was at her side. Big Brother Zhang's dishes were very well-cooked. Although it was not an exceptional delicacy, it tasted like home, so the restaurant's business had always been good. It was almost two o'clock and the peak hour for eating had passed, so there were not many guests in the restaurant.

The moment Chen Lang entered the shop, the Lady Boss called out to him. "Little Chen is here!" What would you like to eat? " Lady Boss, Sister Zhang, still had her usual smile on her face.

"Hehe, tomorrow's' Myth 'will be open for a good meal, and the reserve energy will be on the battlefield." Chen Lang went to the usual window table and sat down, replying to Big Sis Zhang with a smile.

"Is this game of myths so fun? "My wife even wants to buy a log-in device to play with. It's a pity that we don't have any distribution points in this small city," Big Sis Zhang said with curiosity.

"Hehe, the 'Myth' is indeed an epoch-making masterpiece, the first batch of game lander is obviously hard to buy, but Big Sis, don't worry, after two weeks, Longteng Group will release the second batch of loggers, there will be 3 million of them, and at that time, there will be many sales points in each city. Our Suizhou City will be small, but at the same time, we'll also be considered a local level city, so we'll definitely be able to buy them when the time comes." Hearing Chen Lang's words, Big Sis Zhang also felt relieved.

"Thank you for your auspicious words. The carp and beef are fresh today. I just got them back this morning."

"That would be great. Let's have a steel-fried crucian carp. The rice is 4 taels."

"Okay!" Big Sis Zhang wrote out a list and sent it into the kitchen.

I heard that the supermarkets in these big cities were like plundered. There was an endless stream of people storing up combat supplies, and the forums said that it wasn't easy to steal a few boxes of instant noodles. Chen Lang smiled. There are good things about small cities too. Myth had caused a rush to buy things, but for the time being, they were not here. In fact, the main reason was because the first batch of loggers was only available in the provincial capital. The second batch would arrive in this small city, and at that time, it would definitely be a completely different scene.

"Myth"! I can't wait, Chen Lang thought.

The dishes were served quickly, the beef and willow were smooth and tender, and the carp was savoury. Chen Lang wolfed down a fish, a plate of beef, and a big bowl of rice. After greeting Big Sis Zhang, he walked out of the restaurant.

The Suizhou City was very small. One only had to walk one street to arrive at the center of the city where the 700 supermarkets were located. As Chen Lang thought, the supermarket was relatively calm. The fight over supplies caused by "Myth" didn't affect this small city. He leisurely chose some instant noodles, dehydrated vegetable buns and coarse bread for the soup. Milk and some bags of bacteria food and mineral water. Chen Lang pushed the cart to the exit to check out the bill.

Actually, there was a certain amount of care in choosing battle provisions for Chen Lang. A friend who often fought for the sake of leveling up in the game should understand. Instant noodles could not be chosen too spicy, causing indigestion. Although Chen Lang liked to eat spicy food, sitting or lying down for too long was not suitable for eating spicy food. It could easily cause stomach problems. Making soup of the dehydrated vegetable bag with instant noodles bubble is a very good combination, that is, can make the taste of noodles to become better and can also take into account the nutrition. Bread and milk are also the best breakfast mix. Must eat healthy. After all, the body was the foundation of the revolution.

Storing up the grains required 400 yuan, which should be enough to last him a month. It was not easy to find a good game worth investing in. Although Chen Lang didn't intend to be the king in the game this time, he had to at least concentrate on it. Moreover, there were all sorts of indications that the game Myth was very attractive.

Chen Lang dragged the supplies home and placed them in the fridge. Then he laid down on the sofa and started to sort out the game plan. According to the game plan, he was going to be a lone wolf, so he had to be extra careful when choosing his classes. He didn't need to worry about classes like Clerics, which weren't suitable for solo leveling and fighting Bosses.

Warriors could train solo, but their efficiency was much slower. There was basically no possibility of soloing with a Boss, so they didn't consider it too much.

Thieves, Assassins, and Bosses would not level quickly, so they should be ruled out. All that was left were the mages and the Taoists.

A Mage's levelling speed was very fast. In the past, they could kill BOSSes on their own, but a Mage's health was too fragile. PK wasn't a strong skill, and it wasn't easy to escape even if you couldn't beat it. Not to mention the fact that the "Myth" 's BOSS setting wasn't suitable for a Mage to solo kill, a Mage's weak body was the greatest threat. Think about the harsh punishment of death in The Myth. Chen Lang shook his head and still excluded mages.

In the end, only the Daoist Priest remained. According to the game's settings, although the Daoist Priest did not have a group attack, his individual attack was relatively high and he had a pet to assist him. Whether one was fighting a Boss alone or PVPing, it was very convenient for one. If one could not defeat the Boss, it would be easy for them to escape. Even though he didn't know the specific features of the classes in "Myth", it shouldn't completely overturn the game's pro scene. I hope so, Chen Lang thought. Apart from these advantages, the Daoist profession was undoubtedly an elegant and unrestrained one. Holding the fan, he wandered the world. "Just thinking about it makes me satisfied." Myth is an ancient background, Chinese people have the heart of a chivalrous hero. In "The Myth", he finally had the opportunity to garden his dream of a lone ranger. Chen Lang was looking forward to it.

In Myth , every player could choose two sub-classes. Since the player had decided to choose a Taoist, the player had to choose a matching sub-job. Alchemists had to choose one. In the legends, alchemists could balance herb picking and alchemy, but miners and blacksmiths took up two secondary positions, so it wasn't worth it. Mining was also not suitable for Taoists. Chen Lang had been fascinated by the gossip since he was young. Furthermore, for a Taoist to solo kill a Boss, he had to rely on the help of the authorities.

This was probably how the game went. Although he was still in a state of excitement due to anticipation, Chen Lang forced himself to calm down. Picking up the book, which he had been studying for the past month, he started reading it every afternoon.

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