Online Game: Myth World/C6 Capture Bamboo Fan
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Online Game: Myth World/C6 Capture Bamboo Fan
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C6 Capture Bamboo Fan

The County City Teleportation Formation was set up on the left side of the city gate and looked back at the city gate tower. Above the arched door hole, there were written Ying County words carved out of red stone.

Although it was only a county town, the gatehouses and city walls hid a majestic and strict wind. Chen Lang followed the main road into the city while observing the layout of the buildings in the county. According to the official announcement, the era background of "Myth" was after Sui Dynasty, which should be the period of Sui and Tang Dynasties. The construction of Sui and Tang dynasties was very deep, so it was gradually mature in the treatment of the layout of the buildings. Along the way, stone walls and wooden beams frequently appeared in the restaurant. Weapons store. On buildings like the clothing store. Sui and Tang dynasties were very distinctive. The main brain of the game chose the Sui Dynasty as the background, naturally, it followed the architectural style of the Sui and Tang dynasties. It seems that the game "Myth" not only seeks to break through in the interest of the game, but also has a deep cultural attainments.

The Skills Hall was located on the right side of the county magistrate's office and was an eye-catching three-story building. The entrance was bustling with activity. The first place that players came to was the Skills Hall. Chen Lang walked up the stairs and heard some conversations between some players beside him.

"Bro, have you learned all your skills?"

"Hey, don't mention it. I didn't think it would be so expensive to learn a skill. If I knew it earlier, I would have dug up a few more pieces of chicken to sell. I only learned one skill, but you?"

"At least I did those newbie missions. I have over 3 silvers and learned 2 skills, but unfortunately, I can't trade for any weapons. One Apprentice Wand costs 1. "5 taels of silver, go there and make some money!"

"Let's go out and kill the monsters for their materials. We should save up enough money for our skills as soon as possible …"

Chen Lang snickered after listening to the conversation of those unfortunate fellows. Luckily, he was more patient and diligent in peeling and digging out meat.

Entering the Skills Hall, the person receiving them in the first floor lobby was a beautiful female NPC dressed in blue, who was giving pointers to the newbies.

Could all the NPCs in this game be so beautiful?

Rubbing his nose, Chen Lang came forward and asked, "May I ask where do I need to learn Taoist skills?"

"Daoist's skill teacher in the middle of the second floor" guided the NPC to smile towards Chen Lang.

Chen Lang nodded with a smile and walked up the stairs to the second floor.

The second floor was divided into three smaller areas, and should be where the skill instructors of different professions were.

In the middle was an azure-robed middle-aged man holding an ancient horsetail whisk in his hand. He stood behind the book, presumably being a Daoist's mentor.

This middle-aged Daoist was dressed up like that, but why was he smiling like that?!


And? Chen Lang was scared. It can't be a


Glass. He shuddered. Even though he felt uncomfortable all over, he still had to learn skills.

Chen Lang came forward and said, "Sorry to bother you, I'm here to learn Taoist skills."

"Yes, this young man is full of spirit. He's very polite and has a bright future!" The middle-aged Daoist praised.

Chen Lang felt increasingly cold as he said: "You're too polite, how many skills do you have to learn now?"

"Yes, there are three skills that I can learn right now. They are all basic Taoist skills. Attack skill Lunar Soul-breaking Skill is 2 Silver Coins, Toxicology and Healing Technique are both 1.5 Silver Coins."

Tsk tsk, it was indeed expensive! If it weren't for the fact that he had spent two hours digging up chicken, he wouldn't have been able to learn this skill.

"Uncle, we're all newbies now, so we don't have that much money. Can we make it cheaper?"

"This won't do. The skill price is too low, so there's no need to bargain!" When the middle-aged Daoist heard that Chen Lang wanted to bargain, he immediately showed a tough attitude that was impossible.

This fellow was as shameless as a dog, he could flip through anything he wanted. Although he was cursing at the middle-aged Daoist in his heart, he still had a look of regret and pity on his face. "Sigh … I was going to save some money to buy a weapon, but it seems like I can't." Let's learn skills first. "I've learned all three." He took out 5 silver coins and placed it on the table.

The surrounding players also let out sighs of curiosity. They were all studying! That was 5 Silver Coins! Warriors who didn't complete newbie missions couldn't even afford 2 Silver Coins for them. When they heard that someone could learn skills with 5 Silver Coins, they were quite surprised. The middle-aged Daoist's eyes lit up as he put away the silver coins and said, "Young people have a bright future. Today, you are the only one who can learn all of the skills at one go, so I'll give you an extra green bamboo fan."

Wow! Wow! Wow! The surrounding players were once again filled with envy.

Chen Lang quickly received the green bamboo fan. The middle-aged Daoist reached out his hand to cover Chen Lang's forehead and a green light flashed. Three skills appeared in his skill bar.

Lunar Soul-breaking Skill Beginner Level

Toxicology Beginner Level

Healing Technique Beginner Level

"I would like to ask, what's the use of adding spiritual attributes?" Chen Lang quickly voiced out his doubts.

"Adding 1 spiritual force will increase one's Tao power. Dao power will affect the power of using Dao arts. Moreover, high spiritual force can speed up the recovery speed of HP and MP." Daoist Qingyi patiently answered.

"Thank you!" Chen Lang, who received the reply, quickly walked out of the Skill Hall. If he wasn't careful, he would attract attention. This was exactly the type of trouble a handsome player would get into. He had no choice but to feel helpless.

Chen Lang was narcissistic. The corner of his mouth slightly curled up. Even he himself felt that his idea was obscene.

Now that he had the skill and a weapon, he definitely couldn't afford to buy clothes and jewelry. Hurry up and buy some blue potions and poison powder and start levelling! Chen Lang still had more than 2 silver coins, so he spent 15 copper coins to fix his coarse clothes and took care of the novice short sword in the weapon store next door. He then brought along a bag of beginner poison powder and 15 small amounts of magic medicine and walked towards the city gate. The Daoist has Healing Technique. Be careful, the two small amounts of Blood Replenishing Pills that he gave should be enough.

The Daoist's Level 7 Green Silk Daoist Robe actually required 5 silver coins. It seemed like he couldn't wear it for now. Beginner poison powder required 50 copper coins to use for 100 times, and a small amount of magic medicine that could replenish 60 points of mana would cost 10 copper coins per bottle. There was no need to think about jewelry and other things, as learning the next few skills would definitely cost a lot of money. This month, the myths players were going to die of poverty.

While he was thinking, Chen Lang had already left the county town and was walking along the official road towards the distance.

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