Online Game: Myth World/C7 New Moon Jungle
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Online Game: Myth World/C7 New Moon Jungle
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C7 New Moon Jungle

The official road was wide, divided into lanes and galloping roads. Straight into the distance.

As they walked along the main road, they saw mountain ranges on one side and vast woodlands on the other. There was no end in sight. It seemed that the map in the "Myth" was very large. For a large-scale game with billions of players, of course there had to be a huge map, or leveling would be very inconvenient. Besides, a lone wolf like Chen Lang liked places with fewer people. If the map was too small, it would be quite boring.

The woodland was located on the left side of the road, which was not far away from the town's main road. It was a suitable place for players to level up. The main brain of "Myth" couldn't just put the ultimate BOSS here and instantly kill a newbie for entertainment, right? Chen Lang pretended to analyze it in his mind. Then, he mocked himself. Was there even a need to analyze something that was obviously going on?

When he reached the woods on the left side of the main road, he saw many players holding novice daggers. Chen Lang almost wanted to laugh out loud as he looked at his bamboo fan.

Strength: 26

Attack: 12

Toxicology Strengthening 20

Durability 11

Level requirement: 7

He had just noticed that the weapon shop did not have this weapon, so it must be a special opportunity. It was entirely possible for large families to gather all of their Silver Coins and give it to a group of people to learn skills, but most of them were all jobs like taking care of Warriors. It was enough for organized Taoists to only need to learn Healing Technique and Toxicology, they didn't need to waste Silver Coins in the early stages. That's why this fan has fallen into the hands of a slightly backward person like me.

Chen Lang figured out the reason behind the situation and started assigning the attributes from leveling up from level 1 to level 7. According to what Instructor Daoist Qingyi said, adding 1 point to spiritual force would increase by a bit. Furthermore, the recovery speed of Life Value and mana would also be correspondingly faster, but it did not add any mana value. Right now, his mana value was 45, which was less than the small amount of magic medicine needed to replenish mana. Thinking about it like this, it wasn't really worth it. But there was nothing he could do about it. Increasing one's Intelligence should increase one's Magic Value, but it couldn't be used to increase one's Magic Value. It seemed like he could only eat this small loss first. Attacking skill Lunar Soul-breaking Skill required 2 points of mana, Healing Technique required 3 points of mana, Toxicology also required 3 points of mana. Relatively speaking, it's not that high, but these drugs save a lot of time.

For safety's sake, 5 points of Physique. 3 points Agility. 10 points of spirit, distribution completed.

Now Chen Lang's character attribute is

Tiandao Molong

Job: Daoist

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 1

Spirit: 11

Agility: 9

Physique: 21

HP: 570,570


Rough Cloth Cloth: Defense 12 Demon Imperial 11 Durability 7

Green Bamboo Fan: Tao Li 26 Attack + 12 Toxicology + 20 Durability + 11

Attack: 23

Demonic Strike: 12

Dao Power: 518

Defense: 39

Magic Power: 38

Looking at the properties bar. Hm? There was an extra low limit to the defense and the Demon Defense. He added another 10 points to Physique, which was 2 points in defense and magic defense. It was probably because the defence and the Magic Defense had their own stats increased by 5 points, while the lower limit would correspondingly increase by 1 point. This type of setting was more reasonable. After all, the defense and offense all depended on the upper and lower limit. The difference between the upper and lower bound was too natural and would cause the game to lose its balance.

The clean-up was complete!

After thinking clearly about some of the attributes, Chen Lang tidied up his equipment, skills, and medicine before walking down the official road and entering the seemingly huge forest.

System: New Moon Forest has been discovered. EXP increased by 30 points.

He could gain experience by stepping on the map, not bad.

Some of the players in front were killing the wolf cub. Only a few mages had switched to Wand Apprentices and were using little fireballs to attack. Some of them were sitting under trees, presumably recovering their HP. Most of them were mages and Taoists, and without money to exchange for weapons, they could only rely on slashing. After chopping one, he sat down and began to bleed. It seemed like not rushing out of the beginner village was a very wise decision.

Chen Lang went a little deeper and found an area with a relatively small number of players. He began killing monsters.

Lunar Soul-breaking Skill combined with his current equipment and Tao value, he could deal 1525 damage to the wolf cub and deal a critical hit of 40. A young wolf's Life Value was 120 points, killing a young wolf required 68 attacks, and the Toxicology required 57 attacks. It seemed that the Toxicology's effect was to reduce the monster's defence and magic power, and also cause the monster's Life Value to be reduced by 2 points per second. It required 3 points of mana to cast Toxicology, and the poison powder was also relatively expensive, so it was not counted here. Right now, Chen Lang's killing speed was still slower than most other players, but Chen Lang wasn't worried at all. The initial stage should be when the Taoist would have the hardest time. The cub's attack could deal around 20 points of damage to Chen Lang. Chen Lang did not dodge, since he had a lot of health and added a lot of physique, so he reckoned that his Life Value was higher than most Warriors. After killing five or six young wolves, his HP fell below 300, so he decided to replenish his HP with the Healing Technique. The lasted for 5 seconds and replenished 20 Life Value s per second. It could also speed up the recovery speed of Life Value s. It was safe to level in this area. Chen Lang started to concentrate on levelling. This was a habit of his that had been with him for many years. After finding a good leveling point, he would stop all other tasks that had nothing to do with leveling up. Just treat yourself as a program, or as an offline hitch. Mechanical attacks, harvesting monster corpses, attacks, harvesting monster corpses, healing, continuing to attack … …

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