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He had been repeatedly leveling up, but during the journey back, he had taken care of the young wolf skin. The 7 silver coins he had earned were all exchanged for small amounts of magic medicine. Right now, defence did not affect levelling, so a Green Silk Robe worth 5 silver coins was not a necessity. More small amounts of magic potions can help you keep levelling longer.

Another 5 hours passed and Chen Lang's level had risen to 11. When all the attributes were added to the Mentality, coupled with the increase in his Dharmic powers, the killing efficiency of the young wolf got faster and faster. When the last bottle of magic medicine had been used, the system informed him that he had entered a state of fatigue, requiring him to eat or rest to eliminate it. After tidying up the belt, there were 50 stacks of wolf hides in the 20 slots, which took up 6 slots. Apart from the Wolf Skin, there were also two bottles of Blood Replenishing Medicines and a Return Stone that were given by the system when the account was created. From the beginner village until now, he hadn't dropped a single piece of equipment in eight hours. Am I the reincarnation of a demon? Or could it be that the game's drop rate was set too low? In any case, not even a single piece of white equipment could be found after eight hours. This was too unreasonable. According to the game time ratio, 2: 1, it should be noon now. He might as well log off first, eat lunch, and then go to the forums to see what the message was about to say.

Thinking about that, Chen Lang took out his Return Stone and started the journey back. According to the previous time of returning, the "Myth" 's return route was set to activate in a non-combat state. A blue light array appeared under his feet. It required 5 seconds. The effects of the light array were very obvious. As a result, it basically eliminated the possibility of running while in combat. The Return Stone in Chen Lang's hand was gifted to him by the system. Display as Beginner Return Stone, usage 20 times. The present persistence rate is 1920.

The return point was in the small square on the main street of the county. On the way back, Chen Lang chose to directly log out of the game. Myth quits the program to create a more humane speech, quitting the game after the character is to enter the game hall at the time of registration. It was still the same beautiful NPC who guided the way.

"You have chosen to log out of the game. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure!"

Entering into the darkness, similar to passing through a space-time tunnel, Chen Lang's consciousness returned to his mind and he lifted the eyepatch on his helmet. He took off his helmet and sat up. After casually moving his slightly stiff body, he pressed the POWER button on his computer and left the bedroom. Taking a bucket of instant noodles from the fridge and some dehydrated vegetables from the water dispenser, Chen Lang sat down in front of the computer and opened his game board to check out the topic.

Many of the natives had expressed their views on the Myth throughout the morning. The most common complaint was that Myth 's drop rate was too low. Even after a few hours, it still hadn't dropped a single piece of equipment. Hehe, it seems like it's not because of my bad luck, but because of the game's settings. Chen Lang, as a grizzly level player, agreed with this setup. After all, equipment was hard to drop, so the game's playfulness and life could be guaranteed. If equipment were too easy to drop, the game wouldn't be as fun. While eating instant noodles, he browsed through the posts on the forum. After a whole morning of playing the game, quite a few players were able to come to a conclusion.

First, the attribute effect, 1 point increase in strength, 1 point increase in attack, 0 points increase. 3. Physical defense and increase the maximum limit of the Life Value by 5.

Intelligence + 1 point increase by 1 point, Magic Attack + 0. Magic Defense + 3 - Increases the maximum mana value by 5.

Adding 1 point to increase spiritual force by 1 point would speed up the natural recovery rate of Life Value and magic points.

Adding on 1 point to Stamina would increase the limit of the Life Value by 20 points, as well as increase its physical defense by 0, 2, and magical defense by 0, 2. When the upper limit was up to 5 points, the lower limit would also be increased by 1 point.

The effects of Dexterity didn't show up in the data, but they were known to increase movement speed and increase the chance of dodging attacks.

5 attribute points that can be freely allocated with 3 points for each increment of 1 level, slightly different for other data

Warrior, increase Life Value by 30 points with every increase in level. Increases the physical defense limit by 1 point for every 2 levels.

Mages, increase Life Value s by 10 points with every increase in level. 20 points for spells. Every 2 levels increased the maximum magic defense by 1 point.

Walker, every increase in rank, 12 Life Value, 3 mana points. Increase Agility by 1 point for every 2 levels.

Taoist, every increase in level will result in 20 Life Value and 5 mana points. Each rank increases the maximum magic defense by 1 point.

Archer, every increase in level will increase the number of Life Value by 15, 8 magic points. Every 2 levels increased the physical defense limit by 1 point and the magical defense limit by 1 point.

In general, Myth's class setup was still reasonable, but by Level 30, there would definitely be new changes to further refine the profession's attributes.

In terms of quests, the NPC in the county didn't give players any quests. It was estimated that the quests in "Myth" were of a high quality, but rather difficult to obtain. According to one NPC, one could enter the eight main cities of "Myth" at Level 30. The Main City's Quest Union could issue quests of various levels.

The gamers summed up their experiences from the morning. After eating the instant noodles, Chen Lang started to do some basic management work on the forum. He added the points that should be added, the points that should be added, and the replies that should be sent. Chen Lang was very familiar with operating the forum, he finished a routine management in less than ten minutes. Shutting down the computer, Chen Lang lit up a Zhongnanhai. Time to take a walk downstairs and organize your thoughts in the game. Careful thinking is Chen Lang's strong point, many things do not have to be done in a hurry, sharpening the knife without delay. Preparations are done, ideas are cleared up, and things can be done more efficiently.

It was around 12 o'clock in the afternoon of October, so the Suizhou City was still very hot. However, the lake beside Chen Lang's residential district didn't feel hot at all. The path beside the lake was covered by the weeping willow trees, making it seem like a shady zone. A few old men and women were sitting on stone benches by the side of the road, chatting. The willow branches would occasionally streak across Chen Lang's face. A height of 180 cm in Hubei was considered extraordinary. For many locals, the weeping willow, which was not a problem, was a problem for Chen Lang. But the feel of the willow branches against his face was not bad. There were tourists on the lake rowing boats in all kinds of animal shapes. On the opposite side of the building, there was a nobleman's high school with the aura of the European faction and the lakeside glowing with light. Beside the lakeside, there were willow trees, forming a beautiful picture. The small town was intoxicating.

Walking leisurely, Chen Lang began to make plans for the afternoon game. By the time he logged off, there were more and more players surrounding him. The amount of monsters he could farm was almost not enough to meet the demand of levelling players. It was time to go deeper into the woods. Selling the wolf skin would earn him more than 30 silver coins, and after buying the Green Silk Daoist Robe, he would also be able to choose some jewelry. Recently, Blue Medicine had been using a small amount of magic potions to compare them. If one wanted to go deeper, they would have to change their equipment, and they would need to bring some red medicine in case of an emergency. According to the various attributes announced on the forum, aside from the spiritual force, the physique was another important attribute. Adding Life Value at the same time, added physical defense and magical defense, made it easier to calculate. Dexterity should be increased as well. After all, Daoists were long-ranged classes, and Wandering Battle was unavoidable. If one's Movement Speed was high, one could still run if they couldn't defeat one. From the looks of it. Before level 30, he would increase his Mentality by an even number of levels, and after adding 1 point of Mentality, he would increase his Agility by 1 point. After the second transition, level 30, he would be able to adjust his stats accordingly.

Ye Zichen took out his phone and checked the time. It was 13: 15. He had almost digested it. Time to go back and fight. Chen Lang put away his phone, changed the direction, and walked towards the neighborhood.

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