Online Game: Myth World/C9 Dodging and Drilling
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Online Game: Myth World/C9 Dodging and Drilling
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C9 Dodging and Drilling

After walking home at a leisurely pace, Chen Lang took a sip of the mineral water on the computer table, put on his helmet, put down his eye mask and connected to the game.

After logging into the town, there were still many players in the town, as well as players who had just left the new village and were returning to replenish their medicine. There were also quite a few players who were jogging out of the town to train, and most of the players who had entered the town earlier had changed their weapons.

First, he went to the clothes-clothing store to get rid of more than 300 pieces of wolf skin. Obtaining 33 silver coins and 28 copper coins made Chen Lang enjoy the addiction of rich people. After all, 33 Silver Coins was a huge sum of money at the beginning of the game. He spent 5 silver coins here to buy the long-cherished black silk daoist robe. Although the Taoist robe didn't look magnificent, its workmanship was exquisite and its threads were smooth and smooth. After wearing this daoist robe, I finally look like a Daoist. Chen Lang thought of this.

Azure-haired Daoist Robe: Defense 35

Magic Resisting 34

Dao Force 01

Durability 15

Level Required


He also spent two silver coins to buy a black silk hat for defense of 12

Demon Imperial 01

Durability: 12 After taking off his clothes, Chen Lang walked out of the clothing store. There were still many players on the streets of the county. Chen Lang's appearance caused quite a stir. At the beginning of the game, everyone was still worrying about the money they needed to learn skills and change their professional weapons.

"Big brother, did you accept this little brother?"

"Big brother, please lend me some money to learn some skills."

Chen Lang saw that something was wrong and quickly lowered his head to run into the jewelry store.

He spent 6 silver coins to buy a pair of Ox Horn Rings with Dao Energy of 01. Chen Lang considered the choice of bracelet. Iron bracelet. Bronze bracelet. The Wavelet Bracelet cost 2 Silver Coins each, while the Iron Bracelet and Bronze Bracelet cost 12 Defense and Magic Defense, respectively. The Wavelet Bracelet added 1 point of Agility. The monster wouldn't encounter magic attacks in the early stages of the game, so the addition of Iron Bracelet's physical defense was very useful in the New Moon Forest. But this time, Chen Lang went out to explore the map with the purpose of leveling up. It was good that his defense was high. However, if the difference between him and a monster was too great, adding defense would be useless and the Wavelet Bracelet's Agility was more suitable. Running away from a defeat was a constant fact in the game. As long as the mountain was still around, he wouldn't be afraid of not having any firewood to burn.

In the end, Chen Lang spent 4 silver coins to buy a pair of Wavelet Bracelet and another 4 silver coins to buy a lantern necklace with the power of 02. With the lesson from earlier, Chen Lang didn't dare to wear his equipment anymore. When we get out of the city, we'll have fewer people to wear. He couldn't take off his clothes now, or else the tremors would be even greater.

He went to the county hotel and bought five steamed buns and a jug of spring water to recover from fatigue.

The remaining 11 silver coins were all invested in the pharmacy. Take 100 small doses of magic potions and 5 medium doses of blood tonics. A certain someone who thought he was rich was sent back to the bronze rank once again. Spending money like water! Heartache.

With everything ready, Chen Lang led the way into the depths of the New Moon Forest. On the way, he killed the young wolves that were blocking the road. Skin peeling and cramping were necessary tasks. Now, Chen Lang's harvest skill had reached beginner level 26.

As they slowly passed the wolf cub's territory, the trees in the forest were slightly taller than the outside world. The game was gradually getting dark and the sky was getting darker. The characters in "Myth" had slightly higher eyesight than normal. After taking a few deep steps, a Gray Wolf that was one size larger than a young wolf appeared in front of Chen Lang. It was a Gray Wolf, a level 14 monster. Not knowing the strength of the Gray Wolf, Chen Lang did not dare to be careless. He threw out a Toxicology, causing a layer of dark red light to envelop the Gray Wolf's body, reducing both its physical and magical defense, and reducing its HP by 2 drops per second. After changing his equipment, Chen Lang's attack power had increased by a level, which could deal over 40 damage to the Gray Wolf. After taking three Lunar Soul-breaking Skill s, the Gray Wolf rushed to Chen Lang's side and pounced on him. Chen Lang sidestepped and dodged. His shoulder '57' wasn't considered a serious problem. Luckily, he had changed his equipment, otherwise it would have been really dangerous. Chen Lang felt that it was worth it to waste around 10 seconds of time skinning every monster he killed. Taking two steps back, he released a Lunar Soul-breaking Skill. "48" the Gray Wolf paused slightly after being beaten up, and pounced forward again. This time, Chen Lang did not dodge, and threw out "78" "52" with a Lunar Soul-breaking Skill.

Gray Wolf fell to the ground and dropped 12 copper coins. Chen Lang picked up the copper coin, collected the corpse and started thinking.

Gray Wolf attacked twice. The first time, it dodged to the side, so the damage was 57, and the one that didn't dodge was 78. Since 'Myth' was a realistic game, it definitely had a Vital Strike setting. One after another, Gray Wolf s, Toxicology. The Lunar Soul-breaking Skill and Gray Wolf tried all kinds of dodging methods. The difference between dodging and comparison was obvious. The conclusion was that there really was a Vital Strike setting. Being pounced on by the Gray Wolf at most caused them to lose 89 HP, while dodging to the side or jumping backwards would cause relatively less damage to their thighs, around 4060. Due to the speed of their movements, many of them didn't dodge completely, but they were just barely able to avoid being hit in the chest.

Slowly, Chen Lang realized that there were some small differences in the choice of dodging methods. The main difference was the timing and dodging strategy. The monsters in Myth had high intelligence and responded quickly. It could even adjust the attack towards Chen Lang's dodging. For example, if the Gray Wolf had dodged to the side too early, it would have changed its direction when it jumped. The effect of dodging was minuscule. If one maintained their movement while attacking, and was unable to change their direction to dodge after the Gray Wolf pounced, although one could not completely dodge it, the amount of damage one would receive would be much lesser. Furthermore, it could also allow one to pass through the Gray Wolf. It could also be used to trick Gray Wolf to change the direction of their pounce and dodge back at the same time. Although he was sometimes caught off-guard due to his lack of reaction speed or movement speed, it was still a practical technique. In the future, he would be able to deal with monsters that were difficult to deal with. He had to practice dodging like this!

After making up his mind, Chen Lang entered the training state, Toxicology. Lunar Soul-breaking Skill, dodge, attack. Corpses were collected and repeated. The damage was now controlled at around 30 points, so Gray Wolf were no longer able to directly attack him. However, Chen Lang wasn't satisfied, and he began to try his best to completely dodge it.

Initially, they would only occasionally completely dodge killing more than ten Gray Wolf. Slowly, Chen Lang realized that if he wanted to completely dodge the attack, the center of gravity was the key. If moving his upper body before Gray Wolf's leap could create the illusion of a change in the center of gravity, then the Gray Wolf would make an error in judgement.

With the support of theoretical basis, what was left was practice and practice. Chen Lang began a new round of practice. When his HP dropped to 400, he would use Healing Technique to recover. Then, he continued the Toxicology. Lunar Soul-breaking Skill. The process of dodging.

The timing is still not perfect, but even if we can't dodge it all, the loss of life is getting smaller and smaller." Another 5 hours passed, Chen Lang's ability to dodge killing Gray Wolf stabilized at around 20%. Killing 3 or 4 Gray Wolf in the beginning required him to stop to use Healing Technique to replenish his HP. Until now, when he could kill around 10 Gray Wolf before needing to stop to replenish his own.

Chen Lang had been focusing on killing monsters and levelling up, practicing dodging. Unknowingly, he had entered a deeper part of the New Moon Forest …

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