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The battle drums rumbled as soldiers pressed down on the land.

On the enemy platform above the city gate, the city guard general wore heavy armor and carried a sword in his hand. All the soldiers on the left and right drew their bows and arrows as if they were facing a great enemy.

The city guard glanced over the crowd with disdain in his eyes as he coldly laughed. He didn't seem to be bothered by the endless crowd of enemies in front of him.

"General, there are too many enemies. Can we still defend our city?" A little soldier trembled in fear.

"Bullshit!" The general cut off his words as he said proudly, "With me here, how can there be a city that can't be defended?"

"But, if Martial Lord comes here, then this city will no longer be safe!"

"Martial Lord?" The city guard trembled. His face immediately became ashen as he said in fear, "If the Martial Lord arrives, how can we defend this city …" "Mm, Martial Lord won't come. He won't."

The guarding general was extremely frightened. The arrogance he had just shown had turned into an endless trembling as his worried eyes examined the enemies in front of him one by one.

There was a place about one arrow away from the city gate. The soldiers that attacked the city were packed in a black mass, extending endlessly. There were at least hundreds of thousands of people. The general at the front of the formation looked up at the tall city wall and sighed, "The city is impregnable. Even if the Martial Lord does not arrive, the thousands upon thousands of men and horses will not be able to attack …"

Before the City Lord's words could fade away, hundreds of thousands of soldiers behind him shouted, "Martial Lord has arrived!"

Instantly, the sound of clattering could be heard. The sound of armor being disarmed and men's voices kneeling on the ground rose and fell, creating a cacophony of sounds.

The City Lord's face was filled with joy as he knelt on the ground along with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. He respectfully called out "Martial Lord" to the proud and peerless expert, his shout was deafening like a loud bell.

The peerless master had a dignified look on his face. He didn't pay any attention to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers bowing in front of him. With a light step, he instantly moved from several hundred zhang to the city gate. The little finger on his right hand hooked toward the city guard, and his tightly shut lips let out a weak voice. "Surrender."

The city guard general turned pale with fright. The row of soldiers beside him also fell to the ground in shock, fainting on the spot. The city guards didn't wait for the general's order to open the gates. With the creaking sound of the door opening, the city guard general dropped his sword and took off his armor. With his knees pressed together, he directly jumped down from his kneeling position from the metropolis.

With a dull thud, the general's knees dug a huge hole in the ground. He looked as if he did not feel any pain as he anxiously faced the peerless expert in front of him. "Martial Lord, the door is opening slowly. Martial Lord, please do not take offense. Martial Lord, please let me go …"

As the city guard spoke, he gestured to the tens of thousands of city guards, all of them kowtowing to the peerless master and calling him master. 「 Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!」 A series of extremely sincere kowtows caused dust to fly into the air.

"Martial Lord, Martial Lord." The besieging general quickly crawled to the front of the peerless expert and asked with his head held high, "Martial Lord, are you going to kill him?"


The general was so shocked that he fell to the ground, dead. The peerless master smiled approvingly and stepped into the city. There was a heart-wrenching wail, the tens of thousands of soldiers in the city had all been killed by the peerless master in a matter of seconds.

"Hur Hur Hur Hur!"

The peerless master leisurely walked between the pool of blood and the corpse. With an extremely complacent expression, he licked his lips and laughed heartily, "Oh yeah!"

Suddenly, the supreme expert felt a sharp pain in his head, as if someone had struck him with a club. He shouted angrily, "Who is it?"

The supreme experts were searching everywhere, but they only saw shadows and not a single person. Immediately after, a strange itch came from his armpit, wanting to dodge but unable to move. He angrily said, "Who exactly is it? Who is provoking Master? "

"Little Wu, why don't you open your eyes and see?" A voice that didn't seem like a smile rang in his ears. As if the peerless expert had realized something, the voice suddenly became louder, "Your Brother Fortune has come. Go play in the internet cafe!"

"Oh, hurry up and go!"

The great master was awoken by a shout. He stood up abruptly and rubbed his eyes. He saw his brother Wang Xiafeng with a cigarette in his mouth and a billiard ball in his hand, looking at him with a face full of mockery.

"Wu Xin Die, did you sleep well this time?" Wang Xizhi exhaled a mouthful of smoke and teased, "I heard you calling me grandpa in your dreams, who are you calling grandpa?"

"Why am I asleep?"

After waking up, Wu Xin Die stretched her back, seeing that the pool tables beside her were all empty, she calmed down and said seriously: "Brother Fu, it's not that I'm calling others grandpa, it's that people call me grandpa!" A great army and thousands of horses call me master, I can't even call my name. "

"Hur hur. You can easily go berserk if you're so crazy. " Wang Xiaguang seemed to be concerned, he smiled and asked, "You're dreaming, and people call you Master, and now you're calling me brother, aren't you used to that?"

"How can I not get used to it? I only slept for ten minutes, and even though thousands of men and horses called me master, I only called out for ten minutes. How long have I been calling you Brother Fortune? At least a dozen years? "Yup, I'll just call you Brother Wealth instead."

Wu Xin Die could not help but sigh in her heart. From others calling her grandfather to herself calling him brother, the disparity in status was too great. She was not used to it.

"Riche Bro, do you have any more cigarettes?" Wu Xin Die fished in her empty pockets and said bitterly, "I don't have any more cigarettes, give me a cigarette."

"Shit, when did you ever smoke?" "You're either a smoker or a fireman, and as a smoker, you don't have a smoke or a flame. You're like a netizen without a computer or an internet connection!" Wang Xuehui reprimanded him seriously, then suddenly smiled evilly, "I don't have any more cigarettes, the cigarette case was just thrown away. I still have a thick stick on me, do you want to smoke?

"Hur hur."

Wu Xin Die smiled and anger rose up in her heart. He thought about how he had just killed countless people in his dreams and swallowed thousands of miles like a tiger. How amazing it was! He had just woken up and got disgusted with him, so he was really angry and scolded himself, "What the hell are you doing? Why are you always going crazy with me!? If I can beat you up, I will definitely beat you up! "

Wu Xin Die was infuriated, but she still had a smile on her face as she said, "The cigarette you're wearing is female. I won't smoke it."

"Hur Hur Hur Hur!"

Wang Xiafeng laughed out loud. Seeing his pitiful appearance, he handed over the remaining half of the cigarette and said mercifully, "Go ahead and smoke."

Wu Xin Die was extremely addicted to smoking and could only put down her identity. She took the half roll of cigarette and immediately took a few deep puffs, as revenge for his disrespect to her. All of a sudden, he threw away his cigarette and rushed out. He raised his left leg with all his strength, and nudged the air with his toes, causing both of his arms to fly out left and right. His palms and fists struck the air a few times, and then with a few crisp sounds, Wu Xin Die shouted, "Shadowless Kick!"

The shouts had not died down when Wu Xin Die dashed a few steps and suddenly threw out a kick.

When Wu Xin Die kicked out, it was as if she was kicking, but not kicking. Her movements were also extremely clumsy. From raising his legs to moving his feet, he looked like a clown performing acrobatics, but also like a godly hero who was playing tricks on others.

"Brother Fortune." Wu Xin Die showed her hand and said proudly, "I raised my left leg, it's called 'Ye Jia's Leg'. I changed my hands. What kind of punch is this? "

"It's' Jia Ye Legs' and 'Wei Tuo Fist'!" Wang Xuehui finished correcting him and said mockingly, "This afternoon, you watched a Blade Master play in that Internet Cafe for so long that you couldn't even remember these two moves! Look at what you're playing, isn't that clearly acting? "

"I'm just practicing." Wu Xin Die denied that she was pretending, looked at the sun, and said: "I should let go too. The first game, the Internet Cafe, was open today. At noon, there were very few people. Let's go and have some fun. "

Wu Xin Die is 22 years old, her job is to set up billiards in the stadium, she loves to play online games. But with a small income, he couldn't afford a computer, so he wanted to play online games. He would run to a small Internet Cafe and play for an hour or two. The martial arts technique he had just displayed had been learned from the "Swordsman Love 2" when he was filling his stomach at noon.

The two of them headed towards the biggest Internet Cafe in town. The Internet Cafe was a grand one. The owner was a university student named Huang Xiaofeng who had just graduated. Huang Xiaofeng was also a fanatical fan of the game. He had a sense of accomplishment towards the creation of the Internet Cafe and was overjoyed. He personally gave the title to the Internet Cafe, "Phoenix Town's Number One Internet Cafe".

When they arrived at the Internet Cafe, they saw that there were only a few people there. The two were in high spirits as they immediately tried out the computer.

After playing for a while, Wang Xiaguang was delighted. He hit the keyboard and praised, "I've grown up, but this is my first time playing such a high-end computer. It's so cool to play games with this kind of computer!" Wu Xin Die beamed as she said: "If I had so many high-end computers, I would be willing to sell my kidneys too!"

"My two friends." Hearing someone praise his own machine, the boss, Huang Xiaofeng, walked over to Wu Xin Die and said with a smile, "To open an internet cafe like this, you just need to sell your body. You don't need to sell your kidneys." "Hahaha!"

"Is that so? "Hehehehe..." Wu Xin Die laughed awkwardly, her face turning red.

"Bro, I was just joking, don't be shy!" Huang Xiaofeng smiled and asked in a friendly manner, "Do you guys really like playing online games?"

"Of course! "I'm an old player, and I'm a skeleton player too." Wu Xin Die had a majestic aura.

"I'm an older player!" In order to play games, I bought a computer on purpose. I was planning on playing life! " Wang Xiaguang showed off his strength as he stared at Wu Xin Die. He hated him for calling himself a veteran without even a computer. He even called himself a pile of bones.

"Hehe!" "The saying about gaming life is really well said!" Huang Xiaofeng pulled a chair over and sat down, saying proudly, "To be honest, I opened this Internet Cafe to develop my gaming career."

"Oh?" Wu Xin Die and Wang Xi Qi were both shocked, "You're the owner of this internet cafe?"

"Yes." Huang Xiaofeng nodded, his eyes suddenly flashing with an undetectable trace of melancholy.

"Boss Huang, the computers in your internet cafe are so good and the internet bills aren't high, but why are there so few people?" Wang Xi saw that more than half of the machines in the hall were free, so he could not help but ask.

"I'm also looking for the reason, sigh." Huang Xiaofeng let out a long sigh.

"Boss Huang." Wu Xin Die pulled back her chair and faced Huang Xiaofeng, "Your internet cafe is open today, what activities are there?"

"Activity?" Huang Xiaofeng was stunned. "That's because they didn't engage in any activities."

"No wonder. Since you're opening an internet cafe at such a large scale, you need to do some activities. " Wu Xin Die saw that he was serious, so she went further and said, "Make sure everyone approves of your internet cafe, then your business will become popular!"

"To think that I am the boss, how could I neglect this point!" Huang Xiaofeng was enlightened, and said joyfully, "Bro, what kind of activity do you think is the best? As long as it works, it doesn't matter how much money you spend. "

"How about I say, set up a stage in front of the Internet Cafe and find a few beauties to sing?" Wang Xuehui gave some advice.

"Sing? "Too vulgar." Wu Xin Die pondered for a moment before asking with a smile, "Boss Huang, do you like chess?"

Huang Xiaofeng suddenly slapped his thigh and said excitedly, "I was just about to say chess! Other than gaming, I like to play chess. Yes, chess is the easiest game to get into. It's much better than singing with a beautiful woman. This bro really fits in with me, so I'm going to do some chessboard activities, haha! "

Seeing how Huang Xiaofeng and Wu Xin Die acted like they were friends at first sight, he felt a little displeased and asked, "How do we do things with chess?"

"Isn't that easy? The customers in the Internet Cafe are all teenagers. They're the only two types of people who can be used for activities. " Wu Xin Die was very confident and said, "Then we'll invite the young men and women from the town to participate in the first Phoenix Cup chess competition organized by the" First Internet Cafe of Phoenix ". We'll give the top three winners an appropriate reward, won't that be enough?"

"Let's do it like that!" Huang Xiaofeng's tone was firm as he patted Wu Xin Die on the shoulder, praising her, "Bro, I didn't know you were so resourceful! I'll be having some activities tomorrow. The two of you can play around here today, I'm treating! "

"Thank you so much, Big Brother!" Wu Xin Die smiled evilly, and was extremely happy in her heart: "Great! This time, your Big Bro Little Wu is going to give him a good beating! "

Wu Xin Die and Wang Xi were so engrossed with their games that they walked out of the Internet Cafe at midnight.

In the deep night, Wang Xi laughed mischievously: "Xiao Wu, you're good, you're really crafty! Among the young men in this town, those who can play chess with you, aside from me, your rich brother, are hard to find a second one! "

"Hur hur." Wu Xin Die smiled proudly, "Tomorrow's the chess match, you will be first place and I will be second."

The two of them laughed for a while and then went back home.

By noon the next day, Wu Xin Die and Wang Xi Cai were already fighting with their opponents on the tables in front of the Internet Cafe.

Wang Xinfu had been playing chess since he was young, and Wu Xin Die was an experienced chess player. The two of them effortlessly tripped over the opponents who had come forth to challenge the Ascendant stage. Next was the battle for the championship between the two.

Wang Xiafeng was extremely satisfied with his chess game. Wu Xin Die was calm as she lit a cigarette and laid out the pieces, thinking about Huang Xiaofeng's rewards for the first three places in the chess competition – the first would receive an online card that would last for 800 hours, the second would receive an online voucher for 300 yuan, and the third would be able to surf the internet for three days. There was a huge gap between the prizes of the first and second place. Wu Xin Die thought about how she had admitted to being second in front of Wang Xianfei last night, and felt extremely regretful.

"Little Wu, now that the game has come to this, only the two of us are left playing. Don't swallow me up! " Wang Xianzi chuckled and winked at the Martial Heart Butterfly.

"Mm, you can go first." Wu Xin Die remained indifferent and didn't comment.

At that moment, Wang Xiafeng casually took a step forward and unceremoniously fired a shot. Wu Xin Die went back to her horse and took a step forward. The two of them began to fight. As the game went to the center of the field, Wang Xuefu's attacks got fiercer and fiercer. He had already called him over twice. Wu Xin Die only defended and did not attack. Although she had been called out twice, her back was impregnable and she did not lose at all.

Wang Xiaguang's men had all crossed the river and called out for generals, but they did not die. He could not help but feel angry: "We agreed to let me win, why haven't we lost yet? "If I had won earlier, I would have received the rewards earlier!" His movements became more and more ruthless.

Wu Xin Die saw that his steps were getting fiercer and fiercer, and finally made up her mind: "You have a second-hand computer, so you can play whenever you want. I can't even play 800 hours a year, how can I just give it to you? Whether you win or lose will depend on your ability! "

With his mind set, he turned defense into offense. Almost all of Wang Xiaguang's troops had gone to the front to assist the butterfly. They were not prepared for its sudden counterattack and were immediately flustered.

The two of them did their best to fight each other. After a few more moves, all of Wang Xiaoshui's pieces had been taken out by the Martial Heart Butterfly. Although the little god had sat down in the opponent's hall, the butterfly still kept calling out to the general. Gradually, she was no longer able to fight back, and beads of sweat started to roll down her forehead.


After Wu Xin Die purposely used her powers a few times, she was finally able to use her power to stop the enemy. Wang Xiafeng had been forced to a dead end, unable to advance or retreat. He was certain of his fate.

Wang Xiaguang stared at the chessboard in shock, not saying a word for a long time. He suddenly stood up and said harshly: "Wuxin Die, you and I have been playing since we were young, but now I find out that you have been playing well, acting like a grandson is better!" I've finally gotten to know you! "

"Wang Xianshi!" Huang Xiaofeng was about to congratulate Wuxin Butterfly on winning the championship, but when he saw that Wang Xiaguang was infuriated, he quickly comforted her, "Wealth, let's do this for fun. "It doesn't matter who wins. For my sake, don't hurt our friendship."

"Humph!" Wang Xianzi spat angrily at Wu Xin Die, grabbed the cola by his hand, drank a few mouthfuls, and did not say another word.

Wu Xin Die knew that her actions today were truly unkind, no wonder he hated her for using tricks before the battle. He thought that he shouldn't stay in such an awkward place for too long as his stomach was aching, so he decided to go to the toilet and squat for a while before coming out.

Wu Xin Die was squatting in the toilet, reading the newspaper and analyzing what happened today. Suddenly, she realized that Wang Xi Cai was coming over with a smile that was not a smile.

"I say, Little Wu, I was too angry just now. I was too impolite to you. Are you angry?" Wang Xiafeng forced a smile on his face as he took off his pants and squatted on the toilet next to the Martial Heart Butterfly.

"Nope." Wu Xin Die was surprised that he would actually apologize to her. She was flattered and said softly, "I was in the wrong today. How could I be angry at Brother Wealth!"

"Really?" It's good that you're not angry, hur hur. " Wang Xiaguang was modest. Seeing that he was looking at the newspaper with a dazed look in his eyes, he suddenly clapped, "Faint! "Little Wu, I forgot to bring some paper. Lend me your newspaper for me to use."


Wu Xin Die was about to give the newspaper to him, but she suddenly noticed that his eyes seemed to hold malicious intentions. She changed her words and said, "I'll tear half of it off for you."

"Don't tear it!" Wang Xi shouted anxiously to stop him, "How can ripping it into two be enough? Give them to me! "

"If I give it to you, then I'll be gone!"

"Hey! I'll bring you some paper after I finish undoing my hands, hurry up and give it to me! "

"Rich bro, I'm done squatting. I'll go out and get the paper for you now. Just wait for me for one minute! " Wu Xin Die was sure that he was trying to trick her into squatting here to smell the feces. As she spoke, she stuck out her buttocks to wipe them clean.

"Martial Heart Butterfly!" Wang Xiaguang's expression changed, and he said sternly, "You still don't understand human nature? I'll give you half of each cigarette, and you actually returned the favor by cheating me out of my online card! Now that I'm going to use your paper, if you don't give it to me to use first, don't tell me you want me to use second-hand!? "

Wu Xin Die could sense the seriousness of the situation. It seemed that it would not be good if he did not make her suffer. Without further ado, he grabbed the newspaper and wiped it on his butt.

"Good heavens!"

Wang Xi was furious, he grabbed Wu Xin Die's hand and asked fiercely, "Let me ask you one last time, are you going to give this newspaper to me or not? "No, I'll make you squat in the fecal pit!"

Wu Xin Die's heart skipped a beat. Just now, he had fiercely pulled her hand, causing his body to stagger and almost fall into the fecal pit. His own strength was not as good as his. If he didn't give him the newspaper, he might really drag himself into the fecal pit. But even if she gave it to him, judging from his vicious appearance, it was unlikely that he would just leave after wiping off his butt.

"What the hell? What should I do?" Do I have to contribute that online card? "

Wu Xin Die thought for a while, staring at the newspaper in her hands that looked like a secret document, her heart was in turmoil.

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