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The distance from Mount Wudang to Xiangyang was not far. Wu Xin Die's "narrow wings" were as fast as the wind. In just a moment, she had arrived at Wu Dang Mountain.

Arriving at Wu Dang's tutors, he discovered that there were two people in the middle of a battle beside Wu Dang's Sect Head, Dao Master Purple Crane. One of them was a vile disciple of the Beggar Gang called Old Bastard, and the other was a disciple of the Yang Sect's Lance Cavalry, called Yang Potian. One of them used a staff while the other used a spear. From their moves, it could be seen that their abilities were similar to hers. However, the two were fighting with all their might, both attacking and defending. Each move was quite intense.

Wu Xin Die valued quests so she was too lazy to watch this mediocre battle. Following Spiritual Master Purple Crane's instructions, she went to the Dusk Mountain Manor to inquire about the news.

The manor was a huge courtyard. The courtyard was filled with swords and spears, the flags were clear, and it seemed to be a solemn martial arts practice field. Wu Xin Die alighted from the horse and spoke to the arrogant servant at the door.

"The elites of the martial arts world like to compete with their friends. If I have the guts, I can enter the yard to play. If I can obtain the medallion, I have the heaven's will to tell you!" After the servant finished speaking, he cupped his hands together and turned around.

Wu Xin Die carefully entered the courtyard of the manor. The scenery inside was pleasant, there was a small bridge, flowing water, and a family. The scenery here was great. Seeing the thin bodies of the Monster Twilight Spear and the Dusk Snow Swordsman, he guessed there was no danger. He boldly charged into the inner courtyard and discovered a mysterious woman called the Nine-Headed Golden Phoenix in the depths of the bamboo forest.

"Better be careful." Wu Xin Die guessed that these nine golden phoenixes weren't ordinary people. It would be better to avoid them, so she turned around to fight the Twilight Spear's and Dusk Snow's swordsmen who had been following her.

The Striker and Blade Master were both LV30 monsters. When they came into contact with Martial Heart Butterfly's LV57 fist, they would immediately fall. Wu Xin Die's fist was like the wind, killing dozens of monsters in an instant and dropping the token the servant wanted.

"Indeed, a young hero has appeared!" The servant took the token, "Earlier, this old man's nameplate was taken by the Nine-tailed Silver Fox in the first level of the Seven Stars Cave. I'll have to trouble Young Hero to quickly kill Silver Fox and take the token back!"

"You! Running errands again!"

Wu Xin Die liked to do missions, but she would never do those boring missions that ran around by herself. She thought to herself, "If I can make a few friends or make some amazing people while doing a few tasks, then it would be worth it!"

After thinking for a while, Wu Xin Die stepped onto the "narrow wing" and galloped to the Seven Star Cave at the northern foot of Wudang Mountain. As soon as he entered the Seven Stars Cave, he felt an oppressive atmosphere. The cave was pitch black. Wu Xin Die followed the map and found the Nine-tailed Silver Fox by the bonfire in the depths of the cave.

"Damn, I thought the Nine-tailed Silver Fox was an animal, but it turns out it's a woman!" Wu Xin Die knew that there were times when women were more ferocious than animals. In order to prevent herself from being killed in an instant, she first gathered her anger and then rushed forward to ambush the Nine-tailed Silver Fox.

The Nine Tailed Silver Fox was dressed as a female general. It held a long sword in its hand, holding up a flower of swords as it pierced towards the Martial Heart Butterfly. Wu Xin Die consumed a bottle of White Cloud Powder and punched the Nine-tailed Silver Fox with her Luohan Fist. The Nine-tailed Silver Fox's HP had already reached 73%. Wu Xin Die heaved a sigh of relief. "It's just having a lot of blood. It's easy to fight!"

Wu Xin Die already had more than 3500 HP. The Nine-tailed Silver Fox's sword stabbed into her body without any itching. After gathering her energy, she would execute three sets of Luohan Fists. The Nine-tailed Silver Fox perished, and a letter to Tuoba Qi fell from her body.

According to the instructions on the letter, they were to go to the Sword Gate Pass to kill a Western Xia general, find the map of the Western Xia on the general, and hand it over to Tuoba Qi. Wu Xin Die wanted to finish all the missions in one go, so she rushed to the entrance of the Sword School.

When Wu Xin Die arrived at the Sword Gate Pass, she rode her horse to inspect the area. She saw a Western Xia general by the drawbridge at the top of the mountain. Wu Xin Die did not dare to let her guard down as she quietly went to the Western Xia General's side and punched him. Western Xia's generals were worthy of being called generals. Their skin and flesh were thick, and they were resistant to blows. A Luohan Fist had only taken less than a fifth of their blood.

After Wu Xin Die finished her punching routine, she was busy gathering her Qi and was forced to use a few javelins by the Western Xia general. Fortunately, the Western Xia generals' moves were clumsy. Once Wu Xin Die was attacked, she would immediately run far away in an attempt to lure the Western Xia generals to the cliff on the other side of the suspension bridge and kill them.

The scenery at the top of the cliff was extremely beautiful. The mountain breeze whistled, and flowers bloomed everywhere. Clouds and mist lingered around, allowing one to see a panoramic view of three thousand li of mountains and rivers. Next to the shabby thatched pavilion, Wu Xin Die had already killed Western Xia's generals, retrieved their secret Western Xia letter, and mounted her "narrow wing" to look for Tuoba Qi to report back.

After running for a short distance, he saw Xu Miaoxin, who was on the opposite side, and that old fogey who was fighting with Yang Potian in the Martial School running towards him.

"Little Wu, Little Wu!"

When Xu Miaoxin noticed Wu Xin Die, she came over happily. When she saw the horse beneath Wu Xin Die, she exclaimed in surprise, "Little Wu, your horse is so handsome, where are you going to find it?"

"Hehe, it was Brother Luan who gave it to me."

"Holy shit, this horse is too arrogant!" Let me ride it, okay? " The old brat circled around Wu Xin Die's "narrow wings".

"I say, what's the matter with you?" I still wanted to borrow money just now, but now you're borrowing my friends! Do you know the rules of the martial arts world! "

Xu Miaoyin was right about the old boy. In the martial arts world, in order to avoid being suspected of cheating, it was not easy to borrow valuable things from old friends who he had known for a long time, not to mention strangers who he met for the first time.

"F * ck, I'm not borrowing your horse, what business is it of yours!" He stood in front of Wu Xin Die's horse head and begged, "Brother, lend me your horse and I'll return it to you in a while."

"You want to borrow my horse?"

Wu Xin Die suspected that this man was just talking in his sleep, and seeing him talk back to her friend, Xu Miao Xin, she became angrier and said resolutely: "I will not borrow your word!"

"Damn, you're so stingy?" I'll give it back to you after I'm satisfied while riding your horse. Are you still afraid that I'm a swindler? "Quick, lend me a ride!"

Wu Xin Die was too lazy to waste her breath on this whimsical old man, so she asked Xu Miao Xin, "You came here to do a mission?"

"Yes!" I want to beat a Western Xia general to death, and if I kill him, I'll complete the mission! "

"I'll help you." Wu Xin Die felt that she and Xu Miao were on good terms. Moreover, they owed her a lot in the past, so it was rare for her to help her this time around. Thus, she volunteered herself.

"Swish!" These days, favors are as thin as paper, oh, a horse doesn't even have the guts to borrow them! " The old boy was still at it.

"Old man, just based on your morals, if you borrow horses from ten thousand people, I promise I won't lend them to you!"

The one who spoke was Yang Potian, who was fighting with the old kid back when he was still a martial arts teacher. Yang Potian galloped his horse over to the old brat's side and disdainfully said, "Didn't you say I was crazy? Let's fight again! Why did you hide here without saying a word? "

"Good!" I, old boy, am convinced by you. The old brat was afraid that Yang Potian would use his killing move, so he quickly ran to the side of Wu Xin Die and said in a clear voice, "Yang Potian, didn't you say that no one below level 60 can beat you? Even if others didn't say anything, they would just say that this Martial Heart Butterfly, even if you are one level higher than him, I dare to say that you definitely can't beat him! If you can beat him, count me as farting! "

"Hehe!" "F * cking hell, you want to harm me just because I don't want to lend you my horse!" Wu Xin Die saw through the little brat's thoughts at a glance and didn't say a word. She started to think about what to do.

"Wu Xin Die, do you dare to fight with me here?" Yang Potian immediately raised his spear, eager to give it a try.

"I said Yang Potian drop, this old fellow is purposely trying to sow discord!" Why can't you tell! " Xu Miaoyin was also extremely intelligent.

"I'm not trying to sow discord. What I said was the truth!" The old brat boldly and aggressively said, "Wu Xin Die, don't just watch you ride on that 'narrow wing' and you seem to be an expert, yet you don't dare to fight against Yang Potian! If you can face this good horse, then fight with him. Don't be so cowardly as to not stick your head out and let everyone look down on you! "

"Hmm, you've already said this much. If I don't beat you up, you'll end up like a turtle." "Don't worry, we'll call again later." Wu Xin Die dismounted from her horse, gathered her energy, and asked with a smile, "Old man, didn't you fight with Yang Potian at Wu Dai Sect? If you fight with him, how long can you last? "

"It should be able to last for around 30 seconds. I lost two of my three matches, and I admit that I can't beat him! "

"Oh, then if you were to fight me, how many seconds would you be able to last?"

"Hey, I've never fought with you before, how would I know!"

"Hehe, I'll let you know now!"

Wu Xin Die couldn't stand trash like this old fogey who looked for trouble. After gathering her anger, she would suddenly slap the old fogey with her Great Sumeru Palm. Before the old fogey could even react, he had already been killed by Wu Xin Die.

"Little Wu, good job!" This kind of evil water is something that should be killed! " Xu Miaoxin clapped her hands and laughed out loud.

"I can't tell, but you really have some skills! If we really fight, I might not be able to beat you. I was almost tricked by the old brat just now! " Yang Potian thought to himself, if I were him, even if I were to sneak attack this old fogey, I wouldn't be able to finish him off so easily. He then asked, "The horse you're riding is really imposing, where did you get this from?"

Wu Xin Die saw that even though Yang Potian was still in a daze, she was honest and said: "It was Brother Luan who gave it to me!" In his heart, he was proud that his "narrow wings" could bewitch all living beings.

"Brother tug? Is he our Huyi Hall's Sect Master, Brother Li? "

"Yes, it's Fast Hand Yama – Brother Luan."

"Damn, so many people are calling him a swindler now!"

"What did you say?" Wu Xin Die was shocked and asked anxiously, "Tell me clearly, who said that he was a liar?"

"I heard it from someone called Patriarch Five Poisons."

"Hehe, what the Five Poisons Grandmaster said is dog farting! Could it be that Big Brother Tuo would lie to him about something? No one would pick up his things if they were left on the road. " Wu Xin Die heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

"It's not just the Five Poisons Grandmaster who said so. Many people say that my Sect Leader is a scammer!" My Sect Leader's current reputation is far from what it used to be! "

"It's Little Wu!" When I was at Emei Master Di, I also heard others say that he was a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler, a swindler. Even though he said there were a lot of people, Yang Potian was not lying to him! I didn't even have the time to tell you just now! " Xu Miaoyin told the truth.


Wu Xindie's calm heart was once again shocked. Yang Potian was her first time meeting her, so her words could not be trusted. Xu Miaoyin was a close friend, she would definitely not lie to him. He could not help but become suspicious, "Brother Lah is definitely not a swindler, how can a swindler casually give something to a stranger? But why were there so many people who said he was a liar? What was going on? "Well, I need to finish this mission as soon as possible, and then I'll go find out everything!"

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