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"Brother Wu, the old brat was severely injured by you and has been sent back to the city." As Yang Potian spoke, he lifted his spear and mounted his horse, "The two of you, I am leaving now."

"Yes." I have to get to the bottom of this. If you need it, you must cooperate with me! "

"It's my responsibility!" Yang Potian cupped his fist and left.

"Little Wu, if you say that Brother Luan is a swindler and there are many, many drops of them, how are you going to check them?" Xu Miaoyin asked.

"I'm also at a loss. Let's talk after we investigate." Wu Xin Die thought to herself, "I have done me a great favor. Even if I have to stop leveling, I must find the person who ruined my reputation and beat him up when I see that the Western Xia generals have already appeared."

Wu Xin Die could take care of Western Xia's generals by herself, and with Xu Miaoyan on the side using buddhist arts to replenish her condition, she would be able to fight more freely. After the Western Xia general died, they found the secret letter and the two of them went to Tuoba Qi's place to deliver the mission.

Tuoba Qi took the letter, read it, and pushed out a large bag of gunpowder. Several blurry words were written on the gunpowder bag. "Blasting up the Western Mountain sentries and grain."

"Ah!" Use gunpowder to blow up sentries and grains. You don't think so? " Xu Miaoyin was extremely excited.

"Who knows."

Wu Xin Die was not in high spirits, she picked up the gunpowder and went with Xu Miaoyin to look for the guards of the Liaoning army.

The western mountain garrison of the Liaoning Army was set up on a pass. The garrison was tall and towering, and was guarded by a Liaojian soldier. There were so many troops gathered around the sentry that it was not easy to blow up the sentry.

"Little Wu, I'll give you some health potions. First, can you wipe out the troops before you blow up the sentries?" Xu Miaoyin suggested.

"That's what we have to do."

Wu Xin Die was filled with anger, she rushed towards the sentry without a care for her own safety, and attacked the monster. The troops immediately surrounded Wu Xin Die. Not far away, Xu Miaoyin was using the "Guanyin Technique" to constantly restore the blood energy of Wu Xin Die. Although she was trapped, Wu Xin Die was not in any danger at all.

The amount of troops surrounding Wu Xin Die was gradually being exhausted. After Wu Xin Die killed the last soldier, she immediately ignited the gunpowder.

"Boom! Bang!"

There was an earth-shaking muffled sound as thick smoke billowed. The Western Mountain outpost of the Liaoning Army collapsed with a loud rumble.

"It's so fun!" Let's go and burn the grains and droplets in one go! "

"Yes." However, Wu Xin Die didn't feel satisfied. She pulled Xu Miaomiao to the side and then went to look for the grain depot of the Liao Army.

The grain depot of the Liaoning army was built in a large courtyard at the edge of the Funiu Mountain. The courtyard was filled with swords and guns. A large flag with the character "Liao" written on it was waved by the wind. Aside from a few drummers, there were only a few wandering soldiers guarding the gate.

"There are so few soldiers in Liaoning Province, it's easier to do so than to blow up the sentry posts!"

"Why are there only these few soldiers guarding the important areas of the granary?" I think it's better to be careful. " Wu Xin Die felt that something was wrong, so she walked step by step towards the courtyard. When she suddenly realized that the provisions were all placed horizontally in the middle of the courtyard, she was overjoyed and immediately rushed into the courtyard. Just as he was about to start cooking, he heard the sound of a tight drum beating. The drummer next to the sentry was rapidly beating the drum.

With the sound of the drum, dozens of troops rushed out from the west like a tide, all of them attacking Wu Xin Die with sabers, long spears, and crossbows. With a little less than 3500 HP left, Wu Xin Die was so shocked that she barely had 60 HP left. She quickly swallowed a few bottles of pills, climbed onto her "narrow wings" and galloped away.

"You hide first!"

"Where are you going? Wait for me! " Before Xu Miaoxin had finished her sentence, the Martial Heart Butterfly had already run away. In order to avoid alerting her, Xu Miaoyin simply stood there motionlessly.

"Why did you leave me here alone!?" Are they coming or not? " Xu Miaoxian was a little anxious. She wanted to go out and look for Wu Xin Die, but she was afraid of being robbed and killed by the troops. Not knowing what to do, Wu Xin Die rushed into the yard like the wind.

"Are you coming back? Where are the soldiers going? "

"Let me go. I won't be able to come back for a while. Luckily we have this BMW, haha! " Wu Xin Die dismounted from her horse and calmly burned the provisions of the Liaoning army. Smoke covered the sky, and after the fodder and fodder were burned away, there was actually only a token left in the fire.

"The trump card of the great King of Raging Bull Mountain?" Wu Xin Die picked up her identity token and said gloomily: "Needless to say, you must know your master. "This is the last one in the entire set of quests, I hope it'll be worth it."

The King of Fowler Mountain had been laying grass in the Dragon Tiger Cave for a long time. Wu Xin Die and Xu Miaoyin rode the "narrow wing" to cross the water, through the shallow stream and waterfall in the mountain, sprinting towards the Dragon Tiger Cave.

Just as the two of them entered the cave entrance, they were surprised to find the King of Fowler Mountain standing in a corner of the cave in an aggressive manner. He wore a bright red robe, had a Lion Barbarian Belt around his waist, and carried two gigantic golden gourd hammers in his hands.

"This fellow looks as though he's a ruthless person. Be careful, don't hang up on him!" Wu Xin Die instructed him to drink the medicine first before she started to beat him up. After three to five punches, the King of the Fowler Mountain's HP had been drastically reduced. He couldn't help but feel disappointed and scolded in his heart, "You!? The last monster was still so trashy! You, a piece of trash, can even be called King of Mountains! "

"Little Wu, what are you saying!" Don't tell me that if he's that easy to beat, it won't end well? " Xu Miaoyin was baffled.

"You don't understand." Wu Xin Die was in low spirits and didn't want to say anything more. She felt a little dissatisfied. He had originally wanted to compare notes with OSS and get excited about it, but he didn't expect that the great King of Fowler Mountain would completely disappoint him.

Wu Xin Die had killed the King of the Volkswagen Mountain. After finishing her mission, she had returned to Beijing with Xu Miaoxin.

"The mission is over. I'm going to the Hidden Sword Villa. Little Wu, are you going?!"

"I'm not going. "I need to find the person who ruined my reputation first!" Wu Xin Die also wanted to go to the famous Hidden Sword Villa to play, but she would not be satisfied until she found the person who had spread this rumor and slandered her brother.

"Little Wu, can you lend me your 'narrow wings' to ride on? I want to show off my power! "

"Of course." Wu Xin Die immediately dismounted from her horse, and gave her the 'narrow wing', "This horse, in the future, we will ride together!"

"Thank you for believing in me. I will go to Hidden Sword Villa. They left! "

Wu Xin Die watched as Xu Miao left, her heart heavy. She wanted to drag Xu Miao along to be so generous, but she was actually carrying the notoriety of a swindler! He owed Brother Luan a big favor and was just worrying about not being able to repay it, so he seized this opportunity to clarify Brother Luan's bad name and uncover the rumours. This was a bit of repayment. He had already made up his mind. He would first find the Five Poisons Grandmaster, the number one enemy, and investigate whether Brother Luan was a swindler or not.

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