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Wu Xin Die had sent out a notice to search for the Five Poisons Grandmaster among her friends. She had walked around the seven great cities and the nearby villages, and after some investigation, she finally found the Five Poisons Grandmaster at the foot of Wu Ling Mountain in the western part of Xiangyang City.

"Bro!" Wu Xin Die greeted the Five Poisons Grandmaster and shouted, "I have something to ask you!"

"Trash, coming to die!" When Patriarch Five Poisons saw the Chou Clan, his killing intent surged. He waved his machete, and the fighting baby, the vengeful spirit, let out a strange cry, and immediately pounced towards the Martial Heart Butterfly to release its Evil Flame.

"You want to fight?" Can you beat me!? "

Wu Xin Die was furious and was about to retaliate. It suddenly occurred to him that he had come to ask him a question. If he had been beaten to death, he would definitely not tell him anything that he needed to know. His hatred for him was as deep as the seas. He wouldn't lose anything if he were to be satisfied with just a single kill.

The Five Poisons Grandmaster was already at the ninth level, Battle Soul was much stronger than when he was in the Sword Pavilion. He only needed to fire the Martial Heart Butterfly three or five times before he could kill it.

"Damn it, sooner or later Martial Lord will return!" Wu Xin Die was hung up on Xiang Yang, went out of the city gate angrily, and then went to find the Five Poisons Grandmaster at the foot of Wu Ling Mountain.

"I've killed you once before. Now that you've killed me once, I'm even." Wu Xin Die felt like she was being trampled on by the Five Poisons Grandmaster, and her innocent body was destroyed in an instant. She swallowed her anger and asked, "Let me ask you, did you say that Brother Li was a scammer?"

"I did say it was so!"

"You said he's a liar, what did he lie to you about?" Wu Xin Die really did not expect him to be so straightforward.

"Bullsh * t, what could he possibly lie to me about!?" He lied to a friend of mine! Hah, did he trick your old lady's brassiere or her tit again? Can you fucking control it!? " The Five Poisons Grandmaster is humorous without losing his heroic nature.

Wu Xin Die silently cursed in her heart and asked, "Who is your friend?"

"Your father's friend is your son's uncle! Do you understand? " Patriarch Five Poisons was laughing uproariously.

"I mean what's your friend's name!"

Wu Xin Die thought to herself, "Endure!" No matter how smelly his fart was, she would pay him back in the future.

"Brat, do you really want to know? As long as you do as I tell you, I will tell you! "

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Stand at attention and curse yourself!" Scolding a 'fool', and scolding 'trash' again! "

Wu Xin Die cursed in her heart as she thought, "Good!" She scolded him, calling him "idiot" and then "trash." She scolded him sincerely and diligently. The Five Poisons Grandmaster was utterly flabbergasted, yet he was completely oblivious.

"Brat, stop scolding! I just want to see if you're loyal to your friends, why did you scold me? " The Five Poisons Grandmaster suddenly changed from his usual demeanor and laughed, "As the saying goes, we shall become friends if we don't fight!" Do you think I still remember your grudge? How can I be so petty! "

"Really?" Wu Xin Die was overjoyed, "You won't hold a grudge against me, that's great! More friends, more roads, less enemies, fewer walls. To be honest, I wholeheartedly want to be friends with you. I was afraid that you would take revenge on me. "

"No!" Old... How could I be so petty! " The Five Poisons Grandmaster chuckled and sighed, "I'm used to speaking with my mouth shut. I almost said the wrong thing to my brothers. It's my fight, it's my fight!"

"It doesn't matter! As a friend, calling me grandpa doesn't matter at all. It's just a hobby, so don't take it to heart! "Don't you think so?" Wu Xin Die was as usual when she entered the country.

"You're right, I can't change my mind now!" Patriarch Five Poisons paused for a moment. "Oh right, brothers, I heard you have a 'narrow wing'. Can I borrow it?"

"Alright!" You are now Grandpa's friend, so Grandpa will lend it to you even if Grandpa doesn't want to lend it to anyone. Grandpa's narrow wings run really fast, and Grandfather is going to ride it to rule the world! " Wu Xin Die's tone sounded like she was an ambitious old man.

"That horse is with you now?"

"It's not with grandpa, it's with your grandma."

"Get the horse back, and let me ride it!"

"Your grandma is going to travel. When grandpa meets your grandma, grandpa will come and ride for you!" Wu Xin Die promised confidently but pretended to be indifferent, "Oh right, brother, you said that brother was lying to your friend, who is your friend?"

"When you lend your horse to me, I'll tell you the truth! Right now, I don't want anything else but to ride that horse. "

"Don't be impatient!" As Wu Xin Die observed his expression, she felt that there was nothing left to sing at this point. She smiled and said, "Before Grandpa lent you a horse, you never told me the truth? How about grandpa lend it to you now? "

"Didn't you say you didn't have the horse?" The Five Poisons Grandmaster was overjoyed.

"Grandfather lied to you about that."

"Then lend the horse to your father now!"

"No, grandpa doesn't want to lend it to you again."

"Holy shit!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster was infuriated. "Why?!"

"Because, because grandfather knows that you, this grandson, has ill intentions!" Wu Xin Die had already expected that the Five Poisons Grandmaster would change from his usual self to swindle him out of his "narrow wings." She had already expected that the Five Poisons Grandmaster would change to his normal self to swindle him out of his' narrow wings'.

"F * ck your mother!" The Five Poisons Patriarchs were enraged. With a wave of their sabers, the infant and the wronged spirit immediately unleashed Evil Fire to incinerate the Martial Heart Butterfly.

Wu Xin Die initially did not plan to fight with him, but after being burned by the evil fire, she was immediately carried back to Xiang Yang.

"Heh heh, you want to lie to your grandpa like you lied to your little girl's first kiss, do you think you can do that?" Wu Xin Die sneered and ran to the foot of the Wu Ling County.

"Trash!" If you tell laozi to kill you a hundred times, laozi will tell you who the f * * k you are! " The Five Poisons Grandmaster also knew that the Martial Heart Butterfly would never lend him the precious "narrow wings". Thus, he wanted to ravage him to vent his anger.

"Make your move. Remember this well!"

The Five Poisons Grandmaster did not say a word and urged the baby to burn the Martial Heart Butterfly with the Evil Flame. Wu Xindie allowed him to do whatever he wanted, and was hung up on Xiang Yang time and time again. He had died more than a dozen times, and he had already suffered from a fourth-level injury. His cultivation technique was severely weakened.

"F * ck!" If he really killed me a hundred times, then my cultivation technique would be terrible! Am I not a cripple? "

Wu Xin Die's plan was true. Every time he was killed by the enemy, the power technique became weaker. The weaker the cultivation technique, the weaker the combat strength of the user. If it was really killed a hundred times by the Five Poisons Grandmaster, the Martial Heart Butterfly would become a cripple without any offensive or defensive capabilities.

"Motherf * cker!" "If I'm crippled, so be it. I can even let Brother Luan cripple him and take revenge for me!"

Wu Xin Die mustered up her courage and ran to the foot of the Wu Ling County to find Lan Xiaofei standing beside the Five Poisons Grandmaster.

"Hehe!" The shit pit is too big, there are all kinds of maggots! " Lan Xiaofei was filled with righteous indignation after seeing the Five Poisons Grandmaster kill Wu Xin Die several times in the distance. He sneered, "Little Sun, which hole are you a maggot from? There are actually maggots like you who 'hang on your bare ass and don't care about your face'! "

"Damn it, I think you're one of the Pacific police officers!" Get lost! "

"Aha!" I didn't know that you, an eight-and-a-half-pound turtle, would dare to use your big knife in front of Master Guan after swallowing a big weight – you really are a 'rat gnawing on a teapot' with a mouth full of words (porcelain)! "Hahaha!

"Your father doesn't care about the river and your father doesn't care about the water. Get the hell away from me!" When the Five Poisons Grandmaster saw that Lan Xiaofei was a Level 75 Shaolin Martial Ancestor, he knew that he would not be a match for him in a fight. Thus, he wanted to intimidate Lan Xiaofei and scare him off.

"You want to make Master Lan leave by farting?" Let me tell you, today, 'Jiang Men Shen met Second Master Wu'! If you don't want to 'beat the lanterns in the latrine - seeking death (feces)', then get my brother to return! " Lan Xiaofei chattered.

"Bullshit!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster was infuriated. "Damn it!" "If you piss laozi off, laozi will kill you as well!"

"Tch!" It's really 'The Dung Beetle's yawn is worse than a fart'! " Lan Xiaofei said as he gathered his anger. "I'll have you move the Dung Shrimp — out of here!"

Lan Xiaofei was filled with anger as he swiftly executed the "Jia Ye Kick" and "Wei Tuo Fist". With a thunder-like momentum, he struck a "Great Sumeru Palm" towards the Five Poisons Grandmaster.

The Shaolin Martial Ancestor's "Great Sumeru Palm" was extremely powerful and fierce. The wind from this palm strike landed squarely on the Five Poisons Grandmaster's body, slapping him to death with a single palm strike.

"Ahhh!" A palm strike to death, it really is' the Mi Klang Stupid Mouse '! " Lan Xiaofei chuckled.

Thank you, Big Brother, for taking action! If I didn't have to ask him for a favor, I would have killed him with a punch long ago! " Wu Xin Die had suppressed her anger for a long time, but she accidentally took advantage of Lan Xiaofei's hand to vent it out.

"Hm!" Brother is also a 'halfway through the cliff, Guanyin [Stone] Man', and the Five Poisons Grandmaster is a 'rock in the latrine' Stone is both smelly and hard, let me deal with him! "

The two of them were laughing heartily when they noticed the Five Poisons Grandmaster running over with a pair of daggers in his hands.

"Damn Wu Xin Die, you dare to hire people to kill me!" If you have the ability, then fight it out with laozi! " The Five Poisons Grandmaster gritted his teeth in hatred.

"This Brother Lan is someone who sees injustice and is not someone I hire. "If I want to kill you, I'll do it no harder than if Brother Lan killed you!" Wu Xin Die was very confident.

"Wu Du, Little Sun, you are just a mouse who has not weighed more than two kilograms. You don't need to wear a bra and act all pretentious! When you guys fight, Wu Xin Die is like a cat toying with a mouse, she can toy with you till you die! " Lan Xiaofei's rhetoric was gorgeous.

"Holy shit!" He shouted at Wu Xin Die, "Since he is not hired by you, then scold him! Do you think laozi scolded him in front of you? What do you want to ask laozi? Laozi will tell you everything! "

"Bullsh * t! If you have the guts, then fight with Martial Lord. If you don't, then scram! Martial Lord will treat you as trash and will find out who created this rumor! " Wu Xin Die originally wanted to compromise and fulfill her wish, even if it meant being tormented by the Five Poisons Grandmaster. Now that he had Lan Xiaofei's support, it would be too useless if he stayed out of this matter.

"Bro, don't bullshit with this stinky bug that 'stinks of skin and meat even after covering himself with a blanket'! This is what 'Lu Tianzhu caught the evil wolfhound - not killing it or anything'! " Lan Xiaofei's killing intent rose.

"Martial Heart Butterfly!" "I'll fight with you ten times. If you can beat me five times, then I'll tell you right now! Just which friend do you think I'm playing with? Do you dare to hit me, brat?"

"Martial Lord has been waiting for you to say those words!" After Wu Xin Die finished speaking, she gathered her anger.

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