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"Trash, die!"

The Five Poisons Grandmaster attacked first to gain the upper hand. Before Wu Xin Die could recover her anger, he waved his blade and pounced towards Wu Xin Die to release the evil fire.

"Little Sun of the Five Poisons Tribe, you …" The old granny's mouth — Shameless (teeth)! " Lan Xiaofei cursed the Five Poisons Grandmaster for his despicable actions.

"F * ck, laozi only knows that the victor is the king!" "As the Five Poisons Grandmaster spoke, he used the treasured saber 'Heavenly Demon' to chop off the Martial Heart Butterfly." The blade of the blade was as cold as water, exuding boundless killing intent. After being tempered, it became even more vicious.

"How dare you sneak attack the Martial Lord!"

By the time Wu Xin Die had finished gathering her anger, the Five Poisons Grandmaster had already run far away, leaving behind the baby, the vengeful spirit, to haunt her like a ghost. Wu Xin Die wanted to run over and hit him, but her baby was pestering her. The vengeful spirit continued to release evil fire, and the Five Poisons Grandmaster would release cold blades from time to time. Even before Martial Heart Butterfly's fist touched the side of the Five Poisons Grandmaster, it had already returned to Xiangyang.

"How could I be careless!" Wu Xin Die was defeated in her first round of attacks. She was flustered and furious as she ran to the foot of Wu Ling Mountain, prepared to kill the Five Poisons Grandmaster if she saw him.

"Trash again!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster had achieved victory in his first battle, he was immensely proud of himself. With a wave of his blade, he used the "Screw Corpse Technique" to summon his vengeful soul to pounce on the Burning Heart Butterfly, and immediately retreated far away.

"Don't run if you dare!" Wu Xin Die was entangled by the vengeful spirits again, and gritted her teeth in anger. She consumed a bottle of 'White Cloud Powder' and was about to rush over to kill the Five Poisons Grandmaster.

Once someone was entangled with the vengeful spirit of the Five Poisons Grandmaster, it would be very difficult to escape. Bai Yunsan, the blood recovery medicine that Wu Xin Die had consumed, could not withstand the fire of the vengeful spirit. He had only taken a few steps when he was chopped to death by the Five Poisons Grandmaster, and was sent back to Xiangyang.

"What the f * ck is going on!" Wu Xin Die was flustered and exasperated. She suspected that she might not be able to beat the Five Poisons Grandmaster, so she gathered her anger and ran to the foot of the Wu Ling County.

"We agreed to a duel, if you have the guts don't f * * king run around!" Wu Xin Die swallowed another bottle of medicine and activated the Arhat Formation, which could increase her running speed. She waved her fists and chased after the Five Poisons Grandmaster.

"I'm not an idiot like you. If you don't run, I'll wait for you to hit me!" Seeing that he was about to be overtaken by Wu Xin Die, the Five Poisons Grandmaster suddenly stopped and swallowed a bottle of medicine. He held onto Wu Xin Die's fist forcefully and used the "Holy Corpse Technique" to activate the vengeful spirit to pounce on the Burning Heart Butterfly. Wu Xin Die knew that if the Five Poisons Grandmaster ran away, she would definitely be surrounded by the spirits of the wrongdoers, working hard to attack the Five Poisons Grandmaster without a care for her own safety.

After being beaten up by Wu Xin Die for a few hits, the Poison Grandmaster had lost more than half of his HP. Shocked, he avoided Wu Xin Die's powerful punch with all his might, turning around to use his blade to hack at Wu Xin Die.

Half of Wu Xin Die's "Luohan Fist" struck the vengeful spirit, and only the first few punches hit the Five Poisons Grandmaster. Seeing that the Five Poisons Grandmaster no longer had much health left, and was about to strike again, his rage ran out. Having been attacked by the vengeful spirits of the evil fire and the poison knives of the Five Poisons Grandmaster, he was forced to return to Xiangyang.

"How did I do it!" Wu Xin Die was extremely dejected and sad. He regretted not learning the secret technique of "Hidden Dragon End Scripture". Even Young Master Wu's famous skill "Shadowless Feet" had not reached the level of mastery. Even though he had gone all out, he still couldn't beat the Five Poisons Grandmaster. He had already lost three out of ten battles. He wouldn't have to fight another three battles if he lost.

Wu Xin Die forced herself to pull herself together and was about to run to the foot of the Wu Ling County to fight with the Five Poisons Grandmaster when Lan Xiaofei ran towards her.

"Brother, if you fight like this, you'll never be able to defeat him!"

Lan Xiaofei was a spectator and had plenty of combat experience. He had seen through the situation and said, "You are at a lower level than him, and your equipment is not as good as his. You have to finish this quickly. If you can't kill him even if you run out of anger, you have no chance of winning! "Don't waste your strength on hitting the ghosts of the wronged. You have to make a move quickly and try to injure him severely in an instant. He himself is very fragile. You can kill him in three to five punches!"

As Lan Xiaofei spoke, he took out a Hidden Dragon Scripture and a pair of protective talismans from his personal bag. He said, "I'll give you both these protective talismans and the Hidden Dragon Scripture. With my sect's secret manuals and protective talismans, as long as you attack him, I'll guarantee your victory!"

"Yes, thank you, Big Brother." Otherwise, I really can't beat this grandson! "

Wu Xin Die put on Lan Xiaofei's red jadeite amulet and immediately felt that her body was much lighter than before, and the speed at which she executed her martial arts had also greatly increased. He pulled himself together and went to the foot of the Wu Ling County with Lan Xiaofei.

"Trash!" Today, I shall let you die a good death! " After he finished speaking, the Five Poisons Grandmaster was about to summon his vengeful spirit to pounce on the Burning Heart Butterfly.

"Hurry up and fight!" Wu Xin Die thought to herself as she punched the air.

This time, the Five Poisons Grandmaster was caught by the Martial Heart Butterfly's fist wind. He wanted to consume the medicine and struggle to escape, but unexpectedly, Wu Xin Die's fist was extremely fast.

"'Martial Heart Butterfly killed the Five Poisons Grandmaster! This is great! Brother, good job!" Lan Xiaofei applauded enthusiastically.

"It's all thanks to big brother lending me the protective talisman. It's really effective!" Wu Xin Die had defeated the Five Poisons Grandmaster with only three or five punches, she had finally managed to vent her anger.

"Now that you have the martial arts technique manual given to you by your Sect, when he comes back later, you will kick him with your foot without a shadow." This way, not only will it be fun, but it will also be absolutely foolproof! "

"Good!" I just so happen to use him to test the power of the « Hidden Dragon Calamity Scripture »! " Wu Xin Die was vigorous and vigorous. When she saw the Five Poisons Grandmaster running over, she immediately used "Jia Ye Kicks" and "Wei Tuo Fists" without saying anything further.

"Trash!" He borrowed someone else's equipment to show off! "If you have the guts, then take off your equipment!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster said as he activated the vengeful soul.

"Martial Lord isn't an idiot like you. If you unequip your equipment, you can kill him!" Martial Lord is about to start a massacre! "

Wu Xin Die was still ridiculing him with her words. While he was trying to activate the soul of the wrongdoer, she suddenly sent out a "traceless kick". The Five Poisons Sect Patriarch was kicked right in the face, and he immediately flew back to Xiangyang.

"This « Hidden Dragon Scripture » is so powerful!" Wu Xin Die remembered that her 'Shaolin temple's tiger cub' could not even be kicked to death by her 'Shaolin temple's foot'. Now that the 'Hidden Dragon Calamity Scripture' had boosted the attack of her foot, her kick had killed the Five Poisons Grandmaster. It was indeed powerful.

"It's nothing!" Even if his blood were to be doubled, it would still be 'a rat that breaks into a cat's nest – there will be no life left'! "

"Hahaha!" Wu Xin Die had won two battles consecutively, and her fighting spirit had risen greatly. She had no fear of the Five Poisons Grandmaster.

Wu Xin Die won three of the following five battles, and in order to prevent the Five Poisons Grandmaster from losing too badly and becoming angry to the point of going back on his words, she deliberately lost two matches, making a total of five victories.

"Alright, I won exactly five of the ten fights. If you didn't take your words just now as fart, then you should be saying that Brother Luan lied to some friends of yours right?"

"You pretentious piece of trash! If you don't lend someone else's equipment, you won't be able to beat laozi in a single match! " The Five Poisons Sect Patriarchs were still enraged.

"Whatever you want to say, just say it. But you have to say it out loud! Unless you fart like a dog, then you don't need to fart anymore. " Under the influence of Lan Xiaofei, Wu Xin Die became more confident.

"I think he would rather be a dog than say! These days, dogs are so popular. If you don't believe me, you can ask him! " Lan Xiaofei could not stop laughing.

"I'll tell you right now, Brother Lah lied to your uncle — to 260 pieces of the old brat's meteorite! [If I don't want to say it, I won't say it. If I say it, I won't lie to you!] Ask your uncle yourself! " As he spoke, he slowly approached and urged his vengeful spirit to pounce on Fen Wu Xin Die and Lan Xiaofei. He bellowed, "Dogs eat incense! You two, be dogs!"

"You son of a bitch, you can't cook a duck well!" Lan Xiaofei was infuriated. He executed his Qing Gong to a great distance, activating the Shaolin Martial Ancestor's powerful technique, the "Dragon Claw Hand". He ran to the Five Poisons Grandmaster's side and struck out with the "Great Sumeru Palm". The Five Poisons Grandmaster was killed instantly.

"This beast actually dares to play dirty. It's fortunate that big brother is so powerful!"

Wu Xin Die was flustered and didn't know what to do when she was attacked. She admired Lan Xiaofei for taking the attack so seriously. Lan Xiaofei returned the red jade amulet and the Hidden Dragon Scripture to Lan Xiaofei before asking, "Do you think that the Five Poisons Grandmaster's words are trustworthy?"

"Yes, there have been a lot of people who said that Brother Lai lied to other people about the meteoric iron fragments." However, Brother Lala's equipment was already excellent. Let alone a mere Meteoric Iron Fragment, even the extremely rare 'Flaming Metallic Soul' was something he did not care for. "However, there are a lot of people who said that he tricked them. I'm not too sure about that."

Wu Xin Die knew the function of the Falling Iron Fragment and the "Flaming Yellow Iron Spirit" – the Falling Iron Fragment was a material used to strengthen normal equipment, and the "Flaming Yellow Iron Spirit" could be used to break down and forge the "Sky and Earth Mystical Yellow" series of equipment. Now that he heard the Five Poisons Grandmaster's story, Lan Xiaofei had unclear evidence to back it up. His heart felt heavy. "Did he really lie to someone else?"

"Bro, if you want to investigate this, then go ahead and investigate! If anyone makes things difficult for you, you tell me! I am 'the blue bamboo stick in the beggar's hand - specialized in hitting evil dogs'! " Lan Xiaofei laughed as he mounted the horse. He cupped his hands and said, "Brother, we will meet again!"

"To be like Lan Xiaofei, who is loyal, capable and good, it is great to be able to roam the martial arts world freely and freely! "After I've found out about Brother Luan, I'll quickly become stronger!"

Wu Xin Die watched as Lan Xiao quickly left. Her heart was filled with longing, "Now go find that old fogey. I'll see how he makes things difficult for me!"

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