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Wu Xin Die had previously killed the old brat at the Sword Gate Pass because she was confident he would take revenge on her for finding trouble with him this time around. But to find out if Brother Tug was lying or not, the old boy was an important person that he had to face. He thought that he would have to let him do whatever he wanted to him.

"6: 45 PM. This guy should be in the preparation camp right now."

Wu Xin Die rushed over to Xiao Yuan Lou, the guide for the few battles at the mansion. As expected, she found the old brat sitting next to Xiao Yuan Lou with a stick in his hand.

"Yo, bro's here!" When the old brat saw Wu Xin Die walking over, he greeted her warmly and stood up to show his respect, "Brother, your brother's hands are itching and wants you to spar with him. Do you dare?"

"Match?" Wu Xin Die was shocked, but then she felt relieved – this fellow wanted to train with her properly and take revenge for that palm strike at the sword gate! Ma Qun immediately got angry and shouted, "If you want to fight, then do it!"

"Hehe, since Brother Wu is so straightforward, then I will make my move!" The old fellow waved the Green Dragon Staff, formed a "Cone of Heaven", and swung the staff towards the Martial Heart Butterfly.

The dragon head of the old man's Azure Dragon Staff was made of fine steel, and the strength of this "Cone of the Big Dipper" was extremely strong. The tip of the staff struck the stone floor, causing flames to explode in all directions. Wu Xin Die was too inexperienced to face the enemy head on, so with one move, she was hit by the wind from the old lad's pole and fell to the ground.

Seeing Wu Xin Die lying on the ground, the old boy was overjoyed. He raised the green dragon rod and was about to smash it down, but he suddenly stopped and pointed the tip of the rod at Wu Xin Die, proudly saying: "Brother Wu, stop hitting!"

Wu Xin Die suddenly jumped up. She hated herself for being such trash, to think that she would be restrained in one move. Tie Qing stood there with a pale face, not saying a word.

"Big brother, why are you giving way to me?" The old fellow showed Wu Xin Die his might, as if he had taken his revenge for the Sword Gate Pass, he kept his stick, and pretended to be afraid to dust Wu Xin Die, and asked in a deep voice: "Brother Wu, are you here to speak to your brother, or are you here to fight?"

"If I want to go to the battlefield, it's a coincidence that I run into you, brother. It's also good to have a chat with you!" When Wu Xin Die saw the old boy calling himself "brother" in a false manner, she decided to call herself "brother" instead of "brother".

"Brother, I have something to clarify with you, please forgive me!"

"Brother, if you have anything to say, just say it. I have always been magnanimous!" Wu Xin Die decided to not ask about Luan Ge's matter for now. She would first slowly fry the fish and see what kind of medicine he was selling before acting according to the circumstances.

"Brother, earlier on at the Sword Gate Pass, in order to let this brother show off his ability in front of Yang Potian, this brother purposely said some nasty words to provoke this brother, and forced this brother to show his hand. This brother isn't angry with this brother, right?"

"Mhmm, I knew you were intentionally angry at me. Brother, brother, you really put in a lot of effort!" Wu Xin Die's tone was so heart-wrenching that it made people cry.

"Brother, it's so good that you can understand your brother's difficulties! "Brother, I'm just afraid that brother will misunderstand. I thought that brother borrowed brother's horse and did not use it to take revenge on brother!" The old boy looked a little sad. "I thought about it later, and it was all because of how reckless I was. Although you are my brother, I borrowed your horse the moment I saw you and didn't even give you a present. To be honest, your brother was killed by your brother at that time. I feel that your brother is really a pure man, and am truly proud of having such a brother! "

"Bro, it really wasn't easy for you!" Wu Xin Die laughed out loud. She was amazed at the old man's superhuman ability to endure humiliation.

"This brother can empathize with brother's heart. Whatever brother does for brother, it's all worth it!" To be honest, I, your brother, feel that your brother's' narrow wings' are extremely mighty! "Brother, if you can get on this brother's horse, even if you can't level anymore, you're still willing to!"

"Don't worry, you'll get on it sooner or later."

"Brother, can I borrow brother to ride that horse?" Just ride for a while. "

"Hey, that horse isn't here."

"Who's there?"

"Here it is!" Xu Miaoyin suddenly ran over as fast as a horse, "Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, don't lend him the horse! He purposely lied to you, Ma Di. He didn't have any good intentions! Don't lend it to him! "

"No way, I think this old kid is a good person." You could tell it just by looking at how he spoke. It's very, very generous to call him a brother! "There aren't many people like him around now, why would he lie to me?"


The old fellow suddenly kneeled in front of Wu Xin Die, "Brother, thank you brother! Thank you brother for trusting you so much! "Brother, I know that Xu Miaoxin's words have more weight than brother's words, but just because of this, I can still trust you so much. I am so touched that I am crying!"

"Little Wu, why are you so silly!" He clearly wanted to borrow your Ma Di, but if he didn't return it, he would trick him into taking it away! Little Wu must not borrow, must not drip! "

"Little Xu, you killed him with a single sentence. This is your fault. Do you still remember the displeasure at the entrance to the sword door? That was just a misunderstanding. Back then, they squeezed me with those nasty words, it was actually for my own good. Now we are brothers in life and death! "

"Little Wu, you are too stupid! Drip, drip, drip! Even if you were to lend him the horse, I will not agree to it! " Xu Miaoyin shouted loudly.

"Hey, Xu Miaoyin, what makes you think that I want to lie to my brother?"

"I can't rely on that! I'm just relying on what I feel!" I feel like you are trying to trick little Wu Dai Ma Di! "

"Based on your feelings? Hehe, I say, you're the one with ill intentions! "You intentionally called me a swindler so as to not let go of the horse. You want to take it for your own?!"

"You're talking nonsense!" "I agree to lend the little Wu Di Ma to anyone, even if it means lending to you, I will not agree to anything!"

"Alright, alright." Wu Xin Die cupped her hands in an attempt to smooth things over, and smiled, "Miao Xin, you believe in your feelings, and I also believe in my own feelings. I feel that this old fellow is a capable person, just by looking at his words, you can tell that he is someone who values his feelings! "Listen to me, lend him the horse!"

"No way!" Little Wu, you're too gullible! I don't know how to explain it to you, but I just won't agree to it! "

"Brother, do you think that brother didn't wrongly accuse her? She just wants to keep the horse for herself! "

"I won't tell you! Anyway, I won't let you lie to little Wu Dai Ma Di! You won't succeed! "

"Hai." Wu Xin Die sighed and said with melancholy, "Brother, you saw it too. It's not that I don't want to lend you my horse! Miao Xin is a bit stubborn, even if I want the horse myself, I'm afraid she won't give it to me. But when she understands your character, I'm sure she'll lend it to you. "

"Brother Zhe, when will you be able to mount this' narrow wing '?"

"That's hard to say."

"Is that so?" The old kid's question seemed to have a deeper meaning, he sneered, "Brother, do you have anything else to say? Brother is going to the Grassland Yard to dig out more food! "

"Yep, I have something to ask you. I heard that Brother Luan lied to you about 260 pieces of Meteoric Iron. Is that true?"

"Is this what I meant by a trivial matter?" This was something that was even bigger than the sky. How could it be called a small matter? This brother really knows how to speak! This brother isn't just asking along the way, right? Have I not suffered enough at the hands of the Five Poisons Grandmaster for this trivial matter that I spoke of? "Hehe, hehe!" The old man sneered.

"If you have any ideas, just say it!" Wu Xin Die reckoned that the old brat had already received the notification from the Five Poisons Grandmaster, if he tried to coax him again, it would just be a waste of his breath.

"Speak clearly, this brother only wants this brother to give him some Golden Flower!" How much can I give? This brother will decide for himself. If I say too little, brother will go straight to the battlefield, I'm too lazy to bargain with brother! " The old boy thought it would be good to get some gold if the horse could not be tricked.

"No rush!" "Answer me first, has Brother Luan ever lied to you about 260 pieces of meteorite?"

"Yes!" If he didn't trick his brother with 260 pieces of meteorite, his entire family would die tomorrow, would your brother believe that? "

"I'll believe you this once." Wu Xin Die thought that no matter what the old brat did, he would not take her entire family as an oath, "I'll give you 100 gold coins!"

"200 gold!" Brother will give brother 200 gold. If you want to ask brother something, brother will tell you the truth! "If you want to lose one gold, you might as well roll!"

"Old brat, you're so evil!" "Thank goodness I didn't lend you the horse, you scoundrel!" Xu Miaoxin was furious, and she fiercely looked down on the old man.

"I'll give you 200 gold." Wu Xin Die threw the two hundred gold wrapped bag to the old man and asked, "You can have the gold. Tell me how Brother Luan lied to you about the 260 pieces of Meteoric Iron!"

"Brother, go ask Hua Ya, she's in Dali's exam room right now. Hurry up, we won't be able to find her if we're too late! "

"Why the hell should I ask her? If I give you the gold, you have to answer me! "

"Brother, just give me another 200 gold, and you'll say that I deserve this 200 gold!" "Brother, you can calculate for yourself how much you've earned from calling me Brother! Brother only spent 200 gold, and I've earned a lot from calling you Brother! Haha!"

"You despicable scumbag!" Wu Xin Die was infuriated, regretting her haste to ask, so she gave him the two hundred gold coins so easily.

"What's wrong with this little one? Is this little one not good enough?" This lowly person's life is so comfortable! Brother, to be honest, not only am I a villain, I'm also a thief. The old boy was all smiles and had no sense of shame.

"You really don't care about face!" I'm going to die from anger! Little Wu, let's not bother about this lowly person anymore! " Xu Miaoxin scolded.

"Yes, his whole family is going to die anyway. I'll give 200 gold to him to buy a coffin!" Wu Xin Die felt pain in her heart at the two hundred gold she had wasted on him.

"Holy shit, I can take you insulting my whole family to death, so don't mention the coffin to me. If you mention it again, I'll curse you to death!"

"Let's go." Wu Xin Die didn't want to waste her time with the old fogey anymore, so she stepped onto the "narrow wing" and rushed to Dali's examination hall with Xu Miaoyi.

The examiner, Bunny, had set up an examination hall in Dali. When Wu Xin Die and Xu Miaoxin arrived at the examination hall, Hua Ya was standing next to Bunny, answering the questions.

"Hua Ya, let me ask you something. Do you know if Brother Lah has ever lied to the old brat's meteoric iron fragments?" "How did you cheat me?" Wu Xin Die ran over to Hua Ya's side and asked straightforwardly.

"I know! The old brat is my boyfriend. He was indeed tricked by Brother Li into breaking through the meteorite, there are 260 of them! "

"Oh?" Wu Xin Die's heart tensed up as she asked, "How did Brother Li manage to deceive him?"

"How about I tell you later? I'm answering the question right now — the riddle! How about you help me guess the riddle, and then I'll tell you after that, okay? "

"That's easy." Wu Xin Die thought that even if she guessed the riddle, she wouldn't say it, it wouldn't hurt at all, "If you can do the difficult riddle, then tell me!"

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