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Hua Ya was very polite. She cupped her hands towards Wu Xin Die and Xu Miao Xin and smiled, "We shall start answering the questions now. Tail glabrous, unable to fly with wings! Fight an animal and solve it! "

"Fish." Wu Xin Die did not hesitate.

"Wow, that's right! Next question – There were no silkworms, no silkworms, and no worms. There was an umbrella and no one. There was a nest and no bees! Kill a plant! "

"It's a lotus root drop!" Xu Miaoyin also did not want to be lonely.

"You're right. You're so smart!" Hua Ya clapped her hands to show her friendliness, "Next question — even though your name is negative, you are actually very positive. Busy working all day, hard work! "A machine?"

"A tractor!" Wu Xin Die laughed loudly. Back then, he had put a lot of effort into this machine.

"Hehe, you are so awesome! Next question – as tall as the two brothers, they would race as soon as they stepped out of the house. He had to wait for a long distance, but he couldn't catch up! "Do something!"


"You guessed right again! Next question – If you have a mouth, you can't say it. If you have stomach, you can't eat the bun. Although there was no stomach disease, he vomited too much yellow water! Get me some daily necessities. "

"This must be the teapot!" Xu Miaoyin was not inferior in the slightest.

"Un, powerful!" Next question - the root is not deep to stand high, to be long to short to see a hobby. In order to find a beautiful appearance and appearance, how much effort was needed?! Hit the organs of the human body! "

"It's a hair drop!" It's not wrong! "

"You guessed right again! The last question — if you go, it goes, if you stop, it stops. Its length had changed a lot, and if there was no light, he would not see it! "What are you fighting for!?"

"There's no need to remind me. It's just a shadow." Wu Xin Die insisted.

"That's right! "Haha, I've become a High Scholar, thank you so much!" Hua Ya was endlessly thankful as she laughed, "Today, my luck is really good. I drew the exam room and ended up in the Laughing Forest exam room. Why don't you help me test my brain again? I want to take advantage of my good luck and take the test! "

"No problem, congratulations!" Wu Xin Die clapped her hands and felt that Hua Ya and her boyfriend were two completely different people. Seeing her courteous, he decided to do his best to help her with the exam.

"Hua Ya, you don't look like an old brat to me. You are a good person!" We will help you answer the questions! " Xu Miaoyin smiled.

"Hm!" Now it's time to start answering the question — what's the difference between Superman and Batman? "

"One inside the panties and the other outside!" Wu Xin Die observed her panties and understood the heaven's will with a single word.

"Correct!" Next question — is porridge or scones expensive? "

"Sweet rice!" The teachers of the primary school have taught them well, and the rarer the goods the more precious they are! " Xu Miaoyin was extremely intelligent, and she explained Arcana according to the classics.

"Haha, Big Sister Miao Xin, you are really interesting! Next question — What's the difference between Confucius and Mencius?

"The Confucius drop is on the left, and Meng Zi drop is on the right!" Xu Miao-xin's mind was full of ingenuity.

Big Sister Miao Xin is so powerful! "The last question — who is Boxing's father?"

"Alibaba. The fist king is Ali! " After breaking it, Wu Xin Die gave a brief explanation.

"Correct!" I made it to the Scholar's Institute again, ha-ha ha! Thank you! " Hua Ya was extremely excited. She said jubilantly, "I want to try to solve the riddle of the language in one go. I want to get a Bachelor's degree, and then help me out, okay? "Don't scold me for getting ahead of myself!"

"It's nothing, we like you, you keep taking the exam and that's all!" Xu Miaoxin had a good feeling about Hua Ya.

"Then I shall enter the Hall Competition! He began to answer the questions — he bit off the cow's tail. "Fight!"

"It's a notice!" Xu Miaoyin was like a living dictionary as she blurted out these words.

"Big Sister is awesome! The next question — — When five girls took a bath, ten boys peeked at them. An idiom! "

"Hur hur. This riddle is too old, it is too colorful! " Although Wu Xin Die was not knowledgeable, she had already memorized the mysteries that men like them should know as a child.

"Un, that's right!" The next question — Take up the toilet. "Type one or four words into the spoken language!"

"We can't stay for long!" Wu Xin Die was always sensitive to latrines and feces.

"Haha, you got it right!" Hua Ya's smile was like a flower, "Last additional question! Once the answer was correct, he would leave the examination hall. It was something that the monk had, but it was not needed. The eunuchs did, but not after entering the palace. Foreigners have it, and it's usually longer than the Chinese! "

"This... I don't want to guess! Little Wu, guess it yourself! " Xu Miaoyin was too shy to speak.

"Let me think." Wu Xin Die thought of an organ in her body. On second thought, the Imperial Examinations, despite being an absurd and unruly Laughing examination hall, should not be filled with such vulgar riddles. He lit a cigarette and held his chin as he tried to think of another riddle.

"Little Wu, what are you thinking of doing, holding your mouth!?" Your sister-in-law is here! "

Wu Xin Die was in the middle of deep thought when she saw Amushu pulling a cigarette towards her. She quickly stood up and asked, "Is sister-in-law back?" "Little Brother Feng, are you alright?"

"After sewing 16 needles, you won't die!" I think he's quite manly. This time, sister-in-law is going to follow him! " Amushu gave him a thumbs-up. Pulling up a leather chair, he sat down with a flourish, slammed his feet on the computer table, took a deep breath of smoke, and asked with narrowed eyes, "What are you playing at? Why are you so worried? "

"I'm trying to help people figure it out."

Wu Xin Die then explained the last question of Hua Ya to Amushu and smiled, "I helped her answer a lot of riddles, but I was still unable to figure out the last one."

"F * * k, I am Genghis Khan! You can't even guess at such a simple riddle? You're a man! Let me ask you, what is a man's lifeblood? " A pair of big eyes that were as clear as water peeked at the Martial Heart Butterfly's bottom.

"Sister-in-law, you're wrong!" It can't be what you think. Absolutely not! " Wu Xin Die was embarrassed by Ah Mu Shu's stare.

"Did I think wrong?" How do you know what I think? " Ah Mu Shu suddenly burst into laughter. She patted the back of Wu Xin Die's head and laughed, "Idiot Xiao Wu, the answer to this riddle is the name! You can't even guess such a simple riddle, and you still have the nerve to help others guess! "Hmm, it seems like sister-in-law will have to pass on some classic riddles to you!"

"Name? — That's right, it's a name!" Wu Xin Die suddenly realized what was going on and laughed at herself for thinking too much. She almost laughed at the man's joke.

"Xiao Wu, do you like riddles? "Sister-in-law will pass on to you the classic riddles that Sister-in-law has cherished. You can play around with others and guess them. I guarantee that you'll be able to stand out!" Amushu smiled evilly.

"Sister-in-law, just say it. I'll remember the classics."

"Absolutely classic!" Guess now if you don't believe me — a man sits naked on a rock and a woman sits naked on a rock! Two idioms! "

"Let me think …" Wu Xin Die pondered for a while, and said with a depressed tone, "I can't guess!"

"Idiot!" It was like an egg striking a stone, and it was just a small mistake! " As he spoke, he took a pen and wrote on a piece of paper.

"I'm dizzy!" Wu Xin Die understood what he meant and her expression changed drastically. Sweat started to appear on her forehead.

"What do you think, that's classic enough, isn't it?" Two more for you — men's panties and women's panties! Two kinds of snacks, guess! "

"I can't guess." Wu Xin Die and the panties had a deep relationship, so she was well versed in it, so the next step would definitely be to release the panties. In front of his sister-in-law, this sort of thing was unsuitable for him to ask.

"Idiot!" The bottom of the mystery is the Jell-O and the Jell-O! " Amushu was beaming with joy, afraid that Wu Xin Die would not be able to understand his words. She then wrote down a few words on the paper, hoping to not be confused.

"Sister-in-law, this isn't called classic, this is called perverted." It's simply too yellow! " Wu Xin Die wiped the sweat off her forehead and said seriously: "How could a good person guess such a vulgar riddle? This kind of riddle is not even a part of the scene. "

"You don't understand this, do you? Brother, this isn't called yellow, this is called interest! Do you know what flavors are? That is to say, if you were to guess these riddles to a girl, you could easily capture her heart! Back then, your little Brother Feng dared to guess these riddles at me. After I heard this, I had a physiological reaction. Then, I thought that you, Feng Got, was very interesting, especially capable of making women happy! Then she agreed to follow him into the pit, and then the physiological reaction was resolved. After that, I have firmly memorized these riddles! "

Wu Xin Die lowered her head and listened to her advice, laughing in her heart: "Humph, only an unruly woman like you would praise such a riddle! You didn't tell me this riddle to make me shy, did you? "

"Little Wu, what do you mean by that?" Amushu noticed that Wu Xin Die had a sneer on her face. She sounded unhappy, "Do you think that I look like a hooligan?"

"No, no. I feel that sister-in-law is a female hero!" Wu Xindie's words had just left her mouth, yet she was already impressed. In this situation, she could actually think of the words' a female hero '. Seriously!

"Hmm, if you really think that sister-in-law is a heroine, then post the riddles I've just taught you in this martial arts world. I want to see how these people will react!" Amushu looked serious.

"No way, no way! There were many gentlemen in the martial arts world. If they knew that I had issued such a riddle, they would kill me until I had nowhere to hide! " Wu Xin Die was deeply afraid that if these riddles were released, it would seriously affect her popularity in the martial arts world and her future development. Therefore, she had to lie.

"Then let's not send out these riddles. We'll just send out another classic! I guarantee that the mystery will be pure and not yellow at all! I'll send it to the girl you were talking about just now! " Amushu still refused to rest.

"Then you have to tell me first. I'll go through it first!"

"Alright!" The riddle was — the shit on a pig's ass, the name of a song! "Since it's the song's title, then it shouldn't be yellow, right?"

"Sister-in-law, why do all the riddles you're guessing have buttocks? "He's always been a dribbler!" Wu Xin Die's evaluation of her "butt" was not high, so she was hesitant.

"It's a pure coincidence! The answer to this riddle is the name of a song. Quickly tell this riddle to Hua Ya and let her guess! " Amushu could not wait any longer.

"Alright then." Wu Xin Die was helpless. She first told Hua Ya the answer to the last question of Xiao Lin's exam and then smiled, "Ya ya, I have a riddle here. Do you want to guess?"

"Well, I guess! Say it. " Hua Ya had obtained the "Scholar Xiao Lin" certificate in one go and was in an excellent mood.

"Mm, the riddle is — the shit on a pig's butt, the name of a song!"

"Oh! Let me think, don't be in such a hurry! "

"Sister-in-law?" Wu Xin Die saw the naughty smile on Amushu's face and felt that the situation was not good, so she probed, "Since Hua Ya is guessing, why don't you tell me the answer to the riddle first?"

"Hahaha!" Amushu laughed heartily and said, "The answer to the riddle is Old Song — your face with tears flowing down your face! Quickly tell Hua Ya! "

"Sister-in-law, you …" Are you trying to scam me? What do you want me to tell her! " Wu Xin Die knew that she was being sold by Amushu, but she felt angry but couldn't do anything about it.

"Hahahaha!" You all are truly laughable me! " Amushu covered her stomach and laughed out loud. The high heels on her feet made the computer table clatter, and she laughed until she was exhausted. "Little Wu, don't be angry. Sister-in-law still needs to coax your little brother Feng to be happy, let's go first! "

"Alright, I won't send you off." Wu Xin Die couldn't wait for her to leave as she watched her walk out of the internet cafe. Anger welled up in her heart as she scolded, "You little bitch, you've made fun of me time and time again!"

Hua Ya pondered for a long time, but could not guess the answer to Wu Xin Die's riddle, and anxiously said, "What is the answer to the riddle? Tell me!"

"This riddle is not a good one. If you can't figure it out, then don't!" Wu Xin Die purposefully avoided this infuriating mystery and changed the topic: "The exam is also over, you have to tell me how the old brat was tricked into using his meteoric iron fragment!"

"You have to tell me the riddle first! If you don't say it out loud, my heart will definitely be stuffed with something! " Knowing the riddle but not knowing the bottom of it, like knowing that you have won a prize but not knowing what it is, feeling anxious!

"Alright! I can tell you the answer first, but you have to promise me that you won't be angry if I tell you the truth! " Wu Xin Die first sent out a "Do not be angry" message.

"Well, I won't be angry! Say it. "

"The answer to that riddle is — your face in tears. "Hey, don't be angry!"

"Why is the mystery your face in tears? I don't understand! " Hua Ya was confused.

"This …"

Wu Xin Die was speechless. No matter how eloquent he was, it would be difficult for him to give an ingenious explanation of this shameful mystery. Just as he was trying to come up with an excuse, he suddenly discovered that Hua Ya's smiling face had suddenly turned ashen.

"Wu Xin Die, you are bullying me too much, aren't you? Look, I can't answer Bunny Little Ya's questions. If you say I'm stupid, then call me stupid. Why are you calling me a pig? Do you think it's fun to insult others? Honestly, you helped me answer a lot of questions. I was very grateful to you in the beginning, but now I'm angry with you! You're the pig! "You're a pig, a pig!" Hua Ya suddenly woke up and was unable to contain her anger.

"It's over!"

Wu Xin Die slapped her thigh and scolded Amushu in her heart. Originally, he had helped this key figure, Hua Ya, so perhaps he would be able to successfully interrogate her about whether she was lying or not. Unexpectedly, Amushu's tasteless riddle ruined his plans. Seeing that Hua Ya was angered by this riddle to the point that her branches were trembling, if she continued to interrogate him, it would take a lot of effort. She could not help but giggle.

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