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"You misunderstand!"

Wu Xin Die saw that Hua Ya was enraged and quickly explained, "I will guess this riddle for you. Before, I did not know the answer to the riddle, but I was betrayed by someone!"

"I don't care! In any case, you have insulted me and I'm angry! " Hua Ya was infuriated.

"Ya ya, don't be like this!" Little Wu was a good person! He did not do it on purpose! " Xu Miaoyin kindly advised.

"Hehe!" Hua Ya cunningly smiled and mischievously said, "I'm teasing him! I like riddles so much, how can I get angry over a riddle? "

"So you were just teasing me? "You really played me half to death." Wu Xin Die laughed and slowly turned to the main topic at hand, "I heard from an old fogey that you lied to him for 260 pieces of meteoric iron. You are his girlfriend, so you should know the details. Tell me, right?"

"Alright!" Hua Ya seemed to have mustered up all her courage as she said through gritted teeth, "Anyway, I've already proposed to break up with him. I can sell him out however I want!"

"Young man, if you're in a relationship and you don't develop properly, why did you break up?"

"He made friends with a bunch of his friends, committed crimes, and had a fist-sized skull tattooed on his arm!" Not only did he like to steal things, he even used them to help his girlfriend. She stole the money to video chat with a fox spirit called Liu Wenling and even gave her a card! It's fine if I don't want a boyfriend like that, right? " Hua Ya was filled with complaints.

"Where are you from?" Wu Xin Die had a deep impression of the "skull tattooed on her arm", and her heart skipped a beat.

"I'm from Phoenix City, where are you from?"

"Phoenix City." Wu Xin Die was quite shocked as she asked again, "Is that old fella ranked seventh amongst his sworn brothers?"

"That's right! How do you know? "

"I guessed." After being shocked, Wu Xin Die was no longer confused. This old fart was indeed the bad youth who stole 600 yuan from others on the bus and was then bullied by Amushu. She said, "Tell me, how did this old fogey's meteoric iron fragment get taken away by Brother Li?"

"En!" Hua Ya paused for a moment, "Not long ago, the old brat went to Phoenix City to play with a person called Tang Xiaoxiao. After he came back, he took 260 pieces of Meteoric Iron. It just so happened that La Ge was trying to buy the piece of meteorite, and he wanted to sell it to him for 2600 gold. It was laughable, he was too careless when he made the deal with Brother Lago, he just gave him a money bag worth 260 gold and he ran away. Then, he turned around and asked Brother Lala for the remaining gold, "Brother Lala, why don't you just leave?"

"Are you sure this is what happened?"

"Of course! Because when he made the deal with Brother Lah, I was watching from the side and saw it with my own eyes! " Hua Ya was serious, "You have to make me say, this matter is all the fault of the old brat, he just took a big bargain with me. However, it wasn't quite right for Brother Lago to ignore him after picking up such a cheap deal! "What do you think?"

"Yes." Wu Xin Die was filled with mixed feelings, thinking that although pulling this brother's vote wasn't a lie, it seemed to be a bit too much.

"Little Wu, this is how things are!" "If you say you're a swindler, then you're an old fogey. We can leave!"

"No, he wasn't the one who said that Brother Luan was a liar!" Hua Ya corrected him, "At that time, he was greatly taken advantage of by Brother Lago, and indeed scolded him a few times, but he did not say that Brother Lah was a swindler. I thought it was strange. He was a narrow-minded person, but he got taken advantage of by Brother Li. He just cursed a few times and that's all.

"On the second day, many people were saying that the second place in the martial arts world was actually deceiving people. I asked the old boy if he was trying to spread the word that Brother Li was taking advantage of him. He said no, it was his good friend Tang Xiaoxiao who was fighting against injustice for him. He said that not only did Tang Xiaoxiao advertise that Brother Lah is a fraud, he also started a group of friends and relatives to spread the news. He said that he wanted to make Brother Lah's reputation suffer from the incident with the Meteoric Iron Fragment and make it difficult for him to continue living in the martial arts world. "

"Tang Xiaoxiao?" Wu Xin Die was shocked as she asked, "Why is Tang Xiaoxiao slandering me?"

"I heard from the old brat that Tang Xiaoxiao has a grudge with Brother Luan. In the battlefield, Tang Xiaoxiao was often dragged along and killed. Furthermore, while she was levelling, she was also chased down and killed by him. This was why Tang Xiaoxiao went around publicizing that he was a swindler. "One is to avenge his personal grudge, and two is to vent a grievance for the old kid."

"Ah, this is no small matter! I ask again, are you telling the truth? "

"I heard what the old brat said. I didn't lie to you, and he probably didn't lie to me! At that time, he came to me and told me that if you came to me to ask about the fraud of Lago, I should never tell you about Tang Xiaoxiao's scheme. Haha, I was going to say it! "He treated my girlfriend better than Liu Wenling, and he doesn't blame me for turning his elbow, do you?"

"Tang Xiaoxiao!" Wu Xin Die gritted her teeth, and immediately said goodbye to Xu Miao Xin and Hua Ya. He first went to find Lan Xiaofei to borrow the Red Jade Body Protection Talisman and the Hidden Dragon Scripture. Then, he rushed to the Tang Sect in the middle of Shu.

"?" Which gust of wind brought this brother here? "

Tang Xiaoxiao was at the door of the Tang Sect's organ room, cultivating the Endless Bead Record when she saw Wu Xin Die riding over. She laughed heartily as she came forward. "Where did you get this horse?"

"I'll return the hundred gold coins to you first!" Wu Xin Die did not answer and instead, got down from her horse to take out her purse.

"There's no need to return it. Didn't Old Tang say he was going to give it to you?" Where did you get this horse? "

"This time is different from the past. We must return it!" Wu Xin Die's tone was heavy as she forcefully gave him a money pouch that was worth a hundred gold.

"It's really different from the past now huh? Brother is rich! " Tang Xiaoxiao was overjoyed as he weighed the money bag in his hands, "Old Tang only has this' narrow wing '. "Where the hell did you get this horse?"

"What I said before is different from the past. That's not what I meant!" Wu Xin Die's tone was cold, "You and this old fogey are good friends?"

"Hm, speaking of friendship, it's alright." Tang Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and suddenly laughed evilly, "This brat is also from Phoenix City and he even came to play with me not too long ago. I let him visit the coffin shop and almost sh * ted him out." That's right, brother, I didn't scare you that day right? "

"Old Tang, do you often get pulled down and killed on the battlefield?" Wu Xin Die said lightly.

"Why did you mention this all of a sudden?"

Tang Xiaoxiao's expression changed as she said in a depressed tone, "He is too fierce. He is much more ferocious than the infamous Yi Dolo! The moment they met, he kicked them to the ground. If he doesn't go to the battlefield, Old Tang would at least be able to earn some military merits. Once he goes to the battlefield, he'll only be able to receive a beating. "

"Then you must hate him to the bone, right?"

"Nonsense!" "If you get tossed around by him like Old Tang, it'd be weird if you don't hate him so much that you want to swallow him."

"Yes." Wu Xin Die laughed in agreement, "I heard that he is a scammer. Did you know that?"

"I know." He cheated the old brat of 260 pieces of Meteoric Iron, which caused his reputation to go bad. "

"I heard that he was so angry that he wanted to leave seclusion because he couldn't stand people calling him a liar. Do you think that's a good thing?"

"He wants to retire?" Tang Xiaoxiao was extremely excited, "It would have been better if he had retired! Otherwise, if he continues like this, when will we be able to make a comeback! "

"Makes sense!" Wu Xin Die laughed arrogantly as she thought to herself, "Hua Ya really did not lie to me." After pondering for a moment, he smiled and said, "Old Tang, can you help me up at the Sword Gate Pass? "I just ran into a monster. I can't beat it."

"Yes, Old Tang has always been helping others with their fun. That's easy to talk about!" However, I need to fix the secret weapon, the 'Secret Poison Assassin's Needle'. If you don't cultivate now, it's going to explode! "

"Stop cultivating!" It was just a small monster, but it took you two or three seconds to take care of it. You'll have to fix it when you go missing. It will be difficult to find it again! "

"Alright, let's cultivate it later."

Tang Xiaoxiao mounted the horse and immediately headed for the Sword School with Wu Xin Die.

The monsters in the Sword Door Pass were all around Level 50.

"Which monster do you want to fight?" Tang Xiaoxiao looked around. There were no powerful monsters in front of him, "Just these monsters. You can handle them yourself."

"I'm not going to deal with these monsters." As Wu Xin Die spoke, she gathered her Qi and activated the "Hidden Dragon Termination Technique" contained in the "Hidden Dragon Destruction Scripture".

"What kind of monsters are we fighting?" Tang Xiaoxiao was puzzled as she slowly rode her horse to patrol the surroundings.

Wu Xin Die gathered her energy and ran to Tang Xiaoxiao's side. She suddenly shouted, "Watch me kick you to death, you bloody monster!" As soon as he finished his sentence, Fang Luo kicked out with a "Traceless Kick!"

Tang Xiaoxiao was caught off guard, and his leg was kicked off the horse. Wu Xin Die took the opportunity to kick Tang Xiaoxiao's concealed weapon, the "Secret Poison Assassin Needle", into pieces and turned it into a piece of trash.

"Holy shit!" Tang Xiaoxiao was shocked, "Old Tang's hidden weapon was destroyed by your kick!"

"Kick it until it explodes." Wu Xin Die said as she gathered her anger.

"Did you eat dog shit?" Tang Xiaoxiao was inexplicably attacked, but she felt angry yet confused, "Why did you hit me!"

"Hehe, I will play with you." Wu Xin Die's face was full of smiles. While he was still stunned, she suddenly took the opportunity to kick him.

Tang Xiaoxiao's concealed weapon had been destroyed and she was unable to retaliate. Even though she had been repeatedly kicked by Wu Xin Die, she was still at level 79. Once she consumed a bottle of medicine, she would immediately recover.

"You tricked me here to kill me? Can you kill me!? " Tang Xiaoxiao sneered. Seeing Wu Xin Die stubbornly fighting with him, she said harshly, "Why on earth did you hit Old Tang!"

"You are a liar and a liar! You should be beaten!"

"Bullshit!" Who said that I made up a rumor that he was a liar? Explain yourself to me! " Tang Xiaoxiao was furious.

"That's what the old brat's girlfriend said!"

"She said I did, I said I didn't. What should I do!?"

"You and Brother Lah have a deep grudge, you can't beat him, so you want to use that old brat's 260 pieces of meteoric iron fragment to spread rumors and frame him! You want to use your notoriety as a swindler to force him to retire! If he kills you, you can kill him and scold him, but if you are spreading rumors that he is a swindler, then you are too much of a scumbag! You dare to do it but you don't dare to admit it? " Wu Xin Die was filled with righteous indignation and anger.

"Bullsh * t!" Tang Xiaoxiao was furious, "Old Tang hasn't done many good deeds, but he dares to report all the bad deeds he has done! That's right, I was hoping for him to disappear as soon as possible, but I never said that he was a scammer! "

"You can say whatever you want now, but when the time comes, you won't have to say anything!"

"I won't say anything now! Brat, I think you are f * cking someone who is good enough to be brothers. Let me warn you, don't be fooled by others into thinking that you are smart! I also hope that the truth will be revealed. When the time comes and I don't say anything, I'll see how you explain it to me! "

"No matter what you say, I will continue to investigate this matter!"

"Aren't you talking nonsense? Of course you have to continue your investigation. Even if you didn't do so, I still had to do it! I can't let someone take a shit from me for no reason! "Wait until I find out what happened. Brat, you have wronged me, don't expect me to apologize just because you said so!"

"Rest assured, I also hope that I have wronged you!" "If I wronged you, I will give you an explanation. If I didn't wrong you, you have to give me, Brother Luan, and the entire martial arts world an explanation!" Wu Xin Die's expression was stern.

"Alright, go check you. I'll check me." Old Tang's only hidden weapon has been destroyed by you. When I find out the truth, you'll have to think of how to compensate me! " After saying this, Tang Xiaoxiao left with a smack on the back of her horse.

"Did I really wrongly accuse him?" Wu Xin Die watched him leave in anger, feeling extremely puzzled in her heart: "Hua Ya didn't lie to me, did she? However, Tang Xiaoxiao's words were filled with confidence, and he did not seem to be faking it! In the end, where was the mystery? Did I really get played around by people like a monkey? "

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