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Wu Xin Die was determined to find out whether Brother Li was a swindler or not. By the time Ma Rufei rushed to Dali, Hua Ya had already disappeared. She then went to the battlefield preparation camp in Beijing to find out the whereabouts of the old boy, who was nowhere to be found. The two key figures couldn't be found, so there was no way to find any clues. Wu Xin Die sighed, and her mood was downcast as she rode her horse around.

"Yo, isn't this the Martial Heart Butterfly?"

The one who spoke was Zhang Taiqing, who had just returned from the frontline of the battle at Grass Valley. Zhang Taiqing stared at the "narrow wing" beneath his crotch and asked, "Where did you get this horse?"

"Your master gave it to me as a gift."

"My master gave this to you?" Zhang Taiqing was surprised. "You and my master …" Is there some kind of relationship that's out of the ordinary? "

"What unusual relationship! "Have you forgotten? When we were fighting the Five Poisons Grandmaster together in the Sword Pavilion, I didn't even know Brother Luan. We just met not too long ago." Wu Xin Die suddenly remembered that since Zhang Taiqing was Brother Luan's disciple, he must have some understanding of Brother Luan's recent scolding and scolding, so she asked, "Recently, many people have said that Brother Luan is a swindler, do you know the actual situation?"

"My Master... He, why is he so good to you? " Zhang Taiqing could not believe that his master had given the precious' narrow wing 'to Wu Xin Die without a word. He sneered and said, "Wu Xin Die, how are you fawning on my master?"

"I'm not trying to curry favor with him!" When Wu Xin Die heard the words "fawn", she was upset. She asked, "Did you know that a lot of people have been saying that Brother Luan is a swindler recently?"

"A little." Zhang Taiqing replied dispiritedly, "Such a valuable horse, and I gave it to you just like that?"

"Mm, then do you know who it is that is promoting Brother Luan as a swindler?"

"How should I know?" There were too many people who called him a swindler! "I don't know who promoted it." Zhang Taiqing looked confused. "When did my master give you this horse?"

"You're Brother Luan's disciple, and you didn't go investigate who was framing him?"

"Investigate?" How? Not to mention unable to investigate, even if there was a method to investigate, one would need time to do so! I don't even have the time to level up. I haven't even completed a set of Dali's quests yet! " Zhang Taiqing let out a long sigh, then suddenly laughed, "Who cares about what others say. As long as he doesn't lie to you, he can just give you something." By the way, how exactly did you get this horse? Did you ask my master for it, or did he give it to you on his own accord? "

"I forgot." Hearing Zhang Taiqing's words, Wu Xindie did not care about Brother Luan's reputation at all. Instead, she felt upset about the "narrow wing" that Brother Luan had given her. Since they didn't have much to say to each other, they couldn't be bothered to say anything to each other. Thus, they left on their horses.


"I thought I could break the mystery from Zhang Taiqing, but I didn't expect him to actually …" Forget it, there's no way to investigate it now. I'll just finish Dali's quest first. "Maybe I'll get some important clues while I'm doing this."

Wu Xin Die came to the place where the female merchants of Dali accepted tasks.

The nearest batch of orders was taken by the Chi Huo Yao, who was hiding near the Jadesmoke Sect. After receiving the mission, Wu Xin Die rushed to the Emerald Martial Palace to kill Chi Huo Yao.

At the southeast of Dali, the scenery was very beautiful. The courtyard of the sect was filled with birdsong and fragrant flowers. The lotus pond was scattered everywhere and there was even a gigantic peach garden outside the courtyard.

When Wu Xin Die saw the peach blossoms bloom, she was reluctant to part with them. Suddenly, she heard a sharp sound of a whip, and the Chi Huo demoness came running out.

"You scared me!" Wu Xin Die accidentally got off her horse to gather her Qi.

The Chi Huo Demoness was wrapped in black hemp clothes. The nine soft whips in her hands were dancing loudly. She turned her body into a series of whip shadows and swept towards the Martial Heart Butterfly with a 'shua' sound.

Just when Wu Xin Die was filled with anger, before she could fully unleash her "Jia Ye Kou", she was caught by the long whip and was swept to a peach tree far away.

"Damn, this monster is so powerful!" Wu Xin Die had lost a fifth of her blood after being whipped by the Chi Fire Demoness. She got up and activated her 'Wei Tuo Fist', kicking out three 'Shadowless Feet', and sent the Chi Fire Demoness flying away. In the air, she was even able to execute the 'Autumn Wind Sweeping Leaf' whip technique and beat the Wu Xin Butterfly to the ground.

"Why is this demoness so much stronger than OSS?"

After receiving the whip, some of Wu Xin Die's blood was drained. She quickly got up and swallowed a bottle of medicine, gathering her Qi.

She stood up, turned the tip of her whip around, and used the long whip as a walking stick. Using the whip as a support, she flew up into the air, and then swung her whip at the Martial Heart Butterfly with the power of an eagle. Wu Xin Die dodged hurriedly. She was not hit by the whip, but instead, it struck a peach tree beside her.

"Holy sh * t!" Wu Xin Die had managed to escape from death. Seeing how ruthless and ruthless the woman was, she was terrified and confused, "How can she even know martial arts?"

Since her attack failed, the Chi Huo demoness waved her whip and chased after the Martial Heart Butterfly. Her movement technique was much faster than OSS. Wu Xin Die hid in the shadows of the whip, suffering unspeakably. Suddenly, she remembered that she had "narrow wings" that were as swift as the wind and quickly rode on it.

"This will be safer!"

Wu Xin Die was riding on her horse and had temporarily gotten rid of the Chi Huo Demoness' shadow, but she was also feeling anxious. Looking at this Chi Huo demoness, who was like a martial arts expert. Even if she were to level up to level 10, she still wouldn't be able to defeat her.

Wu Xin Die was at a loss on what to do when she noticed two girls walking over from the lotus pond. One held a sword, the other a zither. The swordsman was Ye Hongxuan, a Buddhist disciple of Emei. The person holding the zither was called Ye Guoguo, a vulgar disciple of Emei.

When Wu Xin Die saw the Buddha family and saw her savior, she quickly turned to Ye Hong Xuan and asked for help: "Friend, I have a quest to beat this Chi Huo demoness. Can you use the 'Kuan Yin Tactic' to heal me?"

"Mm, alright!"

Ye Hongxuan smiled faintly. First, she used the Buddhist intermediate buddhist spell "Flowing Water Art" to increase the speed at which Wu Xin Die ran. Then, she used the "Kuan Yin Art" to replenish the butterfly's health.

"Thank you!"

Wu Xin Die thanked him and immediately got off her horse to gather her Qi. Just as she activated Jia Ye Ju and Wei Tuo Fist, the Chi Huo Demoness already arrived with her whip. Wu Xin Die could only use her strength to strike first. She moved forward to meet the attack with her feet without a shadow of shadow. The Chi Fire Demoness waved her long whip, creating an impenetrable whip shadow, blocking the attack of Wu Xin Die's feet without a shadow.

The woman put away the long whip in her hand, and the amount of HP that was lost by the Martial Heart Butterfly immediately recovered. The soft whip suddenly turned straight, thrusting towards Wu Xin Die.

Wu Xin Die really did not expect the woman's soft whip to be able to be used as a small spear. After being stabbed, her HP instantly fell by more than half. Ye Hongxuan's hands moved quickly as she immediately used the "Guanyin Spell" to replenish Wu Xin Die's health.

"What the hell is this monster? Why is it so powerful!?"

Wu Xin Die's heart skipped a beat. With the help of Ye Hong Xuan, she tried her best to kick the woman down. After getting up, she used her whip to catch up to the Martial Heart Butterfly.

"Wah!" Sister, look, I didn't expect that even a small Chi Huo demoness would be so powerful after being given the 'Soul Fixing Talisman', it's almost comparable to an OSS! "Ha ha, it's so exciting. I've never seen such an intense fight between monsters. It's so fun!"

Ye Guoguo, who was watching happily from the side, said, "Sis, if it weren't for you healing him, I think he would have died long ago."

"Guo Guo, don't tease her like that. If it was you, you wouldn't even be able to take one blow."

"I can't even take one move? You're looking down on me! "If I had to beat this demoness up, I would have killed her in three hits." Ye Guoguo was confident.

"The reason you were able to kill that demoness was because we had the Soul Summoning Talisman. Of course it was easy to beat her! If you do not have the talisman, would you dare to fight back? "

"Hehe, I don't dare!" To be honest, this Wu Xin Die did not even use any talismans, and she still dares to hit this Chi Huo demoness. Ye Guoguo smiled mischievously.

"He doesn't have a charm. He won't be able to beat this enchantress." Let's give him a hand! " Ye Hongxuan said as he took out a golden talisman. He glanced at the woman for a few seconds and then used a flint to incinerate the talisman.

"I really can't beat her. Thank you for your help …"

Before Wu Xin Die could finish her sentence, she was already wrapped up by the Chi Huo demoness's long whip. The Chi Huo demoness shook her whip and threw the heart butterfly into the air. After being thrown to the ground, it only had 25 HP remaining. Wu Xin Die's life hung by a thread, she immediately swallowed a few bottles of medicine and fled in all directions.

"Wu Xin Die, don't run! I will use the Soul Summoning Talisman to remove the Demon woman's Soul Fixation Talisman!" You can kick her to death with one kick! " Ye Hongxuan shouted.

"Really?" I'll try! " Wu Xin Die had fully recovered her HP. She rushed to the Chi Fire Demoness and kicked with her foot without a shadow. The Chi Fire Demoness was killed instantly with a kick.

"What's going on?" Wu Xin Die was confused.

"This Chi Huo demoness was originally easy to deal with, you can kick her to death. Now that someone has cast the 'Soul Securing Talisman', it is normal for you to be unable to win against her. " Ye Hongxuan smiled.

"Who gave the demonic woman the Soul Securing Talisman?"

"It was given to him by Eidoro. When his faction has reached a certain level of development, they can cast spells on the monsters. He is the leader of the sect, so he can cast spells on them."

"Why did he do it? So powerful! "

"He cast a spell on the monster. If you can kill it, you will gain ten times more experience than an ordinary monster. At the same time, he will gain the same amount of experience as you."

"But without the talisman, it would be hard to kill such a monster." Wu Xin Die spoke with emotion.

"Yes. To put it bluntly, he was casting spells on the monster for some unspeakable reason! "

"What is it?"

"Elder sister, you've said so much. Let me unravel the Heavenly Secrets!" Ye Guoguo did not want to be lonely, so she said to Wu Xin Die, "Think about it, after the Monster became so powerful, other than the helpers and the people with the 'Soul Summoning Talisman', it would be hard to kill him. To put it simply, he wanted to use the Soul Securing Talisman to prevent others from completing missions and preventing others from levelling! He must be able to hold the position of number one in the martial arts world. "

"So that's how it is!" Wu Xin Die cursed Yi Duoluo bastard in her heart and asked, "I think the two of you are not from the Human Slaughter Sect. Where did you get the 'Soul Summoning Talisman' from?"

"We used to be a member of the Human Slaughter Sect, but then we found out that this gang did nothing but fight and it was completely unreasonable. "At that time, Idolo's first disciple, the Old Master, had somehow killed someone called Little Ancestor, saying that the name Little Ancestor was too arrogant." Ye Guoguo's expression was somewhat sorrowful and indignant, but she continued to speak proudly, "However, I predicted that this gang will die sooner or later. In order to prevent myself from becoming a group of dead men, I made an appointment with my sister and tricked her a few 'Soul Summoning Symbols', and secretly left the Human Slaughter Sect!"

"Guo Guo, don't say anymore." Let's go and take a look at Hidden Sword Villa! " As Ye Hongxuan spoke, he mounted the horse.

"Elder sister, I want to do this mission with the Martial Heart Butterfly, is that alright?"

"Let's go to Hidden Sword Villa first. It won't be too late to do it later!"

"Well, that's good. Wu Xin Die, let's go! " Ye Guoguo mounted her horse and left with Ye Hongxuan.

Wu Xin Die picked up the list of goods that the Chi Huo Demoness dropped, returned to Dali and gave it to Zheng Chengzhi. According to Zheng's instructions, they would then enter the maze to kill the Poison Master Yinji.

The entry-level maze was in the northeastern part of the Five Poisons Sect. It was a poisonous nest. Wu Xin Die guessed that the poison control skill of the Yin Ji must be very good. She knew that she didn't have a high level of poison prevention, so she had to use speed to make poison in order to kill her. His tactics were already set. As soon as he entered the maze, he was already filled with anger even before he saw the Poison Master Yinqi.

Poison Master Yin Ji was wearing a dark purple cloak and was playing with a large snow-white eagle in her hand. Wu Xin Die guessed that the Poison Master Yinji was not easy to deal with, and carefully approached the Poison Master Yinji. She suddenly kicked the Poison Master Yinji into the air, and the White Head Eagle in her hands suddenly flew up into the air, flapping its wings and pouncing towards Wu Xin Die.

Wu Xin Die felt uncomfortable being pecked by the White-headed Eagle one after another, so she quickly cast Penetrating Bone Nail at Yin Ji. Seeing that her health was rapidly decreasing, she immediately consumed two bottles of 'White Cloud Powder' and used its medicinal effects to resist the attack.

Wu Xin Die performed her Luohan Fist on the repulsive White-headed Eagle and discovered that the White-headed Eagle's health was unexpectedly quite low. He immediately realized that the White-headed Eagle was definitely the baby of the Poison Master Yinji. Even if he were to hit it, it would be useless. Killing the Poison Master Yinji was the key. He immediately mounted the "narrow wing" and got rid of the White-headed Eagle.

Not far from where he was running, he saw two people fighting in the distance, one chasing after the other. The person running in front was called Little Ancestor, and the person chasing behind was called Yang Men. He seemed to be an expert amongst the disciples of Yang Men's Lance Knights. He was in the middle of a chase when he retracted the reins of his horse.

"Run!" Wu Xin Die watched as her little ancestor was hit by Yang Men's spear and thought to herself, "You're finished."

After being struck by Yang Men's Falling Sea Spear, the Little Ancestor was left with only a little bit of blood. He swallowed a bottle of White Cloud Powder and continued to run. Yang Men waved his silver spear, but he was not in a hurry to make another stab. He just stood in front of the little ancestor and watched him recover his HP, and then he stabbed him again, leaving him with only a little bit of blood. He laughed out loud, "I won't kill you, but I'll play with you like a cat playing with a mouse!"

The little ancestor had consumed all of his medicine and was running around with half of his life on the line. He had accidentally run a few steps into the poison of the poisonous man-eating grass and was actually poisoned to death by the poison.

"Ha ha-ha, great!" Young Master Yang laughed crazily for a while before leaving.

Wu Xin Die saw this in her heart, anger filling her heart, she wanted to have a contest with Yang Men, but seeing that he had left and she had a mission, she dispelled the idea. After getting rid of the White-headed Eagle, she ran in a big circle straight towards Yin Ju.

Poison Master Yin Ji had her hands together and was summoning the White-headed Eagle. Unexpectedly, she was kicked three times by Wu Xin Die, and she was kicked to death and dropped out of Miao Ling Warrior's token.

"Look at me, how clever! Not only did you manage to walk the horse, but you also saved a lot of energy. Wu Xin Die praised her brilliant strategy of carving the sculpture as she left her nest. She picked up the token and prepared to rush to Miao Ling to find the warrior Miao Ling.

"Bro, why did that evildoer Yang Men want to kill you?" Wu Xin Die was very interested in the grudges between the martial arts world.

"The first day I came to this Jianghu, I've been beaten by others 35 times."

"Been beaten 35 times?" Wu Xin Die was shocked. If she was in his shoes, she would have already collapsed. Seeing him speak so casually, he asked again, "Who is the one that oppressed you, that evildoer Yang Men?"

"He's just a lackey of a person called the Old Master, he beat me ten times. That old man has abused me 20 times, as well as the other members of the sect whom they helped with their gang, the slaughter of the sect. He has also abused me a few times. "

"Why on earth are they torturing you?"

"When I was just level 20, I planted a Great Void Fruit Tree in the west side of Chengdu. That old man told me to give him a Great Wisdom Tree, but I saw that he was not respectful towards me, so I said there was no more. He killed me and stole my Great Wisdom Fruit Tree. When I asked him why he had killed me, he said my name was too arrogant and deserved to be killed. That Young Master Yang is the old gramps junior brother, he bullied me just to curry favor with the old gramps. "

"There's actually such a bastard?" Wu Xin Die sympathized with the weak and was extremely angry with the little ancestor for what happened to them, "They are such bastards, if they have the ability, why don't they just kill Brother Luan? Brother tug's name is crazy enough! "

"Hehe, even if Brother Luan doesn't call me Brother Luan, changing his name to Master Luan, they wouldn't dare to say anything." They bullied me because they saw that my level was too low. They knew that I couldn't beat them and they didn't have any experts backing them. That's why they teamed up to bully me! "

"F * ck, f * ck him!" Wu Xin Die became angrier the more she heard about this, and she recalled how Yang Clan's young master was playing around with his little ancestors like a cat playing with a mouse, and was practically the same as the Five Poisons Sect's ancestor. She pondered for a moment, then said, "Brother, you should avoid this group of mad dogs. When I have the chance to meet Brother Lah face to face, I beg him to take you as his disciple, so that no one will dare to bully you anymore! "

"Thank you for your good will, I don't need anyone to be my master to protect me!" They bullied me for a moment, but that was all. I also hoped that they would bully me, because I was afraid that when I bullied them again, no one would know the truth. I thought that I was the one who had bullied them. "

"Oh." Wu Xin Die saw that the Little Ancestor's tone was very firm and admired his confidence, so she changed the topic and asked: "Oh right, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to do a mission. I need to fight the Poison Control Yinji."

"Let me help you!"

"No need, I can do it myself. Thank you, Wu Xin Die! "

"You're Level 32 and you can't beat the Poison Master Yinji. I have to be careful when I'm level 57 before I can kill you. " When Wu Xin Die realized that the Poison Master Yinji was out, she immediately mounted her "narrow wings" and ordered, "Wait here for a while, I will lure the White-headed Eagles away and bring them back. Be careful!"

Wu Xin Die ran to Yin Ju's side and casually punched her. When she saw the White-headed Eagle soar into the sky, she immediately urged her horse to run away. The narrow wing moved as fast as the wind. It circled around the White-headed Eagle and shook it off. When he returned to his original spot, he found that the Yang Clan's evildoer was just like how a cat played with a mouse. From time to time, he would use his gun to stab the Little Ancestor.

"I say, this evil young master, don't tease him anymore!" Wu Xin Die smiled as she tried to dissuade him. She also took the chance to take a look at Yang Wenzhen's level – 65, 8 levels higher than her own.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you meddle in other people's business?" Yang Men kept his silver spear and galloped in front of the Martial Heart Butterfly.

"Hehe, big brother is joking. I'm not even a bird in front of you, of course. "You're so awesome, stabbing this little ancestor to the point where there's only a little bit of blood left. If it was me, I wouldn't be able to do it."

"Bullshit!" Don't even mention stabbing him, even if you stabbed him twice, you still wouldn't be able to take two shots from me. Yang Men, the evil young master, revealed his killing intent.

"Hmm, how could I say it? I don't believe it either!" Wu Xin Die replied with a disdainful tone, "I know my fists are not as tough as your spear, but I dare to say that you definitely can't beat the Poison Master Yin Ji beside you. Do you believe me?"

"You dare to look down on me? Open your eyes wide and look, I'll call you right now! " Yang Manxie waved his silver spear around, and galloped straight to the front of the Poison Master Yinji. He raised his spear and stabbed her with it.

The Poison Master Yinji was struck by the spear and fell to the ground. She placed her hands together and summoned the White-headed Eagle.

With a strange hiss, the White-headed Eagle was like an arrow that had left the bowstring as it flew through the air and attacked Yang Men. While thrusting his spear at the White-headed Eagle, the Yang Clan's Evildoer was also nearing the poison dart of the Poison Master Yinji. Seeing that nearly two-thirds of his health had been consumed by Poison Master Yin Ji and White-headed Eagle, yet he refused to take any potions, he was determined to show off in front of Wu Xin Die and the Little Ancestor.

"Evil Young Master, I heard that sometimes fists are harder than guns, do you believe me?" Wu Xin Die laughed.

"What did you say?"

"I say, sometimes my fists are harder than your guns, do you believe me? "Un, forget it. I don't care if you believe me or not. I'll let you experience it now. Watch carefully!" When Wu Xin Die saw that Yang Men did not have much HP left, she activated her Jia Ye Kick and Wei Tuo Fist and ran to Yang Men's side to kick him twice. Yang Men was caught off guard, and with two kicks, he was killed by Wu Xin Butterfly.

"Brother, look – this trash who likes to bully people, he was tricked by me to kill him, hehe!"

Wu Xin Die was extremely pleased with herself and was chatting and laughing with her little ancestor when she suddenly realized that all of the poison darts of the Poison Master Yinji were coming towards her. She was so shocked that she couldn't take the medicine in time and immediately kicked the Poison Master Yinji to the ground to death with her final "Shadowless Kick" kick. He took another White Cloud Powder, but it was too bad that the effects of the poison could no longer withstand the poison of the dart. Even after running a few steps, it was caught off guard.

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