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After Wu Xin Die was brought back to reality by the poison dart of the Yin Ji, not only was she not in a bad mood, she was even in a better mood than she had ever been in before. He went to the pharmacy, bought some medicine, and rushed to Miao Ling.

Miao Ling was south of the foot of the Wu Ling County. Although it wasn't a big place, it was quite a charming sight. Upon entering Miao Ling, one could hear the melodious sound of the stream and the sound of the flowing water. In the midst of the rapid flowing water, one could see the distant sound of the waterfall crashing against the shore.

Wu Xin Die rode on her narrow wings and crossed a wooden bridge. From afar, she saw the Little Ancestor kicking Miao Ling warrior with his Luohan Fist and Jia Ye Leg. Overjoyed, he quickly galloped over.

"You came too."

"En!" Wu Xin Die dismounted and saw Little Ancestor standing next to an old tree in the melon patch and kicking up a fight with Miao Ling Warrior. Miao Ling Warrior was blocked by the old tree and couldn't chop at Little Ancestor with his machete.

"Alright, use your 'Shadowless Kick' to kick him!"

Wu Xin Die activated her Jia Ye Leg and Wei Tuo Fist, running to the warrior's side and kicking him three times.

Miao Ling was dressed in a general's attire. He was more resistant to attacks than normal monsters. After taking three hits from Wu Xin Die, his HP didn't drop much. The scimitar in his hand whizzed towards Wu Xin Die.

"Damn!" Wu Xin Die was quick to react. She immediately performed her Qing Gong Qing to dodge the scimitar. After missing its target, she flew back into Miao Ling Warrior's hands. Wu Xin Die quickly kicked another three "No Shadow Kicks" to kick away Miao Ling's throwing knives.

"This monster has a lot of HP, so it's easy to kill him!" Wu Xin Die was filled with anger, so she decided to use Luo Han Fist and Jia Ye Leg to kick Miao Ling. The little ancestor also came forward to assist with the attack. Not long after, he killed Miao Ling and dropped out of Chief Miao Ling's seal.

"Thank you for helping me. Just now, when I hit the Yang Clan's evildoer, you died."

"Hehe, it's worth it to trick that bastard into killing him. Even though I also died, I had forgotten to guard against her, so I was too careless! " Wu Xin Die laughed loudly.

"Hmm … Do you have two hundred gold to lend me?" I want to learn 'Shadowless Feet'! "

"Yes, I'll give it to you now." Wu Xin Die knew that if she wanted to learn martial arts, she would need gold. She immediately took out a two hundred gold coin bag from her bag and handed it to the little ancestor, and instructed, "You should keep these two hundred gold coins. After learning martial arts, that group of mad dogs will not dare to bully you! "

"Thank you. Since I owe you a favor, I will remember you. I will use these two hundred gold first and will return it back to you in double the amount! "

"Hur hur, actually, this gold is not mine, it was Brother Luan's gift to me." Wu Xin Die spoke the truth and smiled, "I think I am a person. To be honest, I value money a lot. However, I can give anything to anyone I like! To a loathsome person, even if I give him a penny, I still have to get it back! You can use this 200 gold, no need to pay it back! "

"Your personality is similar to mine, and so am I! "I will remember that others are good to me, but I will never forget anything they say when they are bad to me!"

"Yeah, it's not easy to make a friend with the same personality!" As Wu Xin Die spoke, she picked up the seal left behind by Miao Ling warrior and said, "Let's go to Swallow Cave together and beat up Miao Ling's leader!"

The Swallow Cave was north of Miao Ling. It was called the Swallow Cave, but there were no swallows inside the cave. The monsters were all vultures, white-headed eagles, and other fierce birds.

Wu Xin Die and the Little Ancestor were filled with anger as they made some preparations. The two of them split up and attacked Miao Ling's leader from the front and back. Wu Xin Die was the first to kick out three invisible kicks, knocking Miao Ling's leader to the ground. The little ancestor took the opportunity to kick her with his Luohan Fist and Jia Ye Kick.

Miao Ling, the leader of the Miao Family, suddenly stood up and waved his iron crutch around. He waved both of his arms in a flurry, actually using the same method as the judge. One of the crutches created shadows around the martial heart butterfly. Wu Xin Die took the initiative to mount the "narrow wing" and quickly evade the attack. The attack from Miao Ling's leader failed to hit Wu Xin Die. He flipped the iron axe and stabbed the little ancestor to the ground.

"Please be careful, this is a weird martial art gathering!"

When Wu Xin Die saw that Miao Ling was using the "Chaotic Cloak" technique to attack the little ancestor, she quickly dismounted from her horse and kicked him away before jumping onto the "narrow wing" and running away.

The leader of Miao Ling turned around to give chase. After running a few steps, Wu Xin Die turned around to kick Miao Ling.

"It might be safe to fight like this, but the blame will restore its spirit. There's no end to it!"

As Wu Xin Die was thinking about the strategy, she suddenly noticed Ye Hong Xuan running over with his black iron sword. She exclaimed, "You're here! Let's fight for the lead!"

"Alright!" As Ye Hong Xuan said this, he added all sorts of advantageous conditions to Wu Xin Die and the Little Ancestor and then used the Xuan Iron Sword's sword qi to kill Miao Ling's leader.

After Miao Ling was attacked, he put down his martial heart butterfly, turned around, and chased after Ye Hongxuan. Wu Xin Die immediately rushed up and kicked "Shadowless Kick" three times before running away. When Ye Hongxuan saw that Miao Ling had turned around to chase after Wu Xin Die, she attacked Miao Ling with her sword Qi.

"Oh, I see!" Wu Xin Die seemed to have realized something and commanded, "Let's fight like this! Using the tiredness of a sonic attack to slowly beat him to death, like playing chess, ha-ha! "

"Wu Xin Die, you're really smart, haha!" Ye Hongxuan smiled as the xuan iron sword in her hand worked closely with the martial heart butterfly. Seeing that Chief Miao didn't have much health left, the Little Ancestor summoned up his courage and ran forward to use the Luohan Fist and Jia Ye Leg. The three swarmed forward and killed the leader. A phoenix plume fell from beside them after the death of the leader.

"Little ancestor?" Ye Hongxuan circled around the little ancestor, "So you're here. My sister is looking for you everywhere!"

"Who is your sister? You're looking for me to torture me? "

"Don't be hostile to others! I know what happened to you today, but my sister isn't the kind of person who bullies others! " Ye Hongxuan smiled and said, "My sister is called Ye Guoguo. She told me to look for you everywhere, but as long as I can't find you, I'm fine. I have a request for you."

"What is it?"

"I don't know. I just came out from the Hidden Sword Villa and separated from her. She is also doing this set of missions, so I might be able to meet her later! "

"Oh. "Then let's hurry up and do the quest, I need to level up faster." The Little Ancestor did not seem to take Ye Hongxuan's words seriously at all.

"Who knows how to use this phoenix plume?" Wu Xin Die was unable to understand the mysteries of the phoenix plume.

"I heard that after bringing the phoenix plume into the Phoenix Eye Cave, we can summon a monster called Garou Luo. That monster is very powerful and can spit fire. We have to be careful." Ye Hongxuan mounted her horse and said, "Let's go."

The phoenix eye cave was on the point of the mountain west of Dali. The three of them arrived at the mouth of the phoenix eye cave one after another. Wu Xin Die warned him, "Once you enter the cave, you might be able to see him. Be careful, don't get killed instantly!"

"Garuda is a phoenix, it will definitely not kill us! "Both of you, follow me. Don't hit him when you see him, but fight together when I sit down!" The little ancestor fearlessly took the lead and entered the phoenix eye cave.

Wu Xin Die and Ye Hong Xuan followed the little ancestor into the cave. The cave was pitch black and was filled with strange rocks. Suddenly, they discovered a gigantic phoenix waving its wings in the air.

When the Great Phoenix Carrolo discovered the Little Ancestor, he suddenly spouted out a ball of blazing fire. Although the Little Ancestor was of low rank, his movements were extremely slippery, dodging the raging flames and gradually luring Carrolo into a pile of strange stones.

When Wu Xin Die saw that he was stuck in the middle of a strange rock and unable to fly out, although the firepower she shot out was still fierce, all of it was burned into the rock. Knowing that the Little Ancestor had succeeded, she immediately dismounted and used a large rock as a cover, kicking at the stone.

"Hehe, little ancestor, you're so smart!" Ye Hong Xuan clapped his hands, raised his black iron sword and used the Sword Qi to stab Jia Lou Luo, and laughed, "Wu Xin Die, looks like Little Ancestor is smarter than you. "He's so smart and brave that he dares to tease Carrolo at Level 30!"

"That's right, it's all thanks to the clever little ancestor. If it were me, I wouldn't have been able to think of this move!" Wu Xin Die chuckled and asked again, "Oh right, Little Ancestor, how did you know that you could kill Jia Lou Luo like that?"

"I once accidentally broke into this cave. I was burned to death by Carrolo. And then I came back, and I thought I could hit Carrolo like that. "

"Awesome!" Wu Xin Die had a faint feeling that her little ancestor was not an ordinary person. He was not angered by being bullied, and he could not act cocky even when he was praised. She was really confident when she heard that no one was looking for her.

The three of them attacked Carrolo together, and after a short while, he was killed. A silver collar appeared on his body, with the words "White Water Cave's Chi Fire Monk Xie" engraved on it.

Wu Xin Die picked up the silver collar and spoke with high fighting spirit, "You can do it in one go! "If we continue to fight the Chi Huo Monk then killing him will complete half of the mission. Let's go!"

The White Water Cave was located at the top of the Wu Ling Mountain. The inside of the cave was extremely vast, and the monsters inside it were all Chi Huo Envoy.

When the three of them arrived at the White Water Cave, they decided to kill a few Chi Huo Envoys first to determine whether Chi Huo Zhe was easy to deal with or not.

"I'll give it a try first!" Wu Xin Die was the first to kick a Chi Huo Envoy without a shadow of a foot!

After being attacked, Chi Huo Envoys quickly dodged. The staff in their hands suddenly stopped, and more than ten Chi Huo Envoys came at them from all directions with staffs in their hands. Martial Heart Butterfly was filled with anger. She kicked the surroundings three more times, and Chi Huo Envoy all turned around to leave.

"Eh? "What the f * ck!" Wu Xin Die saw the messengers fleeing and smiled, "Look, all the monsters here have become human! If you fight one on one, you'll have more than a dozen helpers. If you want to fight a group at a time, they'll slip away together. How crafty! "

"Wu Xin Die, we are truly reunited everywhere in life!"

Zhang Taiqing suddenly appeared from the corner of the hole with his sword and said excitedly, "I thought there was only one dead person in the hole, but you three are still alive!"

"Yes." Wu Xin Die was already disgusted by Zhang Taiqing, so she forced herself to reply.

"Who are you calling dead?" Ye Hongxuan asked curiously.

"Hmm, over there. There's a mortal disciple who hung up on us and fought monsters. His words seem to have been smooth spoken. Come, let's take a look!" Zhang Taiqing said as he led the way.

Wu Xin Die, Little Ancestor, and Ye Hongxuan followed Zhang Taiqing around a corner and found a martial arts disciple named Nie Qingchen holding a brush called "Breaking the Army" and using the "Shaoyang Spell" to fight monsters nonstop. He was muttering to himself, "It's not easy to lose the opportunity, but don't get angry at the monster." I have no intention of stealing your monsters to vent my anger. Be careful not to kill you, thank you later. "If you dare to beat me to death, I'll find you even if I become a ghost."

"Did you see that? This Nie Qingchen is hanging up. " Zhang Taiqing was a bit depressed, so he said in disgust, "I hate people who hang up the phone and fight monsters. I can't even chat with them."

"Huh? Guo Guo?"

Ye Hongxuan suddenly cried out in alarm, pointing her long sword in front of her as she shouted, "Isn't that Guo Guo?" Guo Guo, quickly come over! "

"I'm afraid I can't take it anymore!"

Ye Guoguo, who was not far away from them, was holding onto the "Nine Heavens Ensemble Zither" as she desperately ran towards them. Behind her, two Chi Huo Envoys were chasing after her with their staff in hand. Just as they were about to be hit by the staff, they hurriedly ran behind Nie Qingchen to use her as a cover.

Seeing that Ye Guoguo was in a critical situation, Wu Xin Die immediately kicked the two Chi Huo envoys away, sending them to Nie Qingchen's side.

Nie Qingchen was level 68. His martial art, "Shaoyang Art", was nearing perfection. The "Broken Army Brush" was flipped inside out. Several golden pen qi shot out from the tip of the brush. Two Chi Guda's emissaries were shot to death by the "Shaoyang Brushstroke".

"Guo Guo, why are you here? What happened to you just now, it's so dangerous! " Ye Hongxuan asked with concern.

"Me? I came to look for my friend Shang Wuji to fight Chi Huo Monk together and buy a piece of jewelry for him. We agreed to meet at the cave entrance. I came to the cave entrance but didn't see him. "Aiya, that monster is so strong! With a shake of the bell in my hand, I was poisoned for no reason. I just ran over here and got rid of the poison. It scared me to death!" Ye Guoguo felt a lingering fear in her heart. After she finished speaking, she quickly sat in meditation to recuperate her Qi.

"I say, why don't you all leave? "Don't talk nonsense here, stop me from fighting monsters!" Nie Qingchen unexpectedly spoke.

"You want us to split up? Why are you doing this? " Ye Guoguo said angrily.

"This is my place!"

"Is this your place?" Ye Guoguo was stunned, but she suddenly laughed coldly, "Excuse me, where did you get this Feng Shui treasure? Did you buy it? Who did he buy it from? How much gold a square meter? Were the monsters raised by you as well? What are these weird things? Say something! "

"I couldn't tell that you were a sharp-tongued girl!" Nie Qingchen sneered. She knew that she might not be Ye Guoguo's match, so she said, "I saved your life just now. Don't you know that?!"

"I'm not a ninny, of course I know! The person who really wants to save me is Wu Xin Die, because I saved him together with my sister in the past! As for you, you unintentionally saved me to protect yourself! " Ye Guo said.

"Whatever you say." It was as if Nie Qingchen had suffered a great injustice, "It's fine if you want to chat, but don't steal my monster!"

"Why are you so busy fighting monsters just for the sake of leveling up?" Wu Xin Die suddenly asked.

"No. In order to fight Chi Huo Zhe, I first placed a few Chi Huo Fire Spirit Talisman on the body of Chi Huo'Er, in order to suppress his evil witchcraft. "It would be easier to fight like this, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to fight against Chi Huo Monk."

"Ah!" We don't even have the Chi Fire Spirit Symbol, hurry up and fight! " As Ye Hongxuan spoke, he formed a team with Martial Heart Butterfly, Little Ancestor, Zhang Taiqing, and Ye Guoguo to kill Chi Guda together.

"Haha, we're forming a team!" "I like to form parties and fight monsters the most. It's so lively like this!" Zhang Taiqing was ecstatic, but he sneered at Wu Xin Die, "Wu Xin Die, you have to fight faster, if you're too slow, how can you take care of your BMW! Don't you think that makes sense? "

"You! Why do I have to keep my mouth shut? I like what, I hate what? I can't stand people like you who like to hate that kind of thing! " Nie Qingchen's expression suddenly changed as she sternly asked, "Zhang Taiqing, what did you say about me at that time?"

"I didn't say anything. I just said that it was a bit boring watching other people beat up the monsters. It's a misunderstanding!" Zhang Taiqing thought about how he had talked too much into the Dao of the Sword Pavilion, offended the Five Poisons Grandmaster, and apologized profusely for causing trouble this time.

"Is it a misunderstanding?" Let me remind you, if you were to say you don't like the sound of this, then if you were told by an expert with a bad temper, he would have probably died a long time ago! " Nie Qingchen slightly threatened, "You must know, experts hang up their computers to show their names!" "Like Brother Luan, do you dare to say in front of Brother Luan that you hate him?"

"Hehe, what a coincidence! To tell you the truth, I actually dared to say that I hate him when he's hanging up and fighting monsters in front of Brother Luan! " Zhang Taiqing was pleased with himself as he said proudly, "Brother Luan is my master. He dotes on me and treats me well!"

"Oh? So you're the famous Brother Luan's disciple? "My apologies!" Fear was written all over Nie Qingchen's face as she looked into the distance, "Brother Luan is the number one expert of the Shaolin Martial Ancestor Sect, an amazing person of his generation! Back then on the battlefield of Yanmen Pass Village, I had personally witnessed him use Shaolin Wushan Sect's unique skill 'Tathagata Divine Palm' to break through the enemy's formation. I've always had a lot of respect for Largo! "It's a pity, it's a pity that I'm lucky and have no chance to meet you!"

"Haha, you don't have to respect me! Although I am Brother Luan's disciple and he treats me very well, I will not bully others with my power. I will treat everyone equally! "

"Really?" Then I really have to thank you on behalf of everyone who isn't Brother Lu's disciple! Seeing that you have such a strong relationship with Brother Lala, it turns out you're his disciple, I thought you were his grandson, hehe! " Nie Qingchen could not stop laughing.

"What do you mean?" Zhang Taiqing felt comfortable being complimented by Nie Qingchen, so he didn't want to be angered to death by his words. He said firmly, "To be honest, so what if I am my grandson?" To me, it's not shameful at all! "I'm not like some people who aren't qualified to be Brother Luan's grandson!"

"I'm impressed!" This time, I truly admire you from the bottom of my heart, especially your confidence and skin! " Nie Qingchen laughed from head to toe.

"Sigh!" Brother Qingchen, don't you dare laugh anymore. I have seen much today! " Ye Guoguo let out a quiet sigh and sneered, "You two men, even after talking so much, you still refuse to do anything? You're just like a man!" Zhang Taiqing, do you really want to be a future grandson? If you really have the guts, then fight with brother Qingchen! You want to beat him, but if you can't beat him, how can you face your own shamelessness! Do you think that makes sense? Wu Xin Die? "

"Ha ha!" Wu Xin Die laughed out loud, feeling grateful towards Ye Guo, she thought to herself, "Seeing her use such harsh words on Zhang Tai Qing, just like how Zhang Tai Qing used such harsh words on me, her mouth is really sharp!"

Wu Xin Die was furious seeing that Zhang Taiqing did not help her, so she did not argue with him. Seeing that he was ridiculed by Ye Guoguo, she was secretly delighted in her heart. She gave Ye Guoguo a look and decided that if the two of them were to fight, she would either not fight or not help each other, and would just watch the fun of Zhang Taiqing.

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