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Zhang Taiqing was mocked by Ye Guoguo. He flew into a rage out of embarrassment and shouted: "So be it! As long as he is willing to fight me, I will sacrifice my life to accompany you, your son! "

"Don't!" Nie Qingchen laughed loudly and stopped them, "There is no gentleman here!" "I won't fight with you. Since I have the leisure to do so, I might as well fight with a few more mobs!"

"That makes sense!" "Then let's fight monsters." As Zhang Taiqing spoke, he began to fight against the monsters.

"I'm impressed!" Ye Guoguo's face was filled with contempt as she sneered, "You two are really pure men, pure! Seeing that they were at loggerheads, you took one step back and I took one step back and everything was fine. The relationship between the two of you is even better than a turtle and rabbit, and you have even less guts than a turtle and rabbit! "

"Guo Guo, don't you dare cause trouble!" Ye Hongxuan smiled, "We're all friends!"

"Tai Qing, ignore what Ye Guoguo has to say! She wants to instigate a fight between us, so that she can watch the show! " Nie Qingchen was very understanding as she disdainfully said, "The most poisonous thing is indeed the heart of a woman!"

"Nonsense!" Ye Guoguo was infuriated, and immediately exclaimed in joy, "Stingy! I'm just teasing you two, if the two of you really start fighting, I won't watch the show. "Don't think so badly of me!"

"Alright, alright, stop arguing!" Ye Hongxuan cupped her hands towards the two of them and pulled Nie Qingchen into the group as well. She smiled and said, "We came to beat up the Chi Huo Monk. My sister is not sensible, so don't hurt our relationship!"

"That's right, save your strength to fight the Chi Huo Monk!" Wu Xin Die disliked Zhang Taiqing, so she wanted to watch the commotion. However, if there was no excitement, she wouldn't stir it up.

"Oh, how unpleasant!" Ye Guoguo jumped up and down beside Zhang Taiqing and Nie Qingchen. When she suddenly noticed the calm and composed Little Ancestor, she said in surprise, "Little Ancestor? "Why are you still hanging around in this martial arts world?"

"Why?" The Little Ancestor was baffled.

"You've been beaten so badly by those people from the Massacre Sect, and you still haven't retreated. Formidable!" Ye Guoguo gave a thumbs up and asked with a smile, "The two of them almost fought just now, why didn't you say anything?"

"Whether they really want to fight or put on an act is their business, and it has nothing to do with me. What did I say? " The little ancestor continued to fight monsters as he spoke.

"Un, you're right!" Ye Guoguo was somewhat happy, but she suddenly asked in a deep voice, "Do you know that I have a request for you?"

"I just found out."

"Do you know what I'm asking of you?"

"Of course not."

"Do you want to know?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Why do you say that?" Ye Guoguo was stunned.

"You want to tell me that you don't know how to tell? If you don't want to tell me, won't it be a waste for me to ask? "

"Oh, that makes sense!" Ye Guoguo was overjoyed, and went straight to the point. "I wish for you to become stronger and stronger in the future. Please protect me, okay?"

"How do you know I'll be strong in the future?"

"You've been beaten so badly by others, yet you're still trying so hard to level up." It reminded me of a saying – experts are masochistic! You are completely equipped with the qualities of a master. I see that in the near future, you will definitely become a great being! " Ye Guoguo swore solemnly, actually half-kneeling in front of the little ancestor to show her sincerity.

"You get up first."

"I'll get up if you agree to my request!"

"What do you mean, hold me back?" The little ancestor sneered and ran to the side to fight monsters. After a few rounds, he ran back to Ye Zichen, "I can tell that you have a good eye for people, I promise you!"

"Really?" Ye Guoguo was elated and laughed loudly. "With you as my backer, I can also stand proud and proud in the future!" "Haha …"

Wu Xin Die and Ye Hong Xuan were stunned. They didn't understand why Ye Guo was looking down on the higher ranked Zhang Taiqing and Nie Qingchen, but was respectful towards the lower ranked Small Ancestor.

"I said … I'm tired, I don't want to fight anymore. You guys can fight!" A tired expression appeared on Nie Qingchen's face.

"Cough, what a coincidence, it is time to cultivate my sword!" "If we don't fix it now, I'm afraid we're done for!" Zhang Taiqing didn't want to fight for Nie Qingchen and Ye Guoguo with all his might, so he ran away after lying to them.

"I don't have much medicine left!" Wu Xin Die really did not have many pills left. She was afraid that she would mess up when she fought the monk, "I won't fight anymore, I need to save some medicine to deal with this!"

"Ah!" If you don't want to fight, I won't be able to do it myself! " Ye Hongxuan was a Buddhist disciple of Emei. In terms of her sect's martial arts, she could be considered an expert when it came to increasing other people's combat abilities. It would be extremely difficult for her to fight monsters.

"Haha, hahaha!"

Ye Guoguo suddenly burst out laughing, dancing and teasing, "You guys are really interesting! Earlier, Nie Qingchen was still trying to kill monsters, but now, Zhang Taiqing was fighting with Martial Heart Butterfly, and then nobody. This reminded me of the story of a monk picking up water! It was said that one monk was carrying water to eat, two were carrying water to eat, and three had no water to eat! Hahaha! "Interesting!"

"No one needs to fight anymore!" Don't laugh! " Nie Qingchen was furious that Ye Guoguo ignored him and mocked him. She sternly said, "Go and fight the Fire Worm Monk right now. If you don't want to be seen through, use all your strength!"

Chi Huo Zhe was a monster who was extremely difficult to deal with in this set of quests. Many Level 70 players, who had high HP, high attack, and quick reactions, were single-handedly fighting Chi Huo Monk. All of them were killed in an instant by Chi Huo Monk in an inexplicable manner.

Wu Xin Die and the rest of the six challenged the monk Chi Huo. They saw that the monk was extremely fat, with a belly the size of a vinegar jar, and a skull necklace around his neck. The copper bell in his hand jingled loudly, indicating that he wasn't a good person.

"Who's going first?" Nie Qingchen asked in a deep voice.

"Your level is the highest and your equipment is the best. Your combat skills and combat experience should also be the best and most abundant. Of course, it's you who will go first! "Other than you, any of us who go first will die without a doubt." Zhang Taiqing was extremely flattering as he attempted to have Chi Huo Monk viciously kill Nie Qingchen in an instant to vent his anger from being insulted earlier.

"There are a lot of capable people. I'll go first, then I'll go first!" However, if I'm in trouble, you'd better not stand by and do nothing. If I die, none of you will survive! Zhang Taiqing, you have to consider this matter carefully! "

After Nie Qingchen finished speaking, she made some preparations. He lightly stepped onto the monk's back, waved his long sleeves, and used the 'Sleeve Dimension' brush technique to shoot out a 'Shaoyang's Pen Qi' towards the monk.

Chi Fire Sage was attacked and he suddenly retracted his belly. He sucked in the pen qi shot out by Nie Qingchen and then fiercely straightened his belly. The pen qi shot out from his navel towards Nie Qingchen. After Nie Qingchen shot the brush qi, he had already run far away. However, when the brush qi hit the stalagmite in the hole, it actually reflected back.

"Damn!" When Wu Xin Die saw that the brush Qi had reflected back at her, she quickly dodged. If she had reacted a little slower, she would have already been killed.

"I'm so scared!" Ye Guoguo was frightened, but she suddenly laughed, "So exciting, so satisfying!"

"Guys, just look at me!"

When Zhang Taiqing saw that Nie Qingchen's attack failed and was almost hit by his brushstroke, he inwardly cursed the idiot. Immediately, he held his sword horizontally in front of his chest and activated the unique martial art of the Wudang Taoist Clan, the "Tai Yi San Qing Sword". Immediately, several sword lights appeared around his body.

"Hur hur." Zhang Taiqing had succeeded in one move and was very proud of it. He walked around Nie Qingchen with an arrogant gait.

Wu Xin Die also refused to show any weakness. Seeing Chi Huo'Er was forced to retreat by Zhang Taiqing's Tai Yi Sword Qi, she took the opportunity to launch three invisible kicks, kicking Chi Huo Wu far away. Wu Xin Die wanted to get close to Chi Huo Xiong to kick him, but she was afraid of being caught off guard. After taking a few steps, she turned around and ran back.

"I say, are you all that afraid of death?" Nie Qingchen snappily rebuked, "This monster has a lot of health. You guys just need to dodge for a bit and think that your tactics are very brilliant. Are you guys prepared to fight until the end of the world?!"

"Then according to you, how should we fight?" Zhang Taiqing's tone was as cold as ice. He inwardly despised Nie Qingchen for not being able to find the courage to criticize him even after his attack had missed.

"Everyone, listen to my battle preparations!"

As he spoke, Nie Qingchen quickly ran far away, afraid that he would be instantly killed by Chi Huo Monk, and said solemnly, "Look at the fighting strength of our team, only I can take charge of this side. Zhang Taiqing and Wu Xin Die are barely able to help. Ye Hongxuan is a Buddhist disciple and is in charge of adding benefits to our condition. Ye Guoguo and the Little Ancestor are of too low a rank, so their combat ability is negligible. You two better protect yourselves and don't let Ye Hongxuan distract you and take care of you guys.

"Hm!" However, I feel that we haven't used all of those Chi Fire Spirit Symbols we just used. Otherwise, Chi Fire Monk would not be so fierce, who would still have those symbols? " Ye Hongxuan asked.

"Me! I left five talismans here! "Hehe …" Ye Guoguo gave a mysterious smile.

"I was wondering, no wonder this Chi Huo Monk is so fierce!" Nie Qingchen's tone was full of reproach, "Why did you keep it when you almost burned the talisman?!"

"Elder sister, which of the Hidden Sword Villa and Great Illusionary Land do you think is more fun?" Ye Guoguo was neither impatient nor impatient.

"If you want me to say it, each of them has their own fun points!"

"Oh, really?" Ye Guoguo's interest was piqued. "Tell me, is the Hidden Sword Villa fun or the Great Illusionary Land fun?"

"How should we put it, it should be the Hidden Sword Villa's playfulness!" There were many monsters in the Hidden Sword Villa, and the stewards were all decent. They had to be mighty and mighty, and they had to be chic and unrestrained. Yes, Hidden Sword Villa is still the most interesting. "

"Hehe, I wonder what the Nine Extreme Sword Demon from the Hidden Sword Villa's seventh trial looks like? Isn't he handsome? "

"I don't know about that, but I haven't even passed the seventh trial yet …"

"I beg of you, please stop this nonsense!"

Nie Qingchen couldn't hold it in any longer and sternly cut off Ye Hongxuan's conversation with Ye Guoguo. She suddenly said, "What are we doing here?" "How do you two talk about these boring things at a time like this?"

"You're really unreasonable!" Ye Guoguo was furious as she scolded, "If you hit your Chi Huo Monk, then us sisters will talk about our sister's fate. What does that have to do with you?"

"If you don't cooperate with my battle plans, how will I fight Chi Huo Monk?"

"Hey, are you taking what you said earlier as bullsh * t?" Ye Guoguo's anger flared up, and she coldly said, "Ye Guoguo's level is too low, her combat ability is negligible! Did you say that? Since my abilities are so low, it doesn't really matter whether I am worthy of your wise battle planning ability, right? "

"You have the most important spirit runes in your hands. If I don't incinerate those few spirit runes, how would I —"

Nie Qingchen suddenly came to a realization. She was certain that Ye Guoguo was purposely throwing a tantrum at this crucial moment in order to avenge her earlier disregard for her. She laughed and said, "Just now, my words were a little disrespectful to you.

"At least you're sensible!" Ye Guoguo gave a sly smile, "To be honest, it's fine if you ignore me. You're really blind to ignore the Little Ancestor! I dare say that in the future, you will definitely need something from him! "

"Really? I'm afraid not, right?" Nie Qingchen didn't think much of it. He inwardly laughed at himself for relying on his level and strength. No matter what, he wouldn't beg this thirty level little ancestor for help in the future.

"Martial Heart Butterfly – Martial Heart Butterfly!"

At this moment, the sound of horse hooves could be heard from inside the cave. A knight was galloping towards them, whooping and shouting.

"Martial Heart Butterfly!" Old Tang's here! "

The guest on the horse was Tang Xiaoxiao. He spurred his horse to the wandering Martial Heart Butterfly and asked, "How is the investigation going?"

"Not to mention —"

Wu Xin Die had just kicked three of Chi Huo Monk's kicks, and was now being chased by him in a sorry state. She did not have the time to respond to Tang Xiaoxiao's words, and was busy dodging Chi Huo Monk's attacks.

"This little weirdo is so weird that neither of you can defeat him. Nie Qingchen, Zhang Taiqing, the two of you move far away and let Old Tang fight you!"

After getting off the horse, he first used the poisoned "Heart Chasing Arrow" to shoot Chi Huo Shaoyang. With a single arrow, he led Chi Huo Shaoyang to a corner of the cave, and then suddenly threw out an "Inescapable Net" to cover Chi Huo Shaoyang. He took turns using his left and right hands to release "Flowers in the Sky" and "Pear Blossom Needles in the Storm", but Chi Huo Shao was unable to rush out because of the large net.

When Wu Xin Die saw that Tang Xiaoxiao's hidden weapon had been replaced with the "God of Heaven's Secrets Envoy's Divine Needle", she remembered that she had kicked his "Secret Poison Assassin's Needle" at the Sword Gate Pass. She felt upset and said, "I'm still investigating the matter, but there hasn't been any progress."

"I've already found some clues!" As Tang Xiaoxiao spoke, his hand was not slow at all. The extremely powerful "Pear Blossom Rain Needles" had already viciously shot the Chi Huo Monk to his last breath.

When Nie Qingchen and Zhang Taiqing saw that the monk had only one breath left, they both wanted to personally kill him so that Tang Xiaoxiao and the rest could be proud of their abilities. The two of them simultaneously charged forward to attack, each with their own abilities.

Nie Qingchen and Zhang Taiqing were rooted to the ground by the strange ringing sound. The bronze bell in the monk's hands was suddenly thrown out, and Nie Qingchen and Zhang Taiqing were instantly killed by the copper bell.

"Hahahaha, these two brats are probably just asking me to walk away because they don't want me to. They're asking for trouble!" Tang Xiaoxiao burst out in laughter. With a flick of his sleeve, he finally killed Chi Huo Monk.

"Why are you here?" Wu Xin Die asked curiously.

"I came to look for Shang Wuji of the Tu Clan to ask him about something, but I couldn't find him either. I didn't expect to find you!" Tang Xiaoxiao reined in his horse and said in a lukewarm tone, "Little Wu, Old Tang will look for you after he finds out the truth! "Let's go."


"Okay!" Wu Xin Die agreed woodenly. Seeing Tang Xiaoxiao ride away, she felt even more uneasy, "It seems that Old Tang has been wronged by me. How can I explain this to him?"

"Wu Xin Die, what do you mean by the truth?" Ye Guoguo asked curiously.

"We're talking about the truth of who spread the rumor that Brother Lah is a liar."

"Oh, is that it? Is there a need to go through all the trouble to find out!? "

"What do you mean?" Wu Xin Die was quite shocked, "From what you're saying, you seem to know the truth behind this matter?"

"Of course I know!" Ye Guoguo was a little proud, "Isn't the person who spread rumors that Brother Luan is a swindler just like that smelly fox spirit Liu Wenling?"

"Liu Wenling?" Wu Xin Die was surprised again, and asked: "How did you know that Liu Wen Ling was making trouble for us? "What evidence is there?"

"Evidence?" What other evidence do you need? " Ye Guoguo was somewhat speechless, and she paused before speaking, "Don't you know that Liu Wen Ling is the deputy sect leader of the Human Slaughter Sect, the master of the sect, Yi Duo Luo? My sister and I stayed in the Human Slaughter Sect for a while. Not only did I know that it was Liu Wenling who spread the rumor that Brother Luan was a swindler, I also knew that the person who spread the rumors for Liu Wenling was a loyal dog slave — the old brat. "

"Then why do you think Liu Wenling made rumors that Brother Luan is a liar?" Wu Xin Die must understand this, and she must not be as reckless and trusting as she was to Tang Xiaoxiao.

"I don't know about that!" Ye Guoguo gave a sad smile. "You should ask Shang Wuji about this!"

"Why do you ask Shang Wuji? Who is Shang Wuji? "

"Damn, you don't even know about Shang Wuji? Shang Wuji was known as the Four Seas, he knew everything! Whoever wants to buy something, sell it, scheme who, etc., he knows everything! " Ye Guoguo paused, "You should ask him about this. He is from the Human Slaughter Sect. I believe he definitely knows the truth, but he might have spent a lot of money to do so … …" Yo, isn't this Shang Wuji? "

From not too far away, Shang Wuji, who was wearing rough clothes, rode a "footstep" and galloped over with a smile on his face.

"Friend, there's something I need to ask you." Wu Xin Die quickly rode on her "narrow wing" and spurred her horse forward to welcome them.

"Friend, there's something I need to tell you!" Shang Wuji smiled sinisterly in response.

"What is it?" "You first."

"I've seen it. Your equipment is pretty good!" You have to know, the quality of the equipment is very important, and the level is completely nonsensical! I just so happen to have a set of 'Hidden Sword Gold Woven Clothes' suitable for you to wear. When you wore this set of equipment, even an ordinary person would not be a match for you. Don't you want to experience the pleasure of being able to move freely and attack monsters like a cannon? How about it, let's quickly experience it! "

"Let's talk about this later …"

"Let's talk about it now!" "I am a businessman, and my main business is business. I do not want to miss the opportunity to do business because of any mundane things that you want to know!"

"Alright, how much is the set?" Wu Xin Die felt that Si Wuji was very stubborn, so she decided to say it quickly.

"A fixed price, 3,800 gold!"

"3,800 gold?" Ye Guoguo's mouth was agape, as she said righteously, "Brother Everlasting, Wu Xin Die is my friend, you better not ask too much! This set of 'Hidden Sword Golden Knapsack Equipment' is not as awesome as you say. Even if it's really that awesome, you still wouldn't be able to sell it for 3800 gold. If you want to sell it, then it's cheaper! "

"Guo Guo, aren't you going to look? "If he can even afford the priceless' narrow wing ', then a mere 3800 gold isn't even worth a single drop in his eyes, right?" Shang Wuji's eyes were sharp.

"This' narrow wing 'isn't mine. It was given to me by my friend Brother Luan!"

"What did you say?" This horse was given to you by your friend Largo? " Shang Wuji seemed to be taken aback, and after a moment of silence, he sighed and said, "It's all in the plan, everything is in the sky!" "If that's the case, then there's no need to negotiate any further. I'm not selling this' Hidden Sword Golden Woven Set '!"

"Not selling?" Wu Xin Die's heart sank. Listening to his words, she vaguely felt that there was some hatred between him and Brother Luan, "Why aren't you selling it?"

"Because you are Brother Lah's friend!"

With that, Shang Wuji mounted his horse, cupped his hands to Ye Guoguo, and left.

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