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"Are you going to give or not!" Wang Xiexi's sharp fingers were like iron pincers as they tightly gripped the Martial Heart Butterfly's wrist.

"Ouch, it hurts!" I'll give it to you, I'll give it to you! " Wu Xin Die was being suppressed by him, her wrist was in extreme pain, she frowned and said, "Brother Ling, let go of me first, I'll give it to you. At most, I won't wipe my ass! "

"Hehe!" Wang Xiaguang smiled sinisterly and said in a deep voice, "Let me have it first!"

"Fine." Wu Xin Die was about to hand the newspaper over to him when her expression suddenly changed and she anxiously said, "Someone's coming …." Let go of me! Let people see us arguing over a piece of toilet paper. Once it gets out, we'll lose all face! "

Wang Xizhi was shocked and let go of his hand doubtfully. Wu Xin Die suddenly stuffed the newspaper into her butt, grabbed her pants with both hands and jumped out of the toilet about two meters away.

"Martial Heart Butterfly!" Wang Xiafeng discovered that he had been tricked and roared in rage. His burning eyes looked around for something to throw at the Martial Heart Butterfly.

"Rich bro, listen to me. "If you're willing to make up with me, then we'll split the online card between us for 400 hours. Today will be the end of this matter." Wu Xin Die said as she hurriedly wiped her buttocks, tied her belt and said seriously, "I won't say anything if you are angry with me, but aren't you being too wicked for trying to trick me into squatting here and smelling the stench of feces? Since you came here to defecate, how could you not bring paper! "So, I won't send you any paper. Let's go!"

Seeing him leave in such a relaxed manner, Wang Xincang gritted his teeth in anger. Luckily, he had brought some toilet paper with him, otherwise, he would have to suffer another loss. He cursed in his heart, "I'll deal with you sooner or later. Fuck, just you wait!"

Wu Xin Die left the restroom and returned to Phoenix Town's first Internet Cafe in high spirits. The Internet Cafe had just finished their event and swept away their previous loss.

Huang Xiaofeng held Wu Xin Die's hand and said with a laugh: "The event has ended so well, the results are obvious. Brother, you have done a great service!" As she spoke, she put the online card that she had filled up for 800 hours into Wu Xin Die's hands and whispered into her ear, "Brother, I have a plan that I want to share with you."

"What plan?"

"I want to develop my online games. I want to find a few friends who share the same interests as me to play professional games, train my account, play equipment, and sell game coins. I can pay for food and shelter. "Are you willing to help me join this cause?"

"Of course, I'm willing!"

Wu Xin Die was pleasantly surprised. All she wanted was to be a professional gamer all day long, both to be able to play games and to earn money. She agreed without hesitation.

Where there are people, there will be grudges. If there are grudges, there will be martial arts world." Deep in his heart, he had a strong martial arts complex. He had also seen many martial arts novels and TV dramas. He had long hoped that one day, he would be able to hold a marriage grudge and drink with a sword just like the martial artists in the martial arts world. As for "Swordsman Love 2", it was a large-scale online game that was very close to the Jianghu. When it was played, one would feel a sense of familiarity.

Wu Xin Die browsed around on the website and had a rough understanding of this Wuxia game. He immediately established his character and entered the long-awaited Jianghu.

The place where the character was born was Chengdu. There were many people sitting on the tiled streets of the city and they were busy setting up stalls to sell things. Wu Xin Die hummed a little tune as she wandered around the city. When she reached the south side of the city, she saw a woman standing alone beside a small bridge in front of the south gate. The woman's attire was gorgeous, yet it did not lose its dignity. The long sword on her back was especially eye-catching – the sword faintly emitted a light blue mist. Clearly, she was an expert.

"Just by looking at this sword, he is definitely an expert! "En, good job!"

Wu Xin Die stood still and looked at the girl under the tree, praising with a smile. He suddenly had a thought, "I've just entered the martial arts world. It's fine if I don't have anything to offer. It's not easy to mess around with me!" If I go over and call her a chivalrous girl, say something nice, or acknowledge her as my elder sister, then she will definitely protect me! Will they at least give me some good stuff? "Hahaha!"

Wu Xin Die was thinking about how she should go forward and strike up a conversation when she suddenly heard the sound of horses behind her.

"Who are these two people?" When Wu Xin Die saw the two of them on the horse looking so angry, she was slightly shocked in her heart. He wanted to strike up another conversation with the woman, but she disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye. He was immediately angered. "What the hell! These two people scared my sister away!"

"Kid, move far away!"

The leader of the group was Tang Xiaoxiao, and he shouted at Wu Xin Die. He then got off the horse and twisted his body. He had already activated the trick that the Tang Sect disciples used, the Mind's Eye.

The other one was a knight named Yang Ming Dysprosium, who rode under the command of Yang Men Bow. He immediately drew his bow, not moving at all.

"What are they doing?" Wu Xin Die observed the two's levels. Tang Xiaoxiao was level 79 and Yang Mingdang was level 80.

Wu Xin Die could faintly feel that they were in trouble, so she didn't walk too far when she heard Tang Xiaoxiao's loud shout. She waved her hands and a huge green net appeared, covering the area around Yang Mingdang.

This huge net was the opening move of the Tang Sect disciples when they were fighting the enemy. It was called the "Inescapable Net", and when the enemy was trapped, they had to break through it in order to kill the enemy. When their opponents had broken through the net, the Tang Sect would often have already beaten their enemies to the point where they were on the verge of death, or even had them on the verge of dying.

Yang Ming was at Dysprosium Level 80, so he wasn't someone to be trifled with. He suddenly pressed down on the horse beneath him, and with a ripping sound, his body flew up into the air, shooting straight at Tang Xiaoxiao, who was wandering unsteadily at the side. Tens of thousands of crossbows were released at once, and sizzling sounds could be heard. This was the ultimate killing arrow technique used by the Yang family's archery riders — "Penetrating Light Arrow!"

The attack power of the Dysprosium Arrow was not low. The "Inescapable Net" had already been broken by the arrow. Tang Xiaoxiao saw that the situation wasn't good and hurriedly added in a net, using the Tang Sect's tiredness skill, "Heart Chasing Arrow", to disturb the enemy.

Every time Tang Xiaoxiao shot a dart, she would immediately change directions. She took advantage of the moment when Yang Mingdi was jumping off the horse to pull the bow, and viciously used the 'Pear Blossom Rain Needles' on him. The rain of Pear Blossom Needles had a high attack, and the hidden weapon, the "Secret Poison Assassin's Needle", had been tempered with poison. From time to time, poisonous needles would rain down on Yang Mingdang's body, giving him the upper hand in his attacks.

"Hehe …"

Tang Xiaoxiao smiled coldly in satisfaction. Although he was in a somewhat sorry state while wandering around, his fighting techniques were in perfect harmony with the Tang Sect's way of dealing with the enemy, and he did not show any signs of defeat. Although Yang Mingdang's' Shadow Flowing Arrow of Illumination 'had a high attack power and a long duration, it was still difficult for Tang Xiaoxiao to dodge. Her moves were old, and if they continued to fight like this, her chances of winning wouldn't be high.

"Why aren't you dead?"

Tang Xiaoxiao saw that although Yang Mingdang was struggling to deal with the situation, it was not too dangerous. He changed his tactics and every time he released the "Pear Blossom Rain Needles", he would run a few steps away before turning his head to shoot the "Heart Chasing Arrow" that gave him a headache.

Yang Mingwei repeatedly broke the "inescapable net" set up by Tang Xiaoxiao. However, he was also exhausted by the indistinct fighting techniques of Tang Xiaoxiao. With a loud hiss, he took two bottles of Blood Replenishing Medicine, "White Cloud Powder", and galloped straight to Tang Xiaoxiao's side. The sound of the bowstring sounded out as a string of arrows flew towards Tang Xiaoxiao without stopping.

This time, Tang Xiaoxiao did not dodge. He swallowed a bottle of "Black Jade Shattering Ointment" and used "Yangmen Consecutive Shooting Technique" to bend down to set a trap. In an instant, his entire body was covered with traps.

Yang Mingdang mistakenly stepped on Tang Xiaoxiao's trap and was actually stuck on the spot, unable to move. He couldn't help but turn pale with fright.

Tang Xiaoxiao succeeded in her first move and with a chuckle, she used a "Inescapable Net" to cover Yang Mingdang's head. Then, she took turns using "Pear Blossom Rain Needles" and the extremely powerful "Flower Rain" at close range.

Yang Ming was trapped and could only let it work. Fortunately, he was wearing the fourth set of "General Ao Qi" equipment of his sect that was more resistant to attacks. Although he was beaten up, he could still hold on.

Tang Xiaoxiao was eager to win, so she took the risk to engage Yang Mingyu, who had a large amount of blood, in close combat. This was already a big taboo for the Tang Sect. Tang Xiaoxiao suddenly realized that he had made a big mistake and wanted to run away, but was stopped by the arrow shot by Yang Mingdang. He saw that his health was down to around 300 points and Yang Mingdang's was down to less than half.

"F * ck, I'm done for!"

Tang Xiaoxiao was shocked as she ran a few steps away and shouted, "Wait a moment!"

"What's wrong?" Yang Mingdang was baffled as he slowly retracted the famous bow on his arm. "Blame arrow!"

"Yang Mingyu, you dare to fight against Old Tang like this, aren't you clearly going back on your words?"

"Shameless?" Yang Mingyu was stunned, "This is a fair fight between the two of us. We will do our best, how am I shameless?"

"Cut the crap!"

Tang Xiaoxiao took advantage of the moment when Yang Mingdang asked a question to suddenly rush up to Yang Mingwei's horse. He shook his hand and released the "Pear Blossom Rain Needles" Yang Mingdang, who did not have much blood left, but when he asked the question, he was careless and realized that he had been shot dead by Tang Xiaoxiao's poisonous needle.

"Tang Xiaoxiao, you're really despicable!" Yang Mingyu flew into a rage and said harshly, "If you can't beat me, then you can't possibly defeat me. There's nothing shameful about that. You actually used such a shameless trick to lure me into a conversation. You should have recovered and taken the opportunity to launch a sneak attack! To think that you are even the leader of a gang, do you still have any shame?

"Hur Hur Hur!" Tang Xiaoxiao was pleased and laughed, "This is not called despicable, this is called scheming! If Old Tang could use this tactic to win against you, it was called a surprise victory! Although you're very good at fighting, Old Tang wasn't too modest when it came to your experience fighting against enemies. You're far worse than Old Tang. "Hahaha!"

"Yes, you're right!" Yang Mingyu's anger flared up as he sneered, "My master always said that although Tang Xiaoxiao is the leader of a gang, she is shameless and unscrupulous! Now it seems like you really live up to your name! "

"Yes, Old Tang, thank you for your master's compliment. Thank you!" Tang Xiaoxiao asked with a smile, "Does your master often mention Old Tang in front of you?"

"Tang Xiaoxiao, I've never seen such a shameless person like you. I'm too lazy to tell you more!" Yang Mingyu disdainfully replied with a sneer, "If you miss the taste of my master's' Great Sumeru Palm ', I can bring you to Feng Xiang to meet him. Do you dare?"

"Enough!" Tang Xiaoxiao suddenly became furious, and angrily said, "Old Tang can beat you, but no matter what tactics he uses, as long as he can beat you, you have to submit! He couldn't bear to lose, so he decided not to fight Old Tang! You're still using your master's name to scare Old Tang, you're really a fox using a tiger's might! "

"Alright, I won't take advantage of the situation!" We'll fight again, do you dare! "

"Old Tang still has matters to attend to, how would he have the time to play with you!" Tang Xiaoxiao felt weak in her heart, so she forced herself to answer. Suddenly, she noticed the Martial Heart Butterfly standing to the side and said, "If you don't accept it, then let's ask this brat if it's you or Old Tang!"

Although Wu Xin Die secretly blamed the two of them for scaring her sister away, at least she had to thank them for putting in so much effort in watching their brilliant fight. Seeing Tang Xiaoxiao speak, he thought to himself that since he was going to be involved in the martial arts world, he shouldn't offend anyone, so he decided to stay away from him and sincerely said: "You two amazing people, let me say, Brother Tang has the right to attack and Brother Yang has the right to defend. Other than Brother Tang, I have never seen anyone who could attack Brother Yang. Other than Brother Yang, I can't think of anyone else that can defend Brother Tang. "Hmm, Brother Tang and Brother Yang, you two are always better than each other!"

Tang Xiaoxiao and Yang Mingdang looked at each other in shock. The two of them were confused by Wu Xin Die calling them "Brother Tang" and "Brother Yang". However, the last line, "Amazing!", entered her heart. She felt that Wu Xindie was very tactful.

Yang Mingyu slightly urged his horse to move closer to Wu Xin Die and said: "Thank you for your praise, I have to go now. "In the future, if you are bullied by someone as shameless as you are, remember to look for me!"

"Thanks, I'll remember you, big brother!" As soon as Wu Xin Die entered the martial arts world, there was an expert who was willing to protect her. She felt pleased with herself as she watched Yang Mingyu gallop away.

"I'm dizzy. Bro, you're really a newbie!" To think that you are thanking a fellow who doesn't know his place, and yet, to think that he would continue acting so haughtily! "

Tang Xiaoxiao looked on in disdain as Yang Mingdang rode her horse out of Chengdu, proudly saying, "Brother, if you ever get into trouble in the future, you'll have to look for me, Old Tang!" As long as you curry favor with me, if there's anything difficult, Old Tang can call over a hundred and eighty brothers to help you with just one sentence. If you wanted to ask this guy for help, the more you help, the busier you will be – luckily he followed Brother Li, if Brother Li did not cover for him, he would be considered as a piece of cake. To put it bluntly, Old Tang is only good for being a big bro – let's go! "

Tang Xiaoxiao then left on her horse. After scaring Wu Xin Die for a long time, she muttered to herself: "I wonder who this Tang Xiaoxiao is. From the looks of it, she is not a good person. I don't care who's pretending or not. Let's go fight a few monsters first! " He ran towards the south of Chengdu.

The monsters in the southern part of Chengdu were all low-level monsters. According to the difficulty of killing them, they were rabbits, rabbits, hooligans, and scoundrels. When Wu Xin Die ran over to observe the distribution of the monsters, she realized that the rogue and rogue with a stick who was about to faint was actually red-named. This implied that rogues and rogues were not easy to deal with and needed to be killed with caution.

Wu Xin Die was unarmed and wore a coarse, thin "chivalrous clothing" that was as thin as a cicada's wing. She seemed to have no defensive capabilities at all. Ye Zichen pulled himself together and killed the rabbits with one punch and one kick. After killing three rabbits, he leveled up. It was always easier to level up in the early stages. The Martial Heart Butterfly could level up in such a stable manner. Soon, it would be Level 3.

Wu Xin Die loved to challenge, so she knew that the rogue and rogue in the distance had more experience points than a rabbit, so she ran over to a lone rogue and started to beat them up.

Brawlers were not like rabbits, but they were able to fight back. One person and one monster fought as they staggered forward. Wu Xin Die only had 200 HP left. Finally, at the critical moment when she still had 18 HP left, she killed the hoodlum. With a "hu la" sound, she actually dropped a Long Fist Manual .

What was recorded in the "Long Fist Manual" was a set of basic fist techniques passed down from Zhao Kuangyin, Song Taizu. Zhao Kuangyin quickly punched out, relentlessly chasing his enemy. If he practiced this skill to the Transformation realm, it was said to have an unimaginable and miraculous effect. Wu Xin Die's cultivation was too low, so she couldn't finish the Long Fist Manual in one go. She decided to go back to the city to take a few newbie missions.

In Chengdu, the wild master was the guide to the new road. Wu Xin Die did a few simple novice tasks at Wild Mage's place and even went to the Martial Master's place to learn Qing Gong. The movement of Qing Gong was called "Grasping Spring in the Drylands". A leap of a few Zhang was necessary for a novice to learn this skill.

Wu Xin Die had completed a few newbie missions and reached level 9. Her cultivation had also exceeded 300 +. He immediately sat beside Wild Ce and threw himself into his training to begin studying the Long Fist Manual .

The Long Fist Manual was, after all, a superficial manual and required very little cultivation. After not even using 300 points of cultivation, he had already comprehended 100% of the Long Fist Manual .

Wu Xin Die was eager to extend her hand and run to the south of Chengdu to fight with the thugs.

There was only one move for the 'Great Ancestor Fist Art' contained in the manual, which could be used repeatedly. However, the fist wind was whooshing as it violently punched the monster at an extremely fast speed. It was much more shocking than the fist technique that was used just now, as it quickly killed a hooligan. Wu Xin Die was extremely excited.

When they were training to level 10, Wu Xin Die heard about the story of the 'Mountain and River Social Map' from Wild Cast and accepted another quest – give the letter that Wild Cast had given to her to Zhao Yannan at the Bijing Prefecture.

Wu Xin Die quickly got the coachman to take her to Bianjing and found the elderly Zhao Yannan in the courtyard. After Zhao Yannan finished reading the letter of introduction from Wild Cur, he handed it over to the three mysterious letters written by Wuxin Butterfly.

Wu Xin Die had three letters in her possession. She had originally planned to send them on a errand, and now that she was Level 10, she could join a sect. It would be better if she joined a sect and found her own home. The Shaolin Faction had always been a place where people competed with each other. Each and every move of theirs shocked the world. Just join Shaolin to learn a few of his ultimate skills!

Having made up her mind, Wu Xin Die rushed to the Shaolin Faction in the west of the Li Jing Manor.

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