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"Don't go yet!"

Wu Xin Die's' narrow wings' were twice as fast as Shang Wuji's' footwork '. She took a few steps to catch up, "It's alright if you don't want to sell me this set of equipment. There's something I want to ask you!"

"Big brother Limitless, he wants to ask why Liu Wen Ling went around spreading rumors that Brother Li is a swindler!"

Ye Guoguo explained as she took a few steps forward, then smiled, "To be honest, he already knows from me that it's Liu Wenling who is playing tricks on Brother. Speaking of which, the business value of this matter is not very high, for my sake, brother Limitless, tell him the reason why Liu Wenling made this rumor!" "How much do you want? Name a price!"

"Guo Guo, the thing he wants to ask about belongs to the mall." I am a businessman, and I will decide whether or not I will buy or sell this deal! "I won't do it!" Shang Wuji's tone was harsh.

"Bro, let me ask you, as a pure businessman, do you think that we should prioritize the interests of justice or the interests of justice?" Wu Xin Die asked.

"A very honest and unscrupulous businessman like me, of course I value the profits!"

"That's right!" Wu Xin Die praised, then said: "You know your own principles, so why are you going against your own principles and doing such a stupid thing?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you say that you don't want to do this business, then it's a matter of righteousness and light profit. You made a mistake in your decision!"

Wu Xin Die was extremely worried and explained, "Think about it, you helped Liu Wen Ling keep her mouth shut, but not only was it impossible to get her gratitude, you even offended a lot of people, including Brother Luan! If you tell me what you know, I will not only give you a high price, but there will be too many people who will be grateful to you, including Brother Lago! In order to help a person who would not be grateful to you keep a secret and offend many useful people and extremely good business opportunities, aren't you a person who prioritize and make mistakes? "

"Mm …" That sounds reasonable! "Let me think about it again." Shang Wuji was tempted and hesitated.

"Big brother Limitless, don't be so naughty anymore! You didn't want to say it out loud, you were just afraid that Liu Wen Ling would know that you betrayed her, afraid that she would take revenge on you, right? "

"Yes!" I am afraid that if Liu Wen Ling knows that I betrayed her, she will call upon all the members of the sect to take revenge on me. Shang Wuji was shocked.

"Brother Everlasting, it's not Guo Guo that's scaring you!"

Ye Guoguo's face turned serious as she said seriously, "If you tell me the reason now, I can guarantee that Wu Xin Die will give you the appropriate information and selling fee, and I won't tell anyone that you betrayed her." If you don't want to say, then Guo Guo wants to play dirty, I'll go find Idro to tell him that you betrayed her! You know that, don't you? "

"Don't scare me!" Shang Wuji spoke in a low voice, "Yidoro is ungrateful! Half of the gold that I worked so hard to earn has been f * * king destroyed. Wu Xin Die, give me 6000 gold, and I will tell you all the secrets that I know! I won't say a word if there's one less person! "

"Six thousand gold?" How could I have so much money! Can you pay in instalments? "

"What a joke, of course not!"

"If you can't do it, you can't! "You and Wu Xin Die, follow me to Yangzhou Bank. I'll get you 6000 gold!" The words of the little ancestor, who had been silent for a long time, shocked everyone.

"Little brother, are you joking? You have 6,000 gold? " Shang Wuji noticed that the young ancestor was of a very low rank and had mediocre equipment. No matter how he looked at it, he did not look like a rich person.

"Big brother Limitless, I think you're the only one who doesn't know anything! Your eyesight is the same level as the Sect Leader of the Money Gang, Su Hao! I dare to say, he definitely has 6000 gold! According to what you said just now, a mere 6000 gold is nothing in his eyes! " Ye Guoguo was extremely respectful to her little ancestor.

"Un, it doesn't matter if my eyesight is good or not, as long as he has money! Let's open a path! "

Yangzhou Bank was the largest bank in the seven major cities. The people who stored the gold here were mostly rich and powerful.

Wu Xin Die, Shang Wuji, the Little Ancestor, Ye Guoguo, and Ye Hong Xuan all rushed to the bank. The little ancestor, without saying a word, immediately took out 6000 gold and gave it to Shang Wuji.

"Hehe, no more, no less!" Shang Wuji accepted the gold and laughed, "Guo Guo's eyes are indeed sharp, this little brother is indeed a rich man, this time I misjudged him!"

"Don't call me Little Brother. I'm not small, and I'm not your brother! " The Little Ancestor coldly replied, "I gave you enough money, didn't I? You have to be a bit more straightforward when you give orders! "

"Alright, then I'll get back to the main topic!" He turned to Wu Xin Die and said, "Let me ask you this first, did you entrust Murong Ba Dou to write a poem and a poem in the Jiang Hu Express to praise Brother Lala's generosity?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"Let me put it this way. The reason that Brother Li has the reputation of a swindler is because of this poem of yours!"

"What did you say?" Wu Xin Die was shocked, she suspected that he was spouting nonsense, "Speak clearly!"

Shang Wuji said seriously, "Murong Ba Dou's poem was published in the" Jianghu Express "and was read by Liu Wenling. At that time, Liu Wenling had already made a lot of noise about her marriage proposal. She used poetry to identify Brother Lala's money, so she went to Brother Lah and asked him if he wanted to marry her. She didn't ask what kind of person he was? Even the extremely famous female middle-class hero was unable to be with Brother Luan for the time being. Just by Liu Wenling alone, she is practically dreaming. "

As Shang Wuji spoke, his expression was taunting. "Brother Luan might not even look at her properly, but he rejected her instantly!" Liu Wenling hit the wall, then opened her mouth to ask Brother Lago for 2000 gold. Lago's words made sense. He said that the gold belongs to the gang and is the gang's brother. Why did he give it to you for free? Liu Wenling flew into a rage out of embarrassment. In a moment of anger, she went to look for Yidoro — "

"I got it!" Liu Wen Ling went to find Yi Duoluo's rival, Yi Duo Luo. She wanted to borrow Yi Duo Luo's gang to take revenge on him, right? "

"Guo Guo, don't interrupt. Listen to Shang Wuji! " Ye Hongxuan reprimanded.

"Guo Guo is right!" Shang Wuji gave a thumbs up and said angrily, "Yi Duoluo is very lustful. At that time, he married Liu Wenling, who delivered herself to him at the Chengdu Estate for ten thousand gold, and made her the Deputy Sect Leader of the Human Massacre Sect. — — Liu Wenling has a strong desire for revenge! "She first accepted her trusted aide to join the sect, then told Yiduo that Brother Luan had often chased after her, bullied her, and even tricked old boy's 260 pieces of Meteoric Iron …"

"It's really the most venomous woman's heart!" Wu Xin Die gritted her teeth and said with hatred, "What happened to the 260 pieces of meteorite?"

"It's a long story, but it's actually a trap that Liu Wenling and the old fogey conspired to set up! At that time, Lago was shopping around for pieces of meteorite, and under the instructions of Liu Wenling, the old boy was intentionally careless during the transaction. He only received a tenth of the transaction value and ran away. Then he turned around and cursed Brother Lah and asked him for the rest of the money. Brother Luan was insulted by him, so he ignored him. This just so happens to be the trick of the old brat, and it falls short of the swindler's truth! "

"Yeah, you and Hua Ya talked about it the same way, looks like it's true." Wu Xin Die thought hard, but was still confused, and asked again, "Since Liu Wen Ling was the one who spread the rumors, why did Hua Ya tell me that it was the old fogey who told her that the person who framed Brother Luan was Tang Xiaoxiao?"

"Hur hur, this can be said to be the case!"

Shang Wuji spoke excitedly, "Not long ago, that old fogey went to play with Tang Xiaoxiao. He was scared half to death by her when she brought him to his coffin shop, and he hated Tang Xiaoxiao to death in his heart. It just so happened that Hua Ya, the old brat's girlfriend, wanted to break up with him again. He predicted that Hua Ya would betray him, so he used her mouth to tell you that Tang Xiaoxiao was framing Brother Li. Hua Ya did not know the reason behind it, and thus unknowingly misled you! "

"So that's how it is! No wonder the old fogey reacted so badly when he heard about the coffin! " Wu Xin Die was finally convinced that she had wrongly accused Tang Xiaoxiao, and sweat started pouring from her body.

"Wu Xin Die, you were misled by Hua Ya's good intentions to kick Tang Xiaoxiao's hidden weapon in the Sword Gate Pass. Is there something wrong with that?" Shang Wuji asked with a smile on his face.

"There is such a thing!" Wu Xin Die was extremely ashamed, "How do you know everything?"

"I'm from the 'Four Seas'. Not only am I good at investigating secrets, I'm especially good at deducing things!" Shang Wuji was immensely pleased with himself, "This is the truth of the matter. The rumour is that Brother Luan is a swindler, and that the person who did it is Liu Wenling, not Tang Xiaoxiao!" You have wronged him! "

"If I wrongly accuse him, I will give him an explanation!" Wu Xin Die's heart was in a mess as she decided to pay the price to make up for Tang Xiaoxiao's loss.

"Martial Heart Butterfly, I'm going to make a set of 'Sky and Earth Mystical Yellow' set. I'll be leaving first!" The young ancestor mounted his horse.

"Since you helped me pay these 6000 gold, I don't know how to thank you. It might be a long time before I can pay you back!"

"You don't need to return it! To be honest, I lent you 200 gold to see if you took the money seriously! If you don't care about the 200 gold, I don't care about the 6,000 gold. Don't even talk about the 6,000 gold, I wouldn't even care about the 60,000 gold! " As the little ancestor spoke, he ran over to the bank owner's side, "Martial Heart Butterfly, Ye Guoguo, Ye Hongxuan, come here! I'll give each of you 5000 gold coins. Those who are willing to be my friends, happily accept! I won't say anything, and I don't want to hear anything. "

"I'm dizzy!" You can actually make a 'Sky, Earth, Black and Yellow' set, you're really too rich! I've been floating in Shang Hai for so long, but I've never seen such a rich person like you! " Shang Wuji saw that the Little Ancestor actually gave out fifteen thousand gold to the three of them, but did not give it to him. He was both envious and pained at the same time, regretting that he had only asked for six thousand gold, and said with a smile, "Little Ancestor, can we be friends?"

"With just you?" The little ancestor smirked, "You and Jin are friends, don't talk to me."

"Why do you say that? I am not greedy for your wealth! "

"I despise you for betraying your friends! If you are betraying another friend for the sake of a friend, that is still true. You sell your friends for gold, you sell your friends for money, you're not even comparable to a dog! Dogs are very loyal to their masters. They wouldn't betray their owners just because of a single bone, you know? " The little ancestor looked at her with disdain. He bid farewell to Wu Xin Die and left.

"Haha, brother Limitless, don't be sad. You're actually the big winner! "We only have 5000 gold each. You alone, in just a few words you have earned 6000 gold. You've earned it!"

"Guo Guo, stop laughing at him! He's a businessman. " Ye Hongxuan smiled.

"Ye Guoguo, what are you so proud of!" Shang Wuji flew into a rage out of embarrassment as he mounted the "Scene" and left with a whip in his hand.

"Sisters, the matter I wish to investigate has finally been revealed. Thank you for assisting me! I need to find Brother Luan to explain the situation, and also go and beg for forgiveness from Tang Xiaoxiao! " Wu Xin Die was filled with mixed feelings.

"Right now, there's a martial arts competition in Chengdu. Both Brother Lah and Tang Xiaoxiao's gangs are big gangs. The two of them will definitely go and participate in it! Go to Chengdu and find him. " Ye Hongxuan said.

"Wu Xin Die, we'll meet again someday!"

"En, until we meet again!" Wu Xin Die mounted the "narrow wing" and galloped towards Chengdu.

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