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When Wu Xin Die rushed to the foot of Shaowang Mountain, she saw a guest holding a cane in his hand. A short distance away was the Master of Clear Circle of Shaolin Temple.

Entering through the temple door, he saw the abbot Xuan Ci standing on the bluestone steps. Wu Xin Die had a conversation with the abbot and applied to join Shaolin.

In order to join Shaolin, he had to bathe himself in fasting. Then, Wu Xin Die ran to the stream in front of the temple to find a foreman to bathe. Who would have thought that the foreman would take advantage of the fire and rob her?

"50 pieces?" What the heck, why is a bath so expensive!? When monks take a bath, do you really think that you can wash the mandarin ducks?! "

Wu Xin Die valued money very highly. She previously realized that she couldn't get any by killing monsters. She had only managed to earn money by selling trash equipment that others had thrown away. Even now, she couldn't bear to buy medicine. However, in the end, it turned out to be his own group of overseers who had ruined his fortune. It was simply heartbreaking.

After taking a bath, Wu Xin Die returned to Xuan Ming's seat of honor. Finally, under the benevolent knee of the abbot, he was punished and became a disciple of the Shaolin.

Shaolin martial arts vast and profound, a total of three schools of study - Wu Zong, Zen and vulgar. Wu Xin Die felt that she had some kind of indescribable emotion towards the "Martial Arts" character, so she found her master Xuan Ku and became a disciple of Shaolin Martial Arts Sect. She learnt Shaolin's basic martial arts "Shaolin Arhat Art" and Shaolin Martial Monk's basic mental cultivation method "Seven Treasures Divine Illumination Technique", and also obtained a weapon, the "Flying Fish Hands".

In the martial arts world, the Shaolin Martial Ancestor was commonly known as the "Young Master Wu". He was the king of close combat. His weapons were not like the other sects who used swords, spears, or sticks. Wu Xin Die's "Flying Fish Hands" were made from high quality iron and steel. They were tightly sewn onto the inside of the Hands and could protect the hands from the elbows. It was much better than the "Heroic Young Bracers" that she had used before.

Wu Xin Die learned the rugged skills of two hands, put on the equipment she got from doing the newbie mission, left the temple, and confidently went to the foot of the mountain to try it out.

Wu Xin Die's Seven Treasures Divine Illumination Mantra was currently only at level 1, but it could convert normal attacks into internal attack. It could easily kill the hedgehog at the foot of the mountain. As a result, he killed the hedgehogs one by one and soon reached Level 20.

Wu Xin Die killed the monsters like a hemp. She killed every monster she met until her hands gave up. Then, she returned to her sect's suffering and learned the elementary martial art, 'Luohan Fist', and the 'Seven Treasures Divine Illumination Mantra' to the third level. Upgrading martial arts required experience and gold, and Wu Xin Die was like a pauper. She was just thinking of taking the time to go to each big city to earn some money from the company's boss when she suddenly remembered that she still had three important letters with her. He immediately rushed to the south of Chengdu and gave Fan Zhongyan one of the letters.

Wu Xin Die sent the letter to Fan Zhongyan, and under Old Fan's orders, she came to the southern outskirts of the Tang Sect to kill the monster named "Hundred Day Arrow" and collect eight Amethyst Flowers.

The Hundred Day Arrows were much stronger than the hoodlums in the south of Chengdu. They were dressed in the attire of grass bandits, with the quiver on their back and the bow in their hands. They did not look like good people. Wu Xin Die found a lonely hundred days old archery shot and beat it with her old fist, dead! He immediately put his heart at ease and started killing arrows one by one. It wasn't easy for him to collect eight Amethyst Flowers. Following the quest route, he left the Tang Sect to the Beggar's Sect to look for the famous Hong Qi in the martial arts world.

Hong Qi was a famous martial arts elder. There were many disciples in the martial arts world who would use more firepower than a cannon. Disciples were just like women. There were more troubles for disciples. There were two young disciples who got lost in the wild boar forest. They needed the Martial Heart Butterfly to find the two of them and deliver their bags.

Wu Xin Die rushed to the wild boar forest, handed over the package and quickly reported to Hong Qi. Hong Qi then ordered the Martial Heart Butterfly to go to the Sword Pavilion to meet that fellow called Chen Feiyang.


Wu Xin Die was already very impatient for the mission to be completed, she said angrily: "Doing a mission is just running errands, I admit it! But at any rate, he had to arrange a beautiful girl for me. It's a male and female match, isn't the task tiring?! Right now, I am running here and there like I am reporting my loss. "If no more beauties appear, I will firmly stop the mission!"

The path of the Sword Pavilion was rugged and difficult to traverse. The long and narrow paths stretched out endlessly like snakes. There were also a few poison boxes in ambush at the corner. There were also Monster Swordsmen and Sword Extinction Sabers blocking the way, each of them seemed to possess great courage.

In order to avoid the sword fanatics and Dao Jue, Wu Xin Die had performed her Qing Gong over and over again. After she found Chen Feiyang, she took a magic tool called the "Locking Demon Needle". According to the quest's route, he had to rush to Jiangjin Village and collect the spirits of the corpses and souls of the wronged to test the might of the Locking Demon Bell.

Jiangjin village east of Dali, west of Fengdu ghost city, has always been a creepy evil land. The village was a mess with a few soul flag and mourning staff stuck into it. The place was overgrown with dried up bones, and the air was ghastly and dense. There were no signs of human life, only a strange grass called Wang Jianghong in full bloom.

There were a few shriveled monsters in the village — walking corpses, rotting corpses, and ghosts carrying bloody steel knives. Wu Xin Die acted the same way as before, moving closer to a single undead and using her fists. Unexpectedly, after a fierce fight, the corpse was safe and sound.

"Damn, what's going on?"

Wu Xin Die was confused and at a loss as to what to do. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a girl brandishing her sword not far away. She ran over to take a look and discovered that it was Xu Miaoxin from Emei Buddha Family.

Xu Miaoxin was at the same level as Wu Xin Die, but she was very easy to kill. Wu Xin Die wanted to ask what was going on, but when she saw Xu Miao Xin's invitation to form a party, she immediately joined Xu Miao Xin's party to help her fight mobs.

"The monsters here are all Yin monsters. You, a dignified young master Wu, can't even make a move!" Xu Miaoyin smiled.

"I really can't hit it!" Wu Xin Die felt guilty for saying the word 'grand', and said sorrowfully: "I am doing a mission, what should I do?!"

"It's easy!" When Xu Miaoxin said this, her hands did not slow down at all, "I will also hit the aggrieved drop, if I help you I will do it! You just have to stand by and watch! "

"Thank you!"

"No need to thank me, we're all friends, there's no need for you to be so polite!"

"Haha!" Wu Xin Die really liked Xu Miaoyin's novel language and couldn't help but to reject her offer.

"Hey, how are you going to learn from him?" Xu Miaoyin laughed out loud.

Xu Miaoxin used the Emei Buddhist Beginner Buddhist Dharma "Guan Yin Tactic" to kill the undead. The undead was reduced to ashes in three to five strikes, and she helped Wu Xin Die beat up 30 casualties. Wu Xin Die did not work hard to get what she wanted, so she was grateful to Xu Miaoyan.

"I'm going, see you!" With that, Xu Miaoyin left.

Wu Xin Die was interested in Xu Miaoyin and was determined to work hard to level up. She wanted to wait until she was strong enough to support her so that she could repay her kindness today. It was useless to think about it. After leaving the village of Jiangjin, Wu Xin Die turned in the vengeful spirit and then returned to Shaolin to request the nameless monk to transcend the vengeful spirit.

It took quite a bit of effort to get past the vengeful spirit, so he needed to buy 10 Broken Charm Spells and 2 Heavenly Buddha Beads from Zu Wanda in the temple.

"Damn, I have to spend money again. I have to spend money no matter what!"

Wu Xin Die had spent all her money at Xuan Ku's place and was currently clinking noisily like a bell. She was frowning as she watched Xu Miaoyin ride over happily on a white pony.

"Did you buy something?"

"Nope." Wu Xin Die felt ashamed and whispered, "I don't have the money to buy it."

"I'll give you money!" As Xu Miaoxin spoke, she took out a small purse from her bag and handed it over to Wu Xin Die. She smiled, "There are thirty gold droplets here. Take them!"

"30 gold?" Wu Xin Die was overjoyed. Even when she was at her wealthiest, she was only worth 4 gold coins. It was obvious that 30 gold coins was a lot. He hurriedly took it and said excitedly, "Thank you so much! But, you and me are of similar rank, how do you have so much money? "

"I do Chamber of Commerce missions to save time! I'll give you thirty gold. I still have thirty-five gold coins! I want to go first! "

"Didn't she give me nearly half the money?"

Wu Xin Die believed that she would never lie to beg for mercy. If she were to change her position, she would not be as generous as she thought. She could not help but feel touched. Once again, he was determined to work hard to earn money. Once he became rich, he would spend money for her.

Wu Xin Die went on to look for Xuan Ku, and then brought the Seven Treasures Divine Illumination Mantra and the Luohan Fist to their peak. Then, she also brought the leg mantra, Jia Ye's leg, to level 4. He then followed the mission route and went to the Wu Meng Tribe, located northwest of the Green Mountain, to kill Wu Meng girl, Wu Meng tribesman, and Wu Meng warrior, and to snatch back some of the stolen secret letters.

The young girl from the Wu Meng Clan was dressed in an outsider's outfit. She had a petite stature and was hiding a hidden hidden arrow quiver in her hand. Wu Meng was a tall and sturdy warrior. He wielded two curved blades with three sharp edges. It seemed that the people of the Crow Meng Clan also had strong muscles and strong bones, and the unknown long tube in their hands was clearly an outer sect weapon.

Wu Xin Die prepared to attack Wu Meng first. After a few punches, the girl had already passed away. Then, she would go and have a fight with her tribesmen. The clansmen were like silver wax spearheads, they died after a few punches. Wu Meng and his tribesmen were on par with each other. Wu Xin Die pulled herself together and snatched back all the letters that had been robbed. The letters were actually written by Song Jiang about Chen Feiyang's background.

"Song Jiang? Damn, there's still Song Jiang in the martial arts world? "Awesome!"

Wu Xin Die laughed and mocked herself, "If there's Song Jiang, then there might be Yan Zhexi, Pan Jinlian, and Pan Qianyun! Pan Qiuyun... Hmm, isn't this woman having a secret affair with a monk? "Hehe …"

Wu Xin Die was really bored, so she could only reminisce about her affair with the monk and use this chance to get rid of her loneliness. Unknowingly, she had arrived at Liang Shan Po.

The roads of Liangshan Lake were treacherous. "Monster spies, swordsmen, and bandits are all ruthless." On behalf of the heavens, Song Jiang stood proudly with his head held high. He asked Wu Xin Die to have a spar with Song Wan, Li Li, and Madam Gu before coming over to speak.

"You want to spar?"

Wu Xin Die guessed that this so-called sparring was not child's play. He was already LV46 and had accumulated quite a bit of experience in killing monsters. However, all three people from Mount Liang, especially Song Wan, had a long sword in their hands. Even the four of them were as big as a person's waist. Wu Xin Die knew that the older she was, the harder it was to deal with her. As he was planning his tactics, he suddenly realized that Xu Miaoyin had urged her horse to gallop over.


"You came too!" When Wu Xin Die saw Xu Miaoyin, her spirit was lifted, and her cowardice disappeared.

"Yes!" I can't shoot these three people, so you have to help me drip! "

"That's for sure!" Wu Xin Die had no chance of winning, but it was rare for her benefactor to ask for her help, so even if she couldn't beat him, she still had to fight.

The two of them made some preparations, and Wu Xin Die first lured Madam Gu to a separate spot, and then they started fighting. After all, Gu Shenwei was just a small fry. The rolling pin in his hand struck back a bit, causing the Martial Heart Butterfly's health to drop by a third.

Wu Xin Die finished her punches and kicks, she was busy gathering her anger, she could not avoid getting beaten up by Madam Gu. Fortunately, Xu Miaoyin had occasionally used the "Guanyin Method" to restore the damaged blood energy of the martial heart butterfly. The two of them had a tacit understanding of each other. Wu Xin Die pulled herself together and became braver as the battle went on. Soon, they killed the three competitors.

Song Jiang saw that Wu Xin Die had extraordinary skills, and told him that Chen Feiyang was most likely a spy. Wu Xin Die was anxious to find out the truth. Together with Xu Miaoxin, she set off for the Sword Pavilion to find out the truth from Chen Feiyang. Chen Feiyang was straightforward, seeing that his whereabouts had been exposed, he could not be bothered to talk any more nonsense. Immediately, he started fighting with Wu Xin Die and Xu Miao.

Chen Feiyang was covered in armor, and he had thick skin and thick flesh that gave him a lot of blood. Wu Xin Die and Xu Miaoyin worked closely together, and they fought while leaving. The path of the sword pavilion was winding and difficult, and Wu Xin Die had to guard against the ambush poison box as well as deal with Chen Feiyang. He braced himself and fought for a long time, only then was he able to take less than a third of Chen Feiyang's blood. He felt that Chen Feiyang was truly not easy to deal with.

"Eh? I was wondering why I couldn't find Old Chen, it turns out you guys lured me here, I'm here for revenge! "

A Taoist disciple named Zhang Taiqing said as he ran over. Next to him was a Five Poisons Tribe disciple called the Five Poisons Grandmaster, whose body was followed closely by his battle pet, the Aphrodite.

"Hurry up and form a team with me!" Patriarch Wu Du continuously sent out requests to Captain Xu Miaoyin to join the party. He then made a move with his sabers, activating the demonic "Screw the corpse technique". Behind him, his pet, the vengeful spirit, immediately set fire to Chen Feiyang.

"Hurry up and group us!" Zhang Taiqing was afraid that after Chen Feiyang was beaten to death, he would have to wait for a long time before coming out.

"F * ck you, do you dare to not form a team?" Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, killing intent surged from the Five Poisons Grandmaster. He waved the Poisonous Saber Technique, and the ball of evil flame that was helping to burn Chen Feiyang's body suddenly burned the Martial Heart Butterfly.

Wu Xin Die realized that the Five Poisons Grandmaster had used a killing move on her and immediately flung Chen Feiyang away, circling around Xu Miaoyin and Zhang Taiqing. Zhang Taiqing ran away as he was afraid that he would be infuriated.

Wu Xin Die was infuriated by the attack and was filled with rage as she went straight for the Five Poisons Grandmaster. Seeing that the situation was urgent, Miao Xin quickly called for the Five Poisons Tribe Patriarchs to join the group. The four of them attacked Chen Feiyang with all their might. After beating him up for a while, they finally managed to find two letters for Xuan Ci and the Beggar Clan leader Long Zhaotian.

"Finally killed, hehe!" Zhang Taiqing laughed out loud, but then sighed and said, "Unfortunately, my master is not here. If he was, he would have already killed a hundred Chen Feiyang with one kick. I don't need to hang up! "Sigh …"

"Holy shit, you're going to kill a low level monster like Chen Feiyang?" You really f * * king have the nerve to say it! "You piece of trash!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster snorted disdainfully, "Tell me, who is your master?"

"Quick hand Yama Minotaur!" Zhang Taiqing was humiliated for no reason. His good mood was thoroughly angered by these vicious words. He wanted to retort back, but he also wanted to use his master's name to scare him, so he sneered, "You should have heard of the famous fast hand Yama's name, right?"

"Him? Pui! "He's just in a small situation!" "If laozi had his top quality equipment, if laozi had his level, would he be able to beat laozi?!"

"Hahahaha!" Zhang Taiqing suddenly burst into laughter and said, "Why don't you tell me if you're pulling a level 10, if you're level 99, if you hit him for 10 minutes first, if he's too lazy to fight back, if..." Haha, if there really is such a thing, I guarantee that he won't be able to beat you! "Hahaha!"

"Bullshit!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster was so infuriated by Zhang Taiqing that he roared.

"I say," he said, "this Five Poisons Grandmaster of yours really doesn't have any sense at all! If others are fine, why did you insult them?! Are you trying to reason with me!? " Xu Miaoyin couldn't help but speak out in the name of justice.

"F * ck, he's the one that insulted laozi first!"

"How did I insult you?" Zhang Taiqing was stunned. He recalled that even though he had spoken quite a bit, he hadn't said anything to offend the Five Poisons Grandmaster. How could he insult him?

"You punk, you just finished hitting Chen Feiyang and you say 'finally killed him'? And you even say 'If my master was here, Chen Feiyang would have been kicked to death already'. Isn't this insulting your father?"

"I said it, but which word of mine insulted you!?" You make it clear! " Zhang Taiqing didn't know which word had insulted the Five Poisons Grandmaster, so he suppressed his anger and asked for an explanation.

"You're an idiot!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster's face was filled with disdain, "Motherf * cker! Are you saying that your father hit Chen Feiyang slowly and wasn't as good as your master, Brother Luan? Do you think your father wouldn't understand that you look down on your father? "Fuck you!"

"Hey, did you eat dog shit?" Wu Xin Die watched as the two talked and hated the unreasonable Five Poisons Grandmaster, thinking back to how he almost died from his sneak attack when he was battling Chen Feiyang alone at the most crucial moment, she became enraged and bellowed, "You dog, you're only level 55, do you really think you're awesome? Why did you sneak an attack on me just now!? "

"Five Poisons Grandmaster, you are an extremely clever and amorous beast! You have the intelligence of a monkey, the heart of a fox, the madness of a wild dog, and you're even more arrogant than that mantis! You said grandpa looked down on you. What a coincidence, grandpa only looked down on you, what can you do? "Oh yeah!"

After Zhang Taiqing was enlightened, he was unable to contain his anger. He began to let out all the insults that he had thought of for a long time. At the same time, he began to practice Taoism and prepared to fight to the death with this deranged thug.

"You are the Five Poisons Grandmaster! You're looking for trouble! You're asking to be humiliated! You deserve to be scolded! " Xu Miaoyin's gentle rebuke seemed to be even more painful than the vicious act committed by the Five Poisons Tribe Patriarchs. The Five Poisons Tribe had already become the target of public wrath upon the Five Poisons Tribe.

"Holy shit!" F * ck you, f * ck you, f * ck you! You three pieces of trash really know how to act. Do you think laozi is afraid of you?! " The Five Poisons Patriarchs laid flat on the ground as a sign of fearlessness.

One had to know that "trash" and "pretence" were two of the most vicious words in the martial arts world. Anyone with a little bit of blood would never be able to endure the insult caused by these two words.

Wu Xin Die and Zhang Taiqing were both full of vigor and blood. They attacked the Five Poisons Grandmaster at the same time. The Five Poisons Grandmaster had been severely injured by the fists, legs, and sword Qi of the Martial Heart Butterfly and Zhang Taiqing. Before he could make his move, he was already killed instantly.

"Crap, I thought he had some skill. How did he die so quickly!" Wu Xin Die was already so straightforward when she killed her first disciple. She suspected that her fists were too strong or the Five Poisons Grandmaster was already weak.

"This trash!" You scolded me for quite a few times, and you even look down on my Master for pulling you! Even if he truly has some skill, I still have to beat him a few times to vent my anger! " Zhang Taiqing's anger had not yet subsided. Wu Xin Die was full of admiration for his noble ways.

"Is your master very good at pulling your brother?" When Wu Xin Die was at Chengdu residence, she had heard Tang Xiaoxiao talk about Brother Luan. She worshipped him and wanted to get to know more about him.

"Of course! Out of the three giants of your Shaolin Martial Ancestor Sect, one is the leader of the Human Slaughter Sect, Yi Duo Luo, one is my master Brother Lai, and the other one is someone powerful. My master is nicknamed 'Fast Hand Yan Luo' and created the gang - the Huyi Hall, how awe-inspiring! He was able to challenge three people from the Hidden Sword Villa alone to fight against the OSS — the outer courtyard steward, the inner courtyard steward, and the eldest miss. Once he reached the Great Illusionary Land, he would be able to pass all eight trials easily without the need for the Buddha family to take care of him. It's not that I'm boasting, but my master's fighting is really fierce! " Zhang Taiqing spoke of his master's glorious deeds as if they were his most precious treasures, feeling extremely proud of them.

Wu Xin Die did not know about the inner workings of the Hidden Sword Villa and the Great Illusionary Land.

"Alright, we should go hand in the task droplets!" As Xu Miaoxin spoke, she mounted the horse, "After you finish your task, let's go participate in the Imperial Examinations together!"

The three parted ways. Wu Xin Die gave the two letters to Fang Zhuo Xuan Ci of Shaolin, and Long Tian, the gang leader of the Beggar Clan. He planned to first return to his sect's Bitter Mystery Temple to learn martial arts before looking for the examiner, Bunny, to take the Imperial Examinations.

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