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The examiner, Bunny, had set up an examination hall in Xiangyang. When Wu Xin Die and Xu Miaoyin rushed to the examination hall together, they saw Murong Bajie standing next to Bunny in the distance.

Murong Bajie was a good friend of Xu Miaoxin, and he was also a slightly famous scholar. His level was Level 70, but he had no sect or school. Because he was too particular about the choice of weapons-

Looking at the weapons used by the various sects, it was actually difficult to find a weapon that caught his eye – Heavy Knife, Light Sword, Dysprosium, Cold Spear. Originally, they were all good guys, but with too many people, it would be hard for him to master these weapons; he didn't have many staff and staff, but his staff and staff were rough and old-fashioned, unsuitable for his refined status; his armguard was too overbearing, his concealed weapon was not bright, and he was not a gentleman; even though the zither was beautiful and pleasant to be used, it was a pity that it was specially written for women; only short and vigorous looking, it was very suitable for him to use. Recalling the painstaking efforts he had put into choosing a weapon, he was slightly moved and composed a poem:

There were eighteen types of weapons, and each hero had their own choice. Sabers, spears, bows, swords were difficult to contend with, and the staff was too light and nimble. The gauntlet hurts, but the concealed weapon can obstruct the reputation of the chivalrous hero. The sound of the zither was melodious and melodious as it traveled through the Jianghu.

Murong Bajie was a self-proclaimed elegant and outstanding man. He only had one ambition in the game, which was to get to know several beautiful female chivalrous martial artists, and walk around the martial arts world with them. He imagined his own future prestige and prestige, and wrote a poem called "Heroes' Hope" which was published in the "Jianghu Express":

The hero was someone who stood proudly in front of the emperor. The golden pen pointed at Bu Feiyan. Hidden Sword, Tai Chi, raised my courage and delighted in the past. To be hot-blooded in return for love, what else could he say? Jiang Hu was looking for new people everywhere. Thinking of her beautiful figure, chatting and laughing at the underworld.

A million heroes were in an uproar when they saw this magnificent poem that revealed the true colors of the Xi Men family. All of the heroes began reciting, causing Murong Bajie to become famous for a while.

At this moment, Murong Bajie was sitting next to Bunny Xiao Ya, his face sullen and his mind distracted as he practiced the "Secret Mantra of the Gentleman Wind Cutting Art".

"Eight fights, eight fights?" Xu Miaoxin enthusiastically greeted him, and discovered that Octagon Aniseed's face was filled with distress. She then asked, "What are you doing?" Why are you so upset? "

"Hey, are you careful?" Murong Ba Dou discovered Xu Miaoxuan and instantly became happy. He stood up and said, "Be careful, I'm in urgent need of money. Lend me some!"

"Why do you need money?" What do you want to buy? "

"I …" Murong Bajie wanted to say something, but he hesitated and said, "I'm not buying anything. I use money to... "It's going to be a video with Liu Wenling."

"You still want to video call her?" Xu Miaoxin was slightly surprised, "You and her have spent a lot of money on this video, you can't be so stubborn!"

"I can't extricate myself anymore!" Murong Bidou shook his head and let out a sorrowful sigh. And then he said firmly, "Because she is too beautiful, too beautiful! I am already intoxicated by it, I cannot extricate myself, and I do not wish to do so! "

Wu Xin Die who was at the side did not know what was going on and asked Xu Miao, "Who is Liu Wen Ling? How come I've never heard of it? "

"Brother Ren, you haven't even heard of Liu Wenling? "You are too ignorant!" Murong Bajie didn't ask but his tone was full of disdain. "Liu Wen Ling is the prettiest woman in the martial arts world, which man would dare to meet her? He will definitely bear a grudge against her beauty! "She really is a beauty. So beautiful that Yunyun's hot-blooded son is willing to go through fire and water for her and give up everything for her …"

"Is that so?" Wu Xin Die smiled indifferently. She could tell that he was hinting at her being a frog in the well as she thought with hatred in her heart, "You trash, you actually dare to look down on your Grandpa Wu!? If you really want to compete, then you better not borrow money from Xu Miaoxin! "

"Bro, how much do you charge for your beauty video?" Wu Xin Die narrowed her eyes and looked at Murong Bajie with disdain, saying mockingly, "Should we do as she wears more or do you wear less for as long as you can?"

"Brother Ren, isn't it too disgraceful for you to say that!? The reason why I'm recording with Miss Liu is not because I'm lecherous, but because I'm respecting beauty! " Murong Bajie boldly and confidently said, "Our video is calculated according to the time. 50 gold per minute! "

"50 gold?!" Wu Xin Die was shocked and exclaimed, "50 gold coins a day is already expensive! 50 gold per minute, how much is an hour? 3000 gold … Damn, how respectful you are to her! "Hey, man, if she asks you to kneel down and kowtow to her, will you do it?"

"Of course!" Murong Bajie didn't hesitate as he decisively said, "Kneeling before a beautiful woman is the honor of a hot-blooded man!"

"Hur hur, I admire you a lot, really!" Wu Xin Die was completely speechless. She looked at him with a smile that was not a smile and thought to herself, "You think too highly of your grandson. The Martial Lord really can't say anything about you!"

Murong Bajie looked calm and composed as he said to Miao Xin, "Be careful, are you free? Shall I borrow some gold? "

"It's not convenient for me to lend you some, I don't have any money to lend you some!" "But I still have this drop …" As Xu Miaoxin spoke, she took off the five-colored jade pendant on her waist, "This jade pendant was given to me by my good sister, Bai Tiantian. If you take it, you can sell it for 100 gold!"

"Alright. "Be careful, thank you …"

Murong Bajie was reaching out to grab it when Wu Xin Die suddenly grabbed it and said to Xu Miaoyan, "Come, I have something to tell you."

Wu Xin Die held her hand and quickly walked a few steps away. After making sure that Murong Ba Dou couldn't hear her, she said softly, "This brat is a lecherous man and a prodigal son. How can you give him this jade pendant? We're both newbies and we have no money, so it's too late for us to make money. You can't throw that valuable thing at him and insult him! "

"Nothing much!" Xu Miaoxin disapproved, "We are all friends, I want to help him!"

"Help him?" How much money do you have to help her? "

Wu Xin Die said earnestly, "You only have this much valuable stuff on you, but he sold you for a hundred gold, spending it in two minutes! Besides, he doesn't treat you as a friend when you treat him as a friend. They were friends. Was there anyone that shamelessly exploited a friend like that? This jade pendant, keep it for yourself, don't give it to him! "

Xu Miaoxin took the jade pendant and nodded slightly. Then, she and Wu Xin Die returned to Murong Bajie's side.

"Eight battles, take it and drip!" Xu Miaoxin handed the jade pendant to him, "Go sell it for money!"

"Mhmm, thank you so much!" Murong Bajie was overjoyed. He received the jade pendant and suddenly looked at the Martial Heart Butterfly, asking, "What did you say to me just now?"

Wu Xin Die was annoyed that Xu Miaoyan actually gave him the jade pendant, regardless of whether she was right or wrong. She then saw Murong Bajie force her way through, and laughed coldly, "You didn't say anything. I say, I have the jade pendant to continue to give you, you continue to sell money, continue to that what bell video with that Liu! Are you satisfied? "

"Hur hur."

Murong Bajie was skeptical and felt that there was a hint of mockery in his words. He suddenly heard the ring pendant, and his heart skipped a beat. He looked around and sure enough, he found Liu Wenling smiling at him.

"Miss Liu, you're here?" Murong Bajie's face was filled with joy. He could not help but show a 'respect' towards her as he said happily, "Is this a video? Shall we do a video? "

"Well, how much did you bring?"

"I don't have cash, but I do have this jade pendant. You see –" Murong Bajie showed the jade pendant to her and said, "This jade pendant can be sold for one hundred gold coins."

"I don't want it. I just want the cash. If you don't have any gold, then hurry up and earn it! " Liu Wen Ling smiled and shook her head. She was a bit speechless with this fan of the Eight Dipper. Then she said to Wu Xin Die, "I'm here to take the exam. Are you also here to take the exam? Your teacher is Young Master Lin Wu Zong. Only if you form a team, can the examinees receive their examination rewards. You can form a team! "

"Yes." Wu Xin Die nodded and looked at her. Wearing the raincoat and the spiritual embroidery dress, the equipment was very ordinary. As for his appearance, it didn't seem that outstanding at all.

Wu Xin Die formed a team. Murong Bidou and Liu Wenling went into the examination hall. The examiner, Bunny Xiao Ya, went in first to take some ancient poems. The two knew the ancient poems like the back of their hand, and were able to easily answer the exam questions. The crackling sounds of bamboo popping could be heard throughout Xiangyang.

After a short while, the two of them successfully passed the Tong's Student Exam, Country Exam, Meeting Exam and Hall Exam. They were promoted from Bai Ding to the student (Elementary Scholar), Top Scholar, Top Scholar and even after three consecutive rounds, they had won the title of "Han Lin Courtyard".

Wu Xin Die and Xu Miao Xin also did not want to be left alone, so they entered the examination room one by one. Their skills were too low, and they were kicked out of the exam grounds as soon as they got to the hometown exam.

If one could get a degree in the Imperial Examinations, they would be awarded with a considerable amount of experience. As a result, more and more people gathered, including Tang Xiaoxiao and the Five Poisons Grandmaster.

"Oh, isn't this the Martial Heart Butterfly? Hurry up and form up! We'll join the party! "

Tang Xiaoxiao discovered that among the numerous examinees, only Wu Xin Die was the captain. She hurriedly sent a request to Wu Xin Die to join the team.

"F * ck, let this daddy do it!" The Five Poisons Grandmaster pointed at the Martial Heart Butterfly with his steel blade, his request even more serious than a military order.

"You want Martial Lord to team up with you? "Hehe, go and drink some water for Martial Lord!" Wu Xin Die secretly mocked the Five Poisons Grandmaster's wishful thinking. Previously, she had experienced his tyranny in the Sword Pavilion and hated him greatly in her heart, so she decided to only form Tang Xiaoxiao, who she had only met once, and to not form the Five Poisons Grandmaster, this trash.

"Please don't form a team with this Thief Master and disciple!" Everyone, come here. I have something to tell you. " Liu Wen Ling called out softly. She called out to Wu Xin Die and the other teammates, walking more than a hundred feet away.

"Let me tell you, Tang Xiaoxiao and the Five Poisons Grandmaster are both scoundrels!" Liu Wen Ling said softly.

"Just how bad are they? Just be specific." It was good for Wu Xin Die to know more about the bad guys.

"Tang Xiaoxiao's house is not far from my house. I know how bad he is!" Liu Wenling said, "He is 40 years old this year. His hair is so bad that it has come out. He has been very bad since he was young! When he was in high school, he showed a pretty little girl in the neighborhood who was only four years old and whose name was Geiger. When they arrived at a crossroads, he pointed at the red and green light, trying to mislead the little beauty, saying, "Red light line. Stop the green light.

"Wuu!" When the yellow light lit up, they immediately rushed over. This is not to mislead the children, this is taking their lives! " Murong Bandou was indignant at Tang Xiaoxiao's despicable behavior.

"Also, there was a time when the little beauty Geiger pestered Tang Xiaoxiao and told him to tell her a story. He was impatient, so he lied to the little beauty Geiger that the story on the phone was much better than what he told her. He would wake up in the morning, make a call of 119 at noon, make a call of 110 at noon, and make another call of 120 at night. After listening to the story, long braids grow, sleep soundly, and do not wet the bed at night. "

"Little Geiger, you're doing fine, why is Tang Xiaoxiao bullying her like this?"

"It's a long story. Many years ago, Tang Xiao went to the little beauty's house to play. Seeing that the little beauty's appearance was very beautiful, he couldn't help but hug her. He didn't want the little beauty Geiger to pee in her sleep, which caused Tang Xiaoxiao to have a bad stomach. Think about it, the little beauty Geiger was only two years old at the time, so it's understandable that she couldn't resist urinating in her sleep. I never would have thought that Tang Xiaoxiao would have a grudge with the little beauty just because of this little bit of urine! "

"Hur hur, it really is bad enough." Wu Xin Die gave a praising smile, but in her heart she was unconvinced. Martial Lord had done so many small things like this.

"Oh right, beautiful lady. I am enemies with the Five Poisons Sect's Ancestor." Earlier, I heard you say that you're a thief and your disciple. Did the Five Poisons Grandmaster take Tang Xiaoxiao as his master? Do you know what happened? "

Wu Xin Die was worried that he and the Five Poisons Grandmaster had already formed an irreconcilable enmity. If he accepted Tang Xiaoxiao as his master and the relationship between master and disciple surpassed their mutual friendship, it would be difficult for her to continue staying in the martial arts world.

"Un, I know about how the Five Poisons Grandmaster has acknowledged me as his teacher!" Liu Wenling said, "At that time, I was selling things in the city. Tang Xiaoxiao was not far from me, sparring with a Five Poisons Gu Master named Sang Mu. At that time, the Five Poisons Grandmaster was also spectating from the side. When he saw Tang Xiaoxiao use a trick to divert his opponent's attention and barely beat Sang Mu Wang, he asked to take Tang Xiaoxiao as his master. He also said, "If you take me as your disciple, it will be your lifetime worth of good fortune." "If I don't accept it, when I become stronger, I'll kill you every time I see you." Tang Xiaoxiao initially did not want to accept him, but seeing that his tone was even more stinky and hard than the stone in the washroom, just in time to match his stinky smell, she accepted him as her disciple. "The two of them have agreed to do something interesting in the martial arts world. It seems to be something like slaughtering the weak!"

"To think that there are these two kinds of people in the martial arts world. From now on, the martial arts world is full of troubles!" Murong Bajie was a self-proclaimed chivalrous hero who had always paid attention to Wu Lin's safety. When he heard that the Five Poisons Grandmaster and Tang Xiaoxiao were colluding, he became extremely worried and immediately wrote a poem.

Ferocious and incorruptible, brutal and bloody. The lecherous brute's heart was despicable, and the suckling rat angered Zheng Zheng. He was in a sorry state.

The Five Poisons Evil Spirit was like a charm, the power of the concealed weapon was hard to defend against. From then on, the martial arts world lost many lives, and all the heroes were trembling in fear. They would be happy to see the soldiers.

Murong Bajie was quite satisfied with the poem and boasted to Liu Wenling, "What do you think about my poem? Isn't it gorgeous enough?"

"Hua Li?" Liu Wen Ling was stunned and laughed. She then said in all seriousness, "What's the use of making these poems and words all day long? I say, you should spend all your time making money and being strong. That's the point. For example, if you think of ways to befriend someone with ability or status, you can befriend any one of the top ten ranked people in the martial arts rankings! When you have the money, I can always video with you. You have no money, and not only am I too lazy to care about you, others will not care about you. As for your poem, I don't understand it. "I'm done with the exam, I should go.

After Liu Wenling finished speaking, she floated away.

Murong Ba Dou looked at her graceful back, as if he was at a loss. He then turned to Wu Xin Die and said, "Brother Ren, how do you see my poem?"

"You want me to say? "Haha …"

Wu Xin Die thought to herself, you brat, are you trying to find some comfort from Master Wu's place? Hehe, the Martial Lord saw that you were very unhappy, so he beat you up. After a pause, he said in a clear voice, "I have a very high appreciation for poetry! Since you asked me to comment on it, I will say a few words. What you said sounded lame, so don't be angry. Your poem is such a mess. "What kind of nonsense is this? There isn't even a lead character, yet no one knows what you're talking about!"

"There's this …" "Is it that bad?" Murong Bajie's face was deathly pale, and he was stunned speechless.


When Wu Xin Die saw him in pain, she was secretly happy in her heart. From the looks of it, apart from his slightly higher level, he didn't seem to have any background. Even if he had some background, he would still be able to afford a hundred gold coins. Deciding to hit him harder, he said harshly, "Do you know how others feel when they see your poem? These two words, pretend! That's right, they thought you were pretending! Let me tell you, pretending to be a better person isn't a good thing. If you pretend to play with it, can you play with a piece of meat, or can you play with a tendon? There's a good saying, don't pretend to compare, pretend to be struck by lightning, have you ever heard of it? If you continue acting like this, you will be struck by lightning! "


Murong Ta screamed as his mind collapsed and he fell to the ground with an extremely dispirited expression.

"Bro, hurry and flatten …" Wu Xin Die initially wanted to say "stand up", but it seemed like she was pretending when she said it. She changed her tone and said kindly, "Brother, please stand up!"

"Ai!" Murong Bajie shook his head and let out a long sigh. After being scolded by Wu Xin Die, she stood up dejectedly and left while shaking her head.

Seeing Murong Bajie left in a sorry state, Miao Xin could not bear it anymore, so she said to Wu Xin Die, "Little Wu, why are you saying that he is not good? He's very sad, but your words are too unpleasant to listen to! "

"Be careful, this kid is young and frivolous. I was teaching him properly for his own good!" Wu Xin Die spoke with a serious tone and with a mischievous look, she looked at Murong Ba Dou's retreating back and thought proudly in her heart, "You stole my part and stole my limelight, this is what happens to you! I'm the big winner! "Heh heh heh …"

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