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After the Xiangyang exam, Xu Miaoxin returned to the Emei school.

Wu Xin Die was bored, so she decided to go to the sect's Xuan Ku section to learn advanced martial arts. Just as she was about to leave, Tang Xiaoxiao spurred her horse to stop her.

"Bro, don't go yet!"

Tang Xiaoxiao dismounted and stood in front of Wu Xin Die, saying in a deep voice, "I asked you to let me join the team for the test just now, why didn't you? Did Liu Wenling say something bad about me? "

"She didn't say anything bad about you. I want to go to my sect.

Although Wu Xin Die had met Tang Xiaoxiao before, they did not have much of a relationship. After knowing that he had become the Five Poison Ancestor's master, she did not have a good impression of him anymore.

"Don't go, listen to me!" Tang Xiaoxiao blocked Wu Xin Die's path and said seriously, "Old Tang has good intentions for reminding you! Liu Wen Ling is a very practical woman. She is very selfish and only cares about herself and others. It will be tiring for you to make friends with her! "

"Is that so?"

"Hm!" For example, if I have 10 steamed buns and you only have 1 steamed bun, I will give you three or five of them. If it's Liu Wenling, she will take away the only one you have! " Tang Xiaoxiao said solemnly.

"Really?" "Hehe." Wu Xin Die was not interested in who was in the right or wrong between Tang Xiaoxiao and Liu Wenling. She gave a faint smile and said, "Old Tang, I have an urgent matter to attend to. I have to go!"

"Wait a moment." Tang Xiaoxiao said as she took out a small purse from her backpack and handed it to Wu Xin Die. She proudly said, "Here, one hundred gold coins. I'll give it to you!"

"You're giving me money?" Wu Xin Die was surprised, she never expected that he would gift her gold. She asked in surprise, "Why did he give me gold?"

"Didn't you say that you have urgent matters to attend to at the sect? Wasn't he going to the sect to learn martial arts? Without money, can you learn it? " Tang Xiaoxiao saw through the Martial Heart Butterfly's motive to return to the sect and smiled, "Old Tang wants to be friends with you. If you don't think that Old Tang's reputation is bad, then you will accept him!"

"This …"

Wu Xin Die looked at the purse in Tang Xiaoxiao's hand and thought to herself, 'Regardless of whether he treats others well or not, he treats me.' Rejecting him made it seem like she didn't know how to appreciate a favor! Besides, he was in need of money, so he didn't want it for nothing. He immediately took Tang Xiaoxiao's purse and felt comfortable the moment the purse landed in his hands.

"Brother." Tang Xiao mischievously stared at Wu Xin Die as he evilly smiled, "You dare to make friends with Old Tang, aren't you afraid that Old Tang will be a bad person?"

"What's there to be afraid of?" Wu Xin Die didn't think much of it. She waved the purse in her hand and smiled, "Having a bad friend is better than having a bad enemy, right?"

"Hur Hur Hur!" Brother, I think you're really something! " Tang Xiaoxiao gave a hearty laugh as she patted Wu Xin Die's shoulder and asked, "Brother, where are you from?"

"Me? "Uh, I'm from Phoenix Town, a damn big place. Have you heard of me?"

"Really!?" Tang Xiaoxiao was shocked and excitedly said, "Old Tang is from Phoenix City, we're very close!"


Wu Xin Die was quite shocked as well. She felt that they were very close to Phoenix City and that it would only take half an hour by bus to reach Phoenix City. She never thought that Tang Xiaoxiao was someone from Phoenix City.

"Bro, come play with me!" Old Tang is bored. Come to my place, Old Tang will treat you to some fun! "

"No, I'm pretty busy."

Wu Xin Die lied, but she also wanted to find her friends in the game and see what they were really like. However, they heard that a lot of people who went to see the netizens did not end up well. Not only were their belongings extorted, some of them were even given a good beating. Thinking about how it would be dangerous to go alone to Phoenix City, where he was unfamiliar with, and meet with Tang Xiaoxi, who he was unfamiliar with.

"Come and play with me!" "Even though Old Tang doesn't have a good reputation in the martial arts world, he still treats his friends well in real life!" Tang Xiaoxiao punched out in high spirits.

"Big Brother, is your disciple, the Five Poisons Grandmaster, also in Phoenix City?"

"No, he's from Henan, far away." Tang Xiaoxiao knew that Wu Xin Die and his inferior disciple, the Five Poisons Ancestor, were enemies. In order to prevent Wu Xin Die from suspecting that he was trying to cheat him, she hurriedly explained, "You better not be too concerned. Otherwise, I'll go to Phoenix Town to play with you. I've been too free recently."

Wu Xin Die saw his sincerity, and became restless. She asked again: "What industry are you in?"

"Doing business. For individual customers, the business was flourishing. Sooner or later, everyone will become Old Tang's customers, hehe! "

Wu Xin Die hesitated to play with him and told Huang Xiaofeng about it. Huang Xiaofeng laughed, "Xiaowu, why are you so timid? Can he sell you? When I was in school, I would often go to other places to buy equipment from players. I had thousands on me, but I was never afraid! "You might as well go and buy six keyboards from downtown!"

"Alright, then I'll go meet Tang Xiaoxiao!" Wu Xin Die was strong and imposing as she blamed herself for thinking too badly of Tang Xiaoxiao as she was not a righteous man in the first place. Since he had already made up his mind, he decided to talk to Tang Xiaoxiao about the meeting place.

After having breakfast, Wu Xin Die went to the bus stop beside the road and got on the bus. The car was packed and crowded, barely able to find a place to stand. He noticed that there were two bad youths beside him, who were chatting away noisily.

One of them was nearly thirty years old. He had a fat head, big ears, and a fierce-looking face. He had the face of a scoundrel. The other one was in his early twenties and had a wretched appearance. There was a fist-sized skull tattooed on his arm. "Wu Xin Die knew that the two of them were no pushovers, so she turned her head to avoid looking at the two beauties beside her. One of them was standing there in a daze while the other, a cute girl in a student uniform, was sitting on the seat beside her, dozing off.

"Xiao Qi, just tell Third Bro the truth. Do you really want to give that horse called Liu something a charging?" Fat head asked with a smile that was not a smile.

"Of course! What is Xiao Qi trying to do? Isn't that just a sentence? " The monkey-tongued man smiled proudly, "Don't look at me chasing her in the game. In real life, I'm willing to put in all my effort to win Liu Wenling's BMW!"

When Wu Xin Die heard the three words "Liu Wen Ling", she was quite shocked: "I didn't know that these two half-beastmen are also swordsmen! And we're from the same district! "

"Hahahaha!" Fat head and big ears laughed towards the sky, "Look at you, you little b * stard. How are you getting into this BMW?"

"I'll spend some money to tie up this BMW. After we get to know each other, we'll go out and ask her out. We'll open a room and drink for a while before we can drink and drive! At that time, if Third Bro can't help but think of driving, then you'll have to drive, hahahaha! " The sharp mouth, monkey cheeks, and the wild waves of laughter. Wu Xin Die found it strange that the cute beauty beside her was still sleeping soundly despite the deafening laughter coming from the carriage. She didn't even frown.

"Brat, your imagination is really beautiful! If you can get your Third Bro to drive the car, just clean the car, that would be great! " Fat head's eyes lit up, licking his lips, he rubbed his hands and said, "But that Ma Zi always talks about money. Before, he told you to give her gold, but now he wants you to give him a 200 yuan card. Maybe one day he'll even ask you to give him a bank card to pay! This horse has such a huge appetite. With that bird like appearance of yours, can you even afford to feed it? "

"Third Brother, in the future, let's not talk about whether or not we can feed them at the beginning. This 200 yuan recharge card, I've earned it!" "Heh heh …" The monkey with a sharp mouth gave a weird smile. The middle finger and thumb of his right hand made a crisp "pa" sound.

Wu Xin Die stared at the beauties at her side. She thought to herself, Liu Wen Ling boasts that she is beautiful beyond compare, but unexpectedly, she was insulted by these two dog-like fellows. Just as he was lost in thought, he suddenly realized that the sharp mouth and monkey cheeks guy had gradually approached the beauty. His left hand was hanging near her thigh, and he was about to touch it.

"Damn, this kid is trash!" Wu Xin Die was worrying about the beautiful woman who was looking out of the window in a daze. Suddenly, she noticed the beautiful woman had a leather bag on her shoulder and felt a chill in her heart, "You're finished!"

A pair of shriveled hands crept to the edge of the beautiful woman's purse. After lingering for a moment, they quickly dug into the pockets of her pants, and her face was filled with a happy smile.

Although Wu Xin Die turned her head away, she could see the sharp mouth and monkey cheeks clearly from the corner of her eyes. She saw him steal the six pink bills from the beautiful woman and thought to herself that these sharp mouth and monkey cheeks were not surprising; they were actually old thieves!

The bus had already entered the city, and the fat guy with the sharp mouth and monkey cheeks had already gotten off.

Just as Wu Xin Die was about to get off the car, the cute beauty who had been sleeping for a while suddenly woke up. Chewing on a piece of gum, she smiled sweetly at Wu Xin Die and said in surprise: "Oh, it's time for the car to stop! This sleep of mine was really good, the harvest was really good! " He got out of the car and got off quickly.

Wu Xin Die giggled as she watched the cute girl bounce off into the distance. She lit up a cigarette and headed straight for the rendezvous point where she and Tang Xiaoxiao met up with each other.

"Holy shit!"

Wu Xin Die took a few steps forward and realized that there was nothing in her pants pocket. She didn't know when the two hundred yuan that Huang Xiaofeng gave her to buy the keyboard had been stolen. "Damn it, that's impossible …" I kept a close eye on the monkey in the car. He couldn't possibly have stolen my money with a third hand. There must be other thieves lurking in the car! Which one would it be? "

Wu Xin Die tried her best to recall the scene in the car, her eyes inadvertently stopped at her shirt pocket, she was surprised to see that there was a piece of chewing gum in her pocket, it seemed to have written on it, she quickly pulled it out to see what it was. On the piece of chewing gum paper, it said, "Little guy, you're too poor, you only have two hundred and seven dollars and fifty cents on you, I really despise you! I'll take these two hundred dollars and leave you some change. Here's a red lip print for you, for masturbation. You can scold me, but don't try to chase me! "Hehehe …"


Wu Xin Die was speechless, looking at the red lip print on the piece of chewing gum, she laughed with heartache: "This thief is truly not simple, pretending to sleep, to think that she could steal my money, and even accurately count my remaining wealth, seems like she is a professional thief!" "Well, it would be a waste of my energy to chase after her. I will tell Little Brother Feng the truth later!"

Wu Xin Die was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Her heart was in pain, so she decided to go meet Tang Xiaoxiao first.

Wu Xin Die rushed over to the southern entrance of Phoenix Plaza where she met Tang Xiaoxiao. Just as she was about to leave and wait for Tang Xiaoxiao to arrive, she suddenly heard a horn sound behind her. A 24L long black Audi A6 slowly drove over.

A 40-year-old middle-aged man came out of the car. It was Tang Xiaoxiao. He was wearing a white suit on such a hot day. His white hair was especially eye-catching.

"Yeah?" Tang Xiaoxiao looked at the Martial Heart Butterfly and laughed, "Brother, I've finally invited you over!" As he finished, he slapped Wu Xin Die on the shoulder to show his enthusiasm.

"Big brother!" Wu Xin Die's shoulder was slapped by his big hand to the point that it hurt her heart. She gnashed her teeth and smiled, "You are so strong! You smacked me to death!"

"Hur Hur Hur!" Tang Xiaoxiao gave a carefree laugh as she caressed Wu Xin Die's shoulder and smiled, "Brother is speaking the truth! "How was it? Everything went smoothly on the way here?"

"It didn't go well." Wu Xin Die wanted to tell him about meeting a professional female thief, but thinking about it, she decided it was useless. She changed the topic, "Big brother, it's such a hot day and you're wearing this kind of equipment, aren't you hot?"

"Do you understand? This is called grace, even middle-aged men need grace! " Tang Xiaoxiao smiled and wiped away the sweat on her forehead, "Hurry and get in the car to cool off! I'll first take you to visit my shop and broaden your horizons! "

Tang Xiaoxiao drove the Martial Heart Butterfly to their shop. It was a huge three-storey building.

"What project are you working on?"

Wu Xin Die looked up and saw a large sign hanging in front of the shop. It was "Phoenix City First Coffin Supermarket". Beside it was written business project: Wholesale white cloth, longevity clothing, and colorful goods. On both sides of the signboard, there was a couplet made of black cloth. The first couplet was "Come in early, but come in late. Sooner or later," while the second couplet read "If you wear more, you have to wear more".

Wu Xin Die did not dare to look any further as she felt a chill down her spine. She trembled with fear and asked: "Big Brother, is this the business you're running?"

"That's right!" Tang Xiaoxiao was proud and said in high spirits, "This A6 of mine was sold out by selling these things. "Don't be afraid, go in and take a look. Don't you have to come in sooner or later?"

"What a joke, what am I afraid of!" Wu Xin Die was fearless as she bravely said, "You are right, I will have to come in sooner or later. If I go in and get familiar with the place, I don't want to die so that I won't use some of the things in my possession!"

"How dare you!" However, there's no need to act so pretentious in front of Old Tang, haha. " Tang Xiaoxiao laughed heartily as she pulled Wu Xin Die's hand into the store. After passing through the business hall, he lifted up a huge black curtain and entered the eerie exhibition hall.

The hall was dark and silent. Tang Xiaoxiao turned on the lights, and in an instant, coffins of varying sizes were arranged in an orderly manner in front of him. This exhibition hall was at least two thousand square meters. There were countless coffins of various colors and sizes. A red coffin was even longer than the Audi A6, and its height was almost the same as the martial heart butterfly.

"I'm going to faint." Wu Xin Die had never seen such a huge coffin before. She trembled with fear as she asked, "Why is this coffin so big!"

"This is Old Tang's most luxurious coffin!" Tang Xiaoxiao was overjoyed, and smacked the coffin's lid, "Brother, I'll let you experience it for yourself! You see, this luxurious coffin is digital. Inside it are electric lamps, reunion lights, and reentry lights. The lights are colorful and will not go out for two hundred years! Look at the coffin lid and the patterns on both sides. Look at them, they are carved with gold ingots, money trees, and the River of Joy. This was specially made for rich and powerful officials, and the selling price was 1.68 million! "

"So expensive!" Wu Xin Die was shocked by the price, she thought to herself, someone like me is still alive and well, not worth 1.68 million, such an expensive coffin is even more expensive than a high-end house, a coffin of a dead person is even more expensive than a house of a living person, it is so f * cking absurd, using money is not worth money!

Tang Xiaoxiao led Wu Xindie on a tour around the main hall. When she saw a few coffins, which were only slightly larger than the ones on the bedside table, she asked in astonishment, "Why are these coffins so small?"

"This is for children under the age of eight." Tang Xiaoxiao said with a sigh, "Recently, the sales volume of the coffin hasn't been very good. "It's been three months and I've only sold 85 of them. I still want to sell at least 200 of them. Holy shit!"

Wu Xin Die's expression changed upon hearing this as she thought to herself, "The death of a child is the most painful thing in the world, but Tang Xiaoxiao still feels that it has not affected her coffin business." She could not help but mutter, "Big brother, aren't you saying things that are too excessive? Brother, I am not used to listening! "

"Hahaha!" Tang Xiaoxiao let out a long laugh, but suddenly stopped smiling and said in all seriousness, "Brother, you need to know that business is business, justice is good and justice is good! Last year's Sichuan earthquake, I did not hesitate to donate 300 yuan to the disaster area! If my business is not good and I don't have enough to eat, what good will I do for society? Isn't that right? "

"Un, you're right, very right!" Wu Xin Die nodded, her heart had already begun to beat fast – she was a guest, a master. It was too boring to argue about such nonsense in someone else's house. Besides, during the Southwest Earthquake, he didn't donate a single cent.

"Brother, are you afraid of meeting the dead?" Tang Xiaoxiao stared at the Martial Heart Butterfly and sneered, "There are some men that are as timid as a mouse that piss their pants when they see a dead person. Are you afraid of seeing a dead person?"

"Tch!" Wu Xin Die pretended not to care, "What's there to be afraid of about a dead person? I've even carried dead people! "

"That's good. Brother, look here!" Tang Xiaoxiao said as he suddenly opened the lid of the coffin.


Wu Xin Die was shocked when she saw a young girl wearing a royal blue birthday suit lying inside the coffin. She almost kneeled down in fright.

"Hahaha!" Tang Xiaoxiao burst out in laughter. Seeing Wu Xin Die frightened, her face paled. She patted his head and said, "The sky is too hot. This girl has been dead for less than two hours and her body is already smelly!"

Wu Xin Die touched her chest that was about to burst out of her body. She took the courage to look at the female corpse in the coffin and saw that it was covered with hundred-dollar bills. Her heart skipped a beat as she said, "Why does this woman look so familiar?"

"Alright, stop looking!" This girl will soon turn into a creamer, and if you watch too much, you'll lose your mind! " As Tang Xiaoxiao said this, he pulled the lid of the coffin, "Come, let's go to the second floor to visit my funeral home!"

There were more than ten sets of birthday clothes hanging in the middle of the hall. At first glance, it looked like a lot of Hanged Ghost had been hung, and the atmosphere was even more gloomy and terrifying than when one stopped at the coffin hall.

"Hur hur." Wu Xin Die looked around and smiled faintly. He had already been scared to death by the female corpse just now, but now that he saw these clothes, he didn't feel any fear at all.

Tang Xiaoxiao saw that Wu Xin Die was not afraid and laughed: "I was just given a jump by that female corpse and was even given a vaccine to boost my courage. Are you not afraid of anything this time?" With that, he led the calm and collected Martial Heart Butterfly to the third floor of the Pavilion of Ascension.

The third floor of the Pavilion was filled with many colorful objects. Upon entering, they saw eight large golden horses and a dozen life-like adults holding sticks and sticks. Further in was a large paper house, next to which were stacked computers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and electric fans.

"Hmm?" Wu Xin Die suddenly realized that there were also many paper pistols, building blocks, and rubber balls beside the electrical appliances. She thought that these gadgets must have been burned for the use of the dead children and felt upset, so she took her leave, "Big brother, I have already seen your business and your shop. I still have something I need to rush back to Phoenix Town to do.

"You've just arrived and you're already in a hurry to leave? Do you think that your big bro didn't entertain you well? " Tang Xiaoxiao said as she suddenly slapped her forehead and said as if she suddenly realized something, "That's right, I definitely didn't entertain you well! I'm used to seeing these things. I just find them fun. I forgot to consider your feelings! "There's no hurry. Accompany me outside for a beer, then go back!"

"No need!" When Wu Xin Die heard what he said, "I forgot to consider your feelings." She suddenly realized that Tang Xiaoxiao liked mischief and purposely threatened herself to pretend to be a good person. She decisively said, "I still have urgent matters, I'm leaving!"

As Wu Xin Die said this, she hurried downstairs. Tang Xiaoxiao saw that he could not keep him, so he quickly caught up and said, "Brother, I can't force you to stay, but do you have the fare to return?"

"Of course! "I'm leaving …" Wu Xin Die looked at his smiling face and felt that his question was weird. She thought to herself, 'Did he know that I was robbed by a professional thief and got 200 yuan?' How did he know? Don't worry about it. Let's hurry up and leave this damn place first!

Wu Xin Die took a big step forward and looked back to see that Tang Xiaoxiao wasn't following her. She was finally able to relax and thought that she had come for a trip to the underworld, so she decided to take a shower and clean herself of all the bad luck!

When he walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive, Wu Xin Die lit a cigarette and touched the remaining seven dollars and fifty cents. Just as he was thinking about how to explain it to Huang Xiaofeng, he suddenly saw a pregnant young girl wearing skating shoes skating towards him.

"Handsome, can I ask you something?" The pregnant woman who was skating suddenly stopped in front of the Martial Heart Butterfly. She flung her long hair and asked, "Where do we go to the south?"

"Southern Merchant House?" "Follow this road and turn left at the second intersection!"

"Who asked you about the Southern Merchant Shop?" I'm talking about the south! "

"The south?" Wu Xin Die was stunned, "The south is the direction you're talking about?"

"Nonsense, are you stupid?" The pregnant woman's face was filled with contempt.

"You went the wrong way!" Wu Xin Die knew that most pregnant women had bad tempers, and since she was away, it was not wise to argue with her, "Behind you is the south."

"Bullsh * t! How dare you lie to me!"

"Why would I lie to you!" Wu Xin Die was getting impatient, she turned her head and said: "If you don't believe me, you can ask others!"

"Why would I ask others? A single person doesn't bother the two hosts, so I'll ask you! "Tell me the truth, you want to trick me just because I'm pregnant!"

Wu Xin Die's heart turned cold, this was not a good thing! He stared at the pregnant woman in front of him, trying to judge from her expression if she was here to cause trouble. The angry look in the pregnant woman's eyes suddenly became gentle like water. The anger on her face slowly disappeared and she finally laughed out loud, "Handsome, I haven't seen you for a while. Don't you recognize me?"

"Do I know you?" Wu Xin Die stared at her with wide eyes, she felt a little familiar, but thought that she did not know this girl who was pregnant.

"Ah, you're such a fool!" The pregnant woman suddenly went close to Wu Xin Die's ear and whispered, "Are you blind? I am the one who just died in the coffin! "

"Ah?" You — "Wu Xin Die was so frightened that she staggered a step, and the cigarette she had just smoked was also scared out of her mind. She forced herself to calm down and she said curiously," It's really you! What's going on with you? "

"Hehe!" The pregnant woman smiled evilly, took out a large basketball from her clothes, and laughed as she patted it, "Even if you were blind, you still wouldn't recognize me! "Little guy, I'm here to give you a ride fee!"

"So she's not pregnant. She's got a basketball in her stomach!" Wu Xin Die muttered in her heart as she carefully examined the girl. When she heard the words "little brat" and "delivery fee", she was enlightened, "I know who you are now. You are the one who pretended to sleep and take my money when I came here!"

"You're not a big idiot!" The girl laughed, put away the basketball, and hid it inside her clothes. When she stretched out her hand again, there were already two hundred-dollar bills in it, "My name is Amushu! In the morning, he took six hundred dollars from the guy who swore in the car. When he was asleep, he would randomly touch his hands. Sorry, I'll give it to you! "

Wu Xin Die was shocked and thought to herself, "She is really a god. She actually stole the six hundred yuan that guy stole from her without him even knowing!" Reaching out his hand to take the money, Amushu suddenly retracted her hand. Wu Xin Die took the empty hand.

"Wait!" How are you going to thank me when I give you the money? You must know that if it were anyone else, even if they took 2 points from you, they would definitely not return it to you. Amushu made his excuse.

"I should thank you!" Wu Xin Die thought for a while and felt that this Ah Mu Shu was quite interesting. She decided to be generous for the first time and said, "How about I give one to you?"

"Holy shit, you're only giving me one?" So petty! "Two, give me both of them. Are you willing to give them to me?"

"Hehe, it doesn't matter if I give it to you, since the money will be yours once it's in your hands!" Wu Xin Die laughed bitterly, then she suddenly looked behind Amushu and exclaimed in surprise: "Wow, why are you here too? This time, I am saved! "

Amushu turned around and saw that there was no one behind her. She knew she had fallen into a trap. When she turned around, one of the two big banknotes in her hand had been taken by Wu Xin Die. He regretted not being on guard and roared in hatred, "What a cunning fellow!"

"Average." Wu Xin Die had already ran far away as she laughed loudly, "The money is not yours to begin with. I'll leave you one, and I'll have to make up for it myself. You're still not satisfied! "Bye bye!"

"Hahahaha, if you have the guts, don't come back!" Ah Mu Shu laughed out loud instead of getting angry, "Idiot! Do you really think you're that clever? Why don't you see if the money in your hands is real or fake! I'll tell you the truth, you don't even have a dime on you besides this pink piece of scrap paper! "I'm leaving too. Bye bye!"

Wu Xin Die was shocked, she quickly checked the big bill and felt that it was real. When he looked at the reverse side of the bill, the words "This is a counterfeit coin" were clearly printed on the edge. He fished in his pocket for his cigarette case. The pocket was empty, so she must have stolen it while he was whispering to her.

Seeing that Wu Xin Die was so angry that she stomped her feet, Amushu laughed out loud, made a face, lit a cigarette she had just stolen, waved her arms left and right, and slipped away.

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