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"Stop right there!" Since she was young, Wu Xin Die had only made fun of others. She had never been made a fool of like this, so she chased after him in anger. Amushu tried to dodge the pedestrians on the sidewalk, but he was overtaken by the flying Martial Heart Butterfly before he could get far.

"Do you still want to run!?" Wu Xin Die stood in front of her and sternly asked, "Did you and Tang Xiaoxiao plot against me?"

"Mm …" "So smelly! So smelly!" Amushu covered her nose with one hand and pointed at Wu Xin Die with the other, saying, "You're farting, stinky! With that bear like Tang Xiaoxiao, how could she be worthy of planning big things with me! I only told him that I took your money because I saw you follow him into the coffin shop and knew that you two were friends! "

"What is your relationship with Tang Xiaoxiao? Why are you pretending to be dead to scare me! " Wu Xin Die initially wanted to return to town safely, so she didn't ask about anything else. But now, being fooled by her over and over again, she was furious. If she didn't understand something, she had to get to the bottom of it.

"Do you want to know?" "If you call me Madam Yun, I'll tell you!"

"Bullshit!" Wu Xin Die was furious, she thought to herself that for a girl like her, the more patient she was, the better it was for her. Taking advantage of her inattentiveness, her right hand suddenly slapped the basketball under her clothes, while her left hand nimbly swung. After the basketball bounced up, it was already caught in her arms.

"Good boy …" "You are ruthless!" Amushu regretted that he had let his guard down and gnashed his teeth in hatred.

"Are you going to tell me?" If you don't say so, I will kick this basketball into the sky! I'll let you pretend to be pregnant again to confuse us! " As Wu Xin Die spoke, she pretended to shoot a free kick.

"Don't kick, don't kick, I'll tell you! This basketball was given to me by someone else! " Amushu was depressed because there was no basketball on her belly. She said honestly, "I am from Xinjiang, a Tatar tribe. Have you heard of me? I came out this time to look for my big brother. Tang Xiaoxiao is my online friend. Seeing that he likes mischief just like me, I discussed it with him to scare you. I think it's very fun! "

"I think you're even worse than Tang Xiaoxiao!" Wu Xin Die thought that she had gotten addicted to teasing and had developed a teasing illness, so she coldly smiled and said, "Give me back the money, I'm leaving!"

"If you call me Mommy, I'll give you money!"

"Bullshit!" If you keep talking nonsense, I'll make your precious basketball go up in the sky! " Wu Xin Die said as she patted on the basketball's neck, preparing to kick it open.

"Good!" If you were a man, you'd kick the ball right now! If you don't kick, you're a eunuch! Kick, kick! Basketball will kill you, and you will be caught and shot, or at least sentenced to death! Do you know what it's like to be in jail? Kick it! " Amushu was aggressive.

"Do you think I don't dare!?" Wu Xin Die put on an act. Seeing that she had already seen through her thoughts, she didn't know what to do. "What do you want?"

"I'm not thinking of anything!" Amushu looked at him affectionately and asked, "Do you think I'm beautiful?"

"Nonsense!" Aren't you asking for it just because you know it! If you're not beautiful, then that woman is not a woman. " Wu Xin Die acknowledged in her heart that Amushu was indeed beautiful and charming, but she pretended to be in a bad mood and tried to use her flattering curves to summon her for a moment of mercy.

"Kid, the way you flatter others is really different from others. How comfortable!" Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around Wu Xin Die's neck and said with charming eyes, "Do you want me to be your son?"

"Ma Zi?" Wu Xin Die hated the vulgar word "Ma Zi." She was sure she wanted to tease him again, so she said with a straight face, "What nonsense are you spouting?"

"I asked you if you wanted to pick me up. Do you want to be my husband?! " Amushu's eyes were very dubious, her hands were neither light nor heavy as she stroked Wu Xin Die's neck, "If you soak me in the bath, and be my husband, I guarantee you will only have one word in your entire life - super cool! You don't have to pay for the room, I can give you the money! You want to go to the shampoo, okay? If you want to find seven or eight girls to give you a Thai massage, that's fine too! But you can't do that to me. I'm not a pure virgin, and you're not a pure virgin either.

"Who do you think I am? Get lost! " Wu Xin Die was angered, angry that this girl wanted to raise her as a "duck". She immediately threw the basketball to her and angrily said, "Then I, your father, will not take the two hundred dollars anymore. I'll send you off!"

"Don't go!" Amushu saw him running away without looking back, so she hurried to catch up with him and said, "Little brother, it's so boring waiting for the car, I was just teasing you! I said I was looking for my brother. He's in Phoenix. I want to go to town with you, to test you out for fear of your bad intentions. Even with my beauty, I still can't seduce you. It seems like you're not bad, you're not a pervert. "

"Your brother is from Phoenix Town? How old? "What's your name?" Wu Xin Die stopped and asked.

"My brother is called Huang Xiaofeng, do you know him?"

"Your brother is Huang Xiaofeng?" Wu Xin Die was astonished, thinking that Xinjiang was thousands of miles away from Phoenix Town. She and Huang Xiaofeng were hanging out together all day, how come she never heard that he had a younger sister from the Tar clan in Xinjiang who was seeking a marriage? he asked. "What relative's brother is he?"

"Why do you care so much!?" Check the account? If you know him, take me to him! "

"Of course I know him!" As Wu Xin Die spoke, she got on the bus with Amushu.

"The seat inside!" Wu Xin Die was afraid that she would use her most powerful technique. If she was caught red-handed, it would be impossible for her to escape.

"Don't be in such a hurry, let me take a look!" Amushu stretched her head out and looked around at the passengers, shaking her head, then sat down on the seat inside the Wuxin Butterfly in a daze, feeling upset. "What the f * ck? I wonder if there are three hundred yuan in the cart, so let's just forget about it! "

Wu Xin Die was amazed that Amushu was only able to see the wealth of others with her naked eyes. She wondered why Huang Xiaofeng had never mentioned such a peerless master's sister to her before.

After the bus arrived at Phoenix Town, Wu Xin Die and Amushu walked side by side back to the "Phoenix Town's Number One Online Cafe". This Internet Cafe was really big! My brother has become a big boss! I want to surprise him too, don't you think? " As he spoke, he took out a pair of dark green glasses and put it on.

Huang Xiaofeng was in the manager's office on the third floor, reading a guide for the game. When he saw Wu Xin Die walking in with a mysterious beauty with a big belly, he asked in surprise, "Little Wu, who is this beauty …"

"She's your little sister from Xinjiang!" As Wu Xin Die spoke, she poured some water for Amushu.

"My sister from Xinjiang?" Huang Xiaofeng was at a loss. He stared at An Mushu's glossy glasses and asked, "You are …"

"You've grown up and become a big boss. You're not that poor student anymore!" Ammu Shu smiled coldly as he took out a basketball from his shirt and tossed it to Huang Xiaofeng. "You don't recognize me anymore. Then, you should recognize this crappy basketball!"

"This basketball …" Huang Xiaofeng took the basketball and looked at it for a while. After examining it for a while, he couldn't figure out what was going on, so he asked doubtfully, "Who are you really?"

"Damn you! You forgot all about me! " Amushu said resentfully as she took off her glasses and angrily shouted, "Open your eyes wide and see who your mother is!"

"Ah!?" Huang Xiaofeng's expression changed drastically as he stammered, "Shu Shu …" You are Amushu... "Why are you here …"

"Why am I here? You think I was shot? I still have this life to kill you, you heartless bastard! I am ruined by you, you heartless bastard! "F * ck your mother, your mother will perish together with you!" Amushu revealed a ferocious expression as she suddenly pulled out a cold knife from her cold boots. With a loud cry, she stabbed it towards Huang Xiaofeng with all her might.

"What are you doing!" Wu Xin Die returned with the water. Seeing that Amushu was about to stab Huang Xiaofeng with a knife, she shouted in shock and threw the hot water bottle in her hand towards Amushu.

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