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When Wu Xin Die returned to the "Phoenix Town's Number One Internet Cafe", she felt exhausted. She lay on the bed and took a nap, closing her eyes like a coffin of varying sizes. She resented Tang Xiaoxiao for harming her so much. In order to remove the shadow in his heart, he had no choice but to enter the "Jianghu"

Wu Xin Die was already Level 57 and faced with a serious problem – she did not have enough gold to learn martial arts. The 100 gold that Tang Xiaoxiao had given him had long been all given to Xuan Ku to learn. Even though he had spent all his gold, he was not much stronger than himself. He couldn't help but suspect that he had been tricked by Xuan Ku.

It was said that the famous skill of the Shaolin Martial Ancestor, 'Shaosheng Feet', was extremely powerful, but it took quite a bit of effort to execute. First, he had to use the first move of the 'Jia Ye Kick' and then the second move of the 'Wei Tuo Punch' before he could use the third move of the 'Shadowless Feet'. After that, he had to use the third move of the 'Shadowless Feet' and the 'Shadowless Feet' three or five times before he could finally use the 'Shadowless Leg'. If he were to face the enemy head on, how would he have the time to use these flowery "Jia Ye Leg" and "Wei Tuo Fist"?

Moreover, the level three 'Shadowless Feet' was so weak that it could not even kick a tiger outside of the temple to death. Wu Xin Die wanted to continue leveling up the 'Shadowless Feet', but she was already poor. He couldn't help but sigh. The martial arts world and reality were too similar. The wealthy ruled the world, while the poor did not have the money to take even a single step. There was no good way to earn money, so he could only run to the boss of the Chamber of Commerce to earn some pocket money. However, this little money was not even enough to fill the gaps in Xuan Ku's teeth. Ask Xu Miaoxin to borrow some money? He couldn't say when he would be able to pay back the money he had borrowed. After all, how could he have so much free money to lend to him? Sad!

Wu Xin Die cried out in depression as she wandered around the temple. Unknowingly, he walked to the southeast corner of the temple, and saw a large iron gate in front of him. There were a lot of people entering and exiting Shaolin Temple, so Wu Xin Die knew that this metal door led to Shaolin's secret chamber. Anyone who entered or left the secret chamber was at least a level 70 expert.

"I'm only level 57. Hmm, it's better that I don't go in."

Wu Xin Die knew her limits very well. She knew that even if she forced herself to enter, she would only be able to hold on for three to five times before being sent out by the monk guarding the secret chamber. Just as he was feeling displeased, he suddenly discovered a golden wooden board hung at the entrance of the secret room. It seemed to have words engraved on it. Taking a closer look, it turned out that the golden wooden board was carved with the records of fellow disciples of the Martial Ancestor Realm breaking into the secret chamber.

"Look who's in first place …" "Yo, first place is Brother Luan!"

On this wooden board, only the top ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts were recorded. The person at the top of the list was indeed the fast hand Brother Yan Luo. In second place was the masterpiece Zhang Taiqing had mentioned. The remaining eight failed to clear the level.

Wu Xin Die looked down at the rankings and saw that the third was Xiao Xiong, the fourth was the young war god, and the fifth was a guy named Gu Yin Wei. "Yes, this name has a personality!" Looking further down, the long-famous Idolo actually came last.

"The ten people on the leaderboard are all experts! Yes, when will I, Wu Xin Die be like Brother Luan, who is ranked number one? I will roam the martial arts world and leave a name for everyone to admire! Even if it wasn't at Brother Luan's level, just a little better than him, to be able to achieve great things, to be below one person, or even above eight people! "Hey!"

Wu Xin Die mumbled to herself. After she was done, she still had to think of a way to gather money to learn martial arts. He bitterly looked at the Level Rankings and prepared to leave.

"Friends outside, wait a moment!"

Wu Xin Die had only taken a few steps when she suddenly heard the iron door open wide behind her. A person flashed out of the door with an extremely fast speed and rushed towards her.

That person was dressed in red and wore white "Death Clouds". The gauntlets on his arms were actually glowing with a golden light. Along the way, he pulled a long string of shadows behind him. It was obvious that he was a peerless master.

"Big brother, were you calling me just now?"

Wu Xin Die asked even though she knew the answer. Apparently, she was the only one outside the secret room. Then, he noticed that the other party seemed to be an expert, so he called him 'Big Brother' to please him.

"Yes, I was calling you just now." The man ran to Wu Xin Die and stopped, saying in a low voice, "I heard from you just now that you want to roam the martial arts world like Brother Luan, and said that even if you can't reach the realm of Lago, it would still be fine to be a little stronger than a little stronger than him, right?"

"Ugh …" "Yeah." Wu Xin Die observed his expression and faintly felt a tinge of reproach in his tone, she then spoke gently, "Brother Luan is very famous, and his achievements are also great. I have worshipped these two masters for a long time!"

"Hur hur, have you ever seen Brother Luan?"

"I always wanted to see him, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to. Sigh, I'm depressed! " Wu Xin Die's mouth was filled with melancholy, but she muttered in her heart: "Even if he was wearing a mask, he wouldn't be able to see his identity. He was most likely pulling a brother, right? If it wasn't Brother Luan, then it was definitely a great weapon! Hmm, it would be great if it really was Brother Luan. I just said he was so awesome, I should be able to make him happy, right? If you become a big shot, that's bad, but you can't cause trouble for me just because I said that I'm inferior to him! "

"Friend, you don't have to be depressed anymore." That person smiled and said indifferently, "The Brother Luan you want to see is me."

"Ah, you're really pulling my leg? I say, why does it look so awesome! "You're too awesome, too awesome!" Wu Xin Die was elated, but she would not say anything else other than talking about Lu Li. She thought to herself, "If I can befriend him, then the long road of martial arts will be very smooth!"

"Hehe, you don't have to flatter me, I'm not that great. That big shot you mentioned just now, he's the real deal. " Brother Lago said seriously, "The reason I stopped you was to tell you that the record on this wooden board hanging outside the secret room is not real. For example, he can't be compared to me. If the Ju Yi Hall hadn't joined in, it would have been impossible for them to occupy Feng Xiang so quickly. "

"Oh, so this Cheng Dazhi is also from the Jieyi Hall?"

"Yes." There are four branch halls in the Huyi Hall, and the hall master of the Black Tortoise Hall is the great equipment. "

As Brother Lah spoke, there was the sudden sound of hooves and a man riding a horse entered the temple from outside. That person used the name "Piercing Throat" to call Brother Lah. When he saw him, he greeted him from afar and galloped over on his horse.

"Brother, is the person greeting you your friend?"

"Mm. He's my brother, the Vermillion Bird Hall Master and Dragonhawk sparrow."

With these words, the sparrow rode to Brother Luan's side, dismounted, and spoke in a low voice. "Big brother, the Sect Leader of the Human Slaughter Sect, Yi Dolo, has already approved the written challenge and is now waiting in the Light Peak."

"Oh? So fast. " Brother Lago was slightly surprised and laughed, "In the past, when we fought with the sect, they would always drag us down and make us wait for a long time before starting a war. I never thought that it would be so efficient this time! "

"Hmm, I'm wondering too. But according to Zhang Taiqing's investigation, before the war, the Human-Slaughtering Sect's stalling before the war was completely their scheme!" The old man called Master from the Human Slaughter Sect is extremely crafty. Every time, he was the one who would try his best to persuade Yiduo not to rush into battle and wait for us to exhaust our battle qi before making a move. "

"Hehe, Xiaoqing always likes to investigate this and that." Brother Luan gave a praising smile, then suddenly said nervously, "This time, the Human Slaughter Sect is completely out of the ordinary. They just approved the written challenge and they already lined up, so our brothers thought they would drag their feet and lose their fighting spirit. If they take advantage of my absence and attack us, wouldn't our brothers suffer a great loss? "

"That's right! The old man from the Human Slaughter Sect seemed to have learned that you weren't at the front lines, so he persuaded Yi Duoluo to attack as fast as he could. Thanks to Zhang Taiqing's sharp wit, he said that his master wanted to challenge Yiduo and then start a fight. "Yiduo was really shocked by Zhang Taiqing's words. He suspected that you are on the frontline, so he didn't dare to duel with you. He is afraid that the one who lost the top spot in the martial world will lose and lose."

"Hur Hur Hur!" Brother Luan gave a hearty laugh and said, "Although Xiao Qing's level is a little low, but when it comes to random variables, there's no one in the sect who is stronger than him!"

"Yes." The sparrow nodded and urged, "Big brother, although Yidoro is hesitating now, it's hard to say if he will take the initiative to attack our brothers. "Since you've already come out of the secret room, let's hurry to the front lines!"

"Alright, let's go." As Brother Lah spoke, he mounted the divine horse's "narrow wings" and said to Wu Xin Die, "Friend, we will meet again!"

"Hey, wait a minute!"

Wu Xin Die suddenly stood in front of the horse and said cautiously: "Big Brother, I, I still want to ask you two questions."

"This guy." Long Zhaofeng patted Wu Xin Die on the shoulder and said in a friendly manner, "My Clan Master and I have an urgent battle we need to fight. If you have any questions, you can ask me. "I really don't have time now!"

"Brother Long, that's alright." Brother Luan was neither impatient nor anxious, he said to Wu Xin Die, "You can't ask any questions, it's hard to hold it in. Ask, what's the first question? "

"Big brother, I've just learned 'Shadowless Feet', why is it so difficult to execute it?"

"Man, I'll answer you." "If you want to be able to use the Shaolin Martial Sect's secret martial art, the Hidden Dragon Annihilation Scripture, to a certain extent. Then, you have to put the Seven Treasures Divine Illuminating Heart Technique, the Vedra Fist Technique, and the Shadowless Fist on the appendix of the Hidden Dragon Annihilation Scripture, and then continue to practice these three arts together. When you have comprehended 100% of the « Hidden Dragon Termination Scripture », your 'Shadowless Foot' cultivation technique will greatly increase and you will be able to execute it with ease. "Well, what's the second question?"

"Brother Long, don't be in such a hurry to ask him the second question. You only helped him answer his first question, you didn't help him solve it! There are problems that must be solved. It's useless to just answer them. " Brother Lah laughed heartily and said to Wu Xin Die, "Friend, you're 57, but you don't have the « Hidden Dragon Decimation Scripture » and the other three arts, right?"

"I'm a novice, I don't have anything. I only have the Long Fist Manual ." Wu Xin Die was sure that Brother Luan would give her some things, so she decided to speak the truth and tried her best to speak the truth in a pitiful tone.

"Other than using your《 Long Fist Manual》 when you are fighting the Nine Extreme Sword Demons at the Hidden Sword Villa, it is completely useless in other areas." As Brother Lah spoke, he took out two copies of the Hidden Dragon Calamity Scripture and a martial arts manual from his personal bag, and also took out the secrets of the "Seven Treasures Divine Illumination Heart Technique", the "Wei Tuo Fist" and the "Shadowless Feet", and handed them over to Wu Xin Die, "You can use all of these secret scriptures and these secret arts. This is for you! "

"Big brother, this …" Wu Xin Die's eyes were already red, but she still had to be disrespectful. She forced a smile and said, "This is too embarrassing, right?"

"Buddy, my gang leader is very generous, he wants to give it to you, you can take it all!" Seeing that Wu Xin Die was pretending to give up, Long Zhui took the item from Brother Li's hand and stuffed it into her hand, urging her, "I have your first question, I will answer it for you. My Sect Master has solved it for you, what about your second question?"

"Well, the second question, I think... I want to join the Ju Yi Hall! " Wu Xin Die had already experienced the warmth of the Ju Yi Hall and sincerely said, "Big brother, can you accept me as your disciple? "Even though my level is currently very low, I will work hard to level up. As soon as possible, I will make myself stronger and give my best to the gang!"

"This won't do!"

Brother Lah rejected without hesitation, and then said in an amiable tone, "I can't accept you into the sect, not because of your level. The Human Slaughter Sect only accepted people based on their level. The people of the Ju Yi Hall valued loyalty. I know nothing about you, even though I know you personally. Similarly, you don't know anything about me, nor about the Ju Yi Hall. It might not be a good thing for you to rashly join the Jiejie Hall. But don't worry, as long as you are truly a loyal man, even if you join another gang, I will still think of ways and means to invite you into the Jiede hall! If you are heartless and fall into my hands, it is impossible for me to not kill you! "

"Oh, I know, Big Brother!" Wu Xin Die agreed quickly. She really didn't expect Brother Luan to say such outrageous words. When she thought about her current situation, it seemed that she wasn't close to being "loyal" and "tough guy". She felt a chill in her heart.

"Buddy, my gang leader is not trying to scare you. If you stay in this martial arts world, you will suffer a miserable ending for being heartless, shameless and despicable." "Just like the famous general of the E generation, Tang Xiaoxiao, his end is to be chased all over the streets by my Sect Leader!"

"Huh?" Wu Xin Die was shocked as Tang Xiaoxiao's impression of her was not that great. However, with the gift of 100 gold coins, her impression was not that bad. She could not help but ask, "Is Tang Xiaoxiao heartless?"

"Un, this person is quite despicable! The name "Little Bad" suits him very well. " Lago's tone was filled with contempt, "When I was level 50 and he was level 45, he asked me to help him with the quest. I helped him do it. Afterwards, when I was Level 70 and he was Level 68, in order to make a name for himself in the Tang Sect, he stole my monster. I warned him again and again that he was pretending to give in, and in a moment he was calling for a dozen men to come and kill me. However, right now, he can't even beat my disciple Yang Mingyu, so he has to run when he sees me. He even asked someone to tell me that we don't know each other anymore, and he even wanted to borrow some money. "Hehe, what rubbish!"

"Un, Sect Leader, it's getting late!" "The brothers at the front lines should be anxious, let's go!"

"Wait a moment." As Brother Lah spoke, he brought the extraordinarily famous horse, the "narrow wing", to the side of the Martial Heart Butterfly and said solemnly, "This horse is the best amongst horses. From now on, it is yours."

"Huh?" Wu Xin Die suspected that it was just a dream and said happily: "Big brother, you're giving this horse to me?"

"Sect Master, I'm afraid this isn't appropriate, right?" The Dragonbird suddenly spoke out to stop him.

"What, what's wrong with that?"

"Sect Leader, although this' narrow wing 'belongs to you, it is usually ridden by Zhang Taiqing. As you can see, Zhang Taiqing really liked this horse, but he didn't have the nerve to ask for it. If you give this horse to this guy, will Zhang Taiqing be unhappy? "

"Hehe, you're overthinking it. Zhang Taiqing is my disciple, and is the closest person to me. There are many horses in the gang, which one does he want to ride, so why must he ride this one? " Brother La did not mind at all and turned to face Wu Xin Die, "You asked me those two questions, and I thank you very much. The fact that you can ask me questions shows that you think highly of me. If you want to join the Hall of Convergence, that means you think highly of it. I'll use my identity as the Sect Master of the Ju Yi Hall, and with this horse, I'll thank you for your appreciation to the Ju Yi Hall! Hmm, Brother Long, how much money do you have with you? "

"Sect Leader, I have two thousand four hundred gold on me!"

"Mm, take it out and give it to this friend of yours."

"Sect Master, you mean …"

"I mean nothing else. I've gone from low to now, and I know the difficulties of beginners. At his level, if you don't have the money, it'll be hard for you to become a hero! " Brother Li said while taking the package from the sparrow. He then put it on the back of the 'narrow wing' beside Wu Xin Die and patted it on the shoulder. "We should go!"

"Big brother, wait a little longer!" Wu Xin Die stopped him, "I still have one last question to ask you …"

"Bro, don't you have too many questions? We have to go to the battlefield to fight with our lives on the line. The war is extremely urgent, so how can my Sect Master have the time to answer your questions one after another? " He felt that Wu Xin Die had been dragged out by the Sect Leader.

However, Brother Lah wasn't impatient, and warmly said, "If you have any questions, then ask it."

"Big Bro, I would like to ask if I should level up or earn some money first. How can I quickly level up? How can I make a lot of money? I don't want to rely on others. I want to level up on my own and earn money on my own. "

"Bro, you have three questions," said the Dragonbird with a frown.

"Based on the current situation of the martial arts world, it is very difficult for you to level up."

Brother Lab's tone was decisive as he said, "As long as the Human Slaughter Sect does not disperse, it will be very difficult to level up the Jieyi Hall. In the martial arts world, it will be very difficult for everyone other than the Human Slaughter Sect to level up, including you! Well, you learn to make money first. "In the martial arts world, there are many skills that can be used to earn money. Talisman crafting, mining, logging, skinning, cooking, herb picking, silk drawing, and seed harvesting, these skills can all be used to earn money."

"Oh." Wu Xin Die nodded. He was curious in his heart, why did he say that it would be difficult for him to level up until the Human Slaughter Sect disbanded? Could they stop everyone from levelling up? However, seeing that the sparrow was impatient, it stopped asking this secondary question and asked the main topic, "Big brother, which of these earning skills are easy to learn and also how to earn more?"

"You should just learn how to draw silk."

"Stripping? What was the Silk Draw skill used for? Was it very profitable? "To what extent can you earn money, and how much can you earn?"

"Hehe, I really don't have the time to answer you. You go to Xiangyang. There's a woman named Qiao in the city. She specializes in teaching people how to draw silk. You can learn the function of the Drawing Silk Skill through her. "

Seeing that Wu Xin Die always focused on making money and felt that things were different, he didn't want to explain too much. He made a gesture to the Longsong Sparrow, and the two of them galloped away, one with a painful whip, the other with a "Ripple Tiny Steps".

"As expected of the leaders of the Jieyi Hall, look up to them!"

When Wu Xin Die saw Brother Luan leaving, she was at a loss. He originally wanted to get some good stuff, but now that he got so many things, he didn't feel good about it at all. On the contrary, he felt ashamed of himself, "Compared to this big brother here, he's like an upright pillar, and I'm like a bent feather! "Hmm, I don't need to level, I need to learn the skill to earn money. Once I'm strong and powerful, he'll definitely accept me into his guild!"

Wu Xin Die rode on the "narrow wing" and first went to Xuan Ku to learn all of the Martial Arts of the Martial Ancestor Realm. She felt that she was too awesome and felt that she owed this brother a great favor. But he couldn't think of any way to express his gratitude. He was only Level 57, so even if he risked his life, he wouldn't be able to do anything to help.

"Do you want to write a seven word poem or a five word poem? Or is it a book of ten thousand words? "

"Mm, seven final words." Wu Xindie felt that the Five Words Law and Poems Law were too few in number and too many in the ten thousand words book. Only the Seven Words Heaven's End was suitable for conciseness.

"Alright. Seven sentences one word five gold, four sentences 140 gold, eight sentences 280 gold! "

"Faint, does poetry need a fee?" Wu Xin Die was speechless, Murong Ba Dou's 5 gold was not cheap.

"I shouldn't have accepted it, but I'm in urgent need of money and a video of Liu Wenling. Besides, composing poems hurts the brain, so it's a good idea to collect some gold. However, I can give you one free of charge! " When no one was appreciating his poems, he filled them in in batch after batch. When someone was appreciating them, he shamelessly asked for a price.

"Okay, I'll pay 140 gold for four good poems, but don't write them too esoteric!"

After a while, there were two poems by Murong Bajie published in the "Jianghu Express". The poem was titled "Hero's Praise", but both were signed by the name of the martial heart butterfly:

Lao-ge heroic world peerless, thousands of years of chivalrous history should flow Fang. He was generous to the Young Master, and he felt embarrassed to have a taste of benevolence and righteousness.

Hero's true colors like a ripple, deep feelings of gratitude and more. He swallowed the north and the south in anger, and he turned the tides with all his might. It refers to giving each other timely rain, quick hand to get rid of evil and do not say. Long for the heroic roar, life can be a brother.

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