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Wu Xin Die saw Murong Bajie's two poems in the "Jianghu Express" and repeatedly savored them. Although there were still a few lines that did not fully comprehend their meaning, she still understood and admired the last line of the second poem, "To grow a great man and roar, to live to become a great brother". These words were very bold, and his admiration for Brother La was like a piece of paper. This 140 gold was worth it!

Wu Xin Die caressed the BMW at her crotch, muttering in her heart, Liu Wen Ling sold her looks to earn money, so she got money surprisingly quickly. Murong Bajie made money by writing poems and poems. His money was also rolling up. Only he didn't have any good projects to make money. Thinking of the silk drawing skill that Brother Luan mentioned, he decided to test it out. He immediately rode his horse and whipped it around, rushing to Xiangyang in high spirits.

Lady Qiao from the south of Xiangyang City was specifically responsible for teaching drawing techniques. When Wu Xin Die arrived at Xiangyang and found Grandma Qiao, she discovered that it was cold and cheerless beside her. There was only a woman with an extraordinary temperament standing by her side.

The lady had a petite figure and wore exquisite white clothes. She wore a veil on her face, making her look even more mysterious. Beside him was a small white horse with a zither on its back. The zither was wrapped in a thin layer of white gauze and emitted a faint golden light.

Wu Xin Die slowly spurred her horse forward and approached the lady. She found a book in her hands, with the words "Nong Sang Ji" written on it.

The temperament woman was currently studying the《 Nong Sang Ji》. When she saw that Wu Xin Die was sitting on the left and right side of her, she hated him for disturbing her. She closed the book and asked, "Are you here to learn how to draw silk?"

"That's right, that's right!" Wu Xin Die replied with a laugh and asked, "Beautiful girl, what are you trying to do by pulling the silk? What can you create by learning how to draw silk? "

The lady did not answer and instead stared at the Martial Heart Butterfly's divine horse, the narrow wing. After staring for a while, she asked, "This horse of yours is very good, it is one of the best horses. Are you selling it? "

"Hmm?" Wu Xin Die's heart skipped a beat and she smiled, "You want to buy it? How much can you pay? "

"If you want to sell it, then name a price." The lady had an indifferent expression.

Wu Xin Die thought to herself: "I wonder how much this horse is actually worth. It would be good if I raised the price a little. If I were to drive it small, changing it would not be the case." "You are the buyer. Name your price."

"Twenty thousand gold." This woman had an extremely magnanimous disposition. She did not hesitate at all.

"Twenty thousand?" Wu Xin Die was shocked. She had thought that this BMW would be worth at most ten thousand gold, but she never expected it to be worth twenty thousand gold. It was truly not a small price!

"Do you sell it?" The lady with a gentle temperament acted as if she had expected this, and said lightly, "The price that I offered is very worthy of your horse. If you sell it for twenty thousand gold, you can buy other horses for three to five thousand gold, like Soaring Mist, Soaring Clouds, and Superlight.

"Yes." "However, your price …" Wu Xin Die wanted to raise the price again, but her heart skipped a beat, "Brother Lah just gave me this horse, if I sell it in the blink of an eye, then I will show him how disrespectful I am!" "Yeah, I'm not in a rush to use money right now, so I'll first keep this BMW. When I want to sell it in the future, I can sell it for an even higher price."

"Beauty, I'm not selling this horse."

"Yes." The lady was slightly surprised, but she did not force herself. His eyes swept over the "narrow wing" again, and then he unfolded "Nong Sang Ji" and began to study it seriously.

"Beauty, you're wearing a veil, why can't I check your identity? May I have your name please? " Wu Xin Die was confused as she could not see her level and equipment, nor did she know who she was.

"I'm wearing a veil to hide my identity. Of course you don't know who I am. You don't need to know. " The lady with the disposition was neither warm nor cold to Wu Xin Die's question about her good intentions. As he spoke, his eyes never left the book.

"Hur hur." Wu Xin Die laughed dryly, "Oh right, beautiful woman, what's the use of learning to draw silk?"

"I've learnt it well, I can make armor and clothes." The lady didn't even raise her head as she smiled and said, "If you want to learn drawing silk, you have to be smart. You stupid person, no matter what you don't know, you won't be able to learn it."

"Is that so?" Wu Xin Die obviously did not think of herself as a smart person after hearing her words, so she said proudly: "I'm very smart, I'm a smart person!"

"Hur hur. When I say smart, I don't mean crafty and cunning, but rather clever. "

As the lady spoke, she flipped open a book. In order to get him out of here as soon as possible and leave himself in peace, he instructed, "If you want to make money, you can learn to cook and make tofu. After tofu is made using special techniques, if you eat it, you will be able to enhance your cultivation technique for a certain period of time. Many experts would buy tofu to eat it. "

"Is that so?"

Wu Xin Die was getting angrier and angrier as she thought about who the f * ck would make her into tofu when she came to this martial arts world to do big things! Thinking of the suspicion that she despised herself for being unwise, he said in a deep voice, "Do you think my mind isn't sharp enough? What kind of person can be considered smart? "

"If you think you're clever enough, I'll give you a crossword puzzle. Would you like to guess? "

"A crossword puzzle?" Wu Xin Die was startled, and immediately replied boldly: "No problem! As long as it's a character that I recognize, I can definitely guess it! "

"Hur hur." The temperamental woman smiled disapprovingly, "It's a Chinese character, with a stroke of eleven. It's neither horizontal nor vertical." You must know that word. "

"Eleven paintings, horizontal and vertical?"

"Yes. "For the eleventh painting, there is no erasure, no erasure."

"It's a common word?"

"It's a common word."

Wu Xin Die thought for a while, and felt that this kind of puzzle was impossible to guess. She smiled, "Can you give me a hint?"

"Sure." The lady with a gentle temperament pondered for a moment and then said softly, "I am only reminding you three words. It's boring."

"No taste?" Wu Xin Die was confused. What is this? After thinking hard for a while, he was still confused, so he said casually, "I don't know what it is. Tell me, what is it?"

"If you are unable to guess at the moment, you can calm down and slowly guess. If you feel like you'll never be able to guess it, then just say you'll never be able to. " The temperament of the woman was meticulous and revised in a more serious manner.

"I'll never guess!"

"Hur hur." The lady smiled and said seriously, "This word can make a fortune. If you can guess at this word, then you are a rich man. This word is' light ', so it doesn't feel good. "

"Light?" Wu Xin Die tried to verify it in her heart, and suddenly came to realize that it was indeed this "light" that didn't have much of a taste of worry! Embarrassed, he smiled and said, "I didn't guess it. My mind isn't sharp enough. But, why is it that saying this word can make money? "

"You still don't understand?" The lady with the disposition was surprised by Wu Xin Die's question, she felt that he was too stupid, so she asked, "Do you think the taste of tofu is light?"

"The taste of tofu is light!"

"Are there many people eating tofu?"

"There are a lot of people eating tofu!"

"Can tofu make money?"

"Tofu can make money!"

"Then how do you make money from tofu?"

"Then how do you make money from tofu?" Wu Xin Die was about to faint from her coaxing.

"Sigh …" The temperament woman let out a faint sigh. She was speechless towards Wu Xin Die's dullness as she pointed and said, "Tofu is the most magical food. The tofu business will not lose anything." Think about it, what is it when tofu is made to be hard? "

"If the tofu is hard, then it's like tofu being dried!" Wu Xin Die gave off a majestic aura.

"What is it when the tofu is made thin?"

"Tofu is made of tofu!"

"Has the tofu become thinner?"

"Tofu is made into thin skin of tofu!"

"The tofu is gone?"

"If the tofu is gone, then it's soy milk!"

"Tofu can't be sold for much longer?"

"Tofu can't be sold! Stinky is smelly tofu!"

"That's right, you're pretty smart!" The temperament woman smiled approvingly and asked, "Then, are you willing to make tofu?"

"I don't want to make tofu!" Wu Xin Die was extremely depressed.

"Why are you so stubborn?" The temperament woman seemed to have no idea that she would go this far, "Let me tell you, tofu is the purest, especially tofu's close relative, soy milk. "Why aren't you willing to make tofu and support soy milk?"

"Because tofu is too pure, you can't get rich in a pure industry! Have you ever seen a person who can make tofu and become rich? If you can get rich, why don't you make tofu? " Wu Xindie was a bit angry. She thought that this girl was just teasing her. She could have explained it in a few words, but she wasted her feelings and emotions. Wasn't that just tofu? It sounded as if there was an infinite Zen machine inside the tofu!

"You really don't want to make tofu?" The temperament woman seemed to have a deep love for pure tofu.

"Of course I'm not willing to be tofu!" Wu Xin Die's expression changed. She wanted to become a dignified Martial Lord. If she were to turn her body and become tofu, then Sun Wukong would have to be her groom. Her cold eyes stared at the temperament woman, and she thought with hatred in her heart, "What the hell, who the hell is this idiot!? "I will wait until Grandpa Wu is awesome, then Grandpa Wu will torture you to death."

"Beauty, what's your name? I want to know you and be friends? " Wu Xin Die tried to ask about her "Wan'er"

"Hur hur, you have ill intentions." The temperament woman closed the book and covered her mouth as she laughed, "I had good intentions to point you in the direction of earning money, but you actually thought that I was making fun of you and holding a grudge against me. If I tell you my name, if you become strong in the future, you will most likely take revenge on me. So, I can't tell my name to someone who might be my enemy in the future. "

"Ha!" Haha … "I'm a good person, I'm not as bad as you make me out to be." Wu Xin Die laughed dryly as she tried her best to conceal the astonishment in her heart. She thought to herself, "How could she be so smart to know what I am thinking?"

The temperament woman saw that he was both happy and angry. She had a strange expression on her face. She didn't say anything more and just opened the book and continued to read.

"You!?" "Using me as a monkey and wasting my precious time!" Wu Xin Die's heart was filled with grief and indignation, and she regretted coming here. If he thought about this drawing technique, which was something that only a trash like her could learn, then Martial Lord wouldn't even bother to learn it. Now that he thought about it, the mission was still the most important. Since Taoist Purple Crane had a mission at Wu Dang Mountain, he might as well go to Wu Dang to receive one. Perhaps there would be more good things waiting for him!

Wu Xin Die had made up her mind. She didn't bother to speak to the temperament woman after she said goodbye and rushed straight to Wu Dang Mountain.

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