Only If You Know/C1 Chapter 1
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Only If You Know/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

Olivia stood dead on her feet. Her entire world has been ripped away from her. She is aware that she should be relieved that she will no longer be tortured, but why is she unable to do so? Is it true that physical pain is more tolerable than mental pain?

She has been hurt; both in physical and mental ways. It was not difficult to conclude that she is at present mentally unstable. This very thought made her laugh in her mind.

When has she ever been stable to begin with?

She has been suffering from the past two for almost three years. As a result, her life is already a living hell, and the incident that occurred today was just icing on the cake.

She can’t say that what she is feeling today is anything new. She had already experienced these feelings three years ago. And it has only gotten worse over time if that was even possible.

She isn’t sure whether she should be happy or sad.

Finally, she would be able to leave this place for good. The place which has given her a lot of bad and torturous memories. But where will she go next? Where will she live now?

Oh, yes! She has to go and live with her godparents.

Olivia wants nothing more than to leave this place. She wishes to be free from this world. To flee her demons, which have been haunting her for several years. But she has to stay strong. Not for her, not for anyone but HIM. The only reason for her to live. The only person who gives her a sense of life.

Where on one side Olivia life was taking an unexpected turn on other side Caleb was unable to believe what he was hearing.

Seriously, it’s atrocious!

The whole situation is a total disaster. Instead of spending his entire vacation in Hawaii with his family, they were forced to cut their trip short and fly back home. Even though there was only one week left, he was still having a good time there. But his parents did not consider this. Instead of having the time of their lives, they want to help a lost cause.

Okay!! He may have had more fun than he should have, and he didn’t mind returning home, but the main reason for their early departure from their vacation spot soured his mood.

When his mother called him to his suit, he was having fun at the beach- soaking the sun, relaxing and healthy flirting with girls. That’s when he learned that they needed to fly back to the place, which was only a few hours away from their home. He wasn’t told the specifics, just that they would have a new member added to their family because she had nowhere to go.

They revealed nothing else. When he asked, his father replied, “This is not our place to tell.”


He is their son. He has every right to know about the mysterious girl who is going to stay with them. But, for them, loyalty to their godchild and best friends are far more important than loyalty to their own blood son.

One thing he is certain of is that this girl is a carbon copy of his elder brother. He can say that confidently because, as he was leaving his room, he overheard his mother and father whispering to each other. That allowed him to conclude that this girl is nothing more than a mirror image of his so-called brother.

Caleb isn't usually this cruel. He is confident that if that mysterious girl stays with them, there is a severe reason for it. However, based on what he has heard or instead gathered through eavesdropping, she may be the same as his brother.

That is his key problem.

However, Olivia was facing her own issue as she sat in the corner of her house, waiting for the next instruction. Some cops were inspecting every inch of her home, and the chief officer was speaking with her godmother and godfather.

After what happened yesterday, she has no choice but to stay with them from now on. She can't live on her own because she's still seventeen years old, and because of her unstable condition, they have advised her to stay with her godparents. She didn't have much choice.

Where Olivia was waiting patiently, her godparents carefully approached her and engulfed her in a warm hug.

“Don't worry, sweetie; we will take good care of you.” Eliana, her godmother, said.

“Yes, Honey, you are our responsibility now, and things will get easier to deal with each passing day,” William said humbly to Olivia.

They finally left after a few more agonizing hours. Olivia's ride was not as long as she had anticipated, and she was soon at her new home.

She is very familiar with the area in which she will be living. How can she possibly forget this place? After all, it holds so many memories of her life. The place where all of her happiness came to an end. This location marked the beginning of her misery.

But this is the only place where she truly belongs.

Her home.


It would be an understatement to say her new family is wealthy. They are completely loaded. It is more than just a house. It's a big damn castle.

“Come on, Livy. Let's get started in your new house,” Eliana said cheerfully.

Her eyes widened as she spoke. ‘Livy,’ she hasn’t heard this word in four years. This word resurrected emotions she didn’t want to feel and didn’t deserve to feel again. It was buried deep within her. But she couldn’t bring herself to correct them. It hurts too much, but at the same time, it feels good to hear this word again.


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She will not say that this is the beginning of her new journey because she can never start over. But this is a continuation of her old life.

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