Only If You Know/C2 Chapter 2
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Only If You Know/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

The interior of the house is just as lovely as the exterior. The house is massive, with two floors. The interiors are well-designed. Olivia would have paid more attention to the interiors if she had been in better shape. But she was too preoccupied with the various thoughts racing through her mind, so she couldn’t comprehend much in front of her.

Yes, she was awestruck here and there, but a flashback to her past life would send her back into depression mode.

“This is Caleb, my son, Livy.” When Eliana spoke, she was jolted back into the present. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice him standing right in front of her.

Caleb, Eliana’s son, was just standing there looking at her. She felt small and insecure as he studied her intently as if she were some kind of research project. Eliana had already told her in the car that her son is the same age as hers and that she would be attending the same school as him.

He is one of the most attractive men Olivia has ever seen. He is much taller than she is. Where she is 5’4, he is 5’9. He was dressed in blue jeans and a red shirt, revealing his well-toned body. He has the most brilliant blue eyes she has ever seen.

But, for the time being, Olivia could only see the disappointment in his glassy eyes. She could easily tell that he didn’t accept her here. Well, as usual, she is not heartily welcomed into this family.

‘Wow!!!’ So this is the new mystery girl who will be living in his house from now on. She’s adorable. He was astounded by how much more beautiful she was than he had expected. He couldn’t, however, give her the benefit of the doubt.’

When Caleb first saw her, these were the first thoughts that came to mind. But he could tell she was high just by looking at her. Her eyes appeared puffy and heavy. Dark black circles surrounded it. Nonetheless, he thought she was absolutely beautiful. He must have gone insane.

Why are people compelled to use drugs?

There are numerous other ways to be content. But no, they must use drugs.

Caleb hates dopers.

He walked away without looking back after his mother introduced him to her. Caleb was aware that his mother expected him to show her around and interact with her, but he refused to even look at her. She disgusts him. He knows he is being impolite, but anyone who is a drug addict sickens him.

Caleb left without properly acknowledging Olivia after the introduction. His eyes were filled with hatred and disgust, and she could see it in hers. Well!! It’s not anything new to her. Surely, if it were any other girl, she would have been hurt, but not her. But, of course, if it had been any other girl, she would not have been treated this way in the first place.

As a result, when Caleb left, Eliana apologized profusely on his behalf to her for his behaviour. The excuse given was the same as any other person would have given.

‘He is not usually like this; he will come around once he gets to know you better.'


She can confidently state that he will not be friendly to her any time soon.

Soon after, Eliana showed Olivia her room.

The room was larger than the room in her previous residence. The queen-size bed was in the centre of the room. A large LED TV has been installed across from the bed. The window was on the left side of the bed, and her new wardrobe was on the right.

There was a dressing table next to the wardrobe. Her new room’s walls were a sky-blue color. Olivia, unlike the other girls, prefers the color blue. For some reason, it always makes her feel calm. White may be the color of peace for everyone, but blue is the color of peace for her. She enjoys sitting on the sand and gazing out at the sea’s aqua blue water. It makes her feel better.

“It is not much, but I hope you enjoy it,” Eliana said.

“It is perfect. Thank you so much.” Olivia told her with sincerity. She owes everything to this family.

Eliana then left her to unpack her belongings. Olivia afterwards went for a quick shower. Even her tears were flowing freely from her eyes as the water flowed from her body. The reality was beginning to sink in.

It was already nine o’clock after a long bath. She was in desperate need of a nap right now. One may not have been aware, but she was high today. She does not use drugs. She actually hates people who are addicted to them, but what could she do? After seeing her parents’ bodies lying lifeless on the floor from a drug overdose, which was the only way, she could think of ending her life. She considered taking the death pills and ending her life so she could be with them. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop the heartbeat.

But not right now. It’s all over now. She is finished with that life. She is also done with herself for good. It is time for her to embark on a new journey with a new self, one in which no one can ever hurt her or even remotely make her feel things she doesn’t want or deserve to feel.

Olivia Brown is no longer visible to the rest of the world. She half died three years ago, and now that her parents are no longer alive. She is completely gone, with no trace of herself left.

With that, she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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