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C11 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 11


11 ◆ Oracle


It was two years ago.

The Kingdom of Philianis is one of the largest elf monoethnic countries-although it is a small country with a population of less than 20,000, comparable to a city-state.

One oracle was given to the royal family of such a small country by the Earth Mother Goddess.

After the year of the dragon, the sealed "chaos" has awakened. The darkness of the wrath will cover the world, and all living things will be swallowed.

Look for a "successor to the brave". That person, the one who has the "eye of God".

You should send "Miko, the shrine maiden of light". That person illuminates the dark night and leads to "chaos".

Year of the dragon-two years after the time of the oracle. Although the detailed date after that is unknown, it is announced that the sealed "chaos" will awaken. If that happens, the world will perish.

The dissemination of oracles can cause confusion in the world. There was also a danger of being attacked by neighboring countries if the rumor confused people.

The royal family who thought so secretly started the investigation.

Information was collected from all over the world to identify who is the "successor to the brave" in the oracle.

And then, we reach one person.

The eldest daughter of the Bademion family, a prestigious kingdom of the Granderia.

Marianne Verdemion.

She was just in the year of the oracle, and was given the extremely rare unique skill "Tenno" in the "Blessing Ceremony".

The skill that the hero was supposed to have is said to identify the essence of everything.

Six months after the skill transfer, she succeeds in defeating the dragon species alone, albeit a medium-sized one. He was praised as "a person who inherits the will of a brave man" because he has "heavenly eyes".

The title is very similar to the oracle, and if "God's eye" means "heavenly eye".

Great expectations are brought to the Kingdom of Philianis.

And it was decided that "Hikari no Miko" would be dispatched to her.

"Light shrine maiden" -This was known at the time of the oracle.

The symbol of the Philianis royal family is "light". Among the royal family who are said to have the power to communicate with the Earth Mother Goddess, the active queen was the "priestess", and the priestess was called the "priestess".

There is only one queen's son. Sylfina Est Philianis.

In particular, she had an anecdote that she had a conversation with the Earth Mother Goddess from three times, even though she had not been given or received her unique skills.

A group of elves stands out when travelling through a human race nation.

Therefore, with a small number of escorts and one rank B appraiser, Silfina's journey began.

The name is "Pilgrimage trip to the land of the Mother Goddess".

However, after the information that he entered the Holy Kingdom, the news of the princess and his party disappeared.

No one knows the truth now. The boy who got the "God's eye" hasn't read it yet.

The princesses were resting for a while near a small town in the Holy Kingdom.

An appraiser goes to the town and goes out to buy daily necessities.

However, he did not come back.

Instead, a mild-mannered priest visited the princesses.

Is it unlucky or God's guidance?

The man who deceived this priest was the great thief Hegel Ois.

Hegel was suspicious of an elf traveller looking for something in the store and used wax to invite him to the back of the church.

The person was found to be an appraiser, caught, tortured, and thoroughly sought out information.

When he contacted the princess and his party, he made full use of his unique skill "fraud" to trust him, poisoned his diet, and killed all but the princess. The princess is given a magical elixir to erase her memory and take her away as an orphan.

The elf country will come in search of the princess. At that time, I was going to charge a huge amount of money for the protection.

Even if that didn't come true, it would sell at a high price because it was robbing the proof that the captured daughter was a princess.

It was such a hunger.

However, his plan was not fulfilled.

This is because he lost his life to a boy with a "god's eye" in a revenge.

After losing contact with the princesses, the kingdom secretly dispatches search teams around the world.

However, it was a disaster that the princess and the party were secretly acting, and the search was also conducted in secret, so the whereabouts were unknown.

And about a year after the disappearance of the princess.

Liserotte Kiwell, who belonged to the Royal Guard of the Philianis and was in charge of searching for the princess, was trembling with joy and excitement. I was so happy that my tears bleed my vision.

Finally, I finally found Princess Silfina.

How longed and dreamed this time was.

When I was hitting a big inn by hand with Musashi, I found a boy and a girl running in the alley. The girl held by the boy had her hood turned over, revealing her lovely appearance and sharp ears.

At a glance, I knew it was Princess Silfina.

It is not unreasonable to receive a shock like being struck by lightning.

"Silfina-sama ..."

My angel, goddess of charity, little Virgin.

For Liza, Sylfina was more than the Lord's god for her vassals-more than the Earth Mother Goddess for her followers, and more precious than faith.

A long time ago when Liza was still an apprentice.

Around the time when magical control did not remain and people continued to be ridiculed.

An angel from the Earth Mother Goddess has appeared.

That person was Princess Silfina.

The little girl who was still lacking in tongue took the trouble to give advice from the Earth Mother Goddess for her fallen self.

It was thanks to her that she joined the guards and was regarded as the next captain.

There are many other favorite elements such as "cute" and "gentle", but it was a big benefit.


While being impressed, a red-haired knight in red armor passed by. Apparently they are chasing Silfinas. And from the back, Musashi is secretly following.

Well, if you think that the knight who found the criminal of "Father Killing" is chasing, and that knight is probably Musashi's soulmate, it is a convincing composition.

The purpose of Liza is to rescue the princess.

Immediately pull it off from the boy, hug him and suppress the urge to bring it home with bloody tears, climb the roof of the house overlooking the central square of the city to follow the red-haired knight and Musashi, far away I was going to support from.

However, it is.

"Why are they fighting?"

When Musashi attacked the boy, a red-haired knight broke in to protect the boy and entered the battle with Musashi.

Why are the two who also hunted down the criminal? By the time Musashi appeared, the knight and the boy had a conversation, but what kind of exchange was there?

I don't understand anymore.

"Yeah, but wait"

That red-haired knight has a "heavenly eye" -it's definitely Marianne Verdemion.

She is praised as "a person who inherits the will of a brave man", and at the same time, she is also called a saint who is full of charity and has a great personality.

Even if there are some beautifications, it may be that they are trying to protect non-resisting criminals.

When it comes to that, the problem is Musashi.

He was hungry for a fight with the "heavenly eye" possession and was longing for it.

Maybe the tension was too high to see the surroundings.

If so, if you don't stop him, it will be troublesome.

It's painful to disturb the serious game he wanted, but ... when he held the magic gun.


A mysterious situation will occur again.

In response to Musashi's rush, the boy of "Father Killing" came to help Marianne.

"What do you mean ...?"

I was surprised at the high fighting ability to break into the battle between the two, but I can't read his intention.

Do you feel the gratitude for being protected first? Is there a thug who kills a priest and kidnaps a girl? impossible.

"No way, they never became friends, right?"

If that wasn't possible, trying to laugh away.

"Now !?"

Marianne struck a sword that was blown into the air at a boy. Obviously, it's an attempt to give him a weapon. In fact, the boy is reaching for the oncoming sword.

"After all, they became friends!"

Pass magical power through a magic gun. Since it could be destroyed if shot through, the power was suppressed and the magic bullet was accurately hit at the bottom of the handle. As planned, the sword goes to Musashi.

"That? But why are you, friends?"

I inadvertently helped Musashi, but couldn't I think of another possibility?

Liza observes the boy of "Father Killing" again.

It looks normal. A boy who seems to be there. It does not appear to kill the priest and kidnap the girl for no reason.

However, he has the skill to play Musashi's sword. I couldn't judge by appearance.

But maybe he was a victim involved in some kind of incident? For example, the priest was the villain who kidnapped Silfina, and the boy was forced to murder the priest and help the princess to escape.

If so, it is thought that Marianne, who knew the situation, would help the boy, and Musashi was probably such a guy.

"It's dangerous."

Moreover, if you think about it, Sylfine and Marianne are in the same place right now.

The most promising candidate for "Hikari no Miko" and "Successor to the Hero".

Wasn't the departure a year ago to bring the two together?

If so, what should we do now?

"I have to stop early"

End the battle.

On top of that, I'm dying to know the situation myself, so let's talk.

Musashi wanted to fight Marianne, but that was another opportunity.

Thinking so, I tried to jump out. However, my body becomes stiff. I was in such a surprising situation.

"Lie ..."

Musashi was killed.

After crushing each other's weapons and becoming a manual empty fist, it was a one-sided development. The boy hit his fist repeatedly, and Musashi was finally blown away.

we have a winner.

However, the boy chases Musashi.

Musashi's arm is bent in an impossible direction even at a distance, and it is impossible to continue the battle.

The merciless pursuit of such an opponent-is it going to be stopped?

"He's a bad guy, after all."

However, do not kill. The power was a little restrained, and he shot a magic bullet.

As a result, the boy was hit by a magic bullet as intended.

Liza is confused again by the subsequent development.

Marianne began to rampage as if she had lost her reason.

Sylphina is as dangerous as it is. If there is something in her body, I will be--.

Liza jumped out.

Drive in the sky using the limited skill "Kaze no Sei no Ki".

And finally, the really long-awaited moment has arrived.

"Silphina, I've picked you up."

I can't stop my voice from trembling.

Silfina turned her clean and round eyes toward Liza as before.

"Who are you ...? Why do you know my name?"


Silfina is not the one who makes bad jokes. Then this situation is ...


"Well, yes ... Are you my acquaintance?"

It is not the case when you are amazed. After all, behind me is the roaring voice of the beast and the whirlpool of annoying screams.

"Let's leave this place for the time being

U. Click here for Silfina "

"But ..."

Silfina cares about the back of Liza.

Turning around, Marianne, who lost her reason, was attacking the boy. The boy is inevitably hesitant to attack.

I met the boy.

Involuntarily hold the gun. I still can't tell if he's on my side.


"Sylphy! Go with that person!"


The surprised voice is that of Liza.

"That person is on your side! So follow me with confidence!"

"But, Mel-Kun ...?"

"It's okay. I'll definitely chase after you. You can't leave this situation alone, right?"

"...all right"

Silfina pulls on Liza's sleeve. "Let's go," he said with his eyes.

why? why? Liza is confused again.

Why did you conclude that you were a "friend" at a glance when you suddenly appeared? Do you suspect that you were the one who disturbed you with the magic bullet? Because it's the same elf tribe? Such a thing cannot be a basis to conclude.

A passage of the oracle grazes my mind.

――The person who has the "God's eye".

"No way ..."

There was only a slight chance that Liza's consciousness turned inward.

"Run away!" The boy shouts.

"Aaaaaaaaaa--!" Marianne rushed.

Immediately pointed the magic gun and shot as much as possible. However, all of that is crushed with a big sword.

"Ah ..."

be killed. It will be killed as it is. At least Sylphine alone. At that time, I tried to blow a small body.

An explosion occurred on the back of Marianne. There is little damage, but Marianne looks back and screams and sprints.

It was a momentary event, but Liza did see it.

The attack on Marianne is the same magic bullet as her own. That boy released it. But he doesn't have a magic gun.

Wasn't he a swordsman enough to overthrow Musashi in the first place?

A mysterious boy runs. While attracting Marianne, I went to Oiwa, which was placed on the plaza.


Silence dominated the place.

The hustle and bustle up to that point was a lie, and everyone and even Marianne, who had lost her reason, stood there and broke down.

The unbelievable sight caught everyone's eyes.

Approximately 300 years have passed since the hero died.

Many warriors challenged and many thieves tried to take it away, but it didn't come true.

A simple sword that does not fade even after being exposed to the elements and has no skillful design is now.

――It was pulled out.

By a boy who was given the "God's Eye" that seems to be everywhere, but no one can have.

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