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C12 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 12


12 ◆ The brave sword won't come off !?


Is this a punishment given by the Earth Mother Goddess? Or a trial?

I just inadvertently kissed.

Or because a cat-like girl fluttered her cheeks.

Marianne, who looks like a manifestation of the Earth Mother Goddess,

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh-- !!"

The maiden is screaming badly!

Anyway, I have to do something about it. The first thing to do is--.

"Clara, you're hiding in the crowd!"

Marianne's aim is Clara. Swing a big sword and rush to Clara.

"Hi !? Why am I !? I'm scared!"

Clara, run away.


I kicked the belly of the big sword to save Clara and at the same time draw attention.

Clara quickly rushes into the crowd.

Marianne was chasing her with her eyes, but as I got in the way further, the target changed to "a person who intends to attack".

In other words, it's me.

Fortunately, Marianne's actions can be read even when she loses her reason. But that's it.

To be clear, the current situation is insanely bad.

My "appraisal" skill reads and steals the opponent's "normal state".

Skills and other things have not been activated. In other words, it is her original state that "madness" has not been activated.

And if the "madness" skill is rank E, you cannot activate it yourself. Even if I could activate it, I couldn't stop it myself, and above all, what would happen if I lost my reason.

And unfortunately, reading and stealing Marianne's abilities was pretty close. I mean,

"'Tenno' is really disturbing!"

I can read the next action written in the opponent's [Status] item in "Appraisal".

It's just textual information, but if it jumps into your eyes as a chunk of information, I can instantly understand it and decide what to do next.

Therefore, I can actually read the behaviour of the other party and move me before the other party moves.

On the other hand, the behaviour prediction by "heavenly eye" is to estimate the future by comprehensively judging the movement of the other person's eyes, how to move muscles, and other various situations.

Somehow, it feels like something inspiring.

So, of course, this is while the other party is moving ...

In other words, immediately after I decided the next action by "appraisal" and started to move, it came to me.

When moving to the right, even if someone said "Let's go to the right", it's okay to do it! I have no choice but to hang out.

Because there is such a thing every time, the stress is Mach.

Moreover, this is an automatic activation type, so I can't stop it.


In order to avoid puncturing the stomach due to stress, I am currently reading and stealing the person with the highest fighting ability insight.

"You're trying to escape !?"

A demon person who was dexterously moving while pretending to have fainted. I think that if you take a little more distance, you will get up and dash with all your might.

I approached him with a dash so that I wouldn't miss it, caught the neck and pulled it up.

"Oh, I'll run away. I'll run away. That monster, I can't even be in perfect condition with four swords. It's pretty impossible. I'm losing my reason, so I can't take it to cheat. So don't miss it. Of course, I will return the favour eventually. If you remember. "

It's more refreshing. However, if this person is gone now, it will be very troublesome.

"You should run away too. Do you have a child with you? Can you be in danger?"

"That's ... I can't leave Marianne."

"Then what should I do? Would you like to kiss me again? The market price for awakening the princess is decided with the prince's kiss."

"What !? What are you saying stupid! Anyway, you should look quietly there, or I'll get you stuck."

"Before that, both of us may get stuck."

Happily turned to the side. Marianne attacked with a big sword in the upper row.

I rushed Musashi and used that power to retreat. A big sword is swung down in the space created by the two separatings.

A roaring sound like an explosion. The cobblestones are crushed and large and small debris attacks.

"Gubo!" This is not me. The other one.

I read the movement of the debris and fluttered all over, but Musashi couldn't use one arm, so the big debris hit my chest directly. Oh, my ribs are broken.

While feeling a little pity, he couldn't escape with this. Please roll quietly there.

However, the situation has just returned to normal, and I can't see the future at all.

No, it seems that she heard Musashi's advice, but I read deeply to see if she had any instructions on how to restore Marianne.

"Crazy" is cancelled by the kiss of "Mel Reilute" and regains sanity "

Name me! I'm happy, but I'm very honoured.

You see, that kind of thing is based on the consent of the person, but is it like agreeing because it is her own information?

I had an evil expanded interpretation.


Her companion has appeared. People in red armor and people who seem to be guards of this city are coming all the way.

"Don't attack. She will attack anyone who is willing to attack."

The uncle who seems to be the strongest, "Who are you?"

"Anyway, I will take care of this. Please evacuate the residents."

"Um, um. I asked."

Uncle-apparently named Gazuso-skips instructions to his subordinates.

The appraiser's grandfather hasn't come yet. I was walking slowly around the alley in the back of the three. But I'm sure it's heading here. I should go home because it's dangerous.

Well, I had to hurry.

If an appraiser came, my ability might be overwhelmed.

To avoid that danger ... I avoided Marianne's attack-sometimes while strengthening my intention to "pull", I glanced away.

A huge rock that is disproportionate to the artificial plaza. A sword stuck in it.

The hero's sword has a special effect called "Fairy Dazzle". "Hiding the performance of the sword itself" and "You can arbitrarily disguise the status of the owner". The latter can be used to hide my "appraisal" skill.

Besides, Marianne can't stop even if she keeps it as it is.

I avoid attacks, so I am doing my best. Sometimes I rush with the intention of attacking, but I don't hit.

To kiss, you have to get close enough to stick your faces together. No, whether or not you do it. As a matter of possibility.

Aside from that.

The brave sword is also useful for physically stopping her.

With the special effect of "Blessing the Fairy King", I would be invincible for 15 seconds. In the meantime, kiss ...

I shook my head and pushed my guilty feelings out.

The problem is how to pull out that sword.

The [state] of the sword states that "a status equal to or higher than that of the brave Earth Drago is required to break the seal".

There is no such a great person here!

But please wait a moment.

This is the land of the end of the brave man. In other words, the brave died here.

An adult thing that saved the world. The corpse has been mummified politely, and where is it displayed?

It has been proven that information can be read and stolen from a corpse. When I rushed into Rowe, I read and stole Hegel, actually. Because I can't handle the knife well.

Okay, let's unravel the history of this city where the hero's body is.

The corpse of the brave man Earth Drago was carried away by the fairy king to the fairyland.

What are you doing, Fairy King! There really are fairies. Well, I haven't even seen a monster in kind.

Returning to the beginning, I continued the evasive action at the last minute in my disappointment.

But I haven't given up yet.

I read deeply the woman who wields a big sword in front of me.

This person is real ...

Although it was not as good as Musashi, its ability is outstanding.

Not only that.

Now she is desperately resisting. He was "crazy" and lost his reason, but he was trying to suppress himself, saying "no one should be killed".

I think that noble courage has enough qualities of a brave man.

Then, I'm reading and stealing her, but I don't have enough status, but wouldn't it be recognized by the "Brave Sword"?

If it came out, of course Marianne would also come out.

It was painful because it seemed to be covered from the side.

It's painful, but--.

"Aaaaaaaaaa-- !!"

I couldn't see her conscience being drunk crazy.

If you don't do it early, not only her but also Sylphy and the people in the city will be damaged.

I noticed that there was a strange elf in front of her who was at the edge of the field of vision, probably because she was conscious of Sylphy. Before you know it?

Moreover, I turned something I got to me. I read her information half unconsciously.

"Sylphy! Go with that person!"

Person concerned! Isn't it a soldier from the elf country who came to search for Sylphy!

At this time, the person who had helped Musashi from a while ago was set aside. Even from the fact that I'm still suspicious of me, it seems that I'm misunderstanding.

"That person is on your side! So follow me with confidence!"

"But, Mel-kun ...?"

"It's okay. I'll definitely chase after you. You can't leave this situation alone, right?"

"...all right"

Okay, now one of my worries is gone.

Anyway, I had to try it, and I had a brave sword.

"Aaaaaaaaaa-- !!"

After I ran to Oiwa, I felt the roar go away.

Looking back, Marianne was attacking Sylphy-to be exact, an elf woman named Liserotte in front of her.

Clear, murderous.

Mr. Liserotte was pointing his weapon at me. Marianne responded to the attack intention.

Not in time. I can't reach it when I jump out. I need something that exceeds the speed of movement.

Read Mr. Lee Zerotte.

She is a witch.

However, with normal magic, the aim is uncertain, and the weapon I got-I have to pass magical power through a tubular object with only one exit, such as a "magic gun", and fire a magic bullet. It doesn't seem to be.

Cylinder ... Cylinder-shaped ... I wish I had a sword sheath, but I don't have it now. There is nothing in the first place.

If there is nothing ....

I hold the fist of my right hand. I relaxed a little bit and made a cavity like holding an air sword. This is not enough with both ends open. When I covered the bottom of my right hand with my left hand and closed it, I passed magical power through it.

And shoot a magic bullet!


It hurts insanely! Hands burn!

I knew it, though. I read that an explosion that would release a magic bullet would occur inside a tubular weapon. "Magic gun"

It has various magical techniques and is a fairly sturdy substitute.

But I did it live.

Maybe I couldn't bear it, so I had made some preparations in advance.

After aiming, read and steal Musashi's abilities, and at the moment of aiming, increase the defense power with "Genbu no Shell". So, I immediately read Liserotte's ability and stole it again and fired a magic bullet.

If the effect can be specified by time, it seems that the effect will remain even if you switch to another person.

The magic bullet hit Marianne's back directly. The power is suppressed, so there is no damage, let alone injury.

However, he turned his attention to this.

I jumped to Oiwa while attracting her.

Then, I grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it.

... I can't pull it out.

After all it was no good!

Damn, what should I do?

Marianne runs here.

At this time, it is unavoidable that my skill will be revealed to the appraiser. I just wanted to save her.

Somehow, I have to let the "Brave Sword" recognize me. The method is--.

Just ask the sword.

Deeper, deeper.

If you were reading the information as if you were going inside the sword.


My heart bounced a lot.

The illusion that time is slowly passing. Marianne is wielding a big sword, but it looks awfully slow.

It's still shallow.


If you follow the "memory" of "The Hero's Sword", the time will slow down further.

"Eh ...?"

A young man appeared in front of me.

A considerable handsome man wearing black clothes and a black cloak and holding a simple one-handed sword was floating in the void.

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