Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C13 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 13
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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C13 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 13
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C13 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 13


13 ◆ Successor to the brave


When I was holding the sword of a brave man and following the "memory", suddenly a handsome man in black appeared in front of me. Moreover, it is floating in the air.

Is this an illusion?

In a world where time was almost stopped, several scenes passed in front of me.

The man was just lonely.

Although it was a handsome guy who seemed to be approached by a girl just by walking, no one was approaching around. He himself keeps away.

There is only a swinging sword beside him.

The rest is a swarm of enemies spreading in front of you and a corpse spread behind you.

The man wields a sword.

While slaughtering a thousand monsters, he was looking at all the enemies.

Eventually, the man confronted a terrifying evil dragon that was stupid like a mountain. After a fierce battle for three days and three nights, the man finally defeats the evil dragon.

However, although the body was destroyed, the soul was not destroyed.

It was finally possible to seal it.

In exchange, the man receives a "curse". The darkness of "chaos" was poured into it, and it was given eternal pain.

The man was exhausted in a certain city. He stabbed Oiwa with a sword and entrusted it to someone who inherited his own will.

That was the half-life of a man floating in front of me.

"Can you bear this fate? 』\

The man said.

"If you can't stand it, leave here now. If you're lucky, the world will be preserved until you're ready for life. "

"Well, are you telling me?"

"Who else is there? 』\

Why can't you talk to the illusion !? Is it a soul or something like that?

"Well. I'm sure my soul, let alone my body, is gone. I'm here just a record. It's a distant memory carved into the sword because I've had it for many years. I can talk to you with my ego ... well, it should be a miracle of God. "

"Hah ..."

"Now, let's answer the question. Can you endure the same fate as the unlucky man you saw earlier? 』\

"That's impossible"

"Is it an immediate answer? Clean. Then, as advised earlier, you should leave this place immediately. "

"That's impossible"

"How? Why? 』\

"Because I have to pull out this sword and help Marianne."

"HM. As a result, it leads to the public interest, but is the reason itself due to personal desire? "

"Is it no good?"

"No way. I was waving my sword just because I wanted to do that, while advocating the cause of "saving the world." You can't deny it. Rather, I was impressed. To be aware of you "

The handsome guy laughed at himself and looked straight at me.

"If so, miss it. You already know how

Certainly I know. Already when this person appeared.

"Can I ask one?"

"Oh, good"

The handsome guy responded with a friendly smile.

"Don't you regret it?"

"In my life? Well, I can't say "it was a fulfilling life", but I'm generally satisfied. "

"I couldn't defeat the evil dragon properly?"

After saying that it was a nasty question, I reflected on it. However, the handsome guy laughs casually again.

"Fufu, rather the opposite"


"It's too much for me to have been sealed. After all, I'm weak ...

The legendary hero is weak? Even if you are humble ... No, you are not humble. This person states objective facts.


Name: Earth Drago

Title: Hero

Age: 24 Race: Human Gender: Male Height: 188 cm Weight: 81 kg

Physical strength: S-

Muscle strength: S-

Agility: S

Magical power: S-

Mental strength: A +

[Specific skills]

"Heavenly Eye": C

Eye power to see the essence of the event.

At rank C, you can at first glance understand the essence of the technology systematized by accumulating knowledge and experience, and guess the optimal learning method.

In addition, it is possible to predict the movement to some extent from the target situation and predict the coping method.


It is impossible to see the indication "S" in the status so that both people and things can be expressed as "phantom". This person, whose status values

are mostly in S, cannot be weak.

But is that so?

For those who are called heroes who are beyond humanity, this person who has a "-" in S is probably the one who can just call himself a hero.

The rank of the unique skill "Tenno", which is synonymous with heroes, is C. Marianne was on top.

"That's it. You can see it. You already have my status. "

I am now following the "memory" of "Brave Sword" in "Appraisal".

The status of this person who appeared there was also read at the same time.

Originally, it was impossible.

My "appraisal" is a skill to read the object in front of me. I can't directly read the image that appears in someone's memory.

It is not the hero himself who is in front of me now.

It is an illusion created by the "memory" about him that soaked into the "Sword of the Hero".

But he is certainly here with the sword.

Not only the "memory" of the sword, but his magical power accumulated in the sword gave birth to this miracle.

"If you decide, you should pull it out. If you can read my information, of course, you should be able to read it. "

I nod.

He also nodded.

"But don't forget. The moment you pull out your sword, you are swallowed by a wave of fate that you cannot escape. If you say you can't stand it, you have to resist it. You must have the power to shoot and destroy the harsh fate. "

Can you say more concretely like this?

But well, you should think about the details each time. Now I just move to help Marianne.

"Hmm, that optimism is a little enviable. But when I read and steal me, of course I can't beat it. "

No, I know that. Then--.

"That's impossible"

The brave person looks ahead to my thoughts and says.

"You should read and steal someone who is stronger than me." That is correct. However, there was no one in history who could defeat it. You cannot read and steal those who do not exist. All the heroes of the past are either defeated or sealed. In addition, reading and stealing it is a suicide act. That has a "curse" as a unique skill. It's quite hard to stay in the human body and try to defeat it at the same time. "

Experienced people talk, will? The "curse" seems to be given to others.

"Then what should I do?"

"Read, read and steal. Just earnestly, na "


"If possible, he is a strong man. That is the food for you. Only I can read and steal from "Sword of the Hero", but there is a person on your side who can read and steal the heroes of the past. Oh, you may read it once and steal it. It's temporary, but it's also a good idea to experience that "curse". "

"I don't understand what you're saying because of a contradiction."

"Don't bother, check your essence. I was barely able to seal it, let alone overthrow it. Other heroes are similar. But with two people, the situation changes a lot. "

"Two brave class ...?"

I should read this person and steal it, do I need another one?

"I should have said. "Check your essence". I'd like to explain it for a long time, but I don't think I have time to do that. Well, the one you want to save is just around the corner, right? 』\

Oh !? Marianne is getting closer. Time seems to have stopped, and it's flowing slowly.

"Now, my thinking speed has only increased significantly. Don't be distracted after pulling out your sword. "

"Well, yes, I understand."

"Then, one piece of advice instead of Kabetsu"

I wonder what? I'm a little excited.

"It's not that much information. Don't forgive the fairies. That can't be an ally to you, no, to the world. In relative terms, it's absolutely evil. Well, you can't be an enemy, so use it at best. "

Isn't the fairy on your side? He made "The Sword of the Hero".

"Then, goodbye. I'll never see you again. "

"Huh? If you have a sword, you can always meet?"

"The encounter with me here was a" miracle ", didn't you? It was a coincidence because the sword was sealed and cut off from the outside world. Even if my status is stolen from the sword, I will not speak like this. Either way, I'm not worth the reunion. "

The legendary hero was subservient until the end.

"Then go. God's eye that surpasses "heavenly eye" -Those who have "God's eye". If you are, you can destroy your destiny. "

It was nice to be praised, but a word I didn't know came out again? What is "God's eye"?

"It's because of the ability that only you have. "God's eye" is something that cannot exist in the human world. That's why he ... probably took a method that was out of the ordinary, such as rank "EX". "

That's why! Who is "He"? Don't make a suggestive remark.

"Forgive me. Because of this kind of personality. Well, everyone knows who "he" is. A person who is known to everyone but has never seen "true" as one person. That is-- "

As expected, time is running out.

I slowly lifted the sword in my hand to pull it out.

And I heard the last words of the brave man.

"Mother Earth God-God"

The sword came off from Oiwa. It's so awesome that I'm not surprised anymore.

The world begins to rotate rapidly.

"Gugi Giii ..."

A tremendous amount of pain broke through the brain. It feels like the skull is being hit with a hammer from the inside of the head. It hurts so much!

――Don't be careful after pulling out the sword.

In other words, is this something like this?

I was surprised suddenly, but my head still hurts, but anyway, I raised the pulled out sword at the highest and shouted.

"I pulled it out!"

It was a full-blown face that pushed the pain.

I pulled out a sword that no one could pull out for hundreds of years. Applause applauds me ... can't you?

Everyone was amazed by opening their mouths. To Marianne who lost her reason ...

Well, it seems like "I don't know how to react" because "things that shouldn't come out have come out".

However, Marianne was the first to react. The rush resumed.

I kicked Oiwa lightly and jumped into her pocket.

It's amazing. It's fast.

Although no limited skills were used, Musashi of "Agility" rank A was faster than accelerated by "Yamaga's legs". Is there such a difference between "A" and "S"?

Marianne was frightened for a moment, but forcibly swung her sword.

I went down to the ground and tried to get rid of me who had become a stick.

Activate the special effect "Fairy King's Blessing" of "Brave Sword". I wanted to use it for a moment.

Gakin. A dry sound echoes. However, the blade of the big sword has not reached me. It looks like it has a slightly transparent armor.

Marianne wields a big sword.

However, even one of my hairs can't be torn.

Well, if there is such a difference in ability,

It could be extinguished, but ...

It seems that it is unclear whether the "madness" will be canceled by fainting.

I put the "Brave Sword" on my waist belt. Grab her arm with both hands. Marianne was flirting and rampaging.

The effect of "Blessing the Fairy King" is 15 seconds.

15 seconds have passed since I stared at Marianne's beauty.

Attracting tightly,

"Sane, please come back."

I robbed my thin lips. The teeth hit properly. I was impatient. Still, I press it tightly. Wow, soft.


The big sword falls to the ground. Her power is weakened and her eyes become clear blue.

"I'm sorry--"

I swallowed the word of apology. Rather, I thought it was rude to her.

Marianne's power was further weakened and her knee broke. I hug and slowly lower my body. She had her hips flat on the ground and supported her upper body with one hand.

I looked up and looked away.

The people around me were in a state of excitement after hitting it.

Blessing, praise, delight.

Among them, there seemed to be some evil people, such as "I want to get along with the brave and sell my name", or "I want to take a chance and steal my sword".

I didn't want to deal with such things one by one.

Because I have something to do.

"Come on, Clara!"

"Nyanyanya ~, brother!"

Clara, who was hiding as told, jumped out. I catch Clara in the air and land right next to Sylphy.

"Mr. Liserotte, I have a story. I'm going to a place that isn't visible, so please take Sylphy and fly."

"... Huh? Ah, yeah, not, huh!"

When Mr. Liserotte held Sylphy saying "I'm sorry", he activated "Wind Spirit Cloth". Soar high in the sky. I also read her ability and stole it and went to the sky.

I have something to do.

For the time being, the evil dragon and the world were set aside.

The girl who lost her memory fulfills her promise to return to her hometown.

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