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Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite/C14 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 14
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C14 Ore No Kantei Skill Ga Cheat Sugite CH 14


14 ◆ Departure of those who could not succeed the brave


The reason why Marianne Verdemion is afraid of cats is quite simple.

For example, it is common for a person who has been bitten by a stray dog

when he was young to become scared of the dog.

Marianne also had only a similar experience.

When she was 9 years old, she went to a summer resort with her parents.

Attacked by the Saber-toothed Tiger Saber Tiger.

The struggle of my father and escorts was also empty, and my mother and several others fell into a sword. Everyone gave up when his father was seriously injured and Marianne was also pierced by the sharp and huge fangs of the demon. However--.

She fainted--more accurately, she lost her reason.

When I noticed, a huge monster lay under her standing. The neck is open and the surrounding area is dyed red with fresh blood.

I was also wet with blood on my entire arm and front of my body.

That's right. It's blood return.

She had a dead escort sword in her hand, and as a result of slashing it, it was blood return.

It was scary.

Than being attacked by a monster.

Than the death of my mother and escorts.

Rather than defeating a monster himself.

The few surviving escorts and father's eyes looked like monsters.

Marianne looked up at the sky where Mel and her friends flew away, and gently put her finger on her lips.

The feel still remains.

The first time was accidental, just touch it lightly.

And the second time, I can be sure that he saved me.

"Mel, Lyroute ..."

While saying his name, I traced my lips with my finger.

"Marianne, you're safe!"

"Hahi !?"

It was Gazuso who called out. Reflecting on the fact that he had become a familiar tone, he broke his rugged expression and bowed his head.

"Excuse me. Are you injured?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm a little tired, but ..."

Marianne stood up and looked around.

It was a mess.

The stone pavement is crushed here and there. However, people's eyes were not directed at Marianne, and emotions such as excitement and disappointment swirled.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. No way now ..."

"If you mourn what has happened, nothing will start."

"Yes, I have to look forward. So what's the damage?"

"Only one person was injured. It's a bounty hunter for the demons."

"That's right. No wonder ..."

I thought I didn't feel the line of sight like that time. Gazuso is also staring straight at me. There was no frightening color there, but rather a strong will was felt.

There is no memory while "madness" is activated.

Marianne thought that the actual damage was 0 because Musashi was injured by Mel before the activation of "madness".

If there were many dead people, I wouldn't be safe. It may have been stabbed by the guards from behind.

It was probably due to the struggle of the Mel boy that he prevented his assault. Marianne once again touched her lips with her finger.

"But did you say that boy, Mel Lailute? He did a big deal."

"Now !? Well, it's not that important. Yes, that's right. One or two kisses ..."

"Oh no ... it's the story of" The Hero's Sword "..."

"Hey? Oh, was that there? But what's important?"

"The'Sword of the Hero'was robbed. Isn't it a huge loss for the country?"

"Stolen? He was able to get it because he was recognized by the sword. Isn't it" free to take out "in the first place?"

The signboard on the side of Oiwa clearly states that fact.

"That's true for tatemae, but I don't expect that person to disappear as soon as I pull it out. The" Sword of the Hero "is a treasure of our country. It's important if it is taken out of the country."

It was exactly what Gazuso said.

It is unlikely that he will abuse it, but no matter how much he insists, there is no guarantee that the king or senior officials of the royal palace will take generous measures.

He was in a position to be chased again.

"Marianne ..."

"Yes,'even if you mourn what happened', it can't be helped."

Now do what you can do as much as you can. So--.

"Are you sure?"

When I told Gazuso my thoughts, the question came back as if I was in trouble.

"I'm not allowed to be treated as'special'"

If you say it's blown out,

"If it hurts, it hurts. Please be kinder."

I saw the only injured person being taken by the guards――.

Marianne Verdemion was "special".

It can be said that it is "special", and "unique" may be correct.

Since I was a child who had not been given the "heavenly eye", I did everything smoothly.

She loved to move, and was particularly devoted to swordsmanship.

Aiming to be a knight when he was 7 years old.

There was no one who ridiculed women. She had that ability.

Therefore, everyone expected it. With the same amount of anxiety.

Unique skill "madness". Rank is E.

Originally, when she was 15 years old, she already had the unique skill to be given by performing the "Blessing Ceremony" when she first "appraised" the status value.

Although it is extremely rare, it should not be avoided.

Rather, such children are treated as "god's darlings" who were born to be seen by the Earth Mother Goddess. (Of course, there are people who are buried because they are so rare that they are not noticed. Like some tiger girls)

However, for her, this unexpected blessing caused confusion and anxiety around her, and brought herself a harsh situation.

At just 9 years old, he defeated the Saber-toothed Tiger Saber Tiger.

While producing the results that should be praised, there is a widespread fear that she who lost her reason could become a threat more than a demon beast.

Marianne was imprisoned at home until she was 15 years old and was deprived of most of her freedom.

No one approaches her.

Therefore, you should not approach yourself either.

No one tried to touch her.

That's why I was bound by obsession that I shouldn't touch it.

Eventually, when she was given a "heavenly eye" in the "Blessing Ceremony", her "value" changed completely. He was lifted as a "successor to the will of the brave" and gained conditional freedom.

Marianne was imprisoned in a dim dungeon.

It was what I wanted as a punishment for indiscriminate violence in public places.

When I was sitting upright on the cold stone floor and meditating with my back straight, there was a call from the next prison.

"You're also lawful. Is that what you call" self-satisfaction "?"

Marianne quietly opens her eyes and responds.

"I know, but I can't ignore the law and discipline. I shouldn't be treated as'special'."

"Then I don't want you to treat me specially. You're an injured person? You can't escape? I'd like to be happy in a multi-tenant room on the ground. ? "

Musashi Kido.

It is a demon who attacked Marianne and others in the open space without any questions.

When asked about the situation during the allowance, he insisted he was not guilty because he was desperate to catch the thug who killed the priest, and Marianne was convinced that he was right.

There was witness information that a demon swordsman was watching the situation at the position where the conversation between Mel and Marianne could be heard.

Therefore, in parallel with the treatment, we will ask you about the situation in detail.

"That's why I'm passing by a great misunderstanding."

"Please make an excuse in a formal setting, and you have another suspicion."

About four months ago, an elf man was killed near the royal capital.

The crime of a dark night without the moon. Although there were witnesses, the culprit could not be identified.

The only information that could be a clue is that "I was dealing with three or four thinly curled swords."

"So, at present, the measures against you are natural for important witnesses."

"That's not me? Isn't it someone in the Kido style? False charge. It's false charge."

"Your swordsmanship is my style that developed" Kido-ryu dual wield swordsmanship "by myself. No one else can do such a trick."

"Uhhh ..."

"Why did you kill an elf man?"

"That's why it's not me. But well, I understand the criminal's feelings. I think I couldn't forgive him for sniffing around his prey."

"Prey ...?"

"You're a rather popular person? You know,"

"Did the elf have anything to do with me?"

"I don't know that. The elf girl I recently met was a favorite for getting lost, but I think it's related to you too. Oh yeah. You see, I'm the elf lately. You were making a bounty hunter with the girl. Do you think she will get along with the murderer of the family? "

"If you keep silent, you don't know, right?"

"Such an opinion may come out ..."

Musashi has become quiet.

However, maybe he likes talking, after a while of silence, he opens his mouth as if he can't stand it.

"By the way, that boy. Mel Lailute, right?"

It was sharp. Just hearing the name makes my heart beat.

"It's amazing. No way to pull out the" Sword of the Hero "."

"Well, that's right, but I think he was well qualified."

"Don't you regret it? You were supposed to be the one who inherited the will of the brave man, but you were supposed to pull it out."

"Is it regrettable? I have that feeling ... Oh, no, I do. But it's not your idea."

"What's the difference?"

"I think that inheriting the will of a brave man is a very tough life. I entrusted it to him. I regret that I should have pulled out earlier. No, maybe I just fell in love with it. I wasn't originally qualified. "

Musashi responded casually with "Hmm" and then continued to ask questions.

"What are you going to do now?"

"... The Knights will be expelled. When I was little, I once activated" Crazy ". I got" Heavenly Eye "and I would never activate" Crazy "again." Was allowed to join the Knights. Of course, he is prepared for additional dispositions after his expulsion. "

I can no longer be a "hero".

There was a high possibility that the days of being imprisoned and deprived of freedom would begin.

It was so painful that my chest was torn.

That's why--.

"Let's make a plea."

"Are you rejoining?"

Marianne shook her head, saying "No", even though she couldn't see Musashi.

"I want to chase him. I'm asking him to take on the task of bringing back the'hero'."


"The'Sword of the Hero'is a treasure of our country. It is important if it is taken out of the country. The'Brave' is also an invaluable force."

"Hey, you're the type I'm not good at."

"I'm sorry..."

Did you say something offensive to him in the current conversation? And Maria

Nnu is shun.

"I'm not good at it, I hate it. That's why I'm bullying more. For the reason I heard from someone, those who are hard-headed will not accept it at all."

"Do you need any other reason?"

"Oh no. That's fine as an external reason. Instead, is it an urge that overflows from within you? You have to be aware of the reason why you absolutely want to accomplish it. . Words without passion do not reach the other person. "

"From within ...?"

"Why do you want to chase him? Is there such a sticking point in" Brave "or" Brave Sword "?"


I want to chase.

I really want to chase him-Mel Lai route.

Because that is--.

"Well, I've fallen in love with it, so I want to meet and talk to him again."

Close your eyes tightly and scream. I was embarrassed and my body got hot as if I could hear it up to the ground floor.

"Pu, Puwahahahaha! That's right, it hits, the wound hurts ..."

"What are you laughing at !?"

"Well, it's too much as expected. Did you fall in love with one or two kisses? Choroy."

"Well, I'm not saying it has no effect, but that's not the only reason. I think he's a respectable man."

"Respect, hey. Is that really the case?"

"What do you want to say?"

The word was soggy, I strengthened my vocabulary and answered the question.

Musashi answered cheerfully whether he was happy with it.

"He's hiding something? It's a tremendous secret."

"One or two secrets are for everyone."

"You give me a really fun reaction. Well, don't get angry and listen. His strength is extraordinary. However, his strength isn't stable. I had the power to overwhelm you, but I was easily caught up in the chase with you, and I was fighting at the last minute. Why didn't I do my best from the beginning? "

"that is..."

"I couldn't put it out-I think so"

Certainly, it was strange to say that.

However, Marianne argued that it may be a limitation of some skill-a limited skill rather than a unique skill.

All of the unique skills are widely known, but the limited skills are still unknown or newly developed in Zara.

"There's also a weird thing about that limited skill. He showed me at least three limited skills. Two I have and the one who flew in the sky used by the Elven Wizard. All three are pretty It's rare. At least in this country. Is it okay to get rid of this by chance? "

"Can you use the limited skills of others?"

"That's not enough to explain, and he was free to use, ignoring the limit and interval time."

"If so, isn't it another limited skill?"

"No, it's not. Rather, like this ... Is it possible to keep the other party's ability as it is? While resetting many times."

"Then I can't explain why I pulled out the'Sword of the Hero'. No one was there with the same power as the'Brave'."

"Well, that's right. But I think. Maybe he got a completely unknown unique skill."

The beginning of the matter was that Mel received a "blessing ceremony".

The event just a few days ago.

Musashi continues that he may have defeated the priest as a great thief with his unknown unique skill.

"Have you ever heard the word" God's eye "-" God's eye "?"

"" God's eye "...? No, no."

"It came out of the mouth of the guy who was aiming for you. Well, it seems that I used to mean" heavenly eye ", but I'm curious. Maybe" heavenly eye " I think Mel Lailute has been given a unique skill that exceeds

Musashi's reasoning is out of the ordinary.

Still, it was persuasive.

Marianne loosened her rugged look.

"If so, it's natural to keep it secret. It's wrong to blame him if he doesn't deserve respect."

And Marianne said plainly.

"You are still involved in the murder of the elves four months ago. Is that the one you were aiming for?"

"Hey? Oh no, no, no. It's a different person at all. It's not an elf."

"Please make an excuse, not to me, at the time of the interrogation. I will report information on this matter to the interrogator."

"Hey, wait, wait. I think I gave you some very useful information. I'm not going to give it a favor, but can you give me some consideration?"

"I haven't made such a promise. I wouldn't ask if it had been proposed in advance."

Marianne slammed.

"After all, you're the type I hate ..."

After that, Musashi decided on a lot.

Three days later--.

"Then, I will go."

Marianne was on horseback in the suburbs of the royal capital. She has stripped off her red armor and is dressed in a travel costume. However, he had a rugged sword on his back.

Send off is Gazuso.

Salute the most, "Be careful."

"Please stop, my father ... I'm no longer a deputy leader, I'm not even a knight. I'm in charge of searching for a'hero', but it's a top secret mission without any other words. It 's a criminal who has been killed. Please forgive me for being a poor daughter. "

Gazuso Verdemion breathed softly and shrugged.

"Don't look despised as a criminal, but have a clear face."

"It's only natural that my wish has come true."

Marianne was summoned to the royal capital, and when she was expelled from the Knights, she requested to search for the "hero".

Everyone laughed that it couldn't be recognized.

However, Marianne explained the importance of "Brave" and "Brave Sword", and even though he was forgiven for the runaway in the city, he advised himself to become a "criminal" and take on the mission.

The high-ranking officials of the royal palace were also successful in the psychological strategy of "I want to expel the troublesome people".

Of course, the biggest factor was her enthusiasm.

"It's a difficult task, but you can do your job well. I couldn't do anything for you. I was imprisoned as ordered from above, deprived of my freedom, and after joining the Knights, my subordinates. Because it was just monitored as

"No, if my dad hadn't been by my side, I would have been" mad "earlier and I would have been imprisoned at home again by this time. Thank you very much."

"Is it okay to be alone?"

Marianne extended her hand from the horse while feeling rude.

Gazuso was surprised and hesitated, but gently grasped his hand.

Marianne had a soft smile.

"... I'm worried, but I have to overcome it. I'll work with many people and one day I'll do my best to control my'nightmare'at will."

"Crazy" is a unique skill. If you raise the rank, you can control it.

Therefore, I thought I would face it.

Because I turned my eyes away, the rank did not go up even though the status went up.

"Um, do your best. Be careful."


Marianne runs a horse. He headed to the east.

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